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Nissan Quest Prices Paid



  • vrichvrich Posts: 10

    I got a quote for Quest SL with DVD, Leather & sky-view package at $24,700 before TTL. Is this a good price?
  • I think $24700 OTD sounds better, but it sounds pretty good to me... ;)
  • kravonkravon Posts: 30
    A recent buyer in the Chicago area paid about$16,800 OTD for a Quest S model, so you be the judge.
  • simeonesimeone Posts: 2
    that's a great price if it's a new car, too good to be true, and ur so vague.....have a good day
  • There is quite a difference between a base S model and the SL...

    It just depends on what you WANT.

    BTW, the dude on FatWallet paid $18,427 OTD for the S with Drivers Package.
  • kravonkravon Posts: 30
    Tell me if this helps you. Here is a link to his posted invoice.

    By the way UR Welcome. He actually put $500 down, so the price was $16743.78

    Facts a fact my friend.
  • med28med28 Posts: 17
    Ok....I should have been a little clearer about the $16995 for the "base." The only "base" models that I have actually been able to find in my area have been with the fold down seat, mats, and flaps. They seemed to be pretty standard options, to the base. Sorry about the confusion.
  • Just bought my 2008 Base quest. In St. Louis, a hassle to get there but Chicago wouldn't deal (at least the places that have a base model left), I think the dealers are realizing that the stock is starting to get low (again at least on base models.

    I got the black 3.5 for 15,250 plus tax. I get it on Friday. Couldn't find anyone to match it. Certainly not in Cincinnati, which I couldn't get under 20K. They basically told me (we know we have the only base models in town and I'll sell them to someone who doesn't know any better). Chicago has some base models, NC has some, St. Louis (not the dealer I went to) has some. I think the next best price I could get on a base OTD plus tax was 16K. I certainly had a hard time getting some responses from dealers. I contacted every dealer (about 20+) in an 8 hour radius of Cincinnati, that had a base Quest and I maybe have been contacted by 1/2 of them. Seems like they are all busy covered up with this deal. I confirmed today that the dealer kick back will not continue past August. (this is what I was told after the deal?) Good Luck!
  • You got a great deal, hope you enjoy your new van! :)
  • bobsnbobsn Posts: 5
    I have a lease running out next month and just started looking for a new vehicle. I have a 2006 Nissan Murano that we love and this is owned. We were looking to buy another Murano but there are few deals on them. A local dealer in RI offered a Quest van which has most of the toys as my Murano for $25,500. The sticker is $37,195 including all of the dealer add-ons. I am leaning on buying it but I want to check if anyone else has been able to get a better deal. On the surface this looks like a great deal. Thanks.
  • Just got my quest yesterday! It's is almost perfect. Anyone have any issues with the A/C dripping from under the dash? It was really humid out yesterday and I didn't put the recirulate on with the A/C and it condensed around the vents and then dripped down the back side of the dash. ??

    Also what are everyone's opinions on extended warranties??/ I can get the 7 year 100K one for around 1400? I'm leaning against it, but with all the technology on cars these days it makes it harder to work on them and diagnos???
  • Just got my quest yesterday! It's is almost perfect. Anyone have any issues with the A/C dripping from under the dash? It was really humid out yesterday and I didn't put the recirulate on with the A/C and it condensed around the vents and then dripped down the back side of the dash. ??

    Also what are everyone's opinions on extended warranties??/ I can get the 7 year 100K one for around 1400? I'm leaning against it, but with all the technology on cars these days it makes it harder to work on them and diagnos???
  • I would offer in the $900 dollar range (don't pay more than $1000) for the dealers extended warranty (the Nissan branded one). If it is not from the dealer, is offering me in Florida the Platinum warranty with 0 deductible for $925 7 yrs/100K miles.

