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Acura TSX Owners: Meet the Members

Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,093
edited March 2014 in Acura
Please take a moment to introduce yourself and share some details about your TSX!

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  • fedlawmanfedlawman Posts: 3,118
    I'm Brian and I've been around the boards for a couple of years now (mostly in the SUV area until recently). I live and work in the Seattle area and have been a car enthusiast (and sometime autoXer) for most of my 30 something years.

    I bought my Milano Red 6-speed last weekend (June 2nd) after my 3rd test drive.

    I tested the 325i, G35, Saab 9-3, IS300, etc. several times over the last few months and ultimately, didn't feel that any of these machines had as complete a package as the TSX.

    Sure, some were a little more stylish, and some were marginally quicker, but overall, the TSX had the best combination of performance, style, comfort, amenities, and value of them Honda quality and reliability.

    My favorite things about the TSX?

    Driving dynamics (precise gearbox, light accurate steering) and the cockpit (tan leather/wood trim, purple instruments, quality materials and switchgear).

    This is one terrific car!

    I am also the proud owner of a 2002 Buick Rendezvous, which is a comfortable and luxurious family hauler, but not the most thrilling driving machine. The TSX is the perfect 2nd car for me.
  • geoschageoscha Posts: 3
    ...and this new TSX owners' board prompted me to join in. I picked up my black on black 6-speed (non-navi) on 5/31.

    I too drove the 3-series, A4, G35, 9-3, and IS, and I agree that the TSX offered the best combination of quality, reliability, features, performance, and cost. And there's something to be said for its uniqueness; there aren't hundreds of them driving around (yet).

    Just wanted to say thanks to all you posters for your opinions. The discussions on the TSX (and other Edmunds boards) were very helpful in my shopping and negotiations, and I got a great car for a great price.
  • icstarsicstars Posts: 18
    I researched this purchase extensively. Some might say I tend to overdo things like this, but I'm so thrilled with my TSX that all the time and effort was well worth it.

    I originally started looking at Camry, Accord, Altima...disheartened, I moved on to other areas of the car market, driving A4, 9-3 vector, WRX. I almost bought the vector before the TSX was available; I'm glad that didn't happen now.

    After two test drives, I knew the TSX was the car for me. Stylish, unqiue, elegant, sporty and fuel efficient. I was thrilled to find a dealer that actually had six manual trans TSXs on the lot to compare.

    I have a meteor silver (quartz interior) 6-speed with nav. The nav is quite useful. Having survived the first few weeks (during which it's easy to become momentarily engrossed with the screen instead of the road), I now pay no more attention to it while moving than any other control, and the world is a safer place ; )

    I might have traded it in had I been offered a decent price (which no dealer came close), but I still own my 93 Jeep Wrangler 5-speed (stock I4 engine). I'll probably keep it for muddy outings to the state park with my dog and snowstorms.
  • id888id888 Posts: 12
    but I don't care. My nighthawk black pearl/parchement TSX 6MT non-navi is a pleasure. After testing the A4 and 93 Arc, the TSX had the whole package for the best value.

    It certainly has more pickup than the 1.8T Passat I am coming from.
  • ben810ben810 Posts: 3
    It was really tough to decide between the Black one and the Carbon Gray Pearl TSX. But, the fact that the dealer lied about the Black having a Navigation System made it an easy choice in the end. Here's a profile of my TSX!

    My TSX:
    -Carbon Gray Pearl Exterior
    -Ebony Interior
    -Navigation System

    -Wheel locks
    -All season floor mats
    -Trunk tray
    -Cargo net

    That's it. Simple and clean. I've had my TSX for almost a week now and I still can't believe it's mine. I just filled up my first tank today... awww. Well, for all those who own a TSX, congratulations!
  • aaaaaqaaaaaq Posts: 3
    picked up my car yesterday afternoon

    Carbon Grey, Black interior, no nav, wheel locks, and mud's so cooooool

    took it out for a spin last night (see how it looked at night)

    three initial thoughts come to mind
    - cool bright dash display
    - strong headlights
    - interior lights pop on when the car is unlocked

    one question i do have. when i test drove the car the salesguy made this big deal about the extra stuff built into the undercarriage to curb road noise etc. I test drove on mostly side streets so i didn't hear much

    when i drove it on the highway yesterday there seemed to be a good amount of hum or road noise...i need to listen to it some more to tell if it is continuous noise or if it comes in pulsating frequency

    do others find this? do you think there is a chance that the mud guards are actually causing it?

