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2004 Toyota Solara



  • cooldad24cooldad24 Posts: 163
    According to the Toyota web site, The difference are more in details. Like automatics A/C, Auto dim Rear and driver side mirror; defrost side mirror, 6-speaker stereo and some other minor cosmetic touch. Please go to the web site to check. It's your call if those are worthy for the $300+ difference.
  • I hear 1000 percent??? Any comments???
  • Greetings all

    I just came across this site and found some very informative information - thanks. I would like some clarification on the issue raised re: the V6 and 5 speed issue made by post #510. I was looking at the V6 SE --Should I stay away from the V6 and go to a 4. I am in the initial stages of comparison shopping and have it narrowed down to two or three cars - leaning toward the Solara. From I gather I should get the se and add on versus the SLE. Any pointers would be appreciated. I purchased a barely used celica and have had nothing but probs with it and do not want a repeat:) What is the gold package? Thanks much for you assistance.
  • I continued to read through the old messages and found issues re: dome light and tire pressure light - has this issue been resolved?

    Can I check this out when test driving a car?
  • cooldad24cooldad24 Posts: 163
    Each has special option only available for them. For example: Wood trim only avai. on SLE while arrearance kit onlt can get at SE. So please visit Toyota web site. There is a option chart under "Price" show all options avaible for all three trim lines side by side. You will get better idea. The Solara AT-5 is different from the Camry V6 AT-5 so I am not worry. The Dome light problem is rare compare to the volumn. Most liky the installation problem not design. I strongly recommend the V6, it worth the extra over the 4.

    The gold package is having all logo on front, back and center of wheel to be plated gold. I think it's not worthy the cost unless you really like it. I am not sure if it will fade in the future. I have seen the fading on the older car and looks really bad. My 2 cents.
  • I would recommend the V6. It gets 29mpg vs. 32 mpg comparing with the 4-cylinder. However, you get 225 hp which is much more power and fun to drive. When go up the hill the V6 and AT with manual shift is wonderful. I used to have a 4-cylinder Camry. It was a great car but did not have enough power.

    If you are looking for luxury, I would go for a SLE. It pretty much loaded. For less money, you can get a SE with some nice options that you want.

    My wife got a V6 Sport for over two months now and she love it. I get to drive it oscationally and it is always fun to drive everytime. Of course, I love to play with the manual shift AT. It really kicks.
    Good luck for what ever you decide, you can't go wrong with it.
  • motownusamotownusa Posts: 836
    The 220 hp Lexus GS300 has an unrestricted top speed of 144mph. The 04 Solara which is more aerodynamic than the GS 300 would top that figure. But I think the speed is electronically limited to 130 mph.
  • Well, both of my problems previously posted seem to be resolved. The dome light (would not light) was wired wrong on assembly. They replaced the light and did it right. The low tire pressure indicator did turn out to be a faulty sensor in the brakes (?). The interesting point here is that now it is fixed, we never see it but the dealer tried to tell us that this sensor is real fussy and does give wrong indications at times. Now we don't get anything (like we should, tires are fine), but I wonder if they simply disconnected it.......
  • If you guys don't leave Mackabee alone he will never have time to answer my question. Get in line. :))
  • This 2004 thread is becoming a complaint forum. Anyone use Zaino? Nobody wants to hear bad stuff about the car!
  • swan898swan898 Posts: 15
    Just got our 04 sle 4cyl solara and couldn't be happier. Was a bit concerned about the 4 but it runs like a scared rabbit. No need for the 6 cyl. I had 225hp in the former car and never really used it. Am getting over 30mpg in town, so should do even better with some age. The leather seats are very comfortable, and my wife loved the heat on her backside. A number of people have asked what kind it is and given a thumbs up. More quiet and smoother than our 98 American car. For what we got the price seems ok.
  • kjlc98kjlc98 Posts: 1
    Does anyone have any information regarding the spring 2004 release of a convertible version of this beautiful car?
  • Awhile ago, I posted about some mystery wheel covers that appeared on eBay recently listed as "2004 Solara", when the 2004 Solara is supposed to have standard alloys. Well I think I've solved the mystery, and the answer is not promising. It seems that all 2004 Solara SEs shipped to the Southeast and Gulf States (private distributorship) regions are arriving with steel OEM wheels and covers, and the distributors are replacing them ALL with their junky non-Toyota alloy wheels. I am not sure what the reason for this is, but if you go to and search the Southeast for Solara SEs, you can see in the pics that the wheels are some Enkei garbage and not the normal Toyota wheels that are on the SEs in other regions. I just thought I would post this so potential buyers in the private distributorship regions would be aware that they are getting bogus wheels instead of OEMs, even if there is no rip-off sticker on the window.

