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Acura TSX Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • laineylainey Posts: 62
    You got a pretty decent deal. I like those Vandergriff guys but Uniseal+Theft Guard??? :confuse: Tell me you did not pay for the dealer added theft recovery "etching".
  • drew10drew10 Posts: 25
    Anyone have experience with any of the Acura dealers in the Boston area? Looking to buy '06 TSX w/navi. Thanks.
  • for $28,300 06 with navi

    5 % MD tax is 1415

    3% VA tax is 845

    what other fees did you pay?

    600 for title and tag and processing fee seems high
  • My brother just bought a '06 TSX 6MT from Mac Churchill in Fort Worth, TX over the internet. He doesn't post here but he wanted me to pass on that he was very happy with price and dealership as a whole. He just wished they were closer to his house than the 3 hours he drove.
  • I deleted my post from yesterday as the dealer had called to tell me he'd made a mistake on my financing deal and I didn't know how things will play out.

    Picking up the silver/ebony '06 non-nav tomorrow...paying $26,551 plus tax (negotiated down from internet price quote of $27,051) and they are giving me a trunk tray. Since they had quoted me the honda financing deal that does not apply to the TSX, they are throwing in some free maintenance coupons. How does that sound? They gave little for my trade, but it does have some problems.

    Any feedback is appreciated. Crossing my fingers that all goes smoothly tomorrow or I may bail.

    Thank you for all your help! Just reading your posts gave me a good idea of pricing. I am paying what I felt was an appropriate price for this car at this time.
  • That sounds like a great deal, where and what dealership?

    Dave in VA
  • Just picked up a 06 TSX with Navigation for $29,300 OTD in MD. Purchase price was $27,400 +TTL. How did i do?
  • I think you all are getting great buys. In NJ can't get the dealer (Ocean Acura) below $29.5k for 06 TSX manual w/ navigation. Listed at $30.5k includes destination of course.
    I have an email into the New Brunswick dealership for quote. I told the Ocean folks thanks but no thanks. Anyone have info on dealing with New Brunswick or Bridgewater Acura dealers? Thanks.
  • i was just going to drive over to Ocean to see if they would deal on a TSX today. Hopped on this site to gather late minute info and saw your posting.
    thks ije
  • Good Luck. Let us know how you make out. I'll keep posting on numbers that I get from other dealers and ask you do the same.
  • Sounds pretty good. How much over invoice? Just picked up '06 TSX non-navi at invoice ($26,051, incl. delivery fee), plus tax (PA, 6%) and tags ($123) near Philadelphia. State-to-state comparisons are hard; different tax and fee charges. No optional accessories, which some people seem to get "thrown in" making final price paid close to equivalent to invoice.
  • What Philadelphia dealer sold you your TSX at invoice ? I live in the Philly area & hope to buy one soon.
  • I got internet pricing through and did everything by e-mail. Metro Acura gave me an "internet only" price of $26,151. Ardmore Acura beat that by $100, making it the same as invoice. Prices dropped from mid-Nov quotes (before '06 models arrived) and mid-Dec prices (when the '06s were first delivered). I had to take delivery no later than Dec. 31. If people are paying several hundred dollars more for on-site deals, that too sounds really good.
  • I bought at DCH Montclair Acura in NJ. I picked the car up yesterday. When I arrived, there was a Glacier Blue with Ebony on the lot. I had thought originally that I might like that color, but there wasn't one on the lot on my first trip over there last week. On that first visit last week, the salesman took us around the lot to show us some colors on other models and pointed to some car way back in the lot that was a "similar" color from last year. He really downplayed the attractiveness of the color and pushed for silver which was my next choice as I was told and knew that the darker colors that I liked would show dirt, scratches, etc. He did offer to find me a car on another of their lots to look at if I wanted to hang out awhile, but I didn't have time. It would seem that they order lots of silvers!

    Well, I looked at the silver and the glacier blue when I got there and decided that I really wanted the blue. They gave me no trouble about switching the cars. Apparently the glacier blue had been ordered by someone who wasn't picking up for 2 weeks so I could have it. I'm loving the car and love how the color seems to change in different lighting conditions.

