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2013 and earlier Nissan Frontier Prices Paid and Buying Experience

cob10cob10 Posts: 7
edited January 2014 in Nissan
I just purchased a Nissan Frontier SE, kingcab, 2 wheel drive, auto, ABS standard, upgraded tires and wheels believe are standard with this model, automatic transmission, air-conditioning, bed liner, white.. Pd $11,888, in Sacramento, CA... Believe you can get a better price, two days latter saw adds for $10,888 and $9,999. The first one is a lesser model, doesn’t have upgraded tires and has steel wheels not alloys, no 6 cd player lime mine, wheel flairs are black-color doesn’t match the paint and mine does, rear window opens,…. The $9k one is not an automatic which is a must for me….. Although for me the $10,888 P/U would have fit my needs fine. Never trust a dealer, was told this sale was special, they made a mistake and got stuck with stock from a related dealer… assured this is the best price you’ll find.. The next day (Fri) several dealers offing same vehicle same price or a little lower.

Overall I am happy with the truck, auto transmission is not smooth but no complaints… seems to ride fine, relatively quite… wanted a Toyota but a $3-$4K more I decided to buy Nissan… time, resale, etc. will tell if this was a mistake…


  • bretfrazbretfraz Posts: 2,021
    I priced a Frontier SE V6 (that's what they come with, a V6 in SE trim. There is no 4 cylinder SE model) on 4x2, automatic, 6 disc, the SE trim (alloy wheels, Desert Runner trim, etc.). The price I got * with rebate* was $17,331. That's basically a $300 over invoice deal plus $2500 rebate.

    Sorry, I don't believe a word of the above post. If I could buy a new Frontier SE V6 Desert Runner for $12,000, I'd be all over it. I can't even find an '02 model USED for less than $14,000 in good condition. I've been casually shopping for this truck for the last 6 months from North Carolina to Alabama to South Florida.

    Cheapo Frontiers are everywhere but they're Standard models, 4 cyl, 5 speed, no AC, no power goodies. Even Frontier XE King Cab 4x2 with VTP are over $12,000.

    $11,888 for an SE King Cab 4x2? Nope, don't believe it.
  • pitrottpitrott Posts: 37
    Hi all,
    I ordered the above with all the goodies even the skid plate in the front (looks good i must say) But the book is wrong you can not get the VDC/Tire pressure system with the SE Crew Cab only XE to my displesure! now the sticker price on this puppy was 27,789 and some change after 1500 rebate and 500 military rebate i rode of at 23,300 of the lot with a 5 year extended warrenty
    The only problem so far with this Big Beefy truck is the seat belt flap! drive's me insane!
    Ohh yea the rockford fosgate system (radio) is better then the one in my pathfinder (bose) and in my house (9 bose speakers)
  • cob10cob10 Posts: 7
    I don’t believe the above (my post) post either!!! The vehicle is an XE not a SE. Sorry for the mistake and it does make a huge difference, 4cyl vs. 6cyl. Anyone wishing to verify this post can call one of many Nissan dealers in the Sacto area or check with the (newspaper). My intent was to provide information that I thought would be helpful…but I messed it up… sorry to all ….
  • I bought a Nissan KingCab 4 cyl. auto trans with the value truck package. The price was 15,995 plus tax title and license. The dealer added window tint for 200.00. The over all experience wasn't very plesant since the whole transaction took almost 4 hours. I received a 500.00 rebate and a great finance rate so that helped matters. As for the truck the 4 cyl. is underpowered and the lack of power windows and door locks stinks. The gas mileage is a major plus and a reason for buying. I believe if I had more time to look around I could have found a better deal. Take your time and you will find a good deal I believe.
  • srl99srl99 Posts: 37
    Back in August we bought a Frontier (4 cyl auto)
    with value truck pkg., bed liner, mats sticker
    17256 for 11,988 + tax and state fees. This was
    an ad run by the Nissan dealer in Newark, CA but
    we went to the dealer closer to us in Oakland CA
    and after some collar pulling they gave us the
    same deal. I *do* believe they lost money on the
    deal. No hassles at all - maybe 1 hour total
    in paperwork, etc.

    By the way - for previous poster who paid $200 for
    window tinting - I believe the value truck package or
    XE (don't know which) comes with the rear window tint.
    Maybe you got door windows tinted?

