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Cadillac DTS



  • gabby10gabby10 Posts: 32
    going shopping looking at dts any one still having problem with car battery after it been parked for a week or so ,any other electrical issue , like what i seen but it what i can't see that worry me
  • robw64robw64 Posts: 76
    Well, the tire vibration is worse than ever now. I am assured it's not all in my co-workers asked what's wrong with my car when I drove to lunch today. Now it sways and shimmies at low speeds (such as driving in a parking lot) and vibrates like crazy on the highway from 55 mph or higher.

    When they call to tell me the additional parts have arrived (to fix the power driver seat and replace the seat belt guides) I'm planning to rent a car and leave mine with them until they can fix it.

    This is all very frustrating. The mechanics at the dealership seem to be trying their best, but I am just amazed that no one can fix this issue. I am an extremely conservative driver and don't abuse the suspension in any way, so this is mind-boggling.
  • gabby10gabby10 Posts: 32
    check those lugs nuts rob , they might forgot to tighten properly , i had that once , talk about dealer sweating , also do you have Vogue Tires , that could be some of the vib problem at higher speed , harder side wall and although you see that tire on alot of caddy i think it a great looking tire but you get a mechanic alone that will talk he tell you the truth , good luck
  • bremertongbremertong Posts: 436
    You have every right to be concerned. If there is a highly regarded tire shop in your area take to them. Would also ask Cadillac Corporate customer service to schedule you with a second dealership service department in your area. Ultimately if this can not be resolved last resort would be the Cadillac repurchase program. There are also lemon laws
    in most states. In most cases the car qualifies if it is less than thirty months old and cannot be repaired after a certain number of service visits. You might want to check Lemon laws in your state, laws vary from state to state. Please be sure to share your progress and follow up questions with us. Best wishes for a
    quick resolution to this problem.
  • sls002sls002 Posts: 2,788
    If the lug nuts were not tight, the wheels would have come off by now I would think. Were the wheels being rotated on a regular basis? Or have they been rotated in the process of trying to fix the problem? Perhaps the question to ask is whether the dealer has the equipment needed to balance tires right.

    I was very happy with the tires that my 2002 Seville came with, Michelin's.
  • sls002sls002 Posts: 2,788
    I hope robw64's wheels have not fallen off.

    My thinking on what is probably going on is that the tires are starting to get belt separation. If they were not rotated soon enough, that can happen. Some tires just do that anyway. His description of what was happening seems like that, unless of couse the lug nuts came loose.
  • robw64robw64 Posts: 76
    Nope....the wheels haven't fallen off.


    I'm waiting for the parts to arrive to repair the driver's seat lift mechanism and the b-pillar seat belt guides. It seems strange that it would take a week and a half (so far) to wait for those parts, but still no call back yet.

    My guess was tread separation from the outset. However, replacing 2 of the tires and rotating them hasn't helped. The tires were rotated regulary from the time I bought the car, so there isn't a concern about maintenance (dealership asked about that, too).

    Here's a new question for everyone: would a faulty suspension cause this? I asked a friend to follow me on the highway the other night, and he didn't notice wheel wobble but thought the rear tires looked like they had an excessive amount of up-and-down activity over smooth highway pavement.

    I've been re-reading the forum, and have seen posts about thumps in the rear exhaust/suspension area. I'm wondering if maybe the self-levelling suspension has developed a problem. The Luxury III (I believe) has the magnetic ride control, which might cause this?

    I promise to keep everyone posted. I'm trying to remain patient while waiting for the additional parts so I can do this all in one trip.
  • fmoellerfmoeller Posts: 21
    The LUX III has the standard suspension. You have to go with the Performance to get the magnetic suspension. This is what I have, it also comes with larger Bridgestone tires. I have never experienced a rough ride from the tires. There was one post where the dealer replaced all 4 tires which corrected the writers problem which was as you are describing. Rest assured that the there is no correlation between the exhaust knock and the tires. I have the knock (see my earlier posts) and an exhaust canister was replaced which did nothing to correct the problem.

