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  • We checked out the 2005 T&C's and were disappointed with the Stow n Go seats, neat how they went into the floor and all but they seemed very odd looking and uncomfortable to us. We know for a fact that we will regularly have four people riding in the van but only very very rarely would we have the need for using the full cargo area and we didn't want to have to always endure uncomfortable seats for a few times of needing all the cargo space. We didn't think we wanted to ride in the Stow n Go seats for any length of time ourselves so we thought we should get a 2004 while they are available and were discounted.
    Bought a 2004 Platinum/Touring with a total price of $35,890 and no charge DVD for a net MSRP of $34,995. The Platinum/Touring series seemed very close in features to the Limited but was about $4,300 less and we didn't see $4,300 in value for the extras the limited had over the Platinum.
    We paid $22,500 plus traded a 1993 Caravan with 99,000 miles, dealer said it was worth $600 yet we saw blue book and edmunds trade-in values of about $1,500. Using $1,500 trade value we felt total discounts of $11,890 off of top line list was not too bad so we bought it, figures out to a discount of better than 33%.
    If the 2005 vans would have not disappointed us we would have held off as the 1993 van ran just fine, we just didn't want to have the Stow n Go seats as the only seats available as we understand they are the standard seats on the nicer 2005 town and country's.
  • mrblonde49mrblonde49 Posts: 626
    Wow. I thought I did good with my 04 Platinum Series with my affiliate rewards discount of 1% under invoice, plus the $6000 rebate – for a total of $27,842 on a sticker price of $36,800. This is a little less than what carsdirect showed, so I thought it was a good deal. I didn’t think they would go near 3K under invoice, even with the new models coming out. Was this an advertised special? Just wondering how you would even get to the point of asking for $3000 under invoice, when there’s already a $6K rebate. Great job
  • jtheronjtheron Posts: 24
    Hi blonde.
    No, ours was not an advertised special, the T&C advertised special was for a MSRP of $27,490 and a newspaper ad price of $18,964, for a total discount of $8,526.
    We inquired about the price they would sell a Touring with a MSRP of $33,505, they said they would sell that one for $27,218,(giving us a discount of $6,287) they would allow $800 for trade value for our van plus wanted $26,418 cash. (my error in my original post, as it was another dealer said our trade was worth $600). We laughed at that, their first offer, and showed them their own ad that discounted the $27,490 van by $2,239 ($8,526 - $6,287 = $2,239) more than they were offering us yet we were buying a $6,015 more expensive van. We also had 10 ads from other dealers in this and neighboring metro areas that showed T&C vans discounted by $9,500 and $10,000 and $10,500, some ads said $500 below invoice and customer keeps all rebates, some ads said $1,000 and now even $1,500 below invoice with customer keeping all rebates.
    We told them we felt $21,000 cash + trade-in van was fair for a $33,505 - 2004 T&C Touring, they asked us were we came up with $21,000? We said we didn't know anything about vans but the pricing info we got was from all these different ads, and then we started listing off all the various rebates the ads mentioned, we said we felt our offer was reasonable, but if it was not it would only be because the ads we based our offer on must have been misleading.
    After some time when they tried to get us to increase our offer (which we said we originally only planned to pay $20,000 so we were already $1,000 more than we wanted) they also tried to get us to accept less options, like removing the center console, we held firm and then after more time they said yes they would sell us the van with a $33,505 MSRP for $21,000 cash + our old van. After I looked at the new van I noticed they were quoting for a van without leather and I wanted leather. A Platinum series in a different color was available that was $1,490 more MSRP but included a free DVD priced at $895 for a gross price of $35,890, the increase in MSRP + the "free" DVD was $2,385 and we offered them $1,500 more to get to $22,500 cash + the 1993 caravan. The DVD was wanted by our children and was included in the Touring model we priced and was included no charge in the Platinum Series, only we got the DVD for no charge by moving up to the leather seated Platinum Series.
    We felt the price was fair and it was $1,500 less than another dealer said was his lowest offer he would sell at, so we took it.
    Only thing we can think of if the discounts are out of line was that our trade-in van, a 1993 caravan with 99,000 miles was worth more than the $600 or $800 the dealers said they would allow for it or more than the $1,500 that kbb and edmunds said was a fair trade in value for it, who knows? They kept showing us all kinds of numbers and we were getting confused so we just focused on how much cash they wanted.
    Interesting thing was after the paperwork was printed up for us to sign, the 1993 caravan that we traded in, the one that the dealer said they would allow us $800 trade-in value for, they listed it on the purchase contract as having a trade-in allowance of $6,995. We thought it was worth more than $800 and figured the kbb and edmunds price of $1,500 was fair but we know it wasn't worth $6,995. We made a comment to the salesman on how we were surprised that the 1993 caravan went from being worth $800 to $6,995 in 1 day, said if we knew they were worth so much we would have traded in 3 more of them and got the new T&C for no cash, he didn't say anything to that.
    Also we noticed that the various ads showed discounts for, loyalty and conquest and farm bureau and military and college grad and mail certificate and national and TDM (whatever that is)and trade-in allowance and such, but the dealer didn't ask us what rebates applied and didn't seem to care which ones we may have qualified for or not.
    Good luck to you with your new van and best to you.
  • hondacbrhondacbr Posts: 6
    We're looking for a used minivan - prefer the T&C LXi or LTD over pretty much all the other vans out there. Have spent a lot of time in the discussions - what's a decent price to pay for a 2001 LTD or 2002 LTD? We're in Northwest Indiana. I've come across a 2002 LTD (no TV), very clean, only 14,000 miles - asking price is $24800 - but I know that's way too much. What's a good (non-insulting offer)??
  • steverstever Posts: 52,462
    Besides checking the TMV in the Used Cars section, try asking over in Real-World Trade-In Values.