    Read Confessions of the F&I Manager on this site. He says DO NOT BUY THE EXT WARRANTY. The mark up from the dealer is 100%!!!
  • $12000 off MSRP is a great deal. Of course, try to get that price OTD, but I would go for it! The SE is nice! :)
  • bobsnbobsn Posts: 5
    What does OTD mean? I have seen it but I do not know what it stands for.
  • Out The Door.. usually means everything, but sometimes means everything but taxes.
  • bobsnbobsn Posts: 5
    Thank you very much! The amount was everything except State Sales taxes
  • stoobiestoobie Posts: 2
    Which Dealer did u pick ur van up from , and what options did it have if any , and what was the MSRP ? How much was there doc fees as well as any others ?
  • grate price yea as a nother poster has said go for it hope it is out of the door that price pleas keep us updated on if you bye the van and all of the options and what color the van is thanks for reading my Posting Marco.
  • 15250 was my price plus tax. It was a black one, 3.5 Base. MSRP was 26,150 ish, it was lower than some of the others which was usuall 26,535, mine was made in April, I think the ones made after april, the MSRP went up. I just got my title today, need to go to the title agency and get it into my name and pay the taxes. Unfortunely in Ohio you have to pay taxes on the rebate. Ugh! I've been getting calls from many dealers as it is a couple of days before the deal is over. Let me know if anyone needs any more info
  • I just purchased the above vehicle with Dual DVD Package + Navigation + Seat Package (it is pretty much a gimmick since nobody buys a van with 2 seats), with mats (another gimmick, a $35,000 van with no mats), cross bar, with MSRP @ $40,650 (including destination charge.) I purchased it for $30,500 (without CA sale tax @ 7.25% in Ventura County, California + registration.)
    In all, the purchased price is roughly $10,000 lower than MSRP (this discount includes the $3500 Rebate from Nissan,) which might seem to suggest that I got a "really good deal," when in fact it was not. Based on many comments posted here, the discounts some other people got were even greater (both in absolute $ and % term.) However, I would not say that I overpaid for this van because I have researched long and hard before and after I made the purchase. For example, Carmax list the same van with same feature (except the Crossbars) with no-haggle pricing @ $30,250. However, they have none in Los Angeles (or in southern California). However, I think I could have made the dealer cut another $500 or so (because someone in earlier post got an offer of $12,000 off MSRP.) Now, the only issue is the reliability (short and long term) of this van which only time will tell how it will hold up in comparision with other vans.
  • I think you have a good deal right there, $12,000 off MSRP. I wish I could get the same discount for my recent purchased Quest. I did not see your post before making the purchase, regretfully!
  • cgwlycgwly Posts: 2
    Do you have to finance through dealer to get $3500 rebate or can use anyone?
  • If you use the Nissan 1.9% financing, you cannot get the rebate. The $3500 rebate is supposed to end on 9-2-08, but it probably will be extended.

    There is an additional $5000 dealer incentive that Nissan is paying dealers, but the dealers are passing on to their customers (many, not all), that is supposed to end on the 31st.

    If you read on Fatwallet, many people are getting the SE for close to $15000 off MSRP, but Southern California has not been getting the same deals as on the East Coast or Midwest for some reason.

    You bought a beautiful van for $30,000... Enjoy it. We all want to pay the lowest price, but overall, don't worry about the price now that it is a done deal.

    I wanted the fancy SE (especially the kids wanting the skyview windows and the dual DVD screens). But my budget as a single mom needed me to stay under $20K if we wanted to eat more than Ramen noodles for dinner! LOL! So the S with drivers package (and that seat package) with the mats and splash guards did the trick. I ordered my DVD from Circuit City with the free installation (the 11" Jensen) today for $577 installed. So for under $20,000 I have a pretty good van that I hope will stay out of the dealers shop except for the maintenance.

    Oh, and if you have not purchased an extended warranty and you want to, I paid $755 for the Nissan Gold Preferred 60 month/75000 mile warranty through VOB Nissan in Rockville, MD. I am in Florida and they sell the warranty without the dealer mark up which is usually 100%. They sell it at COST.

    Enjoy your new rides and stay safe, Gustav is almost a 5 Hurricane! Scary.

  • mav_njmav_nj Posts: 2
    Paid $24,269.70 OTD (with tax), lifetime oil change and loaner car service.

