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Suzuki Verona



  • kctomkctom Posts: 47

    If the Verona is targeted for a different demographic, then you would needed to project a different image. Think about it, you only can have one image.

    As far as sales, where did you get your figures? I cannot find any recent sales figures on the internet. If 2005 sales are down, it's because they still have 2004's leftover. They overproduced the EX model. That's the only 2004 model that you see in this town. One dealer was advertising a 2004 Verona EX new for $14,500. Until those are gone, the 2005 models won't move. In fact, this might be the reason that Suzuki isn't pushing the Verona. They are just letting the dealers handle the 2004 sell-off.

    The idea that Suzuki is going to abandon this car, because of start-up problems is just unfounded. They have way too much invested in it.

  • kctomkctom Posts: 47
    I see where Autozone also carries the ACDelco PF-57 I think. Whatever, it's an AC filter that fits the Verona according to ACDelco. I like AC filter better than STP.

    Also WIX is getting ready to introduce a filter for the Verona. Their WEB site lists a filter but notes that this has not been officially released yet.

    All of these automotive insiders doing all of this for a car that Suzuki is going to discontinue. I don't buy it.

  • rasuprasup Posts: 136
    Sorry Tom, I dont get it. Can you explain?. If you see the current ad, they flash the names of all other Suzuki cars. I do understand that this ad is geared to the younger folk. From what you say another specific ad should appear for the Verona. Do you remember that the Verona was targetted against the Camry?. I know that its only a year. But to match the Camry's sales does'nt Zuki have to push the ad's?. Foe Sales info see the site for press releases. In Jan 2005 the Verona sold 19% less as compared to Jan 2004. For Feb 2004 it sold the same numbers as Jan-04. I think you can notice the impact of ad's.--see what the ad's for Cobalt have done?. Personally I liked last years Verons ad. This brings me to argue that even if 2004 models are to be DO need to give ads. Maybe they want to do it through the dealer specials?. According to Suzuki, they plan to put a small SUV in 2005 and a big SUV soon ( Concept-X?). They also plan to put a new mid-size sedan in 2006!! I heard that they would use GM engine for that ( not verified). So it might be a Verona with an axed inline 6 and new V6? I dont know.... Also from autonews columns---GM will be marketing Chevy epica ( Verona) under the Chevy name and the Daewoo name will not be used. Web news also indicates that GM is setting up to manufacture the Verona in China. All these are web news and need to be confirmed. Does It seem GM will be playing a big role as far as development of Verona is concerned?..
    About AC filters, the user manual recommends to change it after 7500 miles in severe drive conditions. My dealer knew nothing about it. Where is this located?. I dont know if you noticed, but on operating simple fan a foul smell does come up at times.
    Thanks Peter, you have valueable info for the forum. Comments?
  • You can find out all about your cabin a/c filter including detailed instructions on how to change it in a little book called "the owners manual" If you bought yours used, and don't have a book then here goes: The filter is under the hood by the firewall on the passenger side. You have to remove the rubber/plastic grille that is over the whole thing and then you will get to the filter. Replace it and then replace the coverings, etc. Hope this helps. Same place as my former Daewoo Leganza.
  • rasuprasup Posts: 136
    Bloom- I will check it out. Thanks. Tom the PF-57 you refer to appears to be an oil filter. I could not find any referance to an AC filter on autozone.
  • a/c filter for my Daewoo was always dealer only item. Prob. the same for the Verona.
  • pciro2180pciro2180 Posts: 43
    The filter we are refering to is indeed the oil filter.
  • pciro2180pciro2180 Posts: 43

    I have noticed the smell, as though the in cabin filter is not filtering it out. I can really smell the exhaust of the cars in front of me, however if you change the fan to circulate only the air inside of the car, the smell does go away. My next step is to replace the cabin air filter, if i can find it, and see if the smell goes away. I have driven a couple of different cars from different makers that have that same problem. My wifes Nissan Altima does the same thing and the dealer says that it is natural that you be able to smell that. I say that is a bunch of b.s. Car still running great with the syn oil. Used to be really sluggish in the morning,Here in Chicago winters are a b****, after changing it, 30 seconds after the motor is running, the car is running like it is up at 200 degrees.
  • pciro2180pciro2180 Posts: 43

    Thanks for the info, Maybe the AC Delco filter is not yet available here in Chicago, and Pep Boys Auto told me that WIX was coming out with one, but that was last October.

    Peter(Freezing in Chicago)
  • pciro2180pciro2180 Posts: 43
    Did everyone know that the dealer has a parts book for a full body kit, tailights and all? I found out from my service manager, and saw pics of the car with the body kit and it looks pretty sweet. I don't know if I want to drop 2 grand though for a body kit. Comments?