    PS..don't let thinking about scarcity of the TSX enter into your bargaining unless you live where there are no other dealers for miles and miles. If it had been all about money and if I'd had more time, I know that I could have paid less.
  • That's excellent! Bumming...I lived right near Ardmore for 8 years back in the '90s! :) With the retail cost of the add-ons, I paid pretty close so that's cool. I'm happy to be fair to a salesperson, especially at this time of year. I only hope that the service I get from now on is excellent. If it is, I'll happily recommend them to friends and family and online, which is invaluable for a dealer with a huge online presence. We all want to know about where to find excellent dealers. The service is the part that is ongoing and more important to me than a couple hundred dollars today. :)
  • gt0279agt0279a Posts: 11
    Paid $28,177 for 06 w/ NAV & protection package +$50 doc fee and $168 tag/title. Ron Tonkin Acura Oregon
  • sporkssporks Posts: 1
    I recently bought an '06 TSX with navi in the color combo I wanted for $27.5k from Acura of Glendale. Salesman was first-class, older gentleman with white hair.

    I did not get any free wheel-locks or mud-guards, but I was happy enough with the price that I didn't care. I was OTD for just about 30k (most of this was tax).

    I'm thrilled with the car!
  • dc_davedc_dave Posts: 52
    Just placed a deposit on a 2006 TSX, $500 over invoice, I'm happy with the deal. I should pick the car up on Thursday or Friday.

    Dave in VA
  • Hey Dave, which dealership did you order your car?
  • toscitosci Posts: 18
    Did you deal through the internet or in person at the dealership in Glendale? Does your price of $27.5k include the $615 destination charge? I'm looking to by in SoCal and I would be more than willing to drive to Glendale if they were selling the TSX at this price. Thanks.
  • dc_davedc_dave Posts: 52
    Tischer in Laurel, MD. The internet saleman was great and offered me $500 over invoice right off the bat. Rosenthal Acura's internet saleman was too pushy and started off with $1200 over invoice. He quickly matched Tischer but I just didn't want to do business with him. So far Tischer has been great. I'll report back once I actually obtain the car.

    Dave in VA
  • Just came back from Rosenthal :P Got a friendly sales person. Nego started high indeed, but tone changed immediately when I mentioned Internet price and had my jacket back on ready to leave. Put a deposit on a 2006 no-nav royal blue automatic for a price of $27,650 OTD, including all-weather mats ($132) and trunk tray ($99). VA tax is 3%, TT is about $85. Working back the numbers makes it about $26,531, or $480 above invoice. Details: ($26,531 + $231) x 1.03 + $85 = $27,650. A fair deal I believe.

    Many thanks to all of you for sharing your experiences. You helped me big time negotiating my own deal. Happy new year!
  • biker4biker4 Posts: 746
    That's a good deal - was there no doc fee?
  • I negotiated the total "Out The Door" price (or "On The Road" as the sales man called it) knowing where my upper bound was ($27,500 without accessories, all else included). We did not discuss the actual breakdown of the final number. The calculation was my own attempt to get to the "Invoice + $xxx" number.

    Yeah, I thought it was a fair deal. Good price for me, and some reasonable but limited profit for the dealer. We're both happy.
  • bradykpbradykp Posts: 12
    i got my car at Open Road of Wayne, NJ

    RBP with parchment and navi:

    $28,200 plus tax. PA registration of $140. $298 doc fee (profit).

    I'm happy.

    Warning to All:

    If you don't want a screw in your front bumper, make sure you mention this....they mount the front license plate holder with two bolts, which is fine, but then put a screw right into the front bumper. can't see it, but i'm annoyed by this, since i'm PA registration and don't need a front plate!
  • bradykpbradykp Posts: 12
    pardon me? 06 with navi for 27,400? that's $500 under invoice +dest. you sure you meant with navi?

    how did you get that price? that's pretty good. even better then the deal my dealer screwed me over with of 27,500 plus 189 doc fee and TTL.
  • biker4biker4 Posts: 746
    What does the paperwork say - there should be a break down of the costs.
  • pevelipeveli Posts: 5
    It would sure help if people would break the price down. At least note the state sales tax rate and state registration/tags fees. OTD in Oregon, for example, should be a bargain (no sales tax, modest registration cost) compared to high sales tax states. And options matter.
  • Does anyone know what is the best price to pay for TSX with nav? This is my first time buying a car. I want to know after what amount that I should not buy? Thanks
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