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2013 and Earlier - Jeep Cherokee (All) Prices Paid and Buying Experience

SylviaSylvia Member Posts: 1,636
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Have you recently purchased or do you plan on purchasing a Cherokee or Jeep Grand Cherokee? What did you pay? How did you negotiate?


  • flhunterflhunter Member Posts: 4
    I recently purchased an '04 Grand Cherokee Laredo 6cyl. 4dr,auto 2wd, took the $3000.00 rebate from Chrysler. Got it for $24,000 (out the door) that includes taxes, etc, etc. Dealer also got me financing at 3.75% for 60 months. I think I got a pretty good deal.
  • flhunterflhunter Member Posts: 4
    What was the final price you paid? $4,000 or "$40,000"? : )
     Are you sure you got the 3,000 rebate and the 0%? As I understood, you could only take one or the other....... Let us know
  • o4buyero4buyer Member Posts: 4
    I love the looks and price have negotiated for an 04 grand cherokke laredo, 4wd, base package. I have read horror stories about the jeep concerning reliability. How has everyone made out with their purchases?
  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,457
    Try the main Jeep Grand Cherokee discussion or Jeep Grand Cherokee problems for reliability questions.

    This discussion focuses more on the buying experience. I notice you didn't mention the price you negotiated :-)


    Steve, Host
  • mcccool1mcccool1 Member Posts: 1
    I would like to know what the wholesale price for my 1998 Jeep Cherokee Sport 4x4 is. Optional equip listed: power windows, lighted entry system, cruise control, leather steering wheel, power door locks, rear window defroster, power mirrors, air conditioning, rear window wiper, keyless entry, privacy glass, tilt steering wheel, luggage rack, am/fm cassette COLOR emerald green milieage 64,000 good condition
  • jefferson1964jefferson1964 Member Posts: 330
    go to and put in your info on your jeep. check it out its got some info.
  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,457
    Click through the Used Cars link here and look for the Customized Appraisal button. It'll give you numbers for dealer trade-in (that's wholesale to me, unless you plan to auction it), and private party sale. Plus it'll tell you what a dealer would sell it for.

    Steve, Host
  • aboomeraboomer Member Posts: 4
    9/6/03 Priced out a Grand Cherokee Limited, v-8, 4dr, 4wd, leather seats. $35,100 window before rebate of 4,000. Note: Almost bought but discovered at signing it did not have heated seats (Minnesota need). the cold weather pakg is $250 and includes this. Dealer could not find this car with this option anywhere in the system within a reasonable driving distance.
    Found several with this option plus the power sun roof raising the price up to 36, 700. Ouch!
    Chryler has raised there option packages for all jeep invoiced after Aug 30th. Some have gone up so much they add another 600 1000 to the price to compensate for the rebate they don't want to be giving.
  • aboomeraboomer Member Posts: 4
    Edmunds has some jeep options priced wrong, probably due to the option increase as of Aug 30th. The previous post on the jeep I had priced out at the dealer for 36,700, Edmunds says this should be about 35,100 if the buyer gets a true market value. The difference lies in that sunroof option Edmunsd says is $1,100 and the dealers are now charging $1800 - 2100 for.
  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,457
    Ouch - that's a hefty price bump. Guess they have to off-set the incentives somehow. Please send in a Feedback Form when you see these kinds of errors. The data people are real good at fixing them in a timely manner. Thanks!

