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2013 and earlier-Acura TL Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • niraj724niraj724 Posts: 17
    Hello everyone
    i have been quoted 34000 for a demo 2004 TL, auto with nav, silver/ebony, rear spoiler, protection package and side moulding. Should i take this car? It has 1400 miles. Is demo car considered a used car?
    All opinions would be appreciated.

  • go_mdx1go_mdx1 Posts: 135
    As a reference point, a very similar demo car with about 4000 miles is also for sale at a local dealership in town for $32900. So, this sounds like an "ok" deal but not a great deal (IMO).
  • carcarcarcar Posts: 19

     The MSRP on that vehicle is $36,106, your quote was $2106 less than that. However, the invoice price on that vehicle is roughly $32,500. I have no experience with this vehicle, but 1400 miles would seem to warrant a bigger discount. I would definitely go for invoice if at all possible, meaning you should go for $33,000 or under. Since most people around this board are getting invoice on non-demo vehicles, you really should use this information to bargain lower.
      Is the dealer that you're shopping the only one in your area????? If it is, you're kinda stuck because you don't have the threat of competition to put on the dealer, but if it's not, get that same vehicle but not a demo for the same price if you can! That would make the most sense. I bet your could get that same vehicle, but brandnew, for the same price.
      Good Luck! Hope this helps a little!!! I 'll hang around for awhile to check up.

  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    I'm at $1,000 over invoice for a 6-speed Nav w/HPT that had to be ordered. I think the auto is a little easier to come by, so that may give you a little more bargaining room, at least back here in DC.

    Can you feel the 270 hp? Yes and no. I've done 3 reasonably extensive test drives in the last two weeks, all with a 6-speed, and although quick, it's not blazingly fast. The 225 hp 330i felt like it had a bit more kick. The TL's 238 ft lbs of torque is essentially identical to my 1995 Maxima's 205 ft lbs compensating for vehicle weight (3,475 lbs vs. 3,000). So the TL has a better top end than my Max, but the first 60 mph isn't much different. The 270 hp TL is not the old 270 hp NSX, that's for sure. I'm not sure who measures "horses" but there seems to be a growth in ratings that doesn't correspond to a proportional growth in performance.

    Can the TL achieve 30 mpg on the highway? Don't know, but I would hope so. My Maxima can achieve 30 mpg on a pure highway trip with the cruise set between 65 and 70. At 70, the Maxima is engine is doing just under 3,000 rpm. In the TL's 6th gear, it's only doing about 2,200 rpm. Given that I'd have to downshift to 3rd or 4th to get any real punch, I would hope the TL's advantage is good highway mileage. For comparison, my Honda S2000 at 70 mph is doing nearly 4,000 rpm and I've managed 31.5 mpg on the highway. A friend's M5, at 4,000 lbs and 400 horsepower, gets 25 mpg on the highway. If the TL can't get 30 mpg on the highway, even with an automatic transmission, something is wrong.

    Should you dish out $1,300 for an extended warranty (7 years/ 100k, I assume). With the 6-speed, I wouldn't. With the automatic, you might want to. But remember the TL starts with 4 years and 50k miles and roadside assistance standard. I was quoted $1,050 for a 7 year 100k mile warranty on my S2000 which only comes with a 3 year/36k mile warranty standard (and no roadside assistance). The TL has more gizmos, but certainly nowhere near the sophisticated engineering of the S2000. As such, I think the $1,300 price sounds stiff. Try doing a websearch on "Hondacares". I'm not sure if they cover Acuras, but its the official factory extended warranty from Honda North America, and that's the ONLY way I would go. Forget aftermarket altogether.

    Good luck.
  • go_mdx1go_mdx1 Posts: 135
    All right, time to stur up some controversy and some heated discussions...

    If I were to make some changes to the 2005 model, I would do the following:

    1) Add smartkey access like that found on the 2004 LS 430. This option has been so popular that nearly all Lexus LS 430's now ship with this option. I understand the RL will also carry this option. This option can be used by EVERYONE and EVERYTIME.

    2) Adaptive headlights. Again, feature can be used by EVERYONE and increases safety at night.

    1) DVD audio....Simply put, I don't believe this is going anywhere. To my knowledge, I'm not aware of any 2005 models adding this feature (other than perhaps the new RL). For the past 6 months, essentially the same DVD titles have been available at Best Buy.

