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Lexus GS 300/GS 430



  • indiana97indiana97 Posts: 58
    I purchased a GS300 about 3 wks ago and I am also very impressed with the smooth 6 sp. trans, fit and finish, "bells "etc...... I had a 2000 GS300 and the new GS300 is more refined, smoother and faster. I have the base stereo and fill it has great sound and clarity. I did not really want nav. and I could not see a significant difference in sound to justify another $2000+. I bought the car with the sat. radio. The dealer was to install the XM. I did not like the location of the antenna (side of the trunk) that was recommended by Lexus. I got the car and delayed having the XM installed. I did some further checking as to where the antenna could go. Many on Club Lexus website had antenna installed on the inside of the car on the rear deck by or under the rear light housing. I then heard that Sirius was coming out with a dealer install for the GS this summer. I am hoping to get Sirius put in by Aug. I also have been given info regarding Sirius having an interior antenna behind the rear view mirror. Also heard that XM is going to have a smaller better located antenna available shortly. I had Sirius (FM mod.) in my RX330 I traded. I like the program options of Sirius (NBA, College football (Big Ten), NCAA basketball and NASCAR next yr. Also like the fact that Sirius is independent. Research has indicated that XM owned by Clear Channel who is editing much of the music, etc. found on XM. I was a bit disturbed by that if it is true. Anyway, I like the idea of having a choice of XM or Sirius and a better placement of the antenna. Whatever, I want the Satellite option. My Lexus dealer has been great regarding the delay in installing the satelitte radio. Again I love my GS300 and highly recommend the car.
  • lexi300lexi300 Posts: 36
    Congrats on your new GS300. I just got mine about 10 days ago and am in heaven. White with cashmire interior. I didn't get ML, nav, or parking, but most everything else. I didn't get XM because I already have a MiFi and prefer the portability. I mount the really small antenna on the trunk and snake the wire through the passthrough.

    It's not true that XM is owned by ClearChannel. At one point, CC was an investor, but I think they own less than 3% of XM now, if that. I've visited the XM HQ in DC. It's really state-of-the-art, but all the employees have a blast. For me, I'd rather have MLB and XMPR. I can't give two hoots for Howard Stern. But, to each her own, and if Sirius gets better, I can get a Sirius-style MyFi.
  • epatepat Posts: 1
    I ordered a GS300 approximately 2 months ago. The dealer quoted a three month delivery time. Has it taken anyone more time than this on the east coast?
  • indiana97indiana97 Posts: 58
    Sorry about ClearChannel owning XM but the editing is said to be going on re: the Group that now has XM. I hope you are correct because the last thing we need is more control over the airways/media as to what we are able to hear especially when you pay for the service. Like buying a car. I want the to be sure I am getting accurate information so I can make an informed decision.
    Back to the GS. Lexi300 do you feel the base sound system has high quality sound? I can not believe how much better the base sound system is in the new GS300 when compared to the base sound system in the RX330 I had. Maybe it's the subs or the GS has better insulation or is more confined then the RX. Whatever, I enjoy the sound system much more in the GS then I did in my RX. Given the hot weather we have been having, I love the ventilated seats too!!!! Only thing I wish I had in my GS is the auto wipers. Mine did not come with them. I guess it was an option that did not come in the package in our region. I had them in the RX and liked them. I just thought they would have been standard.
  • lexi300lexi300 Posts: 36
    I did not compare the ML to the base sound directly, so I can't say. I think the ML would be VERY useful for a user who had many 5.1 or 7.1 DVD audio discs. It would make all the difference. But I only own two DVD audio discs. For me, the ability to play video DVDs isn't an issue because I would never watch them while driving (system won't let you anyway, and who wants to crack up a beautiful car), and I have a laptop for watching DVDs while travelling that I can take with me.

    I mostly listen to XM, and -- as good as it is -- it is still not CD quality. So I don't think a highly upgraded sound system would help me much.