    Steve, Host
  • aboomeraboomer Member Posts: 4
    I kind of solved the price problem Steve. I work accross the street from a Chrylser dealer and they had a SE edition. Not a Laredo, not a Limited but basically in-between.
    It had all the equipment I was looking for less some of the equipment the Limited had that I didn't need (dual temp controls, 10 ways seats).
    It was deep discounted ($5400 off the sticker) so we bought it.
    Last, I heard that the car companies in general will be quietly upping the prices of options to make up for the heavy rebates in the immediate future.
  • aboomeraboomer Member Posts: 4
    Sorry, but I forgot to pass on that the discount included $3000 in rebates and the dealer got me 3.7% financing where the best I could find was 3.99. Purchased on 9/7/2003
    Thus, right now you can get both rebates and low interest loans. My loan at 3.7 % (locked in) went up to 3.9 the following day 9/9, thus rates are starting to climb upwards slightly. If you're at all serious right now on any car, you might want to move on it sooner rather than later.
  • field1field1 Member Posts: 5
    I liked the 26F package in the 2003 (e.g., auto headlights but not the body side cladding) - compared to the T package in the 2004 so I searched out and found one of the last 2003s in the area. The MSRP was 32k and change with the sunroof, F package etc.
       Offered 21,500 plus my old 97 jeep which had a bluebook value of about $4000 on a trade in. So I paid essentially $25,500 with the $3000 discount. Seemed a good deal at about $6700 below MSRP. And I got 3.6% on the loan.
       Only down side is that the city mileage has been around 13 mpg which is 4 mpg below my old jeep and 3 mpg below what is listed so I am going to have them look at it. Highway is 21 mpg. Could just be that I need to break it in some more (has only 300 miles now).
       Would love to hear how the new mileage is for others with a new grand cherokee.
  • youn0813youn0813 Member Posts: 28
    I have a '04 V8 JGC Ltd. Now I have 2500 miles and the trip computer still says +/- 15 miles/gal. Even on the freeway.. However, I do get poor mileage on local roads, but on the freeway, I observed about 20 miles/gal.

    Field1, does your trip monitor show the actual mileage? Because mine doesn't
  • field1field1 Member Posts: 5
    I don't remember my 1997 6 cyl GC getting poor gas mileage at the beginning, but maybe I just didn't notice. However, for most of my memory I averaged around 18-19 mpg with 22-23 on the highway and 17 in stop and go traffic.
      So it was a bit of a shock when my new GC 6 cyl started with about 12-13 around town. Right now I am trusting the gas mileage display, but on my next fillup I will know if that is accurate. Read in various places that with tight rings etc causing some friction, it needs 1000 to 3000 miles to get to its typical gas mileage.

       Is your trip monitor just inaccurate? Does it not match the mileage on the odometer?
  • dan1166dan1166 Member Posts: 3
    We bought a new 2004 GC Overland,which is now the top of the line. We traded in a 60th anniversary 2001 GC Limited, and what a disappointment. The Overland comes standard with a up country suspension, and ride is very stiff. The dealer tells me that this option is for off-roading. Now who in their right mind would take this $40,000. vehicle off-roading?
    Now I find out that you can delete this option at a no cost savings. Now that is a deal. Hopefully it will soften up. I guess I didn't do my homework. But the real kicker are the Chrome Clad Wheels. They are a plastic chrome wheel cover attached over a standard wheel. I specifically ordered chrome wheels like my 2001, 60th anniversary edition had but this is what I got. I wonder how they will hold up in the northeast with our hard winters.(road salt,anti-skid material etc.) At first glance they look good, but I noticed the plastic the first time I washed them. All this for a $40,000 plus vehicle. I am really disappointed in jeep. Too late now. I bought it and have to live with it. Just thought you wanted to know.
  • youn0813youn0813 Member Posts: 28
    My trip monitor seems to be very inaccurate because it says +/- 15 on freeway when I go 80 MPH and in the city where I stop like every 2 minutes. City driving stinks real bad because I see the gas gauge needle going down, seriously! I didn't observe the city driving but the freeway driving I get about 20 miles/gal.
    The stupid thing is that AVG MIL/GAL goes up by 0.1 after about 30 minutes of driving on the freeway and goes down by 0.1 after about 30 minutes of city driving. So it's like when I go see my parents I get about + 0.4 miles/gal, then loose what I got from the freeway when I drive around town. Then again, I go see my parents and get the same thing all over and the cycle repeats itself, not doing anything to the 'shown' mileage. I think it's pretty retarded to have this kind of inaccuracy in a 40G car.. I'm going to ask the dealer next time I go for my first oil change. And I will check my city mileage next time I fill up my tank.
    About your question regarding the trip monitor matching the odometer.. I wouldn't know because I reseted my "trip mile" menu many times when I went places.. Haha.. But the trip mileage seems to be accurate. It's just the AVG MIL/GAL that's inaccurate. It changes so slow I don't know how the trip computer is calculating this value!!