    2) Make Bluetooth part of an option package (perhaps bundled with the NAV). Again, a fair number of service providers do NOT carry Bluetooth phones so I suspect the majority of TL owners are not using this feature.

    To net it out, my ADDS cost more than the REMOVES BUT it makes the TL a better overall car for a larger buying audience!
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    Interesting suggestions. Regarding your "REMOVES", I can't comment on DVD, since I'm still in the 8-track age (not quite, but almost). However, now that we have cell phone number portability, I'm happy to march my Sprint PCS number over to ATT Wireless to get a Bluetooth enabled phone. Mark my word, every provider that wants to be competitive will have Bluetooth phones within the next 6-9 months. And, from a safety and convenience standpoint, I think it will be a must have (in DC, it's becoming the law as of July 1).

    Adaptive headlights? The ones that turn corners like BMW and others? Sounds good, but I'm a little skeptical of the cost and likelihood of repairs over the long term. Maybe I just recall to many "stuck up" or "stuck down" pop up headlights from the 1970's and 1980's. Even the BMW M1 and 8-series fell into this fad. Personally, I think well designed bi-xenon lights with good fog lights can do the trick in just about any driving condition.

    My ADDS would be rear wheel drive and a 50-50 weight balance (vs. 60/40 now). It would fill the niche for me between the too tight 330i and too ugly 530i. As it stands, it's the one of the best FWD sedans out there, just not quite the performance car it advertises.

    P.S. Regarding FWD vs RWD, I'll try to keep any open mind regarding the SH-AWD system being developed for the new RL. However, to start with FWD and try to "fix" the driving dynamics with an AWD system seems like a lot of work and expense when RWD does just fine for everything from the 330i to the AMG E55. If I'm taking on snow, our SUV gets the call to action anyway.
  • niraj724niraj724 Posts: 17
    There aren't many dealers in the northwest. For a brand new car one has to wait 8-12 weeks. If the car drives and feels OK then you think 33500 would be ok. he said they would add 6 months of warranty too.
  • danny1878danny1878 Posts: 339
    Habitat, mine (auto) gets 23 mpg @ 30mph average according to the trip computer. Never done any traveling yet, but for short trips(2 hour drive) on highways, it gets 32-34mpg@65-70mph (I-94 no traffic).

    A little info about 0-60mph I dunno about maxima but even the 3.5L SE Maxima's 0-60 is only 6.4 secs.

    A 97 maxima SE took 7.1 secs(1.4 secs difference from TL). A two-seater NSX(91-96) ranges from 5.2-5.8 secs. A few ticks of a second is really hard to tell especially without the engine's roar.

    niraj724, I just dont like the idea of buying a DEMO car if you can get a new one but its your money.
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    The 1995 Maxima SE 5-speed I have was tested at 0-60 in 6.6-6.7 seconds by all three major car magazines. Subsequent, slightly heavier, model years were somewhat slower.

    The TL doesn't feel any quicker off the line, but does after about 40 mph, assuming I leave it in a lower gear. Put into 6th gear, the TL has essentially no acceleration capability due to the low rpms.

    go-mdx1, forgot that one of my other "ADDS" would be an 8,000 rpm red-line for the TL. The engine could probably easily handle it with a few tweaks and, while I know it wasn't meant to be a Honda S2000 (9,000 rpm), it would be a lot more fun to drive if it had a higher red-line for the occassional indulgence.
  • aaarghaaargh Posts: 230
    Additionss for 2005 in my opinion:

    Speed Sensative Volume for the radio.

    A compass in the mirror or by the clock.

    True Speed sensative wipers, not just on the fastest delay mode

    A real trip computer/info center (like the G35) that tells you everything.

    Less buttons to get to the trip computer. Why can't I see the trip computer AND the outside temperature at the same time? Why must I choose?

    Song Name/Artist info on radio stations. It does this for XM, so why can't it do this for FM stations like many other manufactures can? It is one of the best systems out, so how could they overlook this?

    A place to put my CDs. The current space (other than the door) won't allow full size jewel cases to fit. The door is impractical due to ergonomics. You have to open the door flap to get anything of that size in or out easily.

    Parchment interior for the blue exterior! Oh I wish I could have that.

    Better tires. Enough said.

    I feel much better now thank you.
  • hokiedeehokiedee Posts: 4
    No you can get it around 1500 less in NOVA
  • highenderhighender Posts: 1,365
    Yeah....the dealer laughed at the invoice ...he said $34,000 for auto and no deals yet...