    I would suggest that you try to get the dealer to replace all 4 tires with another brand to see if that helps. There has been a lot of complaints on the WEB regarding Conty tires.
  • sls002sls002 Posts: 2,788
    Looking back through your posts, you indicate that the tires were rotated when you got a nail in one at 10,000 miles. If this was the second rotation, then I would agree that lack of regular rotation was not a cause....

    My guess is that the belts are separating in one or more of the old tires. This will result in problems which can't be fixed by balancing. I agree with fmoeller that replacing the tires with another brand is a good plan. Getting Cadillac to pay may be another matter.
  • bremertongbremertong Posts: 436
    Please read my previous posts regarding electrical problems.
    In addition, yesterday, August 28th, the car stalled out at second ignition and message came on "service security system", I waited a moment and car started without further issues for the rest of the day. I was near a Cadillac dealership so stopped by to report and the service advisor
    cleaned my key off saying that it might have been a piece of dirt on the key. Needless to say having had all the previous issues with the electrical system on this car there is a lingering concern about what might come next.
    This is my third Cadillac and as stated in previous posts
    each car has had a little more problems than the previous one. I like the Cadillac vehicle but am already thinking in terms of Lexus, Toyota Avalon or Mercedes. I think Cadillac is better value than any of above but reliability is very important to me. Oh for those days of my reliable Plymouths, LOL, they just ran and ran without issue. Of course they didn't have the comfort, performance, and power of the Cadillacs. As a final thought, my Lincoln Town car
    has been pretty much trouble free since my purchase in July 2006, As stated before these cars are one of the best values in the luxury car market. Ford will be bringing Town Car back later in 2008 and build them in Canada.
  • sls002sls002 Posts: 2,788
    " the car stalled out at second ignition "

    I assume that what happened is that the car started the second time that day that you went to drive it somewhere (having started OK the first time) and that after the engine started, it died. If the key was dirty, the security system may have shut it down "thinking" that you did not have a key for the car and were stealing it. More likely, your key may have a poor electical path so the computer may not be able to always determine that the key is authorized to start the car. I woul try using the other key to see if it works better.
  • bremertongbremertong Posts: 436
    I suspect that the electrical system in this car is flawed in that when I started the car today the engine turned over with hesitation and I heard three times from the audio system with no error message. Ignitition was hesitant at each crank but the car started. I see that there is a product put out by Black & Decker that charges the battery from the cigarette lighter power source. The price is $ 50 dollars and it claims it will charge the battery in a few minutes. I may buy as an interim approach to using the car.
    Since the car is to my taste and am very pleased with it when it works am trying to avoid the Cadillac repurchase or
    Lemon law programs but this may in fact be going in that direction. I fully expect the batttery will go dead again very soon and hope if I have the Black and Decker charger it will work and provide an interim solution to this problem. RESPONSES BY OTHER DTS OWNERS will be appreciated
    particularly if you have had electrical system issues with your car.
  • sls002sls002 Posts: 2,788
    Now I am puzzled again. In your previous post you stated that the engine stalled. You said nothing about the battery being weak. If the battery is weak, you need to tell your service department about that. I suggest that you try to explain things in plain english. In particular:

    "Ignitition was hesitant at each crank"
    Are you trying to say that the starter is cranking the engine over very slowly because the batter is weak :confuse:
  • After driving a Jag Mk10 for several years I finally sold the lemon and bought a new 1966 Plymouth Belvedere - a totally stripped model with just power steering and automatic. It was great to have a car that started each morning without having to dry off the plug wires with a hair dryer. I agree with you on Plymouths. A friend drove his Dodge Dart to the junkyard when the body rusted away at 300 thousand miles. The old straight six started every time. I suspected that the junk yard guy drove it for several more years. I'm looking at a 2007 Luxury II next spring but if I get many more complaints on '06's and '07's on this forum I'll look seriously at a Lincoln Town Car. I'd like to get a Lexus but can't afford one and the Avalon is a nicer design. I drove an Avalon in Florida last year and was annoyed at the wind and road noise on the freeways.
  • Appreciated your reply, I had the DTS out today and it seemed to run just fine, keep hoping that the problems will be corrected but am also preparing for more surprises. The first 2008 Lincoln Town Car has come off the assembly line
    in St. Thomas, Canada to begin production there. My first Deville was produced in Canada and was the most reliable of the three Caddies I've owned. Am surprised to learn of the wind noise in Avalon, always thought these were very quiet vehicles. I also agree that while the Lexus may be one of the few most reliable and quality cars, they are also priced way up there. Still feel that a good and reliable DTS is one of the best values in the Luxury market.
  • Well, here's the next chapter in the saga.

    I took my DTS in for the power seat and B-pillar seat belt guide repairs on Thursday, 9/6, receiving a loaner car 'for the day' and was told the repairs would be done within only a few hours.

    I phoned the service department at 4:45 to check for an update and was told they needed to keep the car at least overnight because some of the connectors snapped when they had to remove the power seat. No problem so far (I thought).

    I received a call about 10:30 the next morning that the car was ready. Not even thinking I would need to check for damage, I took the car home even though there were dirty finger prints all over the interior as well as a lot of crumbs on the seat (I don't eat in the car at all and it had been vacuumed thoroughly since our road trip in July). This past weekend, while cleaning the interior, I noticed they put several gouges in the base of the b-pillar when removing/replacing the seat. Also, the trim plastics around the base of the seat are not aligned well any more (the passenger seat still looks great, so it's a noticeable difference).

    Today, a passenger in my car tried to adjust the passenger seat and now it doesn't lift, either. We also tried to adjust the seat belts and noticed that neither of the new seat belt guides will move at all....the pieces don't even 'compress' as they should to release the catch and allow them to slide.

    This has been a remarkably disappointing experience with the car. In addition to the tire wobble (yes, they were rotated once before the 10,000 rotation), I've had far too many build quality issues with this luxury car.

    I will be calling the service department tomorrow. Wish me luck.
  • I am very sympathetic to the problems you are having. Service departments are about the only place my cars have ever been damaged. Unless you are completely satisfied with the response that you get from the service department call Cadillac customer service department ASAP and document all these items with them. You have every right to prompt, courteous service and in my opinion the service department ought to make these issues up to you in some substantial form. Yes, I wish you luck but I also suggest that you present yourself in very polite but assertive fashion. In the future when you take your car in for service have the service advisor look the car over before turning it over to them and if they object remind them of this incident. When you pick the car up after service take a few minutes to check the car out for visible damage. This SHOULD NOT be necessary but given the realities of to days world it is absolutely the minimum you should do. In my opinion Cadillac corporate needs to assume a much more aggressive position with dealerships and their service departments. please post updates as time permits. It seems to me that an important benefit of these forums is for owners to share information that will help resolve problems and improve build quality and service.
  • I asked earlier if anyone on this Forum has an '06 or '07 DTS that has been relatively trouble free? I'm in the market next spring and from what I've heard I might buy a Town Car instead.
  • kpsmkpsm Posts: 12
    I'd think that most of us owners have an experience similar to mine. (It's the few with problems who tend to be vocal about it.)

    I've just reached the 10,000 mile point for my '06 Performance Model DTS. This is absolutely the most trouble free car I've ever had. I've had the oil changed and had the tires rotated. Otherwise, I have not had the car in the shop.

    The magnetic suspension really makes a difference in the ride. Almost everybody who rides in my car for the first time comments on how good the ride is.

    I also like the navigation system a lot and just got my first free update DVD for it. I typically use the split screen display with the maps on one side and the XM program information on the other side.

    My car has every available accessory, with the exception of the adaptive cruise control, which I intentionally excluded.

    My wife has a new,loaded Lincoln MKZ, and she's had it in the shop several times for warranty repairs.
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