    As for the Chrome wheels.. I love mine even though they are plastic. I thought they were metal but turned out to be plastic. But no worries because I'm not going off roading with this car, as you said, you would have to be either crazy or just have a tree growing money in your backyard to take this thing offroad! I'm just hoping I won't be so unlucky and have something hard hit the wheels! That would be not very good... You can always replace one from the spare tire though.
    They really shine a lot and are like mirror when you wash them and thoroughly dry them with a towel. Best-looking chrome wheels I've ever seem. Immagine cleaning those BMW wheels with a brush every inch because you're fingers can't go into the small gaps!
  • field1field1 Member Posts: 5
    In the my 1997 GC, you had one read out for average miles/gallon and another for instantaneous.

      In 2003s, there is only the average MPG. And it starts calculating the average as soon as you hit the reset button while the MPG display is showing. So you can reset it on every fill up (or any time).

       I can get about 20 mpg on the highway with no stoping - maybe a tad more. But that city driving hammers me. It is getting a bit less than 12 mpg. And the city plus a bit of highway around town is showing around 13.

       Certainly hopes that improves considering it is just the 6 cylinder. Makes me wonder how jeep got that 16-21 mpg figure.

       I did call the dealer and they said that I needed to put on some miles before they would be able to determine whether the mileage was low. It easy a wonderfully smooth ride though and seems to have plenty of power.
  • weoflunweoflun Member Posts: 3
    Field, you may consider replacing your fuel filter, air filter, or cleaning your fuel injection. I did my fuel injection and I noticed a huge differance as far as power goes, which no doubt helped my MPG. You also may need to replace your catalytic converter, that may help a lot, too.

    Changing your oil and getting a full flush can help a lot, as well.

    Do you have Quadra-Trac or Quadra-Drive on your Jeep?
  • dsjeeptidsjeepti Member Posts: 61
    Field, I too experience poor mileage, especially in the city (similar to your figures). I now have just over 8,000 miles and it has not improved. Dealer says nothing is wrong. I get an oil change every 3,000 miles.

    Weoflun, I can't see how changing air filter, fuel filter and cleaning the fuel injectors with such low mileage could make a difference (not to mention a new cat???). Field has a 2003...

    Still enjoy the ride. Drove from NY to Minnesota and back and the JGC was fine, even at 90 mph. Actually averaged 20+ doing "above posted" speeds consistently w AC on last summer. City mpg still 11-12 mpg.
  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,457
    You probably can get even more feedback in the main Jeep Grand Cherokee discussion, since this one is focused, ahem, on prices paid :-)

    Steve, Host
  • field1field1 Member Posts: 5
    Well, I am discovering that the stop and go on the hills are the main thing that kills the mileage. I am getting 22 to 23 mpg on the flat open road right now with 1000 miles on it (it does appear to be improving a bit). And if I have a mixture of flat open road driving and these hills then I get closer to the 16 mpg they state. But if I include just the stop and go traffic and the steep hills in my town, it drops it down to 13 or so.
         Jeep has been perfect other than that. Plenty of power on those hills with the V6.
  • tcp1330tcp1330 Member Posts: 1
    Anyone here since October?

    I'm looking at a JGC Columbia Edition. MSRP is $32K and change, but Columbia package (sunroof, Infinity sound, 17 inch wheels, etc.) looks like a bargain compared to adding the same to the Laredo - and I actually like the special interior. The seats feel like they have much more lateral support than Laredo's.

    Question - The dealer dropped it down to $29.4K and threw in $5K in lease loyalty rebate for a total package of $24.9K. It's looking like a great deal - am I missing anything?

    I've got a 2001 Cherokee Limited on lease that runs out in March - no real trade-in, as residual is poor. But the new package gives me a JGC at less than the lease price I've been paying for the Cherokee.

