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Kia Sorento Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I just bought my Sorento in August. 2013 SX with Premium package, AWD. Got the best price from KIA of Sherman Oaks. It is part of the Casa group that owns Casa de Cadillac. I got nothing but BS from KIA of downtown LA. Got a great quote from KIA of Ventura too. Also tried KIA of Santa Ana. Sherman Oaks had the best deal overall. Good luck, love my car!
  • hpt84hpt84 Posts: 1
    edited October 2012
    2013 Kia LX, I4, no roof rack, cargo cover, very basic. 18500 out the door with trade in at 2.99% financing. I think the final trade in value was 4500, so 23000 out the door with no trade in. Dealership originally valued my trade in at 3500. I went to dealership A and they offered 21000 otd. A week later, I went to dealership B and haggled them to 20,000 otd and I walk out the dealership. The next day, I called dealership A and told them to beat the price and they offer 19000 otd. Call back dealership B on the same day and got them to offer 18500 otd. Take your time and go back and front between dealership to get the best price. An extra day save me 1500. Remember that whenever you walk out you lose nothing. They will stand by their last offer. Each time I walk out the sale manager stop me and offer a better deal.

    Edit: original MSRP around 26,000
  • blutopblutop Posts: 6
    thanks for the info dbuilder (and also, side show tom). dbuilder, did you use Authority Auto or another broker? I am using Authority Auto but they can only get me into a Base EX (not the V6) for 27,150 out the door - this only has the extra option of homelink rear view by the way.

    They say I can't get lower... just wondering your opinion and if you liked your broker experience. thanks!
  • edl2edl2 Posts: 35
    That doesnt sound like a good deal...I got the EX with the V6 and AWD including the premium package for 28,300 in PA
  • It sounds very similar deal you got.
    My sorento is also base EX v6 plus trunk net, trunk cover(?) and homelink with compass.
    I remember there was only $600 difference between GDI-4 and v6 model.
    Considering What I paid ($28,500 OTD), you've got as good as mine.

    By the way, v6 mpg is not as good as shown on the report.
    I am a mild driver and I reads around 18 mpg city.
  • I was quoted EX V6 FWD Premium Pkg for 26500 and considering purchase
  • blutopblutop Posts: 6
    Thanks dbuilder,
    I also have a $1000 lease rebate on top of that, and of course, we here in California have to deal with an extra $800 as part of our price quote due to emissions here that are different than other states (and different sales tax) so perhaps that's the difference between the prices we got and the other couple of respondents here.

    I knew I'd get better gas mileage with the V4, and I'm not hauling too much, so yeah... I heard that it wasn't as good as reported (but then again, when are they!) - there was someplace in the forums that I read you need to let them "break-in" before you start seeing the higher mpg, so maybe there's a little light at the end of that tunnel?

    Thanks again!
  • What do you say? The list price is approx. $23K. What would be a good price to be considered a a good deal? I have a 2003 Sorento so I assume I can get a loyalty discount? May be $19K? Thank you ahead for your responses.
  • edl2edl2 Posts: 35
    Is it a 2012 or 2013 LX??
  • 2012, or may be 2011 if they still have 2011 inventory and try to clear them.
  • side_show_tomside_show_tom Posts: 22
    edited November 2012
    With Premium Package, Cargo Cover, Cargo Net, Wheel Locks, $31,500.
  • edl2edl2 Posts: 35
    What rebates did you get? Sounds like they ripped you off I am afraid......I bought the 2013 Sorento EX V6 AWD with Premium package which included crossbar on roof rack no trade for $28,300.....I qualified for $3,000 in rebates...MSRP was 34, 200
  • lok888lok888 BostonPosts: 1,788
    My dealer quoted $28,900 (with incentives) for the exact same trim and package. From what I read here, $28,300 is the lowest with all the incentives.

    Question. The Premium Package doesn't have power folding outside mirrors and air-cooled driver seat like the Limited Package, right?
  • edl2edl2 Posts: 35
    That is correct has manual folding mirrors....they offer 2 distinct packages premium and limited.....If you are a member of COSTCO work through their website it will refer you to a dealer thats affiliated with Costco will save you some additional $$$
  • lok888lok888 BostonPosts: 1,788
    The dealer didn't include the crossbar which makes your price even attractive to me. Do you mind if I ask what kind of incentive did you use? I am not sure if I can combine the $1500 cash back, $1250 Owner Loyalty and $1250 Competitive Bonus toward the purchase. This dealer said no and I can only choose either one. Really?
  • I got the SX, not the EX. MSRP was $37,625. The deal is about equal considering the 2 different cars, and the SX comes with more standard equipment. I went through COSTCO, which gives you dealer invoice before incentives and hold backs.
  • edl2edl2 Posts: 35
    Sure..I got the 500.00 dealer I went to said you had to currently be in military which is not true. I was discharged in 1978...Got competitor financing rebate( had to finance at least 11k which I did for 36mths at 1.9%) and cash total rebates were 3000.00..This was in SEPT so dont know if rebates changed since but they look the same to me...I can tell you that I really shopped hard and compared prices . Went back and forth for weeks and found the final offers from dealers varied by as much as 1500.00 . The dealership that I wanted to buy from which was 2 miles from my home gave me 4 final offers and was still 375.00 more then the amount I bought car for. Just to add I also got dealer to give me a $330.00 service/parts credit as a bonus which I recently used to by the side steps at the invoice price of 350.00( not installed). So for 28,300 I got the EX AWD 6Cyl with premium package...crossbars and side steps
  • lok888lok888 BostonPosts: 1,788
    I asked the dealer whether I can combine the $1250 Owner Loyalty (currently own a Kia Sorento) and the $1250 Competitive Bonus (also own an old Lexus RX). He said I can only choose either one but I can't find that on Kia site.

    Currently, Kia runs the 0.9% APR plus $1000 bonus cash or $1500 cash back on all trims.
  • edl2edl2 Posts: 35
    Dealer is correct you cannot combine those 2. One of the dealerships that I went to showed me the actually Kia incentive brochure and what combinations that you can use. Regarding the 0.9% if you use that rate you cant get the 500.00 finance using the 1.9% rate you can get 500.00 finance the numbers it depends on how much you finance and for how long to determine if its worth the 1% difference. If you do not plan on financing then just finance for 3 months you get the rebate and can pay it off after the 3 months.
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