    We test drove the TL after the 325i and C230, and it seems exactly as you said. The other 2 are more responsive at low end....325i the most. TL seemed a little slow, but does build up speed later..
    Agree the hp figures do not translate well into performance...

    Hope it can get 30 mpg...but it's not that critical... :)

    agree wtih the extended warranty....once I bought aftermarket, adn it was crap....did'nt cover the broken part; supercharger...!!

    Is it true the 330i has incentives now ? We did look at 325i, but heard the style is going to change next 12 months, to the new it may decrease the value of the 2004. We like the TL nav, but need auto. Would like the BMW if the price came down....

    thanks habitat....:)
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    I've decided to go ahead with my purchase of the TL 6-speed Navi HPT at $33,400.

    That's after I got a boni-fide offer on a 330i 6-speed for $35,500 (including sport package, moonroof, xenons and cold weather; in my exact color preference and a brand new car being shipped form Germany as we speak). The 330i price is $1,200 under invoice, thanks to the $2,400 factory dealer incentive for delivery by June 30. On the 325i, the incentive is $1,200, I believe.

    Most of the "value" comparisons made by others in claiming the TL is a much better deal than the 330i suggest that the 330i is $7k-10k more than the TL. In my case, I got the difference down to an almost insignificant $2,100. Granted, that's with a 330i without navigation or full leather seating. But those items are not what I consider important to a 330i vs. TL decision. In fact, if the BMW dealer could have found one without the cold weather package, the price difference would have only been $1,500. Essentially nothing.

    The decision to go with the TL for me came down to trading the somewhat better handling of the BMW to the better overall suitability and versitility of the TL in terms of size. If the 330i were a little closer to the old 5-series in size (which supposedly will occur with the late 2005 re-design), then I probably would have gone with the BMW. But the TL 6-speed manages to give enough good performance to not make me want to suffer the consequences of getting a current 3-series and not be able to cart the wife and kids on a weekend trip. If I were prepared to make that sacrifice, I may very well have gone with a $52,000+ M3 in Phoenix Yellow to completely eliminate any remorse for trading my (Spa Yellow) Honda S2000.

    If others out there can get away with the size of the 3-series, they should give it serious consideration. I've managed a very good deal on the TL at $1,000 over invoice, but $1,200 UNDER invoice for a 330i is an unprecedented opportunity. And I can absolutely guarantee that if you live in the DC area, the resale value of a 330i in 3-4 years will be substantially higher than that of a TL, making the 330i a LESS expensive car than the TL if that's your time frame.

    P.S. Notwithstanding the good handling of a 325i, IMO it's not in the same league as either the TL or 330i in terms of acceleration. Note that I've only compared manual transmissions, but the 325i didn't meet my minimum threshold of acceptability (which is, admittedly, pretty high). Frankly, a TL with automatic, lacking the beefier suspension and Brembo brakes of the 6-speed, would not meet my miniumum threshold of performance (and "fun to drive").

    P.P.S. If any Acura management is listening, "thank you" for introducing the 6-speed. You got a sale that you absolutely wouldn't have made based upon last year's model or an automatic only version of the 2004. Hopefully, this sends a signal to other manufacturers that, although manual transmissions only account for 10-25% of the buyers, calling anything a "sport sedan" that is offered in automatic only mode is an oxymoron.
  • mdhaukemdhauke Posts: 202
    Sprint has a Bluetooth enabled phone, the Sony Ericsson T608.

    Also check out all the 2005 models, you will see a lot more cars have Bluetooth capability. Bluetooth is catching on and I think all service providers will provide Bluetooth enabled phones in the near future.
  • mdhaukemdhauke Posts: 202
    "Granted, that's with a 330i without navigation or full leather seating. But those items are not what I consider important to a 330i vs. TL decision."