    Steve, Host
  • Anyone bought or priced a 2004 Dodge Caravan SXT lately. I looked in Edmunds and found invoice with destination for 22,805. I got a price from dealer for 21,300 plus tax and 179 processing fees and 70 dmv total was 22,551 minus 2000 cash rebate with 0% financing and additional 1000.00 added to our trade in of 1998 Carvan with 76400 miles on it. I looked at TMV price on edmunds and its 22,565 less incentives. That's only $14 dollars more than my price. Shouldn't I be getting a better deal with the 2005 coming out and the state of car sales right now.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,462
    TMV reflects what the average buyer is paying. An educated consumer should be able to beat it; since you are at Edmunds, you aren't average :-)

    I haven't seen any sales numbers recently, but my gut feeling is that car sales are down. And the '05's are hitting the dealers. Then again, interest rates remain low, and the consumer bubble is still going strong, so maybe the vans aren't piling up?

    Often the end of the month is a good time to deal, so you may want to push hard in another week or so. Good luck!

    Steve, Host
  • badgerfanbadgerfan Posts: 1,565
    Edmunds TMV prices never include sales tax and processing fees, so you are comparing your cost with sales tax with Edmunds TMV without sales tax and without processing fees.

    Looks like you beat Edmunds TMV. However, once you put a trade in vehicle into the mix, you never really know how good a deal you got unless you can determine that the trade in they are giving you is reasonable. Best way to deal in this situation is initially make your best deal without a trade in, then bring up the trade in as the last item. Then you will be able to figure out what they are offering on the trade in by the difference in price.
  • ViperggVipergg Posts: 24
    Just picked up 2004 T&C LX list 29460 . We paid around $20000 after the 1% below invoice quote and the $4500 rebate plus I managed to get about $5500 out of a 97 Dodge Ram Conversion . So far nice vehicle , Inferno Red with towing package , 3.3 liter . Had some concerns about the 4 speed obviously but after researching this , alot of problems seem to have been fixed starting in the 2001 model year with these . Talked to mechanics at the dealer and they said they haven't replaced one yet on a 2001 or newer minivan . The 7/70000 also helped with the decision .
  • tmcgill1tmcgill1 Posts: 2
    We decided to check prices on a 2005 T&C while on vacation in North Carolina. We couldn't pass up the deal on a 2005 Touring edition with 3.8 liter engine. Clothe instead of leather and no other frills (no dvd-much to the kids disapointment). We traded in a 99 Dodge Caravan with 99K miles. The final price (with taxes, title, etc.) was 24,000 even. Our payments over 60 months are only $21 more than when we bought the caravan. On the way home we didn't get that far because they forgot to tighten the spare. It was flapping around in the breeze and made it sound like we had a flat. We got home (20 hours later) and the arm rest fell off one of the middle captain's chairs. They also forgot to bolt it on completely. Minor inconveniences that I can deal with in light of the deal I got. Drives much nicer than the caravan and with so much extra storage, we ditched our circa 1980 car top carrier. Didn't need it.
  • dcsupplierdcsupplier Posts: 2
    My job qualifies me for the D-C Affiliate Rewards program mentioned previously. 1% under invoice + any incentives. I couldn't afford the '04s that were left, even with the 3500 incentives and such.

