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2013 and Earlier - Jeep Wrangler Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Hi All,

    I ordered a 2010 Jeep Rubicon about 8 weeks ago through a dealer. I am still waiting but hope to have it in next week. When I initially ordered it the sales guy say we couldn't talk price because they didn't have the 2010 pricing and couldn't know what incentives would be avialable. I didn't think too much of it at the time. He said when it gets close we will work out the numbers. I told him I am paying cash.

    I spoke to the dealer this week and he was reluctant to give me a price and said "Your custom ordered a Jeep the price is the price" implying that I should be paying full price!! This was a bit of a shock to me. Is it normal pratice for dealers to expect full price on a new vehicle when it is ordered? I would expect not since they don't have the typical cost with keeping an vehicle on the lot for months at a time. I am not looking for a price at or below invoice but I am looking for a fair price.

    then he pushed me and said I was obligated to get this Jeep Is that true or can I go else where and get my $500 dollar deposite back?

    Any informaiton you can provide would be helpful. I want to be fair to the dealership but I am not going to be taken for a ride nor do I have intentions of paying full price.
  • mac24mac24 Posts: 3,910
    Sounds like something out of a bad 'made for tv' movie.
    I can't believe you're even thinking of continuing to do business with them. :surprise:

    Unless you've signed a contract to buy the Jeep at whatever the dealer wants to charge, you have no contract and no obligation.
    Collect your deposit and run!
  • I agree - take the money and run. Other dealers are out there that would love to have your business.

    I ordered a 2010 Wrangler Sahara in late July. The dealer commited to invoice + $100. The Jeep is scheduled for delivery next week. Two weeks ago the invoice arrived. It reflected a 2010 at 2009 pricing and they are honoring their commitment of invoice + $100.

    They told me it was one of the first ones ordered after the 2009 production cutoff and 2010 pricing was not known at the time.

    Good luck.
  • mb789mb789 Posts: 89
    Will you generally get a better price deal on a vehicle the dealer just gets in stock, or one that they have had on the lot for a couple months? I'm considering a couple Wranglers, and in one instance, the dealer just got one, and in another instance at another dealer, they have had the vehicle for at least two months.

    If the dealer has had it for some time, will their cost (interest, lot attendants, etc.) and investment be too great to get a fair deal on the price?
  • mb789mb789 Posts: 89
    How much does it cost dealers themselves to get a vehicle from another dealer? Do they actually have to "buy" it from the other dealer? How much headache is it for them -- it seems straightforward to buyers, but what is involved behind the scenes?

    The reason I'm asking is because one local dealer had a vehicle I was interested in, and I saved the window sticker to my computer. I thought they sold it (it said Sold on their web site) but apparently they traded it to another dealer a few hours away because I saw it when I did a search on the Jeep web site and matched VIN numbers. Not that I would want to do this, but could the local dealer "trade it back," so to speak, or is there some cost they had to pay that would make it a royally stupid idea for both the dealer and for me? :D
  • Curious to know if anyone out there has ordered a 2010 Wrangler and if so, how much room for negotiation did they have ? From what I can tell, there are no current incentives offered on the 2010 Wrangler - only the '09. We are about to start negotiating for a 2010 Charcoal Gray Wrangler Sport Soft Top, but wanted to get input from others and how their experience ordering a 2010 went first. How close to invoice did you get ? - any get below ?? - or, have other items been put into the offer to "sweeten" it up - (gas, etc. ? )
    Doubt there are any dealer incentives going on right now, BUT if someone knows about one, input to that would be great too.

    Just don't know what to expect with ordering vs. buying off the lot.
    Any and all input is welcome as it will help us to know what to expect or negotiate/aim for ?
    Thanks !!! Getting pretty excited here...
  • mac24mac24 Posts: 3,910
    How much does it cost dealers themselves to get a vehicle from another dealer?

    Who knows, but there's always a cost of some sort. Most commonly dealers will swap vehicles, often with the dealer initiating the trade have to give up a higher spec vehicle than the one he's receiving.
    Sometimes it can be as little as the cost of transport between the dealerships.

    One thing is inevitable though, it will have cost the dealer more than if he'd ordered it from the manufacturer along with the rest of his stock that month.
  • mac24mac24 Posts: 3,910
    Just don't know what to expect with ordering vs. buying off the lot.