    After almost 1000 miles on the truck I have only
    the 'vent blows warm air on cold setting' complaint.
    It's surprising to me there isn't more discussion of
    these trucks, I know the Taco outsells 2 to 1 (but
    with Nissan's $2500 rebate I don't see why), but why
    no meaty discussion of these trucks? I guess no one has
    any real complaints. I originally thought we wanted power
    windows and door-locks, but it's no problem to reach the
    windows from the driver's seat, and *maybe* when we have
    an alarm installed we'll put in a door-lock actuator for the
    driver's side, *maybe*.

    I still can't get over the value of this truck.
    It's no speed demon uphill, but on level ground
    it's excellent. [Reviews suggest manual tranny.]

    Slight update: Newark dealer is now running
    an ad for about $1k less, for this truck with the
    manual. We needed a little more clearance on
    the front seat (dog), so the auto suits us a bit
  • From Sacramento, CA. I've been looking at XE 4 cylinder, automatic Frontiers with the value package and bedliner. Don't pay over 12,685 after the 2500 rebate. (well, unless you get say a bed extender or other options not listed here.) For the person above who paid 15,995 plus 200 for tinted windows, you.. well, you could have gotten it lower. Also, that tint comes with the value package. They list MSRP upwards of 17,000 but there's a lot of room for them to come down. I've been tryin awful hard to get Future Nissan and Peoples Nissan lower than 12,685 but without any luck after extended negotions. Maybe I'll go to Elkgrove and give it one last shot. Oh, and Frontier beats Tacoma and Ranger anyday.
  • Just picked up a 2001 Frontier XE King Cab with 80k miles (V6, full power...). Mavbe alot of miles, but it is a one owner--dealer serviced truck that is in perfect condition. It was sitting next to another 2001 with half as many miles, but looks (and drives) 10X better. Paid $11,600. Decent deal I thought, what do y'all think??


  • keith1keith1 Posts: 1
    I want an '04 with the power package and the sport package - p03 & s03. manual transmission. The way I read CarsDirect and Edmunds here, that's like 20,800 before the 2K rebate, so 18,800 is the reasonable price? I emailed some Nissan sales rep and he tried to tell me 22,900 was fair and that I must not have read either one properly. So glad the salesmen are there to teach us to read! Thanks for any help -
  • rezarfrezarf Posts: 1
    Purchased an XE V6 auto Crew Cab last month, while the rebate was still hot. Got a long bed, automatic, sport package and power package for $20K. The best part was they gave me $7K for the 2000 Frontier King Cab I had for a trade, 42K miles, 5 spd manual - that was what I was gonna market it for retail anyway. Pleased with the deal, and the dealership has treated me like they want to keep customers! Compared with the Tacoma and the Dakota - would have gone with the Dakota if they'd dealt, but they wouldn't come to my deal - bigger back seat, bigger engine, but no long bed. Never had my 2000 Frontier in the shop - ever - and I look forward to a lotta miles on the 2004!
  • dat2dat2 Posts: 251
    sounds like you got a fair deal. how do you like the 03 so far? is the quality about the same as your 00 would you say or do you think it slipped?? (probably no better based on how people have complained about nissan quality lately)....
  • 4 Cylinder 5-speed

    The dealer matched a price, which equalled the dealers invoice price. With Value Package (includes Basic, Utility and Power packages) and floor mats. With $2k rebate $13,720.

    I see the rebate has now gone to $2500.
  • In April I paid 17,200 delivered for a leftover, new extended cab 4x4 XE. Couldn't pass it up...AM/FM CD, A/T, Off-Road Pkge (whatever THAT is)A/C, P/S, P/B, V6... couldn't find any deal even close...they wanted this thing gone...Solar Yellow....I LOVE it.
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  • icarbuyericarbuyer Posts: 3
    Since I'm currently in the market for a 04 crew cab LB, I'm curious as to how much people are paying for one lately. Has the fact that the 05 are due out soon impact the sale and price of the 04?

    Please post your price, options and location. Thanks
  • jtomjtom Posts: 26
    Hi, wanted to know if anyone in Oregon bought a base model 4x2 XE value package and what you paid. has it listed for $12,211 with the value package discount and $2500 rebate. Is this the best I can do? Looking to retire my 94 ranger, it's been super good to us, but this deal looks too good and airbags are nice. Thanks for all the good info, I have yet to test drive, any misc info is appreciated too. thanks - julie
  • sirdarbysirdarby Posts: 20
    Frontier regular cab, 5 sp with 96000 miles, black. I haven't had any problems. Just want bigger truck.