    -Andrew L
  • akc10akc10 Posts: 21
    Congrats on your purchase. Glad to hear you are satisfied with the 4 cyls.' power. Have been going back and fourth on this and needing to be swayed. :) What color, options did you get? We like the black and the red but have not seen blue on the lot in our area yet.
  • Well, the tire pressure light is back on.....trip number 5 to the dealer.
  • Sorry to hear that. Based on my experience, I recomend you read up on arbitration, and have Toyota give you a new car, or your money back, but again, thats up to you. Having gone through almost every annoyance with my 2000, and just wasting my time, as Toyota did nto pay me to wait the countless hours to wait for repair hanging out at the dealership after work all night while they would repair the problem, looking back, and hidesite being 20/20, I would have done Lemon Law. Dont forget to report this saftey issue to NHTSA.
  • Many thanks for the info. My V6 SE base car is to be built in November and the dealer has promised that there will be nothing added or subtraced from this car. I just hope that what the dealer said is true, and even though my car will be associated with Gulf States Toyota, I have been informed that I will get just what I ordered. Please tell me the source of your info, as I will not take the car if what you say is true. I hope Toyota knows better than to substitute steel wheels for alloys which come standard on the base SE V6. It sounds crazy that they would allow that to happen. Mackabee, help help.
  • hubcaps said:
    "steel OEM wheels and covers, and the distributors are replacing them ALL with their junky non-Toyota alloy wheels"

    I can't find anything that says steel wheels are an option. The toyota website says the choice is aluminum alloys - either 16" or 17". So, where are you getting this info??
  • mackabeemackabee Posts: 4,709
    Give me your zip code and I'll find out for you. It should come with the standard factory alloy wheels but you never know with Gulf states and Southeast Toyota distributors.
                       : )
  • Hello... I bought my '04 Solara last month and love it. The manual shift with auto tranny option is great when making brief climbs in the mountains. I'm wondering if there is any way HID headlights can be added to the car. I'm dissapointed in Toyota that they made the HID option for the new Celica's but not the Solara's (VERY bad move on their part). The current headlamp is the H11 bulb and I can't find any conversion kits (although it is VERY difficult to find anyone who will sell you a conversion kit since it is now "illegal" to sell them). Anyone have ideas??????

    Also, I read an earlier post about peoples cars pulling the left and my car does it too... The dealership says the alignment comes up "true" but it still pulls. I think if anything they would make it pull to the right so you won't head into oncoming traffic if you did fall asleep at the wheel.
  • Thanks again. My zip is 76262. I really hope that this report is not true.
  • akc10akc10 Posts: 21
    That pulling to the left seems to be widespread and common. Read where a lady said her dealer said Toyota had issued a T.S.B (Technical Service Bulletin) to correct the camber on the '04s with 17" wheels. She posted that on 9/28. Most others say they have asked their dealers about it and they know nothing about it. Their is no TSB issued on this pulling but it is definitely an issue that many people are facing. Only two TSB's have been issued to date for '04s and that is for Acura and Chrysler. See here:
    Cause for pause before I buy now to see how this issue is resolved.
  • I can't find anything official from Toyota on this topic either, but try going to and search for the base SE model (click "search the entire Southeast" once you get the local results). Do a sort by "available" so you get the listings with photos, and click on some of them and take a look at the wheels. They are clearly Enkei junk and not the OEM wheels listed in the brochure. I've also seen a few pics of 04 Solaras in the Gulf States region wearing fake Camry XLE wheels. I have no idea what the explanation for this is, as I know that the base models in my region (NJ/PA) are coming with OEM Toyota wheels standard as I have seen them on the lots. My best guess is that Toyota initially decided to have steels on the base cars, then changed their minds after already signing a contract with their wheel and wheel cover suppliers. So they decided to throw the steels on the cars in the private distributorship regions and let the distributors change out the wheels. This theory doesn't make a lot of sense, but I can only look at what is with non-OEM wheels are showing up in these regions, and take-off 2004 Solara wheel covers are showing up on eBay, with sellers located in FL and TX.

    -Andrew L
  • mackabeemackabee Posts: 4,709
    As I stated in my last post, alloy wheels are standard. I just looked at the gulf states toyota page and they also list them as standard. However, as I stated before GST and SET do weird things to the cars once they get them. I'm curious if you have the 2004 brochure? Does it show the standard factory wheels? I can see why a lot of people get p.o'd at GST and SET. I just went to their build your own section and there is this "extra mile" package and "luster" package, etc,. I would check with your dealer and ensure you get what's shown on the brochure. Now I'm starting to wonder if our brochures are also different. I have my 2004 Source book which I received a few days ago. This is my "bible" so to speak. It has stuff in there that the brochures don't even begin to touch on.
                  : )

    p.s. I've been pretty busy, we have our Scion mini-showroom within a showroom starting to take shape and our website will be up shortly also on the SCION, and I'm playing a big part making sure things go smooth. I haven't forgotten the speed question.
  • mackabee-

    I have seen the e-brochure on the Toyota site and it only shows two wheel designs, 16" (5-split-spoke) and 17" (5-spoke). No mention of any wheel covers or other wheel designs. But what can I say, I've seen about 10 sets of those wheel covers on eBay. They are coming from somewhere.

    -Andrew L
  • biburybibury Posts: 2
    I have done 3000 miles since I bought a ‘04 Solara SE V6. It is comfortable and quiet, it’s a very nice car and I am satisfied by the car. But my car has been puling to the left, as well. I took it to the dealer to have the problem fixed twice. Still it is pulling to the left.

    Seemingly it is a common problem. Does anyone know how to solve the problem?
  • I see what you mean. The first two pics have wheels I have never seen, and the third pic has the wheels in the brochure. This brochure is the same one I have. Now this pulling has come up. I am having second thoughts about this whole thing. There seems to be too many odd ball things going on, and I do not want to be the victim. I guess time will tell, and when my car shows up, I intent to inspect it with a magnifying glass, and make sure that it goes straight down the road. If not, goodby Toyota. I will not accept a new car with ANYTHING wrong with it ever again, these initial defects seem to be un-fixable and stay with the car it's whole life. At least that has been my experience.
  • Get used to it, it never goes away permenantly.
  • mackabeemackabee Posts: 4,709
    Don't worry snakerbill. It's a fine car. Look at the top of the last page on the brochure. It shows the SE, SE SPORT, and SLE in small pictures. Se is in Oceanus blue, Se Sport in Red and the Sle in Lunar mist. Right below the cars are the wheels that are standard with the particular trim level. The 16in is the split five spoke wheel which are standard on the Se/Sle 4cylinder. The 17 in 5 spokes are standard on the SE sport 4/v6 and on the SLE V6. Those are the only wheels that should be on your car. If your dealer changes them and puts Enkei on them I would raise hell or high water until they put the factory ones on. When is your car due in?\
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