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Kia Sorento Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • i got the price 31,495 from dealer, the MSRP is 36,195. How is this price?
  • We got a 2013 Sorento LX with convenience package, 3rd row, cargo cover, cargo net and mats for $24,288 (not including tax & title) on 5 Sep in Omaha, NE. The best of luck to future buyers!
  • Just got a deal where I'm at $27,400 not incl t & t. $3000 rebate and he threw in the $500 even tho' I will be financing 1/3 of price using 1.9% financing... Hersons, Rockville MD.
  • Just purchased a Sorento LX 4 cyl, AWD w/3rd row for 26,514 (sticker 27,102) less 1500 finance rebate, 750 competitive rebate. I went in and didnt haggle because a wholesaler for KIA I know made a call for me to get the most discount available, im thinking I got hosed after reading this thread. I usually go in with both barrels loaded and all my homework done to haggle and get the best price. Any thoughts? I bought North of Boston Ma
  • I posted a thread back in June prior to purchasing this model. The out the door price was $28700. This car does not have moonroof (which they told me didn't exist in production until I landed one!) Other than that, the car had everything else! I got the beautiful interior known as the DOVE (black/grey combo) After owning a BMW X5, I couldn't be happier with my KIA!

    Best part of it is that ....

    I am leasing the car for 3 years , 15,000 miles / year for $424 (including tax)/month. I negotiated with 9 different dealership and finally figured out what the car sold for, and then got lucky when the finance guy lower my payments "accidentally" by another $33/month = $1200 more savings. I couldn't have signed the agreement fast enough!!!
  • I bought the same exact car, same msrp and all. I paid 28,700 before ttl. AND I bought it from a friend of mine who worked at a kia dealer. So yeah, you got a great deal. Now I wanna go smack my buddy upside the head, lol...
  • Just pick up my 2013 Kia Sorento EX V6 FWD, no option @ $27,931 TTL ($25,329 car price).
    I had to wait for more than 2 months to have this no option model.
    FYI, I am in Anaheim, California.
  • Hi I am planning to purchase LX V6 in next few days, and would appreciate if anyone could point what price they paid for same trim.

  • I had quote for Sorento LX V6 + Conv. Pkg. was just $500 less than EX V6 + no pkg. I remember it was around ~$24,800.
  • does that include the rebates?

    I am getting a quote of Sorento LX V6 with no add ons for 24,800 with no rebates included.

    if it does not include the rebate you got a great quote. Which state are you in and which dealer was it from?

    Thanks for the information.
  • There is a reason to be. I am an airline pilot and literally shopped most of the country for the best deal on a Sorento this past March. Many of these prices posted on the thread are too good to be true, so I decided to look into it further and this is what I found out.

    First of all, quotes don't mean anything. What you are interested in is the out the door price after the purchaser has signed the dotted line.

    Many people are reporting a lower out the door price when the price has been adjusted due to their higher interest rate and payment schedule.

    The dealer will lower the price for customers financing the vehicle for higher payments. People with bad credit or low credit scores are going to pay higher interest rates. A third party finance company will pay the dealer incentives for signing these customers up to compensate for price adjustments made to seal the deal.

    Typically, you will see people with the worse credit reporting the lowest prices for the vehicle. However, they are making up for it with their higher payments and interest rates and the dealer is being compensated by the financing company.

    Bottom line, don't rely on the prices posted on this thread.

    Do your own homework and be sure to ask about dealer's fees and delivery fees from the start. These vary dealer to dealer and can greatly effect the price. Dealers always give you a good "quote" to get you to the table. Once the ink is about to hit the paper, it is amazing to see how things can change. Trust me! I started in AL and then chased "better quotes" to Maine, California and ended up in GA.

    Good luck!
  • thanks for sharing your experience!
  • @lawyerbill1968 = What was the residual value of the car after the 3 years? It looks like you got a smoking deal on this and we are trying to negotiate on one right now. I was trying to find your post in June though I couldn't. Any more details on this would be very helpful!!!

  • edl2edl2 Posts: 35
    Just picked up my Sorento yesterday. All I can say is shop shop and shop some more. The prices that I was quoted varied so widely it was ridiculous. I either went to or contacted 6 different dealerships. Here are the details on the Sorento that I purchased.

    2013 EX AWD 6 Cylinder with the premium package 2. Also included was the rear bumper protector, black cross bar and the cargo net. Bottom line total MSRP including destination charges was 34,180.00

    I qualified for all incentives and in order to get some of the financing incentive I financed 11,500 at 1.9% for 36 mths. This got me a 500.00 finance rebate. I will pay the financed amount after I make 3 payments

    Bottom line on an MSRP of 34,180.00 my final cost was 28,330 plus taxes and tags . I felt this was a very fair deal after all the others dealerships I had been give quotes from. Cant emphasize enough do your homework and shop you will save a lot of money. Also be aware of some dealer tricks that I ran into. A couple of dealers had a separate MSRP over and above the manufacturers MSRP. They would add a few minor things on their own like side steps inspections for 5 years..1st free oil change.....and charge up to 4,000 additional. Good luck to all
  • I haven't heard or seen a "Premium Package 2"?? I even went to the Kia website and don't know what that is either. Besides the regular premium package, what else came with it besides the "rear bumper protector, black cross bar and the cargo net".