    Also, is $12,500 a good price for a red, used 2004 King Cab. I think it has the Value Package. with 5100 miles. Or can I get a better deal new.
  • Putting low mileage on my previous vehicle [last was a 1985 Mazda with 85,000, filled tank once a month]. I figured I'd purchase a NEW pickup instead of used .

    With bed liner, tinted windows and desert coating [against intense heat in AZ climate] I paid $13,325. The $2,500 rebate was the clincher]. Am satisfied, after looking at Toyota's [first choice, but none available, or to pricey for my needs with ONLY a $500 rebate.]

     I was pleased with the no hassle sales at Pinnacle Nissan, here in Phx. I'm glad I did my homework on the WWW. I knew what i wanted, [basic transportation - no power windows, locks] and settled for power steering, comfortable bucket seats and decent radio and ABS brakes. AND you can see the dashboard [excellent display both day AND NIGHT, awesome] clock in daytime. [not hidden out of site like in Toyota]

    Have already ordered after market camper shell [$500+ less than dealer wanted] AND basic black side step rear bumper at $300 less than dealer asked. I will install it myself. The silver paint finish and black trim are a nice change from white Mazda.

    Now I can go camping and mt. biking up north and do some off road [dirt road, not rugged roads]] driving. And after 4 years of NO A/C, it is nice to have one again and it cools quickly in a smaller interior than the old 4 dr sedan.

    So far I am satisfied, with only 153 miles on it averaged 19 MPG in city.
  • Hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoy ours that we got in June. Sounds like you are living in luxury these days.........desert coating AND AC...just razzing you as I used to live in Phoenix and know how hot it gets........once had to do a mandatory hike up South Mountain in mid July (115).
  • novanova Posts: 135
    Okay these trucks are out . All we need is the invoice pricing. I checked the nissan web sight the 2 things I do not like is. #1 Cant get aztec red in the LE crew cab. #2 Have to take the sun roof to get the side air bags
  • novanova Posts: 135
    Has any one on this sight made a purchase from this web sight called , They claim that the can sell you any nissan for $500.00 under invoice.Excluding 350Z roadsters & Altia SE-R. I submited my reguest for a qoute lets see what happens
  • I found an '04 with 1100 miles, power everything, 6 cylinder, automatic, 2wd. I've been looking for a Tacoma but couldn't pass up this deal. What is everyone's opinion on this model?
  • sean3sean3 Posts: 158
    Hi I just looked at an '04 frontier at nissan (they were closed) and they only had a few 04's frontiers left, and I looes at an '04 Standard stickered for 17,600 give or take w/a 2,500 rebate, It did have a package not sure which ,but it included

    PW/PL Keyless

    ac, auto

    2.4 4cyl

    tint,bedliner, 15"alloy

    I emailed dealer today and he came back with 17,000-2,500 =14,500 before taxes and fees,

    I was wondering if that is a good price, And if the 2.4 is decent,&if it has the variable valve timing,My current Mitsubishi has a 2.4L w/variable timing and it is a sedan. This was one of only 3 '04 frontiers left, Is this a good deal considering they are "leftover" 04's? the other few frontiers were outa my price range, The '04 Xe had all the options I want, but is the 4cyl sufficient, for around town and occasional higway trips, should I ask for a better deal considering the '05 is a total redesign, 14,500+fees&taxes,,I am worried if I wait it will be gone and miss a good deal..Any thoughts? thanks sean
  • sean3sean3 Posts: 158
    thas what im looking at also except the one im lookin at is a 4cyl 2wd, and that is my primary concern, if the 4cyl is able for normal driving,,my current mitsubishi has enough power and its a 2.4 4cyl/w variable timing, and im guessing the '04 frontier 4cyl doesn't have it, It seems it has decent euipment

    Auto,Ac,Pw,tilt/cruise,alloys.bedliner,3-window tint, Any suggestions on '04 frontiers&prices...Sean
  • sean3sean3 Posts: 158
    Now I kind of confused on the '04 frontier XE,, Basically does the package include what is actually on the truck im looking at here is what it has



    Alloy wheels

    Pw/pl,pm, Keyless




    ABS (not for sure its 4whl abs)


    What package is this considered? or are they add-ons?, One of the last ones left besides a few desert runners.

    dealer emailed me back w/14,500,

     including rebate, not including taxes and fees. the window sticker says 17,600 including destination, The silver color would be my last choice, but if this is a good deal i dont care, I think the one thing left out was cruise control, but all other power options were included...Any other 4cyl frontier automatic drivers? any thoughts///Thanks Sean
  • sean3sean3 Posts: 158
    sorry about multiple posts, confused on packages that are on the xe im looking at, as far as i can tell for the XE there is as follows