    I am very satisfied with the base sound system when I play XM from the MyFi over it, using a tape adapter, even when I listen to XM Classics.

    One annoyance, though: I wish everyone would put an aux jack in the center console like BMW does on at least some of their models. Between iPods, satellite radios, and whatever is coming next, it would be very nice not to have the clutter (and potential noise) of a tape adapter.

    Who listens to cassettes anymore, anyway?

    The ventillated seats are awesome. Truly awesome. Mine did come with the auto wipers; I've used them already and was very happy with the setting as I drove through different amounts of rain. Mine also came with a compact spare, as well as run-flats (it's an AWD).

  • jonesok1jonesok1 Posts: 97
    I received information from Sirius's OEM rep that the kit for Sirius will be available for the GS around 8-1. So you may get your wish.
  • You might have already answered this, but where did you buy your gs430?

  • mvs1mvs1 Posts: 462
    Just to 2nd the clear bra option. The leather or vinyl ones often times scratch the front portion of the hood removing paint. I've personally used clear bras on Carrera's. The clear bra's may need to be replaced every say 3 years depending on the brand used but that's better then having paint chips.
  • navigator89navigator89 Posts: 1,080
    Motor Trend did a road test with the Infinti M45 against the Lexus GS430, and here it is.
  • jgs2006jgs2006 Posts: 4
    I just got my new GS2006 the 18th of June love it but I went to bestbuy Sunday and got a DVD audio to try out my new ML sound system and it wouldn’t play? :confuse: it plays CD's and burned CDs no problem and sounds great but no DVD audio and that was the thing that they told me over and over about. ummm oh well I am going to the deal today Monday because they ask me to because they made a small scratch when they where removing the rapping’s nothing big, you can only see it when you look at it in the sunlight up-close, I guess I’ll ask then. Just wondering if anyone has had this problem?

    PS the dealer told me after I got it, that it had Dynamic Radar Cruise Control on it but I didn’t get Pre-Collision Safety, is he right that I can have Dynamic Radar Cruise Control with out PCS? Or do you need PCS?
  • iwangs04iwangs04 Posts: 22
    Lexus Owners,
    I have a decision to make and would like to get a survey from your personal opinion.
    I am stumbling on 2 cars to buy, Lexus GS vs Infinity M series. I personally love the Lexus’ quality, reliability and style more than Infiniti, but the Infiniti is not far off from those regards. As for the price, I have problem with the Lexus. GS price is seemed higher than the M, where M price can be negotiable better & GS is pretty firmed. As far as the performance, the M is a winner which has more power than the GS. Even James Healey (car Test Drive on agrees that the M is better and more satisfactory.
    So from what I see, Infiniti is the bang for the buck. What are your reasons for buying the GS over the M?
    All comments are most welcome
  • msu79gt82msu79gt82 Posts: 541
    Its the markup - I too am shopping the GS300 vs. the M35. The GS300 has an ~$8000 markup vs. the Infiniti's of $4000. Thats amazing.

    Lexus GS300 w/ ML Nav Package, Moonroof, Rain-Sensing Wipers, Parking Assist, Ventilated Seats, Spoiler, Power Rear SunShade = MSRP of $50,215 and Invoice of $42,542 (thats how Nav is packaged in Houston).

    Infiniti M35 w/ Journey, Nav, and Full Size Spare = MSRP of $45,740 and Invoice of $41,795. (these are the options I want).

    I am well aware of Lexus' reputation for customer service (enough folks on this board have touted it); but I suppose for double the markup over Infiniti the customer service SHOULD be better - your paying for it.
  • bdkinnhbdkinnh Posts: 292
    I'm not a Lexus owner, but I'm in the same boat as you (with the addition of the BMW 530xi into the mix as well).