    Attitude varies between dealerships and the amount of unsold stock on the lot.
    An ordered vehicle represents an easy unworked for sale, which goes directly to both the bottom line and adds to the volume of sales that month.
    In theory the dealer can offer his best price as even if it sold at cost (which would never happen!) it would be an extra sale at no expense.

    However...the vehicle that's been sitting on the lot for several months has incurred a lot of expenses in both interest and it's share of the overall daily cost of running the dealership.
    Therefore, there's a lot of pressure to shift that one rather than take a factory order.
    Usually that's not too hard for the salesman to accomplish, even though any discount is going to be minimal, as most people want instant gratification.

    Usually to get an ordered vehicle at the best price you have to be single minded.
    Once it's realized that you'll only buy a factory order the way you want it, it makes more sense to take the order than to let you walk.

    Remember though that good salesmen are by nature poor order takers (and so they should be), so you may have to work a little. :)
  • I order my 2010 2Dr Sahara on Monday from a dealer in Ohio. Ended up paying $300 less than FWP (invoice). However, keep in mind that the invoice price for the 2010 Wranglers have increased by about $600-$700. The MSRP is relatively the same. I really didn't do any negotiating, just went in and told them what I wanted. He gave me a price of $400 over invoice and I left. A few days later he called and said my 'new' price was $26,000. I had my parents go in and put $100.00 down and make sure everything was correct. I order a 2Dr Sahara Manual with a soft-top, Dark Charcoal with side airbags, anti spin, and 3.73 ratio. I was planning on ordering the tow package but was told Jeep may be putting on a smaller receiver than in previous years, so i decided to play it safe and wait. But I was looking at pictures from dealers online and it looks like they are using a 2-inch hitch. Might see if I can add it to my order, as long as it wont screw things up. One last thing, I was told that Jeep is trying to decrease the time from order to delivery to 4 weeks. I believe it when I see it. Can't wait to get mine!!!!!
  • Thanks for such a detailed reply britmsu -
    So far, the few dealerships we have spoken to have not wanted to go below invoice and one is above.
    We are wanting to order a Wrangler Sport, Charcoal Gray Soft Top with side airbags, anti spin and 3.73 ratio - so, net net, a lot like your order. : )
    We do want the tow package as well so that is interesting what you said about the hitch. Looks like we will have to look into the actual size of it first.
    Well, now that I know you got below invoice by a bit, I am more inclined to negotiate a bit harder....If they can't go below invoice, perhaps they can "sweeten" the deal a bit with add -odds ?? (just a thought...) Guess it will all come down to who wants to sell us one the most. You aren't by any chance located somewhere in the Pacific Northwest are you - (if so, I'd be curious to know what dealer you went with..? )
    Again - thanks for your input.
  • mb789mb789 Posts: 89
    It is so nice to know that I am not the ONLY person in the whole world who wants side airbags in a Wrangler. People on other forums have made rude remarks and salesmen have chuckled at me when I told them I wanted them. Thanks for sharing! ;)
  • That is so funny.... and yes, I can relate.
    When we were looking at the '09's, we kept asking for one with side air bags, and they always looked at us like "why??"....

    But I would not budge, and refused to even consider one without them -
    With 3 of my kids expected to be driving this as well, I would never forgive myself if I didn't buy the extra protection and later regretted it....For the small extra amount that they are in regards to the whole price, I can't figure out why you wouldn't want them..."just in case"....

