Best Used 3/4 Diesel < $10,000?

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Hey everyone I've been learning a lot from you all especially the ford and diesel discussions! I'm wondering what diesel truck for under 10 G's has the best reputation. I'm looking at an 89 F250 with 170K, recently rebuilt, for 6995. Was that one of the first years for the 7.3? Any problems? What is the ideal diesel in this price range. I would appreciate anything you guys could tell me!


  • mullins87mullins87 Member Posts: 959
    I didn't realize the 7.3 went back that far, I thought it would be a 6.9. Maybe Walt will chime in with some info. I'm not familiar with the trucks you're looking at.
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    I believe they went from 6.9L to 7.3L in 1987 or 1988 when they went to the aero headlamps. I think they were very reliable. The injector pump would be the only thing I would budget for to rebuilt or replace. Not real powerful by today's Direct Injected Turbocharged standards (Powerstroke)
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    You're right about the lack of power compared to the Powerstroke!
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