  • pciro2180pciro2180 Posts: 43

    Advance Auto Parts also lists a purolator filter with a model # of L 17662.

    A Recap for eveyone. These are all oil filters

    AC/Delco part # PF-57
    STP Part # s-2903
    Purolator part # L 17662
    WIX Part # 57046

    Air Filters-Only listing to be found so far:

    Wix part # 42838

    WIX Cabin Air Filter part # 24906.

    Hope this helps everyone.
  • kctomkctom Posts: 47
    I must apologize for the confusion. When I used the term AC in regards to a filter, I was referring to the company AC Delco.

    The PF57 is actually an old AC Delco filter number. It may take awhile for the parts people to stock it.

    The Purolator filter is indeed available from Advance Auto but my local store does not stock it. The WEB site indicates that I must order it and pay shipping. Hopefully they will stock it soon.

    At least you no longer need to hike to the dealer now.

  • lcook17lcook17 Posts: 1
    Is this catalog found online? I have been searching all over for some taillights.
  • pciro2180pciro2180 Posts: 43
    Unfortunally, no it is not. you have to go to the dealer and pay the outrageous prices they charge. I do believe you can get the tailights out of Canada from GM, these are the ones that fit the Epica, and have a little different style to them. However, if you are looking for a spoiler, i was browsing ebay on the Verona and found a couple of ebay stores selling what looks like the stock version of the Verona Spoiler.
  • nace818nace818 Posts: 140
    You guys probably already know but the dealer has a catalog called susuki pit stop. My dealer installed a factory painted spoiler for me when I bought the car. It lists for $695 but they let me have it for $350 installed. It looks great. The catalog also has some chrome exhaust tips which I want to get next. I think is also the web address for ordering these parts. By the way does anyone know how much the ride would be diminished if I go up to 18" wheels? I think this would fill up the wheel wells and really look good in chrome but I don't want to have a rough ride. Let me know what you think. Thanks.
  • rasuprasup Posts: 136
    CCbloom16,nace818,pciro,kctom and others, are right, the details regarding the cabin filter is indeed in the user manual page 3-20. I showed this to the dealer who agreed to look into the condition of the filter. It was dirty and needed replacement. This filter is only available with the dealer ($30.00 a piece- mighty expensive!!!). I could not find it online. Wix is introducing it but it is not available at their site.
    Reg. Oil-- sythetic oil mobil1 : I read various articles that indicate the benefit of adding this oil. The heat reduction reduces wear and tear on the engine parts.
    Spoilers: Factory based spoiler is available at and does give some parts and accessories.
    Verona is doing great. Dealer changed the driver window motor and parts under warantee. Its 7900 miles and no new issues. I will be changing to mobil1 synthetic next oil change.
  • nace818nace818 Posts: 140
    I'm glad to see the discussions have finally gotten off the subjects of recalls, discontinuing the Verona, and other unhappy news. But no one has replied to my question. Surely some of you must have gone up in wheel size at one time or another. I'm about to shell out over two grand for larger wheels and tires. If the ride is really bad after doing this, I'll be hurting in more ways than one. The dealer says the ride should not be that much different if I go from the 16" to 18". I don't know if I should take his word for it though. From what I've read in the car magazines, it can really get rough, not to mention more wear and tear on the suspension. I was hoping someone had first hand experience. I would even consider 17". Please someone,give me your thoughts. Thanks.
  • Why in the world would you be willing to spend $2,000 to get larger wheels & tires? Can't you get better tires at the original factory size that would do well?
  • nace818nace818 Posts: 140
    Tom, Haven't you seen the big wheels on most of the concept cars? The 20" & 22" don't make it to the production models but they are on the concepts because they look better. Also you have probably of dubs which I think are the 22".You have probably seen them on Yukons & Escalades. I'm not talking about the one that keep spinning when you stop. But as I said before, it fills the wheel well more and to me just has a sportier look, especially in chrome.
  • dkuhajdadkuhajda Posts: 487
    Bigger wheels in general means shorter suspension life. The softer the suspension to start (like the Buick'esqe ride on the Verona) the more the added wear. The tire is there to absorb much of the minor road bumps.

    If you had a car with an already sport tuned suspension that had a stiff ride, then go for it.

    Why waste the money? There are much better than the factory tires for the car and you can still go to a slightly wider tire. The caveat is you have to find someone who is an expert in realigning the front end to the wider tires (if going up more than one width size) or you can get some odd wear patterns.
  • nace818nace818 Posts: 140
    OK, I think I get it. What I'll probably do is just go for some nicer chrome wheels in the same size. I have the 16" factory wheels brushed aluminum I think you would call them. I'm averaging about 700 miles per week with my commute
    so it's only a short time before I'll need to replace the tires. At that time I'll consider the wheels. I do know that I will not get the Hankook tires again. They seem to be pretty noisy. Another forum member said he got Michellins and they are quieter and ride better. Thanks for your input.
  • kctomkctom Posts: 47
    I must agree with you about the Hankook tires. They do seem noisy. Some critics complain of wind noise in the Verona. They must be hearing tire noise. I don't hear any excessive wind noise.