    Thanks to you too for sharing -
    It's not just a "jeep thing" is a "safe jeep thing" ;)
  • Ordered my from Tom Ahl in Lima, Ohio. I was offered the Friends and Family pricing by the salesperson. I do not know anyone that works or is affiliated with Chrysler, but the dealer offered me the F&F pricing anyway. Salespeople usually have clients with extra F&F pricing codes available. If they want to sale a car, you might be able to finagle a F&F price. Hope you can find the right price!!!
  • mb789mb789 Posts: 89
    Just curious, did either of you select Dark Khaki/Medium Khaki interior to go with the Dark Charcoal exterior? I think this would look really cool together and am thinking of ordering also. Jeep discontinued my two favorite colors -- Sunburst Orange and Detonator Yellow! :cry: :cry: Otherwise, I would be ordering Sunburst with Khaki interior.
  • Just picked up my new 09 Wrangler Sahara last weekend, auto, remote starter and dual tops, got $2202.00 plus $1500.00 rebate off sticker, love it so far and I'm already accessorizing like I did my Harleys in the past.
  • where did you pick up your sahara? looking for similar deals on long island(which they have) but color and lack of a side airbags are issues.
  • I had to order mine. Do not know when it will be delivered but it should not take longer than 6-8 weeks. I was told Jeep is trying to get ordered vehicles to the customer within 4 weeks. Hope that is the case, but I'm not going to hold my breath. Finding a Wrangler with side airbags is nearly impossible. But good luck with your search.
  • Thanks britmsu - that is very interesting....and a great tip.
    Wish us luck ! -
    We definitely want to buy one...just has to be the right price. :)
  • I was in a different forum and some guy was saying how he got his 09 Rubicon Unlimited for around $23k... invoice is like $29.5k... Invoice - holdback - dealer fee is nowhere near that... I was okay with the $2k rebates off invoice + the stupid tinting, wheel locks, and tire cover they put on... not worried about $200 but it almost looks like I'm missing out on many more thousands of dollars in something! The sales price on my 09 sahara 2d that was built in early August 2009 was 24,800 or so after 2k rebates which checks out for right around invoice. I'm thinking he's either making it up, he traded something in, or it's used.
  • I ordered mine with the Dark Charcoal exterior and Gray interior and Black soft top. I am planning on getting seat covers (my daughter says they're "itchy") But I am sure the Khaki interior would look nice. My current car has Khaki so after looking at it for 7 years, I am ready for a change. I almost bought a Sunburst Orange Sahara in late sprint/early summer, but it didn't have the side airbags, so I passed. It is a beautiful color. Im sure it will be back in the Jeep line-up in a few years.
  • This maybe so, with the cashback, incentives, and overall need for dealerships to sell cars. I was offered a really good deal on a '09 Sahara a few months ago, but decided to wait to get everything I wanted by ordering. The incentives and cashback are starting to hit the 2010 market also. Also, if you can get Friends and Family pricing plus incentive/cashback, a buyer would be in really good shape. Hoping they have some incentives during the time my Jeep is delivered. That guy may have started at invoice then added other offers, making it near possible to get the car for the price he claims. The dealer Holdback is usually something the dealer will not negotiate with. The dealer is more than willing to tell you how much it is, but that is about it. So I am sure, the guy you are talking about did not receive the Holdback, maybe a portion, but if the dealers negotiate with the Holdback, they would not be able to stay in business, and the holdback changes according to the vehicle and how long it has been on the lot. Sometimes if something is too good to be true, then it probably is.
  • mac24mac24 Posts: 3,910
    I'm thinking he's either making it up, he traded something in, or it's used.

    Exactly. People often 'forget' those sorts of things when telling about the great deal they got!
  • That was too good to be true.

    I just got a 2010 Unlimited for $1350 off invoice. I was king of surprised they took it but they must be looking to move them. I am very happy!!
  • I ordered a 2010 Unlimited Rubicon yesterday and the best I could get was $100.00 over invoice. I think I am a decent negotiator, so if people are getting them for less "Congradulations". They would not commit to 4 week delivery date, which I really dont blame them
  • nbtynbty Posts: 24
    Just was quoted on a sahara unlimited 09 msrp was 313xx can get it for 25600.
    Has auto,remote start,trailer kit,
    hard top not included (do i need it)
    vehicle is brand new
  • mb789mb789 Posts: 89
    Please clarify how you came to be "quoted" on the vehicle.
  • nbtynbty Posts: 24
    it was a internet price quote spoke to sales manager. I think it a good priced based on the numbers people are getting. Has everything I want except for the freedom top. I don't see many with the soft top around my hood.
  • mb789mb789 Posts: 89
    Sure, if it's a price you think is fair and reasonable and makes you happy, why not! :D

    You probably already know this, but it is expensive to put a hard top on compared to getting a vehicle from factory with one already on. Would your dealer negotiate putting one on if you really want/need one? I wouldn't exepct one for free, but I don't see why they couldn't put one on for close to the factory price. Why are hard tops so dang expensive anyway? :confuse:

    Anyone have suggestions or experience with this situation??
  • what dealership did you get this price from?
  • nbtynbty Posts: 24
    It's there last one with options I want so will post info after I buy it or pass on the deal.

    I can get hardtop for under 1000 hardly used just need to install a wire harness. I'm alittle nervous about top since the wrangler tops had leaking problems and since I didnt buy it with jeep they won't cover if I have problems.
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