    In my opinion, the M35X feels bigger inside, and feels more solid (not that the Lexus feels shoddy by any means). However, the Infiniti is a five speed whereas the Lexus is a six speed. The engine noise in the Infiniti bothers me a bit - at 70 MPH it is as 3000 RPMs, where most cars are around 2000 or 2500. I haven't decided yet if it bothers me enough to cross the M off my list, though.

    The GS has run-flat tires, which (to me) makes the ride harsher. Sure, I could replace them with regular all seasons once the run-flats wear out (which will be quick since they will only last 15K or 20K miles), but it is still an issue. The GS feels a little smaller inside, and in my opinion the M has a better interior. The GS does have a touch screen, though, which is very nice. It also has auto-lock doors and rain sensing wipers. Sure, those aren't Big Deals, but they do get added to the GS "pro" list and Infiniti's "con" list.

    The GS is more expensive - no doubt about it - but based on the last line in your post, it seems you want to be talked into the GS and have valid reasons instead of just "WantmyGS". Makes sense, but look at it this way: picture yourself five years from now in the Infiniti, driving down the highway, and you see a GS. How would you feel? Do the same in reverse (the thinking, not the driving). How would you feel? I think that will give you the answer you want.

    Also, you should test drive one, then IMMEDIATLY test drive the other. Later that night, see which one you think about more.

    Problem solved. :)
  • Same here fellows- I went to infiniti first- test drove the M35, way too loud, 5 speed auto not 6, not enough luxury feel to it, thought the back lights were not attractive. Next stops were lexus and BMW. After testdriving the gs300 I didnt need to go to BMW, I was sold- and I got my black GS300 the following week (2K off msrp and trade in of my accord V6 2003 for wholesale price) and love it ever since. The ride is just to die for, like sitting on a feather blanket cruising on the highway at 75mph and the car looks absolutely killer- it's just so sexy, so un-boxy like the M, i'm in love with this car. Oh did I mention 30mpg?

    You get what you pay for friends, there is indeed a reason for the larger markup- and it works both ways- when you go trade in your M35 and your GS, you'll get paid for the markup believe me...

  • msu79gt82msu79gt82 Posts: 541
    Not sure who an above post was talking to; but I am absolutely NOT wanting someone to talk me into buying anything. The GS, M, and RL are on my short list primarily due to budget; with the M first and the GS and RL following. If it were not for the noise questions the M would be the ONLY car on my list. I readily acknowledge (many do not) that there is no such thing as a perfect vehicle - all vehicles purchases are a compromise between the buyers needs, wants, and budget. No one needs a Luxury vehicle although many want one and some can afford one. Actually if cost were no object none of these three cars would even be a consideration :surprise: ;)

    Alas money is an object and the Lexus premium may or may not be worth it. I absolutely do not want to ride on a "feather blanket" however I do desire a quiet ride. Both the GS and the M are sexy curvacious vehicles w/o a hint of boxiness to them (looks like the same designer had a hand in them both). Resale value has not been proven for either yet, however residuals are very strong for the M and I suspect that it will do very well.

    In virtually ALL comparison tests the M has won over both the GS and the RL so that it cannot be said that the M is not a worthy competitor to the GS. The intent of my original post was to solicit some insight into why there is such a high Premium on the Lexus. Both cars are excellent, both are well built and reliable, so should I pay a Premium for one over the other?

    Put it another way; since a Premium is absolutely NOT justified on the vehicle mechanics alone (as evidenced by virtually all reviews) is Lexus "name" and "customer service" worth the Premium (which is undeniably why it is there)? This is a serious question; is the Lexus name and service ALONE worth a $4000 Premium? :confuse: You may get what you pay for, but is it worth it?
  • In virtually ALL comparison tests the M has won over both the GS