    G03-Value Truck package

    B01-Basic gear package

    U02-Utility package

    P02-Power package

    H94-storage box

    M96-Bedliner w/caps

    N92-Bed extender

    L92-Floor mats,

    Based on AC,Auto,4cyl,Pw/Pl/Pm/Keyless,Bedliner,alloys,tint,ABS 4whl?,CD, wHat packages are thoses considered, I only saw the power package listed on actual sticker tonite, I dont think this included cruise for some reason, anyways 14,500 with rebates+ taxes and fees,considering it is pratically 2005 now, the 2004 frontier is brand new on Nissans lot. I saw people were paying the same a year ago, but was confused about package options. should i try to get a better deal considering these are basically leftovers as far as the car industry is concerned, and will this 04 truck still be able to be called brand new new in a few days? This one is the only regular cab left at my only local Nisssan dealer...I like the truck but havent driven it yet, My only real concern is if the 4cyl w/auto will be sufficient, for around town and some interstate....thanks alot Sean
  • Yesterday I bought a '04 Frontier. Includes auto V6, power D/L/W, 6 speaker system w/single CD, LB, crew cab, 6 year extended warranty for $21K. Bought it at Mossy Nissan in Oceanside, CA. They are running a 1%, $2500 rebate right now to liquidate '04 inventory. Great people to work with. Definitely recommend if anyone is in the market for a new Frontier.
  • i just got back from test driving an '04 king cab xe with the 4 cylinder, power everything, cd player, bed liner, auto transmission. was not impressed. very slow. bouncy ride. stereo was absolutely horrible. they say it has 4 speakers but that is just two mid ranges and two tweeters. i made the mistake of driving the 05 before driving the 04. the 05 is so much better than the 04. of course, there's also a huge difference between $15k for the 04 and $23k for an 05.
  • sean3sean3 Posts: 158
    Thanks charlie_b , sounds identical to the one I am interested in '04 XE king, power everything,havent had a chance supposed to drive it today, 14,500 is the price dealer gave me including 2,500 reb. and "knocked" another $650 or so i think the sticker said 17,700 apx. but what you said was mmy main concern . A 4cyl auto truck would be underpowered. I noticed one power option that was not included was cruise, are they trying to tell you something like " not meant for highway or interstate driving"

          I'd like to find a Desert Runner king cab 4x2 , with same options, w/V6, 5sp, but dealer only has a CC 4x4.

         Does the '05 Frontier have the king kab that comes standard on every pre '05 frontier..The base engine is a 2.5L same engine as Altima..with variable valves/which I could see working in a compact truck, more refined larger power band ,bump in HP,especially in a standard tranny. Thanks Sean
  • the 2005s only come in king cab or crew cab. the problem right now is that the 4 cylinders won't be out until march. the other problem is that to get a 4 cylinder you have to get the XE model which prevents you from getting nice stereo, utilitrack bed, spray on bed liner from factory.


    the 05 4 cylinder engine is far better than the 04, but the 05 tacoma's 4 cylinder is better than the 05 frontier's. my ideal truck would be to get the tacoma's 4 cylinder engine into a frontier LS body.


    as far as 6 cylinders go, the 05 frontier pretty much blows away the tacoma's. more hp, torque, and a timing chain instead of a belt.
  • hkingshkings Posts: 74
    05 Frontier Crew Cab LE Auto 4x4 (Loaded)

    Smoke Gray / Steel Leather


    Sunroof Pkg

    Leather Pkg

    Traction Pkg

    Side Air Bag Pkg

    Rockford Fosgate Pkg



    (Buying sliding Bed Extender and chrome bumpers later.)


    Fortunately, I was able to get in on the Nissan VPP program for Friends and Family which sells me the Nissan of my choice for 2.87% under INVOICE (not just MSRP), however there is a 2.5% dealer charge on the under invoice figure. Long story short I'm getting the above truck which has a:


    Total MSRP of $31,690

    With Invoice of $29,010


    My Grand Total $28,953


    I figure getting about $2737 off MSRP, ($60 under invoice) for a new 05 this early in the game is a great deal. Especially since dealers dont HAVE to honor the Nissan VPP; it is up to each individual dealer if they choose to honor it.


    As a side note, I could have gotten my choice of 05 Frontiers through a dealer in Seattle that will sell all Nissans for $500 under invