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2004 Toyota Solara



  • I hope Toyota got all the bugs worked out of the 2004 cuz it looks sweet...

    Make : TOYOTA Model : SOLARA Year : 2000
    NHTSA CAMPAIGN ID Number : 00V154000 Recall Date : JUN 02, 2000
    Component: SUSPENSION:REAR
    Potential Number Of Units Affected : 541

    Audio system: The CD player may not accept or eject CDs. (1997)
    Brake noise: Original-equipment brake pads are noisy causing groaning, grinding, squeaking, and vibration. A revised lining is available. (1997-98)

    Doors: The fuel door does not open when the release is pulled due to weak spring. (1997-98)

    Power seats: The front power seats may chatter requiring replacement of the seat-adjuster assembly (1997-98) or manually operated seat cushion on driver's side moves. (1997)

    Sunroof/moonroof: The moonroof may rattle when it is opened about four inches or the glass panel may get skewed and will not retract. (1997)

    Suspension noise: Noises from the front end when driving over dips in the road are a result of defective upper strut-tower cushions. (1997-98)

    NHTSA Recall History

    1997: In extreme cold for an extended period, accumulated moisture can temporarily freeze in brake-vacuum hose, resulting in elimination of power-brake assist. 1997: Accumulated moisture can temporarily freeze in brake-vacuum hose. 1997: Ignition key can be removed even when gearshift lever is not in "Park" position. 1997-98: Insufficiently tightened steering-wheel nut may cause steering vibration and looseness; nut could eventually come off, leading to separation from shaft. 1998: Audiovox Securikey+ Security System can malfunction causing electrical failure; can cause engine to run poorly and stall, and electrical components can intermittently fail. 1998: Some wheel lug nuts are defective, causing loss of torque, fatigue fracture of wheel, and possible loss of wheel. 1998-2000: Accelerator-cable housing could be deformed at the cruise-control actuator-to-throttle body connection. The accelerator inner-cable could wear away and eventually break, increasing the risk of a crash. 2000: Due to improper heat treatment, certain rear-axle shafts could fail or break after extended use. 2001: Front-subframe assembly was not adequately welded. This condition could cause failure of the assembly, increasing the risk of a crash.

    as well as these...

    TSB Number Issue Date TSB Title EL008R-02 FEB 03 Keyless Entry - Transmitter Programming & Identification
     EG003-03 FEB 03 Exhaust System - Sulfur Smell
     AU001-03 JAN 03 Audio System - Excessive Bass
     EL008R-02 JAN 03 Keyless Entry - Transmitter Programming/Identification
     EL003R-00 DEC 02 Instruments - Speedometer/Tachometer Needle Movement
     PG027-02 DEC 02 Steering/Suspension - Ball Joint Inspection
     TC001-02 MAY 02 A/T - Fluid Requirements
     BO010-02 MAY 02 Child Restraint - Seat Top Strap Installation
     EG003R-02 MAR 02 Emissions - OBD II Readiness Monitor Drive Patterns
     EG007-02 MAR 02 Valve Cover Oil Baffle - Damage Prevention
     SU001-02 MAR 02 Rear Hub Bearing O-Ring - Service Tip
     PG008-02 JAN 02 Certification Label - Replacement Availability
     PG009-02 JAN 02 VIN Plate - Replacement Availability
     PG003R-01 DEC 01 Service Manual - Corrections Index
     ST008-01 DEC 01 Front Suspension - Squeaking Noise
     BO030-01 DEC 01 Windshield Wiper Blade - Maintenance and Cleaning
     BO023-01 SEP 01 Seat Belt Extender - Increases Belt Length
     NV006R-01 AUG 01 Audio - Rear Woofer (Speaker) Noise
     NV007-01 AUG 01 Convertible - Popping Noise While Opening Top
     BO020-01 AUG 01 Sliding Roof - Diagnostic Tips
     SU001-01 JUL 01 Wheel Bearing Dust Deflector - Ticking Noise
     BO004R-01 MAY 01 Convertible - Boot Separation/Tearing
     BO017-01 MAY 01 Power Seats - Movement/Adjustment Inoperative
     EG005-01 APR 01 EVAP System - Supplemental Operation/Diagnostics
     BO011-01 MAR 01 Seat Belt Tongue Plate Stopper - New Parts
     ST001-01 FEB 01 Steering Wheel Nut - Torque Standardization
     BO002-01 JAN 01 Seat Belts - Extenders
     BO034-00 DEC 00 Convertible - Pull Down Handle Uncomfortably Warm
     SS004-00 DEC 00 Diagnostic Tester - Communication Error With TIS
     NV016-00 NOV 00 Convertible - Center Rail Rattle
     BO032-00 NOV 00 Convertible - Wind Noise/Water Leaks, Top Alignment
     BO028-00 NOV 00 Trunk - Water Leaks
     BR004-00 OCT 00 Brakes - Pad Clicking Noise
     NV015-00 OCT 00 Convertible - Popping Noise From Back Glass
     EL011-00 OCT 00 Daytime Running Light - Disabling Procedure
     SS003-00 OCT 00 EVAP System Pressure Tester - Improvement
     AX007-00 SEP 00 Alloy Wheel - Identification and Application
     SS001-00 SEP 00 Special Tools - 2000 and 2001
     ST004-00 JUN 00 P/S - Power Steering Rack Squeaking Noise
     ST002-00 MAY 00 Repair Manual Corrections -Torque for Steering Wheel Nut
     SU002-00 MAY 00 Suspension - Rear Axle/Shock/Coil Reminder, ABS
     AX005-00 APR 00 Antitheft - Automatic Door Lock Feature Programming
     PG006-00 MAR 00 Emissions - CA/50 State Certified Emission Control Label
     BO015-00 MAR 00 Mirrors - Installation of Door Mirrors
     AX001-00 MAR 00 Vehicle - Towing Guide.
     BO008-00 MAR 00 Body - Exterior Rear View Mirrors Made More Durable
     PA001-00 JAN 00 Paint - Codes & Code Label Locations
     BO002-00 JAN 00 Seat Belts - Extenders Available
     SU001-00 JAN 00 Suspension - Front Support Change Reduces Noise
     PG001-00 JAN 00 Technical Service Bulletin Information
     EL011-99 DEC 99 Windows - New Regulator With Motor Reduces Sticking
     PG032-99 DEC 99 Year 2000 Readiness Disclosure
     PG031-99 OCT 99 Wheels - Tire Inflation & Wheel Lug Torque Chart
     PG021-99 SEP 99 PDI - Worksheet/Explaination of Changes
  • mackabeemackabee Posts: 4,709
    cooldad, a moonroof is one that has glass on the cut out portion of the vehicle's roof. Be it tinted or not. A sunroof is one where the cutout has no glass.

    webster, thanks for the info on the TSB's. Neither one of my Camrys were affected.
                   : )
  • cooldad24cooldad24 Posts: 163
    I went to the NHTSA web site and only can find the first recall on the Solara. Some of the others are from Camry in 1997-98, the first year problem on the ex-ex model. I couldn't find those TSB since the Doc number is invalid. And I believe you list all models from Toyota in the list. Most the recalls I have read are on small QTY from 2 - 16,000 comparing to 220K+ units sold each year. By your concern, none of the brands today should be considered since they all have a lot of recalls and TSB crossing all models. It's over react IMO. If the problem is severe, costomers will dump the brand like the big three in late '80 and '90. No brand produce 100% trouble free cars and minor defects is unavoidable. If Toyota can't fix the problem in such a long time, I will not buy from them in the future. But at least at the present time, they are better bet than those with worse reputation in reliability.
  • Wow, all those recalls, sounds like a Chevrolet I once had. I cant believe this is from a Toyota car. I am beginning to wonder if I even want a Solara.
  • Doesn't deem like a lot but if you have one of the cars affected, hmmm......

    Thats the list of the model year 2000 probs! Any problem finding the info, call NHTSA and they will look it up, as I had to have 1 problem fixed that way, as the Toyota dealer didnt have the TSB in there data base!

    When you talk about dump a brand, ask yourself, how many of your neighbors keep a Toyota longer than 3 years these days as opposed to 10 years ago, or before the decontenting that started in 1997.
  • What do you mean all related to year 2000 model? Some recall is for 1997, some for 1998, 199,2000, 2001 and 2002. Also only 3 recalls I can identified associated with Solara and some are with Camry/Avalon. I can't confirm does all the problem associate with Camry only or cross all the models. We need to be carefully verify these issues. Or it will be like link one most troublesome model to most trouble-free model. And then we miss the accuracy and will mislead others. My 1999 Odyssey has been through 5 recalls and none of them cause me problem but all have been taken care by Honda. My ex-coworker has all the problems on his 1999 odyssey of the recalls but never cause any problem ever since the fix. So recalls and reliability may not necessary the same. So when you cite the recalls and TSB not necessarily prove the poor reliability. On the other hand you can interpret the manufacturer really spend time on the problems reported by their dealers and find the solution. If it's critical, issue a recall to prevent accident. I own a 94 camry and only replace temp sensor besides routing maintenance. Like my friends and coworkers who also own a toyota, never heard a complains nor severe problem.
  • The auto industry is far more likely to offer a TSB than a recall and they are often made aware by NHTSA and others like Alldata. It is far less costly to TSB than recall! Thus the numerous SPA's! A recall means they are required to fix ALL cars that have a problem, or will potentially develop a problem, whereas a TSB is for those that do develop the problem or may have a potential flaw in the production of the car until the car company starts a running production change to prevent such an occurance. I am still a Toyota fan, thanks to my 81 Corolla that is probably still driving across South America somewhere! The newer cars, especially American built don't compare to the old quality standards. I have only seen 1 new Solara on the road, but it is sweet!
  • We got our 04 SLE a week ago and couldn't be happier. The fit and finish couldn't be tighter, no matter where built. It shows what Americans can do when they try. It is very quiet and as fast as anyone could want on our highways. One feels very secure in it. Only thing I have to get used to is the rather high window sill. I'm 6 ft and have to reach up to rest my arm on the sill.
  • Congrats! It's a new should feel like one. First year cars usually have far too many bugs, and the Camry/ Solara prices dropped dramamatically the 2nd and 3rd years.
  • mackabeemackabee Posts: 4,709
    Bill, did you e-mail me? My e-mail is on my profile. Just click on the user name on this post.
                 : )
  • Do you know if the pulling fix is for all Solaras, many, that have that problem, and are out of current specs...SAI!
  • Jerry,

    I just got off the phone with Darrin and he couldn't tell me the exact spec's of what they did to fix the alignment on your car. He said if you look at the paper you received when you got your car back... it should say what the specs were for the alignment.

    He did tell me it was something with the camber bolts, but couldn't tell me exactly how they fixed it??? Is there anything on that paper that says exactly what they did?


  • Don't believe it is as true anymore about first year models. We got one of the first 98 concorde's in Wash. Had 6 perfect yrs with it. Never saw a shop. There are to many fine cars now. If they want business they have to try harder. There w/b the exception. Make sure you have a dealer that will take care of you.
  • The local dealer is one reason I keep my car, open til midnight no appointment, and they stock EVERYHING. I wonder if that is a sign of good service, or poor product??? This was the first car I bought for cash, and I have refused to take the loss on a trade in again, now being a 30 something, and then found I bought a potential lemon, or a car that MANY people have had similar problems with. I followed word of mouth...Toyota and Honda the best quality for the inexpensive cars, but IMO, I had less problems with a Chevy than a Toyota. I am following the 2004, because I am at 50,000 miles now and may want to get a new car, but I am still trying to resist the urge to throw my money away without a bit more research. When I originally started reading the threads, their were mostly car salesmen, and Zaino salesmen posting, so the threads read somewhat bias. Now it seems like mostly consumers are posting...I hope.

    Anyone Zaino'd their Solara yet???
  • You may have to hang on to your present car for quite awhile. Nobody wants the tradein. To many rebates and lo,lo entice the new car sale. They really loballed us when we got our car. had to really fight with myself to go ahead with the deal. we are retired and just don't need a big car. After 6 yrs you figure that one is going to start having expenses and they can get very high very fast. We pd cash also and that is sort of a no,no. they want the paymts.We did haggle and I feel we got the car for a fair price,They are in very short supply in Wash st. Had to go 150 miles to get it, our nearest dealer hadn't even seen one. Having after hour repair srv can be very handy if you work during the day.
  • Haven't Zaino'd my Solara yet... but will spend a full 2 days in middle December, washing, claying, washing, and then Zainoing my car. My new Solara is black, so it should come out sweet! I bought my Zaino products for my last car... stuff works great. The only I problem I have with Zaino is that I think it is way overpriced... I've seen people use other products at half the price and it works just as good...
  • Hope you enjoy your black beauty as much as we like our oceanus blue sle. Not sure what Zaino is but assume it is a wax of somesort. I just finihed puttling Meguiar's gold class on,and it looks just great on the pearl color. really sparkles. cost was around $7.00. Quite easy to apply. Have fun!!
  • Zaino is a great wax (which many will swear is far superior to any other wax). It runs about $20 for the polish, but they usually try to sell you the entire step system which in total can be around $150.

    The Meguiars is very good as well... probably won't notice much of a difference.

    I love my Black SE Sport! The only problem is I think someone was painting a white car near mine at some point in time before it left for the dealers. On the drivers side (and nearly half of the hood) I have little white spec's all over the car... VERY hard to see, but I'm a fanatic about my car... so when I go home to visit my family over the holiday's I'll be claying my car...

    Claying is WONDERFUL... gives you car that silky, smooth feel. Then you put a fresh coat of wax on it and it's wonderful!
  • I know this isn't the Zaino board (I think there is one), but it is all I use on our 2000 Red Solara. After 4 years, you would be hard-pressed to find a swirl/scratch mark on the car. I think Zaino is initially on the high-cost side, but I think it lasts longer than anything else I've ever used. You can clay, wash and wax it early in the year and in the fall it still beads up after washing. There are times when I put on a fresh coat of Zaino Z-2 polish when I really wonder if I need to.
  • akc10akc10 Posts: 21
    I remember the test drive I had a few weeks ago. The salesman and I were standing next to a red and I noticed and pointed out that it had little white specks of paint on it. He was standing there scratching them off with his fingernails.
  • OK, folks, old philosopher here. First, some unorthodox ramblings, and then a couple of questions.

    I've occasionally visited this best of all boards since purchasing my 1999 black SLE, which has given me 105,000 absolutely delightful and nearly flawless miles. Lease end is here (Boy, was that a mistake), and I am again in the market for a new Solara-- no question about that. And I've got to have a new car. But I have the sneaking suspicion that Toyota is leaving behind one segment of a two-prong market with the updated and admittedly much hotter model: the aging but young-at-heart empty nester; me! Or rather, us. My wife and I have looked over the new cars and I test drove one. It is sweet, no doubt, but the elegance of the '99-'03 lines has been SLIGHTLY compromised by the edgy new look and features, inside and out. They are cooler, for sure. Don't get me wrong. But, as I implied, I think Toyo is going for the youthful prong of their market. On performance, I admit that I didn't get to "open 'er up" at clear freeway speeds (We get precious few opportunities in suburban DC to do that until midnight), but the 2004 did not seem that much peppier to me. We like the new interior and features, bui I am really not sure if this new model -- which also has potential kinks being the first run of a new design from a new plant-- is for me, this year. I looked at a new 2003 black SLE still sitting on the lot, and was torn.

    Sorry to be a wet blanket, but Toyota needs to understand my possibly fringe concerns about holding to the classic lines of the original concept. So much for those. Feel free to comment (needless to add). My questions:

    1. How does the 2003 compare both with earlier models, and with the 2004, in your humble opinions? I cannot find the older boards to research what folks were saying about the updates since '99.

    2. How much can I expect the dealer to knock off of a the 2003 sitting in his lot, occupying all that space of the 2004?

    3. Should I reconsider the 2004, and why?
  • Dabbio: Like yourself, I'm more partial to the body style of the first generation Solara (I have an '00 SLE). I've driven the '04 SLE and it compared favorably in the areas of comfort, driveabiliity, power (V6) and quietness. I especially like the brakes on the '04. There are also certain features that I like on the '04 that my '00 lacks: heated seats, steering wheel mounted radio controls and the trip computer. On the other hand, I prefer the white on black instrument cluster and wood trim on my '00. The '00 has a distinctive look whereas the '04 can be confused with other makes/models. In the end, you have to go with what makes you happy. I would have bought an '04 if it made me happy, but I'm happier with my '00.
  • rblelandrbleland Posts: 312
    Like you we are a middle-aged, empty nest couple and spouse has a '99 SLE V6 coupe we just bought out of the lease in late Aug.03. We have looked at the new '04 but prefer the looks/lines of our '99. As we have very low miles on the '99 and it has been totally trouble-free (and is paid for), there is just not enough upside in the '04 to go back to car payments. It is, as you say, a personal call to make but that's how we see it. One of the best cars we ever had.
  • You are right... Toyota is trying to attract a younger generation with the new look of the Solara. They did something right because it immediately caught my eye (I'm 25) and I picked one up.

    Unfortunately for those who love the classic lines of cars... I personally feel it will be long time before you see that look again. Look at the new Acura's, Nissan's, and even the new Pontiac Grand Prix... all have that aggressive "futuristic" look.

    My guess is that a dealer will knock ALOT off the 2003... The sticker on my '04 was nearly $25K and I got it for just over $21K. If they can take $4,000 off the sticker for a car that had only been on the lot for 1 month, I'm sure they can do better for the '03.

    Personally, I think you should reconsider the '04. If you are not specifically "looking" for more power, don't worry that the power difference in the '03 versus the '04 is only about 20 HP. Think of resale value... years down the road do you think your late model (older body style) Solara will sell as good as the newer body style? I also think the look of the interior in the '04 is far superior to the look of the '03 and earlier... but, that's just my opinion. Of course you'll find people on both sides of the fence.

    Take the '04 home for a night and then take the '03 home for a night. See which one looks better in your garage... your "gut feeling" will tell you which one to get. Happy Shopping!

  • But the new Solara looks kind of soft. As if it was intended for a woman driver. I know it is a great car but lacks machismo
  • akc10akc10 Posts: 21
    JSchamberger- what model and options did you get?
    Also what state are you in? That sounds like quite a deal on an '04.
  • I think this new design attracts the younger group because I'm in my mid-twenties and wouldn't have considered a Solara until I saw this new design. I think both exterior and interior are way better than the previous model. Of couse it's only personal opinion.

    Is the sticker the MSRP? Or does it include the dealer markup? I'm in CA and have to pay about $1200 above invoice for an SLE V6 with all options. If you look at the sticker, they asked for $34.5K, which was about $5,000 above MSRP and about $8,000 above invoice. It's so hard to negotiate with the dealer cuz the car is still so new. But I did get the 1.9% financing.
  • I got the V6 Sport SE with the moonroof option.

    I live in Virginia. The dealer claimed they were agreed to the low price I offered because I was the first person to buy the new Solara from them. Whether or not it was true... who knows.

    THEFLOW - I believe the sticker price includes the dealer markup... but am unsure. It has to be because I highly doubt that I would have gotten my Solara so cheap if it didn't include the markup.
  • It is a car that looks as if it is moving when still!
  • guess the 04 Solara isn't just for youngsters. We're in our 70s and untill we saw pics of the Solara we hadn't got to excited about trading. We compared the SLE with the Accord. Both are fine cars, we liked the lines and interiors of the Toy better. And as we look at the ocean everyday we picked the Oceanus Blue. One dealer had several 03s avail. and did his best to sell us one. He hadn't even seen the 04.If cash is an issue maybe the 03 will satisfy you. Otherwise, the 04 is a pretty sharp looking auto that will remain in style for many yrs. Believe me, the 4 cyl should be all the engine you need and you will save several thousand there. I suggest you go to the new car section of Edmunds and they will give you all the info you need on invoice and sug,mfg pr. with all the options on any car you choose. If you travel the trunk is nice sized with fold down rear seats. My wife really enjoyed the heated seats. Know you'll be a happy camper!!
  • You people on this board saved me from buying a car that had ALL the problems that have been listed previously, namely
    a) Severe pull to the left no matter what lane your in.(I took an extended test drive, thanks to you people).
    b) Rattling on rear shelf-like something rubbing or scratching-who knows what that is.
    c) Transmission shifted harshly from 1st to 2nd, then seemed to smooth out for the other shifts, but consistently made 1st & 2nd abrupt shifts.
    I am NOT trying to sound like I didn't like the car, but the KNOWN problems were not fixed and this was a car that was recently built!! And to top the whole thing off, the salesman ordered the dark gray leather,(I wanted the biege interior).
    But I was willing to still go for it!! Then I remembered everything that you people have been saying about these problems and THAT made me say no. It made me sad to say the least....thanks for saving me a lot of grief...maybe next year they will have fixed all of this & added XM radio as standard equipment...Sorry for venting
  • Theflow: I live in N. CA and bought my car more than 1k below MSRP. You just need to quote around and ask your friends and family for good reputation dealers. I did called the Fleet dept in stead of sales for the quote. And narrow down to 2 and test drive/talk to the rep for details and hidden cost. Plus checked the lowest interest rate available. Your time will be reward by hard cash.

    I got mine for more than a month and no pulling, no rattle noise and no rocking front chair. The transmission is smooth and I do feel the shifting between 1st and 2nd. It isn't as severe as my 99 Odyssey, 94 Ford Escort. And some models I test drove before. It is worst when speed up at full throad such merge on to highway. Daily driving is not that obvious unless you pay full attention. With this kind of power, it's hard not to accelerate when start from stop. <lol> And Mine is Cosmic Blue (Metallic blue) and it looks great.

    I am 40 but also hook up by its interior and exterior design. It definitely better than the old one to me and my wife. The interior is way superior and more tasty than the Accord and Camry. I guess that is what Toyota want to attract younger buyer while keep higher lines more conservative such as Avalon. Shouldn't Coup to be sporty so futuristic and bold are the right elements? Just my opinion.
  • 2k1trd2k1trd Posts: 301
    No problems with pulling or anything else on my new 04 SLE V6...the car is perfect! Got it for 500 over invoice.
  • I live in N.CA and bought the car for about $2K below MSRP, about $1.2K above invoice. The dealer showed me carsdirect's price and willing to meet it. Although the final number (I have a trade in that I also have to negotiate) is about $700 above my "walk away" price, I went ahead with the deal cuz I was tired (after telling them I'll be leaving for 3-4 times). I also got the 1.9% promotion from Toyota Finance. If Toyota doesn't offer this promotion, I won't be buying this car.

    I did go through the internet/fleet department. But I didn't contact all the dealerships in my area because none of them showed the color and options that are on the vehicles in their websites. So when I found the dealer that did include the colors and options on their vehicles in the website, I went straight ahead and bought it there.

    Like yours, I sometimes can feel the shift from 1st to 2nd. But it's not that harsh. Pulling is minimal. But I do think the steering wheel is a bit too light. If you don't hold on to it, a slight uneven on the road will drag the car to either side.
  • Wow, $500 over invoice. Now I feel like being ripped off. Although I already had that feeling when I bought the car.
  • Are people having rattling issues with their 04 Solara?

    I noticed a small rattle due to the bass in the speakers in the rear of my car, but I solved that with a small piece of cloth (it was just 2 small plastic parts rattling together at certain levels of bass).

    I also have not noticed anything with the shifting in my SE Sport... everything is very smooth. Hopefully it stays that way! :)
  • I am really fascinated by this car. Now I need to make a decision between SLE 4 cylinder Vs. SE Sport V6. I do like SLE V6. But that's too expensive. I don't drive lots of high way, plus I do need the auto diming mirror on SLE. Moonroof and rear spoiler are must. And which is better, go directly to dealers or order from car direct? Thanks!
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,077
    I've left this discussion open for awhile, but I can't really justify calling it a "future vehicle" any longer, since it's been out for some time. Next week we'll close this discussion and send you all to the Toyota Solara--Part 6 discussion, where mr_shiftright will be your host.


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  • The only conversation on that discussion is an argument between some Zaino sales rep and some guy who's mad because he bought a Lemon Toyo... This has been more general info on the Solara... sorry to see that it's being closed.
  • Would it be possible to open a discussion on the new model convertible? that is still a future vehicle, as no one has even seen pictures of it....
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,077
    icangelat03, you are welcome to open a new discussion on ANY upcoming vehicle here on the future vehicles board, as long as one isn't already active (I checked - we don't have one). That's why the Futures board exists!


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  • We have the SLE 4 and couldn't be any happier with the car. Remember, if you put all the stuff you want on the sport you'll be about the same price as the SLE 4 that has all but the spoiler as standard plus a better radio and some other things. The 4 has almost the same 0 to 60 rating as the 6, When your pulling long steep hills is where you may notice a diff. We're not sorry we got the 4, and we have more hills to climb than most areas in the country.
  • We have the SE V6 sport and we love it. The different between the 4 and vs.V6 and SLE vs SE sport are:
    1. V6 has more power, therefor, the power is there when you need it when get on the freeway.
    2. v6 29 mpg vs. 4 32 mpg
    3. V6 5 sp AT vs 4 4sp AT. The V6 AT has the manual shift feature that is really cool going up the hill or just for the heck of it, it is fun to use.
    4. The sport has better suspension and handling, however, the SLE is more comforatble since the suspension is softer.
    5. Sport has body kit, IMO, I like it. Keep this in mind, several people did not care for this.
    6. SLE has leather seats vs. SE Sport has cloth seats. Again, your call.
    7. We picked the SE V6 sport because we like the body kit, V6, 5sp AT. The SLE V6 is much much more expensive. So looked into the SLE 4 which is about the same price and decided to get the SE V6 for the reasons above.

    The bottom line is what you want. I would have the SLE 4 and a SE V6 Sport (same color) next to each other to compare. You must drive it too. Of course, MUST try the manual shift.

    So far, the car runs great. We took it in for an alignment and it did not pull to the left any more. Good luck.
  • The auto-dimming rear view mirror didn't work that well. In my car, it's not really auto. Even during daytime, it's dimmed. I think the sensor is placed on the wrong place. It's place on the back of the mirror. Shouldn't it be in the front so headlights from behind the car can be sensed? But anyway, it's an accessory according to Toyota's website. However, not too sure if it includes the driver side's mirror.
  • A woman's car? Maybe, but ours is my wife's anyway.
    NO problems (pulling left, rattles etc.) in first 1,000 miles.
    We paid $500 over tissue invoice. ( western New York State)
  • how was i not polite to the host? all i asked was why she was shutting this thread down... many of us were dicussing our new 04 solara and the likes/dislikes of it.

    i don't see how you are taking what i said as a personal insult... all i pointed out was the obvious... half of the posts on the other thread are "gripe sessions" between you and another person... why should i have to read that when i come here to find out more about the solaras???? if you two want to bash each other you should exhange emails... i don't need to read it, hence the reason i asked why this thread was going to be shut down...
  • If anyone is interested in continuing talk on the new solara, A new discussion is open for the convertible...
  • I take back my comment on the auto dim mirror. It worked fine this weekend.

    I wonder if anyone knows how to adjust the sensitivity of the auto DRL sensor.
  • rblelandrbleland Posts: 312
    Certain parties on here have been an aggrevation for a long time now. Best thing is to ignore certain parties on here as they will drive you crazy if you try to reason with them. Unhappy people tend to make others unhappy. This topic is rended almost useless by the postings of these certain parties. I would hope the hosts are aware of the situation; but it is a free world to post as you please as long as you don't injure someone. No one said the posts had to make sense and many don't. Ignore and laugh is the best solution.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,077
    Nope, posts that are just silly or ignorant don't violate the membership agreement, so they stay :) Best policy is to ignore them, and carry on discussing the Solara.


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