    Hope this is a good deal.
  • You do not have to go through the dealer's finance deal, as required by law (at least in California.)
    However, you can push the dealer to match the deals at other banks if you have good enough credit, I guess.
    In a way, I think a fully loaded SE @ $30,500 is not bad, but I know I could have pushed for more! :)
  • Before I purchased my recent 2008 Quest SE (see above post), I sent three other Request For Quote to three other dealers, 1 is Universal Studio Nissan (Studio City), 1 is in Thousand Oak City, and another one in El Monte (near downtown.) Two responded with two offers: Studio dealer offers a SE (no Navig. and no DVD) with a total discount (including $3,500 rebate from Nissan) of $8795 (MRSP $36,595); the Thousand Oak offers a SE with a total discount of $7684 from the MSRP of $38720 (with Dual DVD). So based on the offers from the other two dealers, I thought the discount I got ($10,200) from the dealer (Keyes Nissan in Woodland Hills) I purchased the van from was relatively not bad at all. But I just want to echo the opinion from another poster, that Southern California (or maybe the whole state of California) consumers do not get the $12,000 or more discounts like those from Kentucky or midwest states.
  • I would like to correct something: the MSRP of my recent purchased Quest was not $40,650 as I stated earlier. I think I listed the price included the "Destination & Handling" charge (or Delivery Charge) but in fact the price did not include this charge. Anyway, here is the MSRP for what I got:

    SE Base MSRP† $35,340
    1. Exterior Color Nordic White Pearl
    2. Interior Color Grey
    1Packages and Options
    Splash Guards $160
    Fold-Away Seat Package $750
    Navigation Package $1,600
    3.5 SE Panasonic® DVD Entertainment System $2,150
    Floor Mats, Carpeted $165
    Roof Rail Crossbars $240

    Subtotal $40,465
    Destination and Handling $780

    Total Configured MSRP† $41,185

    So, my discount is $10,685. My question is that when we say a vehicle listed MSRP at a certain price, should it include delivery charge?
  • I just closed a deal on a 2008 Quest SE with Panasonic DVD package. The MSRP was $39,345. My price was $28,495 plus local sales taxes OTD. I was shocked that the dealer did not even try to sell me any LoJack or Auto Start or extended warranty. I would not have bought them anyway. I have bought many cars and this was the most hassle free quickest experience ever. I live in Rhode Island. They even agreed to my request for oil changes and loaner car when service (Other than oil change) is needed.
  • We just bought a Quest SE with DVD last week. MSRP was 39,345 and we bought it for 26151 plus TTL (27.5k OTD) and $349 processing fee. They did not sell us anything on top of that so it was pretty quick. We were in and out in an hour. Want one with Navigation but they don't have any in stock. First oil change is free. Would like to get a SL with DVD and Nav but there is no stock.
  • We had no processing fees
  • Where do you buy your Quest from? Can anyone explain why Midwest and Eastern states seem to have deeper discounts than Californians?
  • Three words: Local Market Conditions
  • Sterling Nissan in NoVa. Guess less demand for Quest in Eastern states (people want AWD cars). Not sure about Midwest...
  • dtownfbdtownfb Posts: 2,918
    Actually the minivan market is pretty soft. In the east (at least in the northeast), the Odyssey, Sienna and Chrysler twins are the kings. Folks are opting for small SUVs and crossover vehicles instead of minivans.
  • yes you are rite I live in the North east see that everyday thanks for reading Marco
  • HI Guys, I sell cars at a NIssan Dealer for the last 5 years. And this was the first time I saw Nissan give the Dealer $5000.00 for the Months of July and August for every Trucks, SUV( no MUrano and Rogue), and Quest they sell and hit their goals. The problem is that the program end it on 9/2/08. You can still get $3500 rebate and negotiate under invoice. Specially for SUV and Trucks and Quest. So you can get total discount from 7-8k maybe more, but the $5000.00 are gone and thats why you saw discount around $12,000.00. Good luck on your next purchase.
  • I'm thinking Nissan is going to have a rough September. They had great deals in August, but now any dealer that still has Quests is going to be holding them for a while.
  • Hey Pudge, I agree with you, but Nissan has a big problem. Honda and Toyota still make a better product, but Nissan is more expensive....The 5000 price tag off of Quest in addition to 3500 actually made me willing to forgo having a Honda or Toyota. Unfortunately, I did not find out about the 500 volume discount until dealers had quite limited supply, which things I did not want.

