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Volvo XC90 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I got a Boston dealership to go down to $40,500 for a 2011 Ice White XC90 with sandstone interior, wood wheel, climate, and BLIS.

    When the car arrived off the boat and I went in to pick it up, my wife fell in love with a showroom silver metallic 2010 XC-90 (black interior, climate, BLIS, *no* wood wheel). I did what any normal husband does...bought the silver one. $39,800 was final price, but I next added rubber cargo and floor mats, and paid for satellite radio option (which is now freely included on the 11s)
  • I got my Certified Preowned 2008 XC90 V8 with 24,000 miles on it. Comes with 6 year/100,000 bumper to bumper for $34,000 - I believe it was listed at $38,000. I kept showing Edmunds price and they kept showing me KBB's price. I told them I was looking for a deal and I'd walk if I didn't get it. I countered at $32,000 and got the $34,000.

    Loving it after a couple of months still :-)
  • Thanks Heinzle, that's very helpful!!! Much appreciated.

    - The Rick
  • R-Design
    Electric Silver
    Off-black interior
    Climate package
    Multimedia package

    MSRP 47,025 + 250 Ad Fee
    Invoice 44,505
    Price offered: $43,800 + TTL.

    Any opinions? Good deal?

    Also have found a dealer with an identical 2010 + BLIS + bluetooth (the last remaining 2010 silver R-Design, I've been told, in the country). Something's a little fishy, though, as others dealers say it is not listed in the national inventory, indicating the dealer probably took title of it.

    MSRP 47450
    Price offered: 42900 (that's after 1000 dealer incentive AND 1000 customer incentive) + TTL

    I would think the '10 would be discounted more deeply, but the sales manager thinks he has me hooked at this point, so may take a week of making them wait to get the price down further. I'm going ot push for 39500. 2000 in additional incentives between dealer and me, plus a closeout model.

    Right now, with only 1000 savings on a '10 (with a full year of depreciation practically built in) and an '11, the '11 is a no-brainer to me, especially with integrated bluetooth (instead of a hideous after-market add-on) and 2.9% financing which, if paid off a year early, adds another $500 in savings.

    Any thoughts?

    Good deal?

    Thanks in advance for any comments.

  • mnr49mnr49 Posts: 7
    Black Base
    Black Leather
    Climate Package

    Here is the deal I just got: Awesome experience!

    Price was $38,247 with the Volvo owner loyalty ($1000 credit). Was also offered 2.54% financing vs. the 2.99%.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 70,555
    ..back to Volvo XC90 pricing...



    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • rocco_drocco_d Posts: 6
    edited October 2010
    The debate I just had with the guy posing as a dealer is probably better off having been deleted, although had you left it up, I think there's something to be learned for inexperienced buyers about the lengths and depths a dealer will go to perpetuate the myth that there is a fixed price for cars and that you should start your negotiating at a point the dealer would deem acceptable.

    I just got an '11 XC90 R-Design for 1400 below invoice WITHOUT being eligible for volvo loyalty. How? I emailed every dealer within 100 miles. I started low and stayed low. I worked with the internet sales manager. I went up in increments smaller than the increments they came down. I let them know I was serious buyer prepared to buy immediately. Now, if I was afraid of "insulting" the dealer and had I started at a point where the dealer was already in the black, I would have spent $1000 more than necessary.

    I also had a trade, but got exactly what I should have according to Galves and Edmunds TMV. So why did they do the deal if they're "losing" money, like most dealers would claim? Because they're going to make at least a few hundred on my trade, if not a thousand+, and two hours of work via email and phone cost them, what? Nothing. Maybe when I pick up the car they'll put the hard sell on tire and wheel insurance, or maybe they'll put me under hot lights and try to get me to pay for rustproofing, who knows. What I do know is that aggressive negotiating by a serious buyer willing to engage with up to ten dealers over a wide area can and often will yield results.

    Best of luck.
  • Thats because that was the dealer hold back. The dealer cost was another 1400 dollars below that. If you had been eligible for Volvo loyalty then you would have been at around 2400.

    The dealer uses the extra 1400 for things like ad fees and assisting the floor plan for the dealer.

    With relatively no trouble you can use the dealer hold back which is 3%.
    Internet deals are simple, Typically its just to keep your dealer honest as anyone can reach that number with little trouble Rocco.
  • Also, that guy obviously wasnt a dealer.

    As far as the tire and wheel package, I have it for every car I have, its great. In my location there are tons of pot holes and nails that manage to get into everything. a new tire on my motorcycle was 415 in total. The 299 Tire and wheel package WORTH IT.
  • If there's a 1400 holdback with no other dealer incentives or support, and I'm buying for 1400 below invoice, isnt that roughly dealer cost? You're saying there's another 1400 in margin? I'd find that surprising. I'm not eligible for loyalty rebate.

    I'd probably be wise to wait for some more aggressive incentives, but unless they offer 0% apr or several thousand in cash, a few hundred dollars isn't worth the uncertainty. And one never knows when the safe+sound will end.

    I think it's a very good price, especially based on local dealers input and failure to get within 500 of the net deal.
  • With Volvo there is a 7% hold back.
    Which equals on a FWD XC90 2674.00 dollars they receive for profit

    A net deal would be - 2674.00 under invoice with no incentives.

    So roughly you had another 7-800 hundred bucks you left on the table. Assuming they would sell it to you at that, which they probably wouldn't unless they were scared of the car or had it around forever.