    It most certainly does matter when your comparing a 330i without NAV to a TL WITH NAV, especially when most consider the TL's NAV system to be far superior to BMWs.. You should be comparing the deal for the 330i without NAV to the prices people have been for the TL without NAV which means you didn't get the difference down to $2100. More like $5500.
  • danny1878danny1878 Posts: 339
    Congratulation, habitat1

    I had the same feeling about the size of 330i. Even with this TL, I think a few inches longer is better. The 5 series length is the ideal size IMO.
  • jasminejasmine Posts: 1
    TL w/Nav. auto offered at Delray Acura for $32,800 including destination.This seems to be the general offering price to walkins.
  • highenderhighender Posts: 1,365
    where are youm and where is this dealership ? I would get oen if they had it here Bay Area/SF. They were all asking MSRP... :(

    maybe with your infos I can get some more bargaining power...
  • highenderhighender Posts: 1,365
    I was waiting for the 325i price to come down, and stumbled into the TL dealer and liked what I saw. I would like the probably higher resale value of the 325i , specially the 330i... but did not know about the incentives...guess thats new...

    We (wife adn I) like the daily easy drivability of the TL...probably will not be flooring it , but one question, you said
    Frankly, a TL with automatic, lacking the beefier suspension and Brembo brakes of the 6-speed, would not meet my miniumum threshold of performance (and "fun to drive").

    does that mean the TL with 6 spd comes with brembo brakes and beefier suspension ? or are you referring to the 330i ? I thought all TLs were made same, except for navi.
    we were looking at a auto, cause we have kids, and may need to keep our hands free to pass stuff around... :)
    but if the manual is so much better, than I have no problems getting the manual....

    can you advise ? thanks...
  • jpiatchekjpiatchek Posts: 177
    Great post! I agree with you 100%. However, if you added the nav and the leather on the 330, the difference would still have been about $6k. I like you, went for the TL, however, had the difference with leather and nav been only $1500, I probably would have the 330 in my driveway. I, too, would never have considered the auto, not because I have to have a manual, but I think it puts the TL in another league from a handling and performance standpoint
  • mburlesnmburlesn Posts: 9
    Interested in buying a TL and doing research as I write this. Local dealer has not really budged from MSRP for one week now on TL's with or without Navi.

    Now, same dealer has Silver with Ebony interior, Automatic with NAVI demo unit with 6100 miles. I am assuming this car has driven by management up until now. The car has rear spoiler, side molding, splash guards and VIN etching per dealer. Price is listed at 37400 and they are asking 33,903. Can anyone provide insight as to if this is a good deal or not?

    Also, I am looking at BMW 325i, Honda Accord EX V6, and Audi A4 if anyone has some insight on any of these.

    I appreciate any and all responses.
  • highenderhighender Posts: 1,365
    hello, JP....

    I'm still waiting....since not in a hurry....

    have a great weekend you all :) !

    congrats habitat on your great buy !! :)
  • carcarcarcar Posts: 19
    The TL Demo sounds like a good deal!!! I wish there was that same model, but without the accessories, around here! A $4000 discount is nice, and if that discount was on a stock TL Auto/Nav around here I'd pick it up for $30,000!!!! Share your thoughts on this: doesn't a Honda Accord seem so much like the TL, but for such a great value!! People are getting them for $25,000!!

  • oidvoidoidvoid Posts: 22

    May I inquire of either hokiedee or sminnick the name of the dealership where you got these prices? I'm in Gaithersburg, and although Rosenthal is walking distance, I would drive a bit for a good deal. I haven't actually visited any dealers yet, BTW.

  • ebirdyebirdy Posts: 3
    Here's what I've found over the past two weeks for TL-Navis:

    Acura is offering 2.9% financing for 60 mos, $0 down if your FICO is 720 or over. Mem Day wknd only. Need to get approval for financing by 5/31 but can sign contract by June 11. Simple interest, no pre-payment penalty.

    Tustin Acura = $500 over invoice + "pro pkg" (none on lot) (orig they said $300-$500 off for Costco or AAA members)
    Weir Canyon = Invoice + "pro pkg" (none on lot)
    Mission Viejo = White/quartz on lot 5/27, willing to deal
    Cerritos = no cars
    Keyes on Van Nuys = Green/camel on 5/26
    Elk Grove = had an offer of $34600 accepted for a white/parchment on lot, being used for test drives tho, 5/27. They had pretty good inventory. Very up-front, deal done completely by phone, all paperwork faxed to backup quote. They want to sell cars for end of May sales #'s, so make 'em deal.
    Oakland = Invoice. Stay away from Hoehn in Carlsbad! They pulled a bait and switch. Very cheesy! They ended up wanting full invoice + the pro pkg. They did have a white/parchment on lot 5/25.
    OC Credit Union = best they could do is $50 off invoice - big deal.