    Anyone out there seeing better deals I can use to negotiate? It's the 4.0 I6 with Select-Track and no towing pkg. Happy holidays!
  • schmitz3924schmitz3924 Member Posts: 1
    I've purchased a 2004 Laredo in the last week. Invoice was $29788. I got $4250 in rebates and a loan at 3.9% for 60 months. The vehicle has a V8 and some other equipment but it pretty much a standard Laredo.
  • johngjohng Member Posts: 6
    Hi Guys,

    I have been shopping around for a while and done quiet a bit of research. After I test drove a few I think I am going to go with a 2004 JGC Overland loaded with Navigation,power pedals..etc. It has 5700 miles on it and the dealer wants 29,400$ for it after some back and forth negotiating. Considering the list is about 41,500$ I think this is a pretty decent deal.

    Any thoughts/advice ?

  • dmaxdmax Member Posts: 3
    Purchased an '04 Overland last April. Consulted Costco Automobile Program, who referred me to a participating dealer. No game playing!! Their price was was "dealer cost" plus $250, about $6,500 off MSRP with rebates. Maybe could have done better somewhere, but not sure where. The price was way below the local dealer - Costco referred me to a dealer about 70 miles away.

    Another neat thing - I was able to access the dealer's inventory on the internet and actually selected my car before going to the dealership. They had over 100 GC in stock, ten of them were Overlands, at least one in each flavor. Easiest automobile purchase I have ever made.
  • mikeyp53mikeyp53 Member Posts: 55
    Been looking all over for a 6cyl with tow group and could not find it. Found 4 of them with the V8 5spd auto in a Laredo package. List price was $32,600; with discounts and rebates they sold it to me for $24,500 including the rebates. I now have 1000 miles on it and its perfect! No defects or delivery problems. Rides great and tows 6500 lbs. This was a no hassle deal, did the whole thing in less than an hour including the paperwork. I would definitely do another Grand Cherokee, but, unfortunately, they wll change this model for 2005.
  • mbjbmbjb Member Posts: 39
    I have a question for those who saw the 2005 GC in person, did it look like the interior room for the driver and passenger increased in size? Is the GC wider? The reason I ask is that I am 6'4" and 280 and want to know about the fit. My wife has a 2000 GC and it could be a little wider and more leg room. Please let know.
  • frrussrefrrussre Member Posts: 41
    MBjb, I saw the new 2005 GCL at the NY Motor Show. The doors were locked on all display models, unlike most other vehicles. From looking at the Jeep it is slightly wider, definitely longer. They supposedly designed it as a 7 seater, then changed their minds & kept it as a 5 seater. Based on that, there is supposed to be more room inside. My only thought is the roof line seems low, very small side windows. You might have a headroom problem.
  • mbjbmbjb Member Posts: 39

    Thanks for the info. I am going to wait till thsy hit showroom and then I can see if I will fit comfortably.

  • ricardonricardon Member Posts: 2
    List $32,900. Option - Htd Mirrors. Paid less than employee price. Paid $28,300 taxable (6% MI)plus a $23 plate transfer fee, less $3,500 incentive, less $500 military discount, less $1,000 for financing through Chrysler (48 months at 4.19%). $24, 998.

    That's $9,899 savings vs MSRP total including tax...