  • xplorx4xplorx4 Posts: 621
    Compared to the other 2 vehicles we own (93 Accord EX coupe, 97 Pathfinder LE), the TSX is the quietest. The road noise you're hearing is usually a combination of tire tread pattern and highway surface, not due to wind or drag. Some road surfaces are noisier than others. If the pitch of the humming noise increases or decreases, it's probably your tires, not the mud guards.

    As for the undercarriage panelling, the salesguy was partially correct- a lot of it is designed to reduce drag and wind noise.

    Check out this informative article (including a video) discussing the undercarriage design features of the TSX.
  • pkrbkrpkrbkr Posts: 6
    I have a TSX automatic with Navi on order. Has any run their TSX on regular grade fuel? If so was there any engine knock or affect on performance?
  • I've not run my TSX on regular fuel, but the consensus on these boards seems to be that modern engines all have knock sensors that retard ignition timing as soon as they sense anything. As a result, you won't notice any knock, but you are likely to see a slight loss of performance.

    Mileage may also be affected downward slightly; that is likely to wipe out any cost savings from the cheaper gas.

    My take is - you're buying a great, fun to drive car, may as well get all the performance out of it that Honda designed into it. Next to the extra $ you are spending on the TSX compared to, say, an Accord, the premium gas shouldn't be a major expense.

  • uncledaviduncledavid Posts: 548
    I did notice a drop in performance when I went down to 87 octance. When I go down to 89, I don't notice any loss of acceleration at all.
  • If I buy this car, that's what I would probably do, hoping that this would be a decent compromise.

    yes, call me cheap.

    I don't mind spending splurging on occasion, spending more money to get something better (TSX vs. Accord, for example), I just hate paying for ongoing higher costs, such as premium fuels.

    notice any difference yet with mileage yet, uncledavid??
  • subtonesubtone Posts: 16
    I did my second test drive tonight, I still love it! I think I can pick one up (without nav) for $25k + Tax & Tags... not bad?

    This would be my first new car and the first car I ever spent more than $10k for (major purchase for me) is this car worth the $$, I was looking at used Accords V6 (1999-2001) for around $18k-$20k … this would be a big step up… financially I think I can do this car.

  • johnny420johnny420 Posts: 473
    I just picked up my 6 sp TSX on Tuesday, and I haven't stopped grinning yet!

    It was also my first new car. I traded in a 2000 Accord V6, and while Accords are great cars, the TSX is a real step up, IMO.

    The new Accords are outstanding vehicles, and I strongly considered one, but if you want a more enthusiast-oriented car, get the TSX.

    $25K sounds like an excellent price. Just beware of the salesman trying to pad his profit with extraneous fees. Catching you on the backside, so to speak.

    The TSX is an absolute blast to drive, and yet it still functions well as a daily driver. Extremely solid.


    There. See how easy that was? ;-)
  • williamwilliam Posts: 5
    i got my tsx in january test drove alot of cars
    new 04 models but was most impresed by the tsx.
    its fun every day to drive it. It handels great and its got a good engine in it compared to other cars and a sleek look.
  • dx2edx2e Posts: 5
    Hi, my wife and I just got our TSX today. This is our first ever new car purchase and neither of us is at good at bargining (not even close). But thanks to all the posts and discussions on the board, we had a very good idea what to expect before contacting the dealerships. Our new TSX costs $25,050 (price + all fees) and we love every bit of it. (In fact we had another offer of $24,700 + $150 fees, but decided to pass on it because that dealer is a little farther - 50 miles versus 15 miles where we bought the car.) Thanks ALL for all the postings. They sure are very helpful.
  • members78members78 Posts: 130
    That is a really good price, makes me think I paid way too much for mine, and I only bought it one month ago. When you say all fees included, does that mean tax, title, and tags? Is the 25k the OTD price? I paid a little over 26k OTD! And where do u live, maybe that plays a factor in the price?