    With the loan my credit rating has afforded me, I will be sticking with the base model T&C or the Caravan SXT(SWB's both). I would love the 3.8l but can't afford the models it comes in. With the program and incentives, I should get a decent ride for around 19500. I need to hop into both models and see how the two compare to each other in a test drive. I have a feeling the T&C will feel more luxurious(of course) and the SXT more sporty. I'll just have to see which one wins me over.

    Ohh - considering an extended warranty. Their cost is negotiable, anyone know how much I should pay for one? 3/4 retail, 1/2 retail or what? Maybe state the transmission issue and ask to get it free or else I'll buy a Toyota???
  • andy1andy1 Posts: 8
    After a lot of haranguing around, I have two firm offers. It has come down to a 2004 (New) Chrysler T%C Touring and a 2002 Toyota Sienna XLE with 38000 miles. The Sienna is offered at $21350, warrsnty $800. The T&C is $23000 flat, and new car warranty. No trade in. The Sienna looks new.

    Which is the better choice?
  • coachtdcoachtd Posts: 2
    Here is the deal I got in Michigan (metro detroit area)

    2005 Touring 3.8 L engine, 29k package, no added options

    with the employee plan and $1000 down

    $21860 out the door, got 4.19% financing through Chrysler Financial. Payments are $405.24 for 60 months.
  • andy1andy1 Posts: 8
    HI Coach

    THat's a good deal! Did you have a trade in? Are you an employee of Chrysler? What sort of discount does that give you?
  • coachtdcoachtd Posts: 2
    It was an employee discount (my mother-in-law works for Jeep). $1000 rebate, $500 C.Financial Bonus Cash. The dealer near me matched an add for $1000 dealer cash. Along with the $1000 I put down. Good Luck!
  • prlady1prlady1 Posts: 573
    Congrats coachtd!
    A reporter is hoping to talk with folks who have recently struck deals like yours. If you are willing to share your story, please provide your daytime phone number to me at [email protected] asap no later than 2pm Eastern on Wednesday, May 18, 2004. I'll make it worth your while with a free t-shirt.
    Jeannine Fallon
    PR Director
  • andy1andy1 Posts: 8
    This is andy1. Here is the deal I got for my 2004 T&C touring so maybe this will qualify for your report, maybe not. It was $31815 list,new with warranty. They wanted to move them off the lot so they offered 23486, final price 23000. No trade in, no rebate. I put 4000 down. It looks like when people say "out the door" they mean the price with whatever down payment they paid, so if you figure that in the price was $19000. Financing with Chrylser at 4%. In my case, timing was everything, as just the Friday before (this was a Monday) the offer was 24315.

    I think I got a great deal. I dont want or need fold in the floor seats so I dont miss that feature of the 2005s. I agree with most of the reviews about the lack of some fairly standard features, but again, most of them I dont really need. My kids are grown so this is my car - I am 51 and this is not for my wife, my kids, but for me. For my wants and needs it is almost perfect.

    I looked at mid-size SUVs, other minivans, and crossovers such as the Malibu Maxx, and the T&C fit me the best. I would have liked the 2005 Sienna, but the outright deceptive pricing from Toyota quickly drives that way out of reach in terms of price. To get even basic features you are quickly looking at $26000, and the $23000 I paid for the T&C stretches my budget as it is. I also had a good offer for a used Odyssey, but my son, who is bigger than I am (I am 6'4") could not fit in the front passenger seat due to the depth of the glove compartment. So the deal I got on a new T&C worked out well for me.

    After the first 500 miles, I think I love this car. I just hope the reliability reports are wrong in my case! Its black with black and grey interior so the "soccer Mom" thing is alleviated quite a bit. As my wife said, "You want something that you can haul your stuff, your family, and your dog...all at the same time." With this car, I think I have it.

    So if this qualifies, let me know.

    And thanks again to coachtd and dusty.
  • harryharry Posts: 1
    Just purchased a 2005 T&C Touring. It has no options. Dealer had to get it from another dealer. Sticker was $27750. The deal I got was $25600 - $1000 rebate - $1000 Chrysler financial rebate + $125 Doc Fee = $23725. This is basically invoice - rebates. I didn't have a trade to get any of the additional $1000. Edmunds TMV is $24442 after rebates and's target price is $24974. How does this compare to anyone else? Had an offer at another dealer for $23343 for a silver one they had on their lot but my wife wanted a Butane Blue Pearl Coat one. This dealer tried charging me $500 to locate a Butane Blue one.
  • jsvanguyjsvanguy Posts: 14
    Edmunds shows the T&C 2005 dealer invoice at $32042, while the 2004 invoice is $34,383. Questions:

    1. What is 2004 higher
    2. For a identically equipped Limited Van (ignore the lack of stow and go on the 04) , how much cheaper will the dealers sell the 04 vs the 05 be at this time?
    3. Since this vehicle depreciates at least $6000 in the first year, would you agree that the 04 needs to be that much cheaper relative to the 05?

  • glurkusglurkus Posts: 1
    I just bought a '05 T&C LX. List price with options and destination charge was $27,990. The options included the "Popular Package 2", power driver's seat and the towing prep package.
         I bargained for a $2250 discount and a free Mopar trailer hitch with installation (a $500 value), and received a $1000 CFC rebate and a $1000 consumer rebate. Total cost before tax was $23,740
  • ddeliseddelise Posts: 355
    Although I am not ready to lease now (will be in 1 month), here is the offer I received. I am able to purchase through the Daimler/Chrysler Affiliates program, so there is no need to negotiate, and all available rebates automatically apply:

    2005 Town and Country Touring
    Leather Package
    6 CD Player/Infinity Sound System
    Rear DVD Player
    Suuplemental Curtain Airbags
    Inferno Red Paint (extra charge)

    MSRP - $32570

    36 month, 12,000 miles/year lease
    Sign and Drive - $0 out of pocket (first payment, taxes, fees, aquisition fee) rolled into lease
    No security deposit
    $396+tax per month.

    Is this consistent with what others are seeing?

    Thanks - Damon
  • On 12/4/2005 I purchased an '05 T&C "Signature Series" in AZ.
    The van stickered for $32,750 and I closed the deal for $24,744 with the General Manager.
    (I had No Trade-In and NO Down Payment)
    Chrysler had $1,500 cash back, $1,500 Chrysler financing, and $500 Christmas Cash. The balance of the difference was all negotiated over 4 days starting with e-mails to several dealerships in Tucson, Phoenix, and Sierra Vista, Arizona.
    The Signature Series (in my opinion) is very comparable to the Limited, which stickers for over $36,000.
    The Signature package has two-tone leather heated power seats, Power Moonroof, 6-Disc CD, DVD, Navigation System, Power Dual Sliding Doors and Power Lift Tailgate, Adjustable gas and brake pedals, and 3-Zone HVAC.

    Check out the signature series before considering the Limited!
  • tomvtomv Posts: 10
    Hi jcannon,
    I was wondering how the Signature Series added up to $32,750. I just selected the Signature Series through Edmunds pricing and selected all the available options and came up with an MSRP of only $28,100. Did you mean the Touring model?
    Can you tell me exactly which options packages you added on yours (what options are listed on the window sticker)? I am actually now considering an '05 T&C Limited so that is why I am interested.
  • First time posting...long time lurking

        I'm considering purchasing an '05 Town & Country Touring. I have an OTD offer of $26,382 with zero percent financing for 60 months. I'd like thoughts and input about this. Thanks.
  • You neeed to give the options and/or sticker price before anyone can tell if it's a good deal or not. If it's a basic Touring, my first guess is that's it's not a good deal
  • hcwusahcwusa Posts: 3
    Hi jcannon,


    I agree. The signature series is very comparable to the limited. I am also shopping for a TC Signature minivan. I would like to know your experience with the van now that you've owned the van for a month.


    Can you tell me if your negotiated price of $24,744 already had the rebated deducted?



  • jw1318jw1318 Posts: 1
    I am looking at the 2005 T&C not a special model like the Limited or anything. I have company 1% incentive and am using the Chrysler rebate. They have quoted $17+, I know unbelievable. Anyway, does anyone have any advice!?!
  • What is the sticker price?
  • I AM ALSO LOOKING FOR 2005 T&C , what equipent does this quote have? I am going thru internet, none of the dealers I contacted will provide a quote. I would love to purchase the LX model, but am hesitant going to dealer until I have a quote. Has anyone gotten an Internet quote from a Chrylser dealership.
  • I'm looking at a 2005 T&C Touring with:

    side airbags

    front seat center console

    AM/FM 6-disc changer


    MSRP: 29,570

    Dealer's offer (without me asking): 27,328


    There's a 2500 rebate, plus an extra 1000 to finance through Chrysler. Or no rebate, but 2000 for financing through Chrysler at 0%.


    T,T, & L will be a little under 1000. I want do $5000 down, finance $15000. If the dealer can do the rebate *and* the 0% financing, that might accomplish about the same thing.


    Do you think they'll go for it?
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