    I wound up purchasing miles from home but happy with price considering attitude of dealers nearer to me. Since it's right off the truck, no over-priced pro pkg. Picking it up mid-June. Complete deal done over the phone, faxed all supporting paperwork - very up front!

    If others could post geo locations of their purchases, it would sure help us all.
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    Yes, the TL with 6-speed comes with (larger)Brembo brakes and a "beefier" suspension, based upon the size of the stabilizer bars (27.2 mm x 5 mm front & 20 mm rear vs. 25.4 mm x 4.5 mm front & 17 mm for the automatic).

    In addition, I'm getting the "High Performance Tire" (HPT) package ($200 upgrade) that is only available on the 6-speed. It replaces the Tourenzo tires with Potenzas that have better performance ratings.

    Don't get me wrong, I'm no Mario Andretti. But after owning a Honda S2000, perhaps one of the most precise handling and nimble cars under $100k, I have a higher sensitivity and appreciation for handling. The automatic 2004 TL is still a significant improvement in handling from last year's model from all accounts I've read. The 6-speed just takes it a step further.

    Regarding a manual transmission and kids, I have a funny story. Back in 1994, when my wife was pregnant with our first, we test drove Maximas and I ended up going back to the dealership without her and buying an automatic. I figured it would be easier for her to drive. When I brought it home, my wife made me take it back and get the 5-speed SE. Her response was that she was pregnant, not handicapped. The guys at the dealership got a kick out of it - so much so that they did all the paperwork and made the exchange at no charge. We are now both on the high side of 45, with 2 kids and we still have never owned an automatic. Although my wife isn't much into handling and performance, she believes a manual gives her more control. She grew up in Maine where driving a manual in the snow was a mandatory requirement by her dad. We'll probably finally break that streak when we replace our 5-speed Isuzu Trooper, unless Acura puts a 6-speed in the MDX (the BMW X5 3.0 6-speed is just too small). If I were you, I'd test drive both and then decide for yourself.

    Good luck.
  • 03oddity03oddity Posts: 60
    The deed is done. Purchased a silver/ebony 5AT non-Navi for $31,299 plus $290 for "pro package": all weather mats, trunk tray, wheel locks and splash guards, plus TTL, from Acura of Pasadena. Pretty nice folks. My only complaint is that the car had 150 miles on it. They might have let me know that over the phone.
     Acura is going to offer 2.9% financing over the weekend starting Friday. That's worth around a grand. I got my bank to match it, so I pounced Thursday.
     It is an extremely bitchin car. My wife took one look at it when I got home and said, "Wow! That's a rocket ship!!" Honey, you don't know the half of it...

    BTW, ebirdy, you don't mean "invoice"--you mean MSRP, right? The best Navi price I've found in So Cal was MSRP - 500. Most want straight MSRP if they have any cars at all. Too bad I didn't check again with Mission Viejo--white/quartz would have been my first choice and I'd have loved to have Navi. But it's NOT worth $3900 more than I paid for non-Navi!!
  • wr_gwr_g Posts: 33
    I was planning on paying cash for a TL w/Nav in the next week or so. My question is, does the 2.9% financing offer provide me with more pricing leverage if I were to pay cash? In other words, if I don't take advantage of the 2.9% financing, does this give the Acura dealer more room (funded by Acura) to work with me on the price?

    Thanks for any thoughts.
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    I agree that the Nav is not worth $3,900. I'm getting a special ordered the 6-speed with Nav and HPT with exactly the color combo I wanted (anthracite / charcoal) for $1,000 over invoice. The best I might have been able to do on a 6-speed w/o Navi off the lot would be about $500 over invoice, so I'm effectively paying $2,500 for the Navi (but also on a car that hasn't been test driven - which is important on a 6-speed). The dealership I'm buying from would not have gone below $1,000 over invoice, even for a non-Navi 6-speed.

    For those that want Navi, but live in areas that they are in high demand, consider waiting for the 2005. It is my understanding that Acura is significantly pumping up the percentage of Nav equiped cars and the prices ought to be more competitive.
  • mdhaukemdhauke Posts: 202
    No, the dealers will still make some money on the 2.9%. My advise is to finace the car and invest the cost of the car into a 5 year CD where you can get almost 4%. Instead of paying $2000 interest on your car during it's lifetime you will be making $2000 on it. Can't beat it. Wouldn't touch the stock market with a 10 foot pole right now.
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