    Zero hassle, 3.5 hours at a local Metro Detroit(5 Star) dealer.
  • bkr258bkr258 Member Posts: 1
    i'm interested in buying a 2001 jeep cherokee but am not familiar with how well they run in the long run. It has approximately 43,000 miles on it, any tips?
  • jazzmilajazzmila Member Posts: 1
    Grand Cherokee Laredo "Special Edition" in Inferno Red, 4 X 2, 4.OL . PAID $25K - $1K (rebate) = $24K (sale price) plus $2,337 Tax/Lic = $26,337 out-the-door with 0% Financing for 5 years. Purchased from CarMax, LAX. No haggle price, no hassles, no surprises. $5,335 off MSRP.
  • jrandoljrandol Member Posts: 1
    found a Nice 04 Jeep Grand Cherokee fully loaded that has an MSRP of $39,700. This vehicle is a dealer demo and has 5,800 miles on it. I am thinking I can probably get a good deal on this vehicle. Can anyone give me some pointers on negotiating a good price on this car? I realize they currently have a rebate of $3500 but to find a fair valuation since it is a dealer demo would I price a used 04? Thanks for your help!!
  • tomktomk Member Posts: 1
    I got mine at NW Jeep in Beaverton OR. They had several "Tan Your Hide" Laredos at $23995, after $4500 D-C and CFC discount. MSRP was $32500. I paid $24395 to get one with the Inferno Red paint ($400 extra). Check this out...
    - 4.7L V8, 5sp AT, Quadratrac, tow pkg, sunroof, leather interior, steering wheel audio controls.
    Otherwise it was standard Laredo. The TYH package is a great deal! A lot of Limited level stuff for a Laredo price.
    I'm liking it so far. Gas mileage 14-15 mpg in mostly city stop/go after 300 miles. Hoping it improves, I'm sure it will be better once I get it on the hwy. The V8 sure makes it fun to drive!
  • un-limitedun-limited Member Posts: 15
    I'm in the Chicago area. I just purchased a 2001 GC Ltd 37,700mi lease return. It was highway driven, based on it's location and VERY clean. A few minor paint scratches from stones which the dealer painted. Dealer Retail TMV was $20,314. I paid retail dealer $18,250. I traded a poor 93 GC with 87K, rough shape got $3,000 in trade, $250 over Trade-in value. Net cost $15,250. I am enjoying the car and got a very good value. The dealer Park Plaza Dodge in Forest Park, IL has been great with some post sale service and I will be going to them for service on my MaxCare extended warranty. I paid $1,555 for a 7/75K warranty. I will keep this thru the warranty and then trade it. I kept my '93 too long and repairs got very expensive.
  • tofor67tofor67 Member Posts: 3
    Might have made a deal - looking for the gotcha's:

    2004 JGC Laredo
    V8, leather, sunroof, winter pkg
    MSRP: 34480
    PRICE PD: 29888
    LESS: 6475 (various cust incent/rebates)
    LEASE PRICE: 23413
    39 mo/39K mi
    =$265.57/mo (monthly taxes included)
    +995 cap cost reduction + sales tax/title

    The CCR is the only thing that bugs me - is this part negotiable? How much down is typical??


  • phj12phj12 Member Posts: 1
    Does look like a great deal. I am in the market to lease a GJC. Can you tell me where you are getting this deal?
  • simplyputsimplyput Member Posts: 2
    Pittsburgh, PA - Unfortunately, this deal runs out on the 30th and includes a guaranteed price of 1% below invoice + $1000 back from DC for being a Chrysler Affiliate Rewards member (DC is one of my company's clients) so that helps a lot too...

  • gregoryc1gregoryc1 Member Posts: 766
    We leased a new 1995 Jeep GC that was the "vehicle from HELL"! Drive train problems, Electrical problems and Tire problems. The dealer and the factory rep. were no help. While we like the style of many Chrysler vehicles, we would not purchase one after this experience with this Jeep.
  • kkics1kkics1 Member Posts: 11
    From the looks of it, the Overland that I am looking at should be purchased for at least $10K off MSRP since I also have the Chrysler Rewards Program. I am in Chicago, so the competition should help with the pricing. The one I am looking at is Red, with all the options (nav, adj pedals, tire pressure monitor) for about $42K. If I can get this for $30K, it should be a done deal. Will the rebates extend or increase in August?
  • duxfan3duxfan3 Member Posts: 3
    A local dealer here in Perrysburg OH is advertising a GC Laredo 4x4 for $159/month (plus tax) on a 24 month lease. The rebates are obviously going into the cap reduction ($3500 + $1000 CF). Since we have so many Jeep employees in the area I looked closely at the fine print, and it didn't state that one had to be an employee. 12k/year on the lease, $1500 due at signing was the only disclaimer posted. What's missing? Is this a legitimate deal, or is there a hook that I'm not seeing? I'm sure it's a basic Laredo 4X4, but for 24 months I'll lease this, rather than wait for the '05 model. By the time the new model cools off and incentives come out, I'll likely be eligible for a pull-ahead to get out of this lease. But since they are not a 5 star dealer, I'm skeptical that this price is honest. Can anyone help?
  • sunpro2003sunpro2003 Member Posts: 15
    Here's a few questions to ask the dealer.