    As far as 0% manufacturers use that to get rid of the cars you otherwise would not consider buying. You will not get several thousand off on allowances on a XC90 anytime soon. Again, its used on a ploy because they have too many on the market and they are trying to get rid of them.
  • rocco_drocco_d Posts: 6
    edited October 2010
    7%!? I've never heard a figure so high. 3%, yes, but 7? You've got to be jerking my chain. And there's no other trunk money published anywhere. Granted, I'm not an industry insider...

    I've already agreed a price with the dealer so I'm going to honor it, but just curious.

    7%? I dont see how that's possible. And once a car has been sitting for three months the holdback has been eroded anyway (which doesn't apply here because the car's still in transit)
  • ctdanctdan Posts: 34
    Does homelink come standard on the 3.2 XC90? If not does anyone know what the dealer would typically charge for this to be added?

  • Current incentive of 2.9%/72 mo. + 1000 loyalty "expired" Nov 1. Anyone know of upcoming incentives, APR or cash back (or dealer incentive) through the rest of November 2010 for 2011 models?

  • Can't speak to discounts in the US, but the discounts they are offering in the UK are pretty impressive a the moment -- options packages for free, basically -- to the tune of ~25% discount from list including options. For perspective, check out
    Good luck!
  • neozneoz Posts: 5
    Our Volvo salesperson tells us to wait for Costco program which starts Nov 2. So today, I took a look at it and found basically the pricing is:

    Invoice + $850 (destination) - $500 (now) - $500 (after the deal)

    I mean Volvo also has the loyalty program which is another $1000 off.

    I am really not good at negotiating but it really is a lot of money so I convince myself to try.

    What should be my bottom line price? How much below Invoice + Destination? Is destination charge something you can negotiate away?

    Any other tips besides do it towards end of the month?

    Thanks a lot!
  • We just bought a need-to-get-off-the-lot 2010 XC90 V8 with premium metallic paint, BLIS, Sirius and Bluetooth (the later two are standard in the 2011 but not in 2010) with a sticker price of 50,700 for 43,047 and the dealer threw in the back cargo mat.

    We actually went to the dealership to buy a 2011 V6 with the Costco program (quote for V6 with climate, AWD and metallic paint was 39,107). Quote for 2011 V8 without BLIS was 45,987 with Costco which was more than we wanted to spend. Buying the 2010 saved us about 3K off that price plus we got BLIS, putting the car in the "meh, more than we wanted to spend but V8 is nice so we'll take it" category.

    So far I'm really happy with it. We already put on a thousand miles on it over the weekend and it drives like a dream. The only problem I have is that my Recaro child seats do not fit properly due to the non-moveable second row headrests.
  • Dealer wants $35,500 for a 2010 xc90 w/5,000 miles inclusive of Navigation & Backup Camera Good Deal? Any help would be appreciated.
  • It is for a 3.2 AWD. I went to the dealership today and this car was fully loaded which they didn't state in the internet ad. Therefore, I ended up getting this XC90 mint condition w/ $5000 with the following Volve installed options:
    Navigation System w/ backup camera
    DVD Entertainment
    Remote Start
    Trailer Hitch

    I personally thought it was kind of mistake so I jumped on it for the $35,500. What do you think? Again the car is in perfect condition.

  • alex2010alex2010 Posts: 1
    edited December 2010

    I am shopping around an XC90 2011 FWD v6 with BLIS and climate package. Invoice price is 37,318 ( = 35,908 + 658 + 752). I got a quote of $36,000 plus TTL. The above price includes destination and all other charges.

    Is this a reasonable price?

    I do not qualify for the loyalty incentive, but can get the Costco $500 discount.

    Thanks for any input!

  • carguy2400carguy2400 Posts: 3
    edited December 2010
    More then reasonable. as long as its 1318 under before the 500 dollar COSTCO discount.
  • tlb5tlb5 Posts: 44
    so perhaps i missed my chance ignoring the costco deal - but my wife's S60 doesn't come off lease until early may so i thought it was too soon to get her the XC90 in jan. now it seems that between all SIX (6) nearby bay area volvo dealers there are a total of 10 XC90s on the lot, none configured how she wants it. anyone know what's going on with the 2012's and why are inventories so low on 2011's?

    thinking if i have to factory order need to start working on that now.

    also, does anyone know the current MFs and residuals for the 2011 R-design XC90s at 36 and 48 month (12k mileage)? thanks much in advance. these forums helped me so much the last time around when i got my infinity G35x!
  • Any style changes for the XC90 in the making?
  • tlb5tlb5 Posts: 44
    Still wondering what's going on with the 2012 models but even our local dealer doesn't seem to know. So, giving up on that question, does anyone know the residual/mf for a 2011 base model, awd at 36 and 48 months, 12k miles per year?

  • bdewittbdewitt Posts: 13
    Anyone bought an XC90 latley?? It doesn't seem like anyone has posted for a while... The wife and I are picking up her 2011 White XC90 R-Design AWD on Saturday... and to be honest, we didn't get a ton off of sticker... but she loves the car.

    Sticker was $47,275
    We paid $44,600 (including $1,000 loyalty)

    Any thoughts????
  • chuckbern1chuckbern1 Posts: 2
    I purchased an 2011 XC90 R Design on April 16th. Sticker was $45,500 and I paid $39,625 with the loyalty rebate of $1,000.
  • calvino1calvino1 Posts: 2
    looks a great deal, would you mind share the location/model/option information for this purchase?
  • chuckbern1chuckbern1 Posts: 2
    edited May 2011
    I purchased the 2011 XC90 R Design car at Volvoville in Huntington, NY. The sticker was $45,025 and my price with the loyalty discount was $39,625. It had the AWD, climate package,BLIS and premium Electric Silver metallic paint
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