    I will probably keep these tires until they wear out. I am just too cheap to throw-away perfectly good tires just for a little noise.

    I thought that Hankook was not too smart in putting these tires on a car headed for America. They are trying to break into the American market. They aren't going to do it by making a bad name for themselves or at least a very noisy one.

    So far, this is the biggest complaint that I have with my new Verona. So I guess that I can't really complain at all. So I guess you must disregard what I said or I will be complaining.

  • elginelgin Posts: 1
    Had my Verona for 6 months now and thought I's share some things:

    -Overall the car has been very good. Thought I had a problem as the Check Engine Light came on stayed on for a long time. Seems I wasn't cranking the gas cap enough when I put it back on. Just a few clicks won't do it. Problems solved.

    -I gave the Austin dealer $16,799 for a new 2004 LX w/spoiler. They gave me $4,000 for my 99 Mazda 626 in trade which was $1,000 more than the Mazda dealer offered.

    -Some thing I don't care for: Chrome around shift lever reflect sun bad at times. Cup holders not big enough. Heater lights too bright and don't dim with other dash lights. Had to cover with darkening film. Small trunk space and no secure trunk.

    -Things I like. Compartment air filter. No timing belt change to look forward to. Styling. A great pleasure to drive.
  • kctomkctom Posts: 47

    Good review.

    While the Verona does offer one of the smaller trunks, it has, by far and away, one of the largest passenger volumes in its class (115.4 cu ft). I guess you can have one or the other.

    I chose the Verona over some other models, because the trunk was not secure. I wanted rear seats that fold. If someone really wants to get into your trunk they probably will.

    Tom F
  • Hey Tom,
    My lawyer, who I did not have to pay, said I was on of the lucky ones. Lemon Law here in NC does not require us to pay the attorney. All fees are paid by the Manufacturer. So Suzuki paid the bill. Thankfully, Suzuki was quite cooperative but it was only after their techs experienced the problem first hand. They never took my word for anything. Also in my favor was the dealership. They let me have a loaner free of charge until the mess was straightened out. My laywere told me this is not required of the dealership. She said most folks are stuck with an undriveable car until the cases are settled. So I do not hold any grudges with the dealership because they tried to appease me in my time of need. So I would buy another car from this dealer but it won't be a Suzuki. Anyway, I got a even exchange so to speak because my 2nd Suzuki broke down too!

    But to date...I have had any engine problems BUT my radio will turn up the volume by itself. So I have to have them look into it. By now, nothing surprises me with my car. I just go with the flow until I get in a position to purchase a Lincoln LS. Love those cars! But you can believe I will do my homework before I purchase any car!

    To all the Verona owners without problems, I wish it had been me because from Jan - Aug of 2004, dealing with it was a nightmare. I wouldn't wish it on anybody.

    As far as the hubcaps, I am not buying anymore. I am just going to make sure those techs put them back on correctly when I get my next rotation. But thanks for letting me know.
  • kctomkctom Posts: 47

    That's a great lemon law in NC. Most state require that you be responsible for legal fees unless the auto manufacturer does not live up to the law.

    So far so good with my new Verona. No problems at all.

    in KC
  • chrisducatichrisducati Posts: 394
    How about a low pressure turbo to add 20hp or so to the straight six in the Verona.
  • kctomkctom Posts: 47
    I have wondered if a traditional 120 degree V6 will fit under the hood of the Verona. The car is marketed in other parts of the world with an I4. This would explain why Daewoo developed a whole new engine for this car instead of using one of the readily available V6's out there. Which leads me to my point, and I do have one, the turbo might be a real possibility. Personally, I am happy the way it is.

  • kctomkctom Posts: 47

    I noticed that the radio in the Verona has an auto-loud function. It's mentioned on page 3-32 of my owners manual. I cannot find any other mention of it. I assume that the radio looks at ambient noise and adjusts the volume accordingly. That might be why your volume is changing. If it is, let us all know.

  • I will check that out and let you know. It hasn't happened again. But now it's making these wierd noise from the CD player.

    I do know that in most of Suzuki CD players, the song on the CD will start from the beginning after the car has been cut off. At least it did in my first Verona. The one I have now, the CD will pick up where it left off, which I prefer, but I knew this was not common. But now there are times when the CD will make a noise when I first turn it on so I have to eject the CD and put it back in.

    Hopefully, this is just a radio problem and not a Verona problem. I am trying hard not to blame all the car problems on my car being a Verona as opposed to being normal troubles.
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