    I see payments in NJ at $139 month-The fine print states that you need a minimum FICO credit score
    of 730 to qualify. Find out if this is that case
    with your deal.

    If you are an existing Chrysler Financial customer, they will pay your last 5 payments on your current lease to get you into a new car in August.

    Also find out:

    1. Have they given you all the rebates. Through 8/31 you are entitled to the following
    -$3,500 Chrysler Financial Rebate
    -1,000 CF cash
    -$1,750 Conquest Cash
    So thats $6,250 in rebates before any discount.

    If its a 24 month lease with 12K miles a year, they will hit you up for 20 cents excess mileage charge if you go over the included miles.

    2. Find out the following:

    Dealer Discount
    Net CAP cost(this is what your lease payment is based on)
    What money factor are they using for the lease?
    (This is important since it will tell you what the interest rate is they are charging you.

    Excess Mileage charge(if they are giving you 12K miles per year, I suspect they will charge you 20 Cents per mile over)
    What money factor are they using for the lease?

    3. Total Due at Signing(What makes up the $1,500)
    -$159(Usually 1st month Payment
    -$ Any cash down payment
    -$ Any security deposit
    -$ Any bank fee
    -$ any other fees

    Good Luck!
  • frankfrank Member Posts: 12
    Is it a good deal?
    Should I worry about the 73k miles?
    When does it start to be costly repair wise?
    it is a 2wd, is it much better mileage wise?
    also can I still use some of the rugged features of the truck with a 2wd only?
  • brandes1027brandes1027 Member Posts: 2
    I'm looking at a 119 GC Laredo 2WD w/ 87265 miles @ $7000 & a 1997 GC Laredo TSI (What does TSI stand for?) w/ 96728 miles @ 5000.

    Where can I find out the resale value of this car say in about 2 years time?--What will it be worth in 2 years--
  • brandes1027brandes1027 Member Posts: 2
    The first vehicle is a 1996--
  • bryanw47bryanw47 Member Posts: 2
    We have a 2004 JGC with the 4.7L HO engine. We get 11.5 to 12 mpg in town and 16.5 to 19 mpg on the highway. Is this the norm? I hope not. We have several friends who have the standard 4.7L engine and they get around 15 to 16 mpg in town and 21 to 24 mpg on the highway. Dealer says everything is normal.
  • xscoutxscout Member Posts: 141
    Laredo TSI was a content upgrade of the regular Laredo. The only specific option I can recall was the steering wheel radio controls. I have 2 1997 Laredo 2WD's both with about 100,000 miles. Bought both used and have had only minor repairs over the last few years. If you like to do your own routine maintenance, it is as easy as it gets on these vehicles. The condition and then mileage should be your most important concerns in determining which to buy. Unless the 1996 is flawless(like new including tires)that price sounds a little high.
  • poji102poji102 Member Posts: 2
    I'm looking at buying from a used car dealer. I found a 98 Jeep Cherokee Laredo, asking price $9000. The friend I was with said he thinks I could get it for as low as $7500. It's got 76000 miles. Has a sunroof, power seats/windows/locks, cd player, etc... But the inside is worn a bit (very worn steering wheel, a few scratches on the dash, a tear in the driver's seat). Is this a good buy? I've never bought a Jeep and am just looking for a car that will last me a few more years through college.
  • bigman32bigman32 Member Posts: 4
    We just leased a 2004 JGC Laredo. It has the V8, power driver seat, infinity sound system, overhead console (i.e. compass, etc.) and a tow package. Before we leased the Jeep we had a 2001 Nissan Pathfinder. To make a long story short, we needed to get rid of the Pathfinder before the end of the lease (4 months early). The Jeep dealer offered to pay off my lease for me. Keep that in mind when looking at the numbers. We put $2,500 down, plus first month payment. We got 15,000 miles/year for 36 months and opted for the extended warranty which covers us for the entire lease. We pay $349/month. Is this a good deal, or did I get hosed?
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