    Also what state are you in (that has helped me in the past negotiate prices).

    I am trying to work some deals also and everything helps!

  • edl2edl2 Posts: 35
    On the MSRP it shows as Premium package 2 but it is the only premium package available on this model. Package has
    Surround sound audio system
    heated front seats
    power passenger seat
    50/50 third row
    auto dimming mirror
    panoramic sunroof
    First Aid Kit

    this one also came with Rear bumper protector
    cross bars
    cargo net

    Everything else is standard on the EX model that we wanted

    Bought it in the Dark Cherry with the Beige/Black interior looks real sharp

    eastern part of Pa.......Good luck glad to help out if any other questions!!
  • what incentives exactly? kia loyalty, competitive car pwnet, recent college grad, military?
    price has kia delivery charge ($600) and dealer prep ($200) built in?

    my delership has lifetime oil and filter, tire replacement free, so long as you bring it in to them.
  • edl2edl2 Posts: 35
    I got the competetive car rebate ...military..Kia rebate and 500.00 financing rebate because I financed 11.5k for 36mths at 1.9%over rebates were 3,000 which is the max $$ amount you can get...price included the 800.00 dealer destination and bottom line price was 28,300 plus tax and tags on MSRP sticker of 34,180
    All dealerships have something different. Mine extended powertram warranty to 10 yrs 200k lifetime first oil change
  • blutopblutop Posts: 6
    Hi can you tell me which dealership in Anaheim? I'm in Los Angeles, and trying to buy in the next month. I'm looking for the base EX in white as well. Also, did you purchase, finance or lease, and if you leased, could you share the residual on your vehicle? I'm leaning toward leasing.... thanks!
  • It was from Glendale Kia, but I bought this car through a broker.
    I purchased it, not a lease.
    FYI, Base EX model is very rare. I had to wait more than 2 months to get this car and it was very lucky.
    I hope it helps you a little.
  • I just bought my Sorento in August. 2013 SX with Premium package, AWD. Got the best price from KIA of Sherman Oaks. It is part of the Casa group that owns Casa de Cadillac. I got nothing but BS from KIA of downtown LA. Got a great quote from KIA of Ventura too. Also tried KIA of Santa Ana. Sherman Oaks had the best deal overall. Good luck, love my car!
  • trav06trav06 Posts: 14
    Price paid?
  • hpt84hpt84 Posts: 1
    edited October 2012
    2013 Kia LX, I4, no roof rack, cargo cover, very basic. 18500 out the door with trade in at 2.99% financing. I think the final trade in value was 4500, so 23000 out the door with no trade in. Dealership originally valued my trade in at 3500. I went to dealership A and they offered 21000 otd. A week later, I went to dealership B and haggled them to 20,000 otd and I walk out the dealership. The next day, I called dealership A and told them to beat the price and they offer 19000 otd. Call back dealership B on the same day and got them to offer 18500 otd. Take your time and go back and front between dealership to get the best price. An extra day save me 1500. Remember that whenever you walk out you lose nothing. They will stand by their last offer. Each time I walk out the sale manager stop me and offer a better deal.

    Edit: original MSRP around 26,000
  • blutopblutop Posts: 6
    thanks for the info dbuilder (and also, side show tom). dbuilder, did you use Authority Auto or another broker? I am using Authority Auto but they can only get me into a Base EX (not the V6) for 27,150 out the door - this only has the extra option of homelink rear view by the way.

    They say I can't get lower... just wondering your opinion and if you liked your broker experience. thanks!
  • edl2edl2 Posts: 35
    That doesnt sound like a good deal...I got the EX with the V6 and AWD including the premium package for 28,300 in PA
  • It sounds very similar deal you got.
    My sorento is also base EX v6 plus trunk net, trunk cover(?) and homelink with compass.
    I remember there was only $600 difference between GDI-4 and v6 model.
    Considering What I paid ($28,500 OTD), you've got as good as mine.

    By the way, v6 mpg is not as good as shown on the report.
    I am a mild driver and I reads around 18 mpg city.
  • I was quoted EX V6 FWD Premium Pkg for 26500 and considering purchase
  • blutopblutop Posts: 6
    Thanks dbuilder,
    I also have a $1000 lease rebate on top of that, and of course, we here in California have to deal with an extra $800 as part of our price quote due to emissions here that are different than other states (and different sales tax) so perhaps that's the difference between the prices we got and the other couple of respondents here.

    I knew I'd get better gas mileage with the V4, and I'm not hauling too much, so yeah... I heard that it wasn't as good as reported (but then again, when are they!) - there was someplace in the forums that I read you need to let them "break-in" before you start seeing the higher mpg, so maybe there's a little light at the end of that tunnel?

    Thanks again!
  • What do you say? The list price is approx. $23K. What would be a good price to be considered a a good deal? I have a 2003 Sorento so I assume I can get a loyalty discount? May be $19K? Thank you ahead for your responses.
  • edl2edl2 Posts: 35
    Is it a 2012 or 2013 LX??
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