  • dx2edx2e Posts: 5
    Dave: the 25k includes everything but not TAX. I did notice a big discussion in this forum about what OTD should include (tax or not), and I avoided using that term. (Our beloved Rhode Island charges 7% for tax, so go figure how much we paid for that!) Anyhow, a little over 26k OTD for you is a fantastic price, I would say.
  • members78members78 Posts: 130
    yes that makes much more sense, and i feel much better now, thanks for clarifying. and 7% is really high, wow!
  • mlcmlc Posts: 1
    hi bought my tsx from inskip two weeks ago.
    paid 25.6 w/tax what acompany to do busines with!!! car is carbon w/ quartz . best car i ever drove. i tested rx-8 and 328 beamer. good luck w/ your car. ihave'nt seen another one since i bought mine
  • phkckphkck Posts: 185
    Dec 28th I made the purchase of an 05 Grey TSX 6MT non-navi.

    My wife and I were looking for a third car to help reduce the number of miles we are putting on our Suburban (18K annual). My current ride is an 04 TL.


    We looked at the New Beetle Convertible but scratched that off the list because our kids are 2 and 4 1/2. My wife pictured having to have the kids wear football helmets with eye protection just to be safe. Loaded as we wanted $29,500 MSRP!


    So we looked at Saab. 9-5 out of our price range, 9-3 in our price range until you add any options. Plus, reliability was off putting for us.


    SO, looked at competitive cars on edmunds.


    TSX looked like the bargain of the decade.

    Long story, but TSX is mine for commuting 58 miles a day and the wife gets the TL with Navi as the daily driver for the girls.

    TL get to sit in inclemet weather (good thing as standard tires are not great in the snow).
  • c_hunterc_hunter Posts: 4,487
    Cool! I think the car is a bargain too -- we paid $25K for our 5AT no-nav and it was a steal at that price. Very compelling choice compared to the Accord.


    If Acura ever brings the wagon model to the US, I will strongly consider one. That would be sweet.


  • ceeececeeece Posts: 14
    Hello everyone,


    I bought my '04 satin silver TSX on Jan 1, 2005! It is a dealer used car that had 26,900 miles on it. It is automatic and has black leather interior and Nav. I paid $24,300 after trade in of my Mitsubishi Mirage. This is one sweet ride. I test drove a Honda Accord and Honda Accord V6. I felt the V6 was just a little too small and the Accord too big. This car fit me just right. I am a little nervous about upkeep because it seems like a lot (20,000 mi. tire change???!!) I wish I had found this message board first but I think I got the best vehicle regardless.
  • pantjipantji Posts: 13
    Just bought the 2005 TSX 6MT, No Nav, Silver with Quartz interior.


    The overall impression; Car handles, feels like worth at least 10K dollars more than what it costs. Everything is so well though out. Styling, inside out is so much to the point and precise that even after 5 -6 years it will still look new...


    Driving & other initial impressions; Very eager engine. You will be surprise how much power this engine can pack in just 2.4 Litres and with 4 cylinders. Power delivery is smooth in all the gears. Even on overpasses the 6th gear delivers with amazing grace. The raod feedback is precise, steering is tight and razor sharp. I have mostly driven my first 100 miles with VSA on. The transmission is a real gem. Seats are perfect for my height and built. I had read in one magazie review that all controls feel as if coated in vaseline; yes it is like that; the sound of door-closing, the door handle grip, the transmission gear changes, radio controls...list can go on.
    The interior space is more than enough for 4 passengers. Actually it has 91 Cubic feet, same as a Pontiac Grand AM, a little more than the Benz C Class.


    I have tested many cars including;


    Audi A4: nice interior, but not so nice mechanically anymore. 3.0 litre is better but so much more money. 1.8T does not offer good power and tends to be noisey. Poor tranny compared to TSX, even the 6 speed that comes with Quattro.


    ES330 (diffrent category however): Just like camry, found the tranny a little confusing.


    Saab 93: A little more noise, less refined, not so much well put together, not so impressive - general interior in the base trim.