    Most of the "tests" primarily care about from reading the reviews is horespower, handling, performance- most of us daily drivers care about luxury, comfort, reliability, resale. Compare the plastic content in an infiniti interior and a lexus. Compare the wood quality too. Again, there is a reason for the Lexus costing more.
  • mfprmfpr Posts: 41
    Only you can answer your own question as to whether the Lexus name and service are worth a $4000 premium. Infiniti has a very good reputation for customer service, so I suspect there is probably little difference between the two. The only benefit to a customer in the Lexus name is probably resale value. Up to now, Lexus has enjoyed better resale values than comparable Infiniti's. With the G & M Series Infiniti's, that could change in the future. Either car will cost you more now than if you wait 6 months or so until the newness wears off. The GS probably has more standard equipment than the M and gets much better fuel economy, based on owners' reports. But the bottom line is get what you like best. I suspect the total cost of ownership (maintenance, fuel, resale, etc.) will cost you about the same.
  • msu79gt82msu79gt82 Posts: 541
    ... most of us daily drivers care about luxury, comfort, reliability, resale. Compare the plastic content in an infiniti interior and a lexus. Compare the wood quality too. Again, there is a reason for the Lexus costing more.

    Sounds like its pretty subjective then. Again resale is an unknown in new models. I've sat in and driven both and I see no obvious quality differences. Do you have a link that quantifies a supposed plastic content difference? Is there a link that

    I would love some credible hard evidence of superior interior parts to the tune of $4000 between these cars; from what I can gather from reviews, test drives, forums, etc - the only "substantial" differences are personal subjective preferences. And that is OK! Anyone buying a $40K+ car needs to prefer it over others.

    But what I'm trying to get a grip on are objective differences to justify the Premium cost - and I can not do so.

    PS: I really like them both (in different ways), but cost is a very real part of the decision formula and that is what I'm studying now.
  • jo2jo2 Posts: 41
    Hello there,

    I was wondering if anyone knew if or when Lexus would have a factory installed Sirius option available. I hear they have it available for some models but not the 06 GS300. If anyone has any information or any resources please post info...

  • bdkinnhbdkinnh Posts: 292
    Not sure who an above post was talking to

    I wasn't referring to you or your message, which is why my reply had a subject of "Re: [iwangs04]" instead of "Re: [msu79gt82]". As I said in my reply, the last line of his message was "WantmyGS", which is what I was talking about.

    I agree about the noise issue - it's really bumming me out. If not for that I would have already pulled the trigger on an M35X. :(

    I agree also about the Lexus name/customer service adding on the additional $$$. Here's a test I should try: offer Infiniti $4K over sticker, with the condition that they bend over backwards for me. I'll bet they'll agree. ;)
  • bartalk3bartalk3 Posts: 692
    I was told that Sirius would be available for the GS some time this summer. Check with your dealer. My wife's choice of satellite radios is the one that DOESN'T have Howard Stern. Can't imagine why she doesn't like him.
  • Just me personally and this sounds kinda lame but to me a Lexus is just overall more prestigeous than an Infiniti, not sure what it is but that's just the way I view it. Just like Honda Accord loaded to me is nicer than a Toyota Camry loaded. Again, I know this sounds lame.
  • hpowdershpowders Posts: 4,328
    Nothing lame about it. The Lexus brand is perceived by most people out there as more prestigious than Infiniti.
  • msu79gt82msu79gt82 Posts: 541
    Just me personally and this sounds kinda lame but to me a Lexus is just overall more prestigeous than an Infiniti, not sure what it is but that's just the way I view it.

    I agree, I have nothing but respect and admiration for Lexus. And that's exactly what I'm pursuing and debating right now. Is the Lexus materially/quantitatively worth a double mark-up over the competition? and IF NOT is the Lexus name/prestige worth such a high premium? We're talking $4000 extra for very comparably equipped cars.
  • lexusguylexusguy Posts: 6,419
    Agree. Until Infiniti can actually sell a Q, they will never be a match for Lexus in terms of prestige. Now that Lexus is pushing the LS into the LWB realm, it further distances them from Infiniti and Acura and moves them another step closer to BMW and Mercedes.

    airlinephoto, I dont quite get the Honda, Toyota thing though. The Accord EX-V6 and Camry XLE are both nice cars, I would consider them on pretty equal footing in that regard. An Altima 3.5SE or Legacy GT on the other hand dont carry as much badge value as the big H or T, but they offer other qualities, much as an Infiniti does to a Lexus.
  • hpowdershpowders Posts: 4,328
    Well the GS is selling very well so people are willing to pay such a premium.
  • msu79gt82msu79gt82 Posts: 541
    LPS I know - what does LWB stand for.

