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Lexus RX 330 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • technotechno Posts: 3
    can you please e-mail me your dealer details.

  • mbradymbrady Posts: 5
    My 2005 is ML sound upgrade without RES. Not sure about your deal - I'm no expert. I'd shop the price.
  • technotechno Posts: 3
    Yours looks like a better deal. Would u please e-mail me your salesperson name and number. My e-mail address is in my profile.

    thanks so much
  • I got the premium plus package, no dvd wasn't interested in that. I bought it in the Flint Mica with black leather - the price was only good for what was on the lot. The final price was 38,891 w/ TTL included in that price was my trade in at 14K at Ray Catena LExus. If you want great deals on what is left now is the time, they are pushing them out but I think all they may have left is black on black and all models have navigation in them
  • I put 38K miles on my 2001 RX 300 and loved the car. My 2004 RX330 is my 5th Lexus(my wife drives a 2001 GS 300/ML/Nav) and is so much better in my opinion than my 2001. I wouldn't have bought it if it was otherwise. The turning radius is so much tighter, the handling is better, it is quieter,the remote rear door opener is a plus, more roomy up front and feels more luxurious to drive. The rear vision isn't as good, but you get used to it. My wife and I like the console so it may just be personal preference. I like the new Nav system and the feed system for the CD player. My previous 4 Lexus used the 6 pack system and I think the single feed is more convenient. All in all, I don't miss my 2001 RX 300.
  • I'd appreciate an email with the Denver sales/broker info too, thanks
  • do you happen to know the full sticker price of the new RX330 you mentioned?
  • We were at a Lexus dealer in Chicagoland area. he said they are selling the car under invoice+past Lexus cash. How low do you think i can go on a 2004 RX330 with Premium Plus package, mats, and locks?
  • Can you let me know what Lexus dealer you were working with. I am tinkering between this and next years model. My email is in my profile.
  • Hello All,

    Can anyone suggest a "good" dealership or sales person for Lexus in the bay area (CA)? I am looking to purchase the RX 330 with navigation for under this even possilbe?

    Thanks in advance for the heads up!
  • Hi Whit,

    Was this dealship in CA?

    I'm looking to purchase the RX 330 with navigation only in N. CA.

  • If you don't mind me asking, what were your document fees? I live in PA and I am told their fee (besides the LDA) is $300 plus I have to get the car inspected for PA. Thanks.
  • Does anyone know what the difference will be with the 2005 RX330?
  • If you want to get 2004, then you might be able to get it for Invoice price.

    I am looking for 2005, but haven't found any dealer willing to sell for less than Inv + $1500 and I am in bay ares as well.
  • Naresh,

    Which dealer is it that sells the 2005 for $1500 over invoice in the Bay Area?

  • I went to a Chicago area dealer last night. Was quoted 37800 for a 41200 car. I think this is a little high, considering the 05s are out now. Shouldn't his car be a below invoice at this point? What should this car be selling at now?
  • Can you tell me which state is Prestige lexus located?
  • I am trying to get a good price in Western New York region or close by. The dealers here are very arrogant. They smile if you tell them that you want to pay less then the retail price. I do not mind driving few hundred miles. Anyone knows good dealership in Western NY, anywhere in NY, Eastern Ohio, Northern PA or western Massachussetts.

    Any help will be greatly appreciated. 2004 or 2005 model with Navigation and Rear Entertainment Center.
  • Check out, they are selling 2004 model for $1000 over Invoice. They don't show the 2005 models yet.
  • maxhonda99maxhonda99 Posts: 1,289
    Prestige LExus is located in New Jersey. Specifically in Ramsey, NJ(north NJ).
  • I'm planning to buy 2004/2005 RX330, AWD, Premium or Premium Plus package.

    With Nav, MSRP of 2004 RX330 is $44288. The dealership quoted me $40788 or 4% above Invoice.

    Is it a good price? Anybody had experience in buying RX330 around Kentucky?
  • I had a very bad experience in Tustin Lexus. When I walked in their lot, one sales approached me as they always do. I told him that I am looking for 2004 RX330 premium pkg w/ NAV and I am looking for the price around 42K to 43K(out the door). And, he told me he is sorry and he walked away (he never tried to bargain with me). Do you guys think that was a good attitude to treat customers? Then, I went to Longo Lexus and bought my dream car (RX330 premium pkg w/ NAV black in black) for 42.9K (out the door) w/ one oil change free. My sales is very nice and easy to deal. No hassle and I walked out the door with my car within one hour. If you guys live in Southern California and looking for 2004 RX330 (they told me that they still have around 5 left in different options)...... Go to Longo Lexus, that'll be one of the best choice...... You won't regret.... :-)
    Dont' go to Tustin Lexus...... You will be sorry...... 

    If you need the contact info in Longo Lexus, email me...
  • We are trying to buy a AWD RX330 in Northern Illinois. Each dealer seems to have their own version of "invoice price." We are so confused because all the dealers have dozens of 2004 cars on their lots, but are still trying to sell the cars for a nice profit. Any clues on how to get a car at or beow invoice? They claim that the NAV car is 1500-2000 over invoice, and the regular is 500-1500. We are so confused because it is the end of the model year and the 2005s are either on their way, or already at some dealers. I think invoice is fair at this time of the year. Please advise. We feel lke we are going nuts.
  • More help requested!!! My spouse and I are at the final stages of making a decision to purchase a 2005 RX330. Getting conflicting information from local dealers. Please let us know what prices are being offered to you (either by dealers or auto brokers) on 2005 RX330's. We're looking at RX330's containing either the Premium Plus package or the Premium Plus + Nav (without Mark Levinson) packages. Many thanks in advance!!!
  • romyromy Posts: 3
    thanks for sharing your experience. we want the Lexus hybrid, but cant wait for it. We'll buy the rx330 instead. did you get a pricing on the 2005 models. who's the contact?
  • I did not get the pricing on 2005 model since is not close to invoice price and hybird is around 48K to 50K(one option - full loading). You can give me your email and I will provide the contact. Wish you luck...
  • I don't think you can get the car at or below invoice price. But, what I heard and experienced was you could get much closer to invoice price by choosing base model. If the dealers in your area still have lots 2004s, I think you can get a decent price. I might not provide the useful info you want. So, good luck~
  • Does anyone know if Lexus introduced any new paint colors for the 2005 RX330 models? Thanks!
  • eric2eric2 Posts: 14
    2005 Rx model already available in many dealership in So Cal. I got a quote from dealer for a 2005 rx330 fwd + Premium Plus package + navigation + 18" alloy wheels + rain sensor wiper. MSRP $42600. "out the door" price is $42000. Is this a good deal? doesn anyone find better deal in LA area?
  • romyromy Posts: 3
    Thanks a lot. Please reply to
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