    Acura TL: Liked the car with Auto tranny. The 6MT does not suit this car. Too much power for this front heavy design.


    Infiniti G35: Very nice ride, not so great interior, uniques design (good or bad?). Can not get the 6Mt with AWD, and RWD is no choice for my geograohical area, so not a choice. This would still be my second choice even if prices were same for TSX and G35.


    To sum up; Its a handsome car and perhaps the best Acura till date, be it craftsmanship / driving charactaristic / sportiness / fit and finish and the value as well.
  • I appreciate your feedback, both initial driving impressions and comparos to other cars you shopped as I am a couple of months away from my decision. The TSX is my car of choice today. With time on my hands until I decide, naturally I am investigating other options. If I decide to spend more money on more power, I am inclined to go RWD with the G35. However, in my area, there is basically one Acura dealer and one Infinity dealer. Granted, I have been working the Acura dealer harder but he has responded with multiple test drives and the order of my spec car without a deposit. The I guys have been negligent in their inattention to my overtures. Puzzling really how they expect to actually sell cars. Maybe since they are a joint BMW/Infiniti dealer, they assume the world will come to them and pay list price. Not this buyer.
  • I put a deposit down last night on an early 2004 tsx with 18,000 miles. silver w/black leather, 6MT, no nav. I'm up in montreal and paid $28,000 Cdn before taxes, which amounts to roughly $22,700 USD. as rare as new TSX's seem to be in these parts, cherry used ones are even rarer, so i'm pretty stoked on the deal.


    I spent 4 months researching and driving cars, and it ended up being between this car, a 2003 audi a4 1.8t quattro and a loaded new mazda 3 sedan - i opted out of the audi because their spotty reliability record was too much of a detractor. the mazda 3, while not in the same class, held a lot of appeal for me, a single guy in his mid-20's. the car is fun to drive, fairly responsive, quite safe, stylish, and was generally a good value. but local mazda dealers' reluctance to deal on this very hot car made the price diff. between the mazda and acura about $4000 U.S., and when you factored in resale value, i was sold on the acura.


    i also checked out the new vw jetta at the auto show, and while i'm sure the high performance gli version will rock, i found the exterior styling to be ugly, and the car would not come out until the fall anyway. I will look forward to posting on this board in the future - it definitely helped me out with my decision. enjoy your cars!
  • c_hunterc_hunter Posts: 4,487
    Cool! I agree with your observations on the other cars 100%, by the way -- would have said the same exact things!


  • Got my 6 speed white/black Oct 2003. No squeaks, rattles, or any other significant issue. Great interior, exterior, room is sufficient, and drive train excellent. Got back from Italy a few weeks ago and drove a Alfa sedan of approximatly the same size (156?). The Alfa probably cost 2x as much as the TSX, but is half the car. Only saw about 4 TSXs (Accords there) in italy, including the wagon. Might switch to the 2.2L diesel if they ever had enough insight to bring it over. We did a group purchase when the car came out - something like 10-16 of us in Toronto got ~2500 off MSRP at that time.
  • mhixmhix Posts: 1
    I know this group is all TSX, and i have been a honda guy for many years. I am looking to trade my 98 accord in on a TSX. I love this car but Im still in the porcess of checking a few out.
    The legagy GT ''05 (not '04) (250 hp turbo) is sticking with me and giving the TSX a run for the money (moslty),
    I especially loved the power and the AWD handling.. this thing is fast. more so that the TSX, not that it is a slouch either
    Its Styling (other than the front) and options are not as good as the TSX.
    Audi A4 $$$ too much, Altima (goofy interior), Jetta (blah), Mazda 6, nice but no GOTTA HAVE IT FACTOR.
    just wondering if anyone else compared the two.. Road and track did and each auther picked one of the 2.. some help they were..
  • bob67bob67 Posts: 2
    I am trying to decide between an automatic or manual '05 tsx. The official rating is 29 v. 31 mpg highway for stick. Is this accurate and why the difference?

    Are there any drawbacks (besides price) for nav? How accurate and reliable? What about a portable such as Garmin?

    Need to decide quickly. Would appreciate hearing thoughts/experiences.

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