    If NIssan wants to sell its vans, it is really going to have to attack the price. It is a nice vehicle, it just needs appropriate pricing.
  • Dandy,
    I agree with your whole post. Nissan lacks the rep of Toyota and Honda, but they match or exceed their price. What was the 500 volume discount you were referring to?

    We have dealers here still with 2007s. And I don't see when they are going to clear out the 2008s with the economic progressions. It is going to be a brutal sales month for Nissan (at least the minivans).
  • yes it is going to be real tuff will have to see what happens grate vans tho so honda and toyota thanks for reading marco.
  • basically what Nissan did, was promise dealers 5000.00 dollars for each quest they sold during a time period as long as the dealership met its quota. The dealerships that participated, sold a lot of cars. The ones that did not, did not sell many cars.

    While I noticed that cars were going considerably under the 3500 discount, I did not figure out the reason why until is was basically too late unless i wanted something that was absolutely loaded.

    Should be interesting to see what Honda is going to do, my understanding is that it has a lot of product left (relatively speaking).
  • joebertjoebert Posts: 22
    I just looked at the Nissan Quest sales numbers for September. They sold 410 minivans for the whole month, down nearly 83% from last year. I think it is pretty safe to say they will step up to move their remaining 08s. Or maybe they won't and dealers will just be holding them like some still are holding the 07s.

    link to report
  • thankyou for that link and that was intisting to read yea think nissan will do sumthing like they did last munth in oct or nov so we shall all see honda and toyota 2 times are tuff. they will all rebound in a few years maby sooner thanks for reading Marco.
  • Again, in looking at the Quest sales number for October it isn't looking real great. While I didn't think they could do worse than 410 sales, they only managed 354 for the whole month, down nearly 79% from last year. While I did think it was possible they would step up on their incentives, they really haven't, and it is possible that most dealerships are cleaned out of their 08 Quests. So maybe things aren't so bad (at least for the ones who have cleared out their inventory), and things look discouraging for others.

    Maybe those on the frontline have a different perspective.

    Edited to add link:link to sales information
  • So are Nissan likely to do another last ditch sales effort to clear off 2008's in remaining dealers lots? Or are those dealers out of luck at this point?

    I have a dealer in my area with 4 or 5 '08s on the lot and I'd be tempted if I could get similar action to what others were getting towards the end of summer. I was also checking out the Mazda5 and they are getting pretty desperate with the pricing of that too locally... Seems if it isn't a Sienna or Odyssey and has sliding doors, the prices are being slashed.
  • I would not expect Nissan to go down to their August prices for the Quest...other vehicles, yes. Many dealers were able to clear their inventory back than, while others did not, and will likely be holding onto their product for a while.
  • I have a online quote for a Nissan Quest SE 3.5 with all the extras (nav, heated leather seats, DVD, Backup Camera) for $34,793
    Do you think that we can talk them down anymore? What would you think a good deal would be. Oh and we are in WA State.

  • It looks like your a bit below invoice, even without considering the $2000 incentive. I would think that's pretty decent for a 2009, but it's been hard to follow the Quest pricing with the limited activity in this forum.
    (Sorry for the bad spacing below. The editor won't cooperate.)
    MSRP Invoice TMV
    National Base Price
    $35,650 $32,648 $34,266
    Regional Adjustment
    for Zip Code Change - - $37
    Optional Equipment $4,500 $3,944 $4,251
    V03 DVD $2,150 $1,866 $2,023
    U01 Navigation Package $1,600 $1,388 $1,505
    S01 Seat Package $750 $690 $723
    Color Adjustment - - $21
    Radiant Silver Metallic
    Destination Charge $780 $780 $780
    Total with Options $40,930 $37,372 $39,355
    Incentives & Rebates -$2,000
  • that is a grate price I would go for it and nissan makes grate cars keep us updated on what you end up dooing have a verry grate day and thankyou so mutch for reading marco.
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