    Preparing myself for a "wow, I coulda had a V8 moment" :blush:
  • mfprmfpr Posts: 41
    LWB = Long Wheelbase
  • Q45? I saw it in the showroom when I went in to testdrive the M. I thought to myself, this looks like a big Japanese Buick!

    The QX65 truck on the showroom floor loaded up was nice though.
  • carnaughtcarnaught Desert SWPosts: 2,862
    Looks are subjective and in the eyes of the beholder, which is exemplified by a disparaging remark about the M's looks and the likiing the QX65's (really the QX56). (LOL)
  • You are 100% right, but still, the Q looks like a Japanese LeSabre :)
  • jonesok1jonesok1 Posts: 97
    According to the Sirius OEM rep who emailed me last week, they hope to have a 2006 GS kit available around August 1, 2005.
  • jonesok1jonesok1 Posts: 97
    Only you can decide if it is worth more to pay for a Lexus than an Infiniti. They are both very nice cars. Most of the reviews put more weight on handling or horsepower. Things like comfort, build quality, dealer reputation, and just plain end user satisfaction doesn't seem to enter in to the equation for most of the reviews. Also, many of the reviewers don't like the fact you can't turn off the electronic controls to keep you from flying off the highway in the GS. For me, that's just silly; I'd never turn them off anyway.

    I for one didn't like the M35 (I didn't drive the M45). It looked and felt to me much like the 95 Maxima I used to have both in power and handling (yes, I know, it is a completely different design-but that's what it reminded me of). I particularly didn't like the dash at all (and that alone was enough of a reason to get the GS), and while the interior is nice, the GS seemed overall a nicer design and a bit better interior materials. Driving the M just didn't seem that much different than any other car in everyday city traffic to me.

    In the end, it came down to this: I liked the dealer better than the Infiniti dealer I'd have to deal with; I like the design of the GS better, both inside and out, particularly the fit and finish of the GS, and having owned both Toyota's and Nissans, Toyotas over the years seem to have a slight edge in build quality over Nissan in my experience which means there should be fewer problems later, although there likely wouldn't be that much difference between the two.

    But all of these factors are subjective. There is no way to objectively quantify any of the reasons I picked the GS over the M. While yes, the M is a bit faster, maybe handles curves a bit better, and maybe stops a bit shorter, the GS on a day to day basis is still a pure joy to drive. Both cars are great vehicles, but to objectively quantify the reason to buy one over the other is impossible. In this level of vehicles, it's a completely subjective decision. I'm sure those who buy a M will have their own set of subjective reasons, equally valid as mine used to justify the GS over the M.

    Good luck with your decision. You really can't go wrong either way. The question is, "Do you want a great car made by Nissan, or a great car made by Toyota?" Either way, you get a great car.
  • kennynmdkennynmd Posts: 424
    When will the GS 350 be out? Also, I have been to the dealership a couple of times and I can't find a GS 300 without NAV. I don't wqnt NAV but I want to see hw the radio layout is. Does anyone have any of these pics available or links to these pics available. Thanks
  • kennynmdkennynmd Posts: 424
    I was looking at the specs on a gs300 here on Edmunds and noticed that the rear shoulder room is 54.3 inches. However the rear hip room is 51.4 inches. Does is really slope that much or is it a mistake by Edmunds. The Lexus site doesn't give hip room amount. I want to be able to put 2 child seats in the back as well as a passengr in between.
  • lexusguylexusguy Posts: 6,419
    The GS350 will not be out before the GS460. The GS430 and LS430 hit together in 2001, so I assume it will be the same this time and the GS350 and 460 will debut with the LS460, probably as '07 cars. Interesting question about a non NAV car, I havent seen any either.

