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2004 Toyota Solara



  • All of the Solaras I've seen in SoCal are pretty decked out. I too was interested in a basic SE v-6, but I have not seen one. This may end up pushing us toward an Accord LX v-6 coupe for my wife's next car.
  • jchan2jchan2 Posts: 4,956
    as if Toyota decks out every Solara they make to make money. More options= more money.
  • 2 Cavaliers for the price of 1 Solara! Maybe 3 with rebates! I had a 1997, and as long as you get the larger engine, you get used to the cheap plastics. I would go with the 3 Chevy's instead of 1 Solara! Anyone should be able to get a Chevy Cavalier for $10 g's out the door with a lot of haggle, not $14g's like posted above. They look cheap and like a poor persons car, but I didn't have any problems with mine until 50,000 miles when the evaporater core went, covered by Chevy, and I don't believe I had to write the BBB like I did with Toyota Extra Care for my lamp assembly. Like a rock! You could get 3 different colors to suit your moods, red, white, and black, or even yellow!
  • Hey all you Cavalier guys, its comes down to pointA to pointB transportation with cash in your pockets vs a little style and class driving. Depends on everyones finances and what each person 'WANTS', not NEEDS, and their own affordibility level. .....if you dont like the mustard, don't buy the hotdog......
  • Snakebill. I got mine with sunroof, wheelock and floor/trunk carpet mats. Very basic. No extra junks.

    I apologize for starting a Chevy vs. Toyota war. It really up to your taste, budget, choice, and needs. If you like it and enjoy.

    So far I like my Solara and Toyota products (except the new Scion...dead ugly...again only my opinon). I took mine 04 Solara to Reno last weekend. It ran beautifully. The V6 is a must. The manual shift is so cool going up hill. It provides a lot of power.
  • s852s852 Posts: 1,051
    Anyone having problems? I noticed alot of complaints about the transmission in newer ES300s and RX330s. Does the new Solara have a different transmission?
  • Come on guys, are you kidding? They are two different league! Number can't tell the whole thing and each has his/her priority. You can buy 2 cavaliers and sell one every three years, right after warranty expired, You problably still has 45% the value after 6 years due to demand. With a solara V6, you probably end up the same selling price vs 2 combined 6 years later. You got refinement and performance. My mom always said: "Don't look now, look future. Lead at the beginning doesn't mean win at the finish line." So number should not be the only factor to make decision.

    As to G35, it has completely personailty to Solara. It emphsis on performance than comfort. It does feel refine like Toyota/Lexus and the interior materials(lots of hard plastic) shows too, unlike all other luxary brands. That is the consequence of cost saving from Nissan. Long term reliability is unknow for their new generations since 2001, the major change of design strategy start. So far is good. The hard plastic usually casing noise when the car aged so I try to avoid it. For Diehard performace fan, I don't think Solara is your choice. If you like refinement and reliability in a sorty look under $30k, then Solara is a logical choice.
  • I have read only about the ES 330 having tranny problems! Not the Solara.

    RE: #403 of 403 Cavalier vs. Solara ? by cooldad24

    It's all about the Benhamin's! Some people would rather reliable transportation, than what Toyota has put out since 1997, and their de-contenting. 3 Cavaliers vs. 1 Solara, is like the old Jaguar joke, buy 2 so you will have 1 in the garrrrrage while the other is being repaired.
  • s852s852 Posts: 1,051
    Owners have complained about problems with the RX330's tranny also. If they all have the same or very similar transmissions, the Solara V6 could be next.
    The Solara is so new that there are few owners reporting their experiences.
    At least the Lexus owners are not reporting tranny "failures." It's more like they are complaining about noises and undesired shifting problems that appeared after owning the car awhile.
    I'll wait and see what gets posted over the next few months.
  • My 2000 tranny is the roughest shifting transmition I ever had in ANY car. I can only imagine what these people are complaining about.
  • Did any of you guys notice that Consumer Reports downgraded the Toyota Camry to just average in reliability. Says something about cars built in the USA, no matter their point of origin. I think that I will only buy cars made in Japan., Not Japanese cars made here. Sad thing.
  • Well, my daughter just picked up her new Solara today. I told her to listen carefully to the tranny based on what I am learning here. At least she could not sense a problem the first day.
  • I cancelled Consumer Reports as they say they are not for profit, etc, but my company greased their people into making us a Very Reliable Company. Same for JD Power...don't believe everything you read. Toyota Torrance told me when I had my issues that Japan was aware and believed that America cannot make cars as well at they do in Japan, but we pay WAY more for the name. Toyota is like time they were the jeans to wear, now you get them at Wal Mart! However, in some parts of the world, Levis are $120 Euro's a pair.
  • My dealer has offered a three year extended warranty from Toyota for $600.00 on our new Solara. Is that a good deal?
  • Why you need to buy the Extended Warranty when you choose Toyota for its reputation on quality and reliability?
  • s852s852 Posts: 1,051
    Even if this transmission has problems like the ES300 and RX330, it is already covered for 5 years and 60,000 miles and so far it is just undersired shifting characteristics, not something they are admiitting is a defect that would be covered under any warranty anyway.
    I would not want a 6 year old Solara any way, warranty or no warranty.
    The car is overstyled and will look extremely dated in 5 or 6 years.
    Enjoy it while it is new and move on to something else in a few years.
  • I have been monitoring the boards for the Lexus 300, 330 and Solara, both here and elsewhere. The Solara 5 speed auto is new, so the complaints are coming from the Lexus boards. Essentially, the complaint is that when you go to pass or enter a highway at about 40 or so, you get significant hesitation when you step on the gas. Given my commute, with a lot of highway merges in a short time, this "problem" could cause an accident. No, the transmission does not completely conk out, but it is a major problem.

    There are conflicting reports as to whether Lexus' "fix" (they don't call it a fix because they don't consider it a problem, and they do the software fix with an amazing quantum of disclaimers) is effective. I will hold off on a purchase for a few months until what I consider a problem gets sorted out -- or buy from another manufacturer. Jeff
  • What company do you represent that "greased" Consumer Reports? J D Power? This is the first time in my life I have ever heard that Consumer Reports could be bribed and I would really like to know who did the bribing. Do you have proof of this? It has been my experience that CR generally tells it like it is except for an ocassional opinion that is not founded in fact, but is subjective and certainly has a place in reviews of products. I have never had a regret when following their recomendations. Go ahead, burst my bubble.
  • I am curious too. I have been subscribed CR for more than 10 years and found their test results are helpful and true. I also believe their tests were not bias due to no ads funding. Their auto review might favor refine, reliability and safety more than performance and style and innovations. At least I have anticipates their annual survey which their reliability index based on. Unlike JD Power, have any of you ever been survey? Not even on Satisfaction survey. They probably based on the customers feedback cards which will be manipulated. My dealer asked me to fill Best or very satisfy for a free oil change. I refused the offer and fill I feel is true. Some do gave high mark for the free oil change although it was not true. AS reliability, JD Power survey all dealers, chained auto repair shops on the problem exclude repeated problems (count all related as one). So if you send your car in for the transmission 3 times, they count it one problem instead of 3.
  • I have a new Solara ordered, but am a little worried about this "transmission shifting problem". Would some of you nice people who have already purchased the V6 give us some feedback?!?
    I don't want to get into a car that will start having problems from new. I have found out more info here about the "goods and bads" from you people. Just want to know, so lets hear you new Solara owners SOUNDOFF!!!! Thanks and keep talkin'
  • A comparison between the Accord, Solara, Sebring and Monte Carlo....
  • Sorry I am bound by Business and Propriety, as well as a Confidentiality contract. I will say we never stop working for you.

    The surveys are only for the people who give their approval ratings to the president of the USA. They are people nobody knows.

    It is amost impossible to find an impartial form of media about anything, sucj as cars. The biggest names in auto reportin g are sponsered by auto makers, like Edmunds is sponsered by Toyota/Lexus.
  • Randy,
    After I got the car, I heard about the problem with the 5 speed Auto transmission. I am really concern so I have been testing the car (it is my wife's car) for the last few weeks. Here are what I found.
    1. Going up hill, the transmission is kind of slow to shift to 4th when I need to pass (I may got used to my MBZ E320). I have step on it then it moves quick. Just a hair of delay. The best is to use manual shift when you go up the hill (not stop and go). This way I can shift up and down between 4th and 5th gear. It get much better response.
    2. City driving up to 50 mph. It seems pretty good.
    3. For highway driving (60-75 mph), it works pretty well. I feel a little delay when I need to speed up. However, I don't think it is that bad.
    Overall driving, I don't see a problem. The only time I don't like this tiny bit of delay when I try to race someone (bad bad boy...not recommend). I feel the car is not quick enough. BTW, a G35 coupe beat me on I80 the other day. He was very quick. And remember, the Solara is not a sport car. The G35 is a 4-seat Z.
    Just my 2 cents.
  • Doesn't racing violate your warranty rights when you show up with a burned out tranny and tell the advisor that the Infinity blew you away???
  • I am imaging of collecting coins on the carpet at driver and passenger side. I will be rich since the ride is so bumpy that all the coins in pockets will all fell off. At least my kids will be happy if I buy one and will never to ask allowence anymore. ;^>
  • akc10akc10 Posts: 21
    Does the Solara have adjustable lumbar support? If so, is it available on all trims? Seems like a crazy question but I see where some manu's offer this only on their top of the line trims. One would think a car manufacturer would want the driver to be comfortable in all of its' cars, not just the higher priced ones.

  • 2k1trd2k1trd Posts: 301
    Well i'm waiting for my 04 SLE V6 to show up a my local dealer and i will definetely post of my opinion of the trans after i get to drive it for a couple of days.It looks like i'll be trading in my 00 SE V6 with 29k on it as i had no luck on a private sale. :(
  • Our '04 SLE should arrive at the dealer this week.
    It's Absolutely Red, with gray leather trim.
    We have some winter wheels (Buffalo area) and bodyside moldings, none from the factory on the '04 :( ,ordered .
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,077
    I've deleted several off-topic posts.

    It's not big or clever to hurl insults and point fingers. Quit focusing on each other and turn back to the '04 Solara. Further posts along this line of conversation will be deleted and put this discussion at risk of closure. Thank you.


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  • I think what you should have deleted is the guy that made false accusations against CR without one shread of proof. That was as much off topic as my rebuttal to him. Do as you will, your in charge, but be fair.
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