    I would suggest taking the seats with you to the dealer and trying to see if it will work or not.
  • msu79gt82msu79gt82 Posts: 541
    Only you can decide if it is worth more to pay for a Lexus than an Infiniti. ... But all of these factors are subjective. ... Good luck with your decision. You really can't go wrong either way. The question is, "Do you want a great car made by Nissan, or a great car made by Toyota?" Either way, you get a great car.

    Thanks for your analysis and thoughts. I agree that it is a largely subjective decision regarding which car is the best one for me. But as I posted earlier when I started the cost line of thought is that since money is very much a factor in my decision it is not a question of which is the better car per se; but rather which is the better value.

    BTW: I disagree with your final line - it doesn't matter to me WHO made the car, both are good reliable manufacturers. I am buying a car, not a corporation. The question is which is the better car for the money I'm spending.
  • jonesok1jonesok1 Posts: 97
    Which is the better car for the money depends on what you value more. If you want a car that is a bit faster, stops a bit quicker, and handles maybe a bit firmer and can live with the interior and exterior design, it will be a better value than the GS. If you want more comfort, a bit better interior and exterior design (again, completely subjective) and a quieter, albeit very slightly softer ride, and maybe a slight hedge on build quality, get the GS. They both will get you to your destination. If you compare them side by side, then the M is probably a better value if that is the only element in your decision. Is the GS worth the extra bucks? It was for me, as at this price level, I wanted to buy a car I actually liked a lot, and I liked the GS a lot more than the M.

    There really is not a way to say which is a better buy because these are subjective traits. Objectively an Acura TL or RL is a much better buy for the money, since you can get either at invoice, and they both will get you there in pretty much the same comfort, quality and speed. I think for most people who pick a Lexus GS, value is not a priority. A fully dressed out RL, with all wheel, Navi, and pretty much all the bells and whistles can be had for about $46k, where a fully dressed Non navi rear wheel GS430 will set you back about 50k. If your decision is based soley on value, the RL wins over both the M and the GS for that matter.

    For me, the extra 4k for the GS430 was worth every penny. Of course, after chunking down 50k, I'm doubtful anyone would admit otherwise!
  • msu79gt82msu79gt82 Posts: 541
    I never said that money was the only factor, merely that it is "a" factor - i.e. I do not have the "luxury" (pardon the pun) to make a "money-is-no-object" decision. I am currently driving an '04 fully loaded FX35 - I do not NEED a new sedan, I merely would rather be in a sedan. Having said that however, I will not buy anything unless I like it. I like both the GS and the M, but for different reasons - if I could hybridize them both ... wishful thinking I know :blush:

    So for me its which one I like the best for the money. I'm merely verbalizing my thoughts and listening to feedback. Thanks for helping. :shades:
  • jonesok1jonesok1 Posts: 97
    If it's any help, I actually look forward to getting in my GS. I'm not sure I'd have the same experience in the M. And I find it hard to imagine in two or three years I'll feel very different. Again, this is something that is subjective, but that's where the difference is for me.

    The GS is just a pure pleasure to drive, day in and day out. For overall balance, I think it is superior to the M. But many of the same criteria that is important to others is not important to me, such as trunk space (I'll never use it) or interior dimensions (I'm 5'8"). For others, those may be important factors that would eliminate the GS from the list.

    I'd suggest you drive one, several times, and then drive the other. Don't make any quick decision. Then do it again. Maybe several times. If you subjectively like the GS more than the M, then it is up to you whether it is worth the difference in price between the two. For me it was a no brainer, as I really didn't care for the M's at all, so the hard choice was between a GS300 or a GS430. Is the extra for the V8 worth it? You bet!
  • loucopitsloucopits Posts: 103
    Our local Lexus dealer had at least 2. Sticker (if I remember correctly) was $47,xxx.
  • I live in Charlotte where i've seen a small handful of GS's and M's around town. I've been in NYC 2 days now and I haven't seen even one of each- nothing. My buddy told me back in April when I got my GS that there is a 3 month waiting list in NY and I thought he was full of shale- perhaps he was right? hmmm

  • ao2ao2 Posts: 44
    Does anyone know how to purposely lock the key in the GS???

    I frequently valet park my car in a lot that closes. Ideally, they would lock the key in the car and I could open the door with the metal piece that seperates.

    The book says if you put the key in the Glove Box, the system won't recognize the key and won't unlock doors - but it does. Anybody have any ideas?

  • ao2ao2 Posts: 44
    I have a Verizon Motorola V710 and it appears that Verizon blocks the ability to send your phone book via Bluetooth.

    Does anyone know a way around this, or a way to enter phone numbers manually into the GS?

  • jonesok1jonesok1 Posts: 97
    It's not Verizon-it's the phone. You must have a phone that has the ability to upload the address book. I have a Motorola RAZR, and even that phone required each number to be downloaded one at a time. Some phones allow complete phone book downloads, and some don't at all. In looking at the Moto710 manual, there is no information about sending the phone book or individual entries via bluetooth. There is no way to enter them directly either, as the GS link loads up separate phone books based on which cell is connected an accordingly, they have to be uploaded from each specific phone. For instance, if another driver has a different phone, the address book displayed will be for that specific phone rather than the other cell phone that a primary driver uses (provided both phone books have been downloaded). At least, that's what Lexus customer service told me.

    Sorry. :cry:
  • docnukemdocnukem Posts: 485
    Actually, it is Verizon. They chose to disable (or at least not enable) the OBEX profile which would allow transfers. They did this to protect profits from their Get-It-Now service. I don't think Moto sells the V710 to other carriers. Cingular does not disable the other profiles in other Bluetooth phones, but Verizon coverage and consistency is generally believed to be better (if you read customer satisfaction surveys).
  • ao2ao2 Posts: 44
    VZ Service is better (in my area at least).

    Any ideas of a work around to get the numbers into the LEXUS phonebook???
  • jonesok1jonesok1 Posts: 97
    Change carriers if it is indeed Verizon. There is no other way I know of to upload the phone book, and customer service of Lexus said there is no other way to upload since it has to be tied to a specific phone. You may call Verizon and see if they have any ideas. Maybe they have other phones where the ability to download the phonebook is enabled.
  • docnukemdocnukem Posts: 485
    Unfortunately, the V710 is produced for Verizon, so the OBEX profile is not enabled on the phone by Moto. Changing carriers would mean getting a new phone. That is, your Verizon V710 cannot be changed to another CDMA carrier. Forgive me if I am stating the obvious. Verizon has changed the firmware several times to integrate better with Bluetooth in cars. Except for the phonebook transfer and the battery strength indicator (not shown on the M35's console), my V710 has worked flawlessly. Of course, I only need about 15 numbers in my car's phonebook, so manual entry only took about 15 minutes. If you have more, you may be out of luck. However, the M will only store 40 numbers. What does the GS store? If manual entry is like the M35/45, and the car will only hold less than 50 numbers, the transfer will only put you out a little time.

    I would not recommend the phone to anyone who wants to transfer phonebooks, files, photos, music clips, etc. I do not think it is a very good camera, either. But voice quality on the phone is great, and quality through the M's stereo is typical speakerphone quality. If that is all you need (in addition to Bluetooth), I would recommend it if Verizon is your carrier of choice.
  • ao2ao2 Posts: 44
    The quality is very good on the GS with the 710. The problem is that the GS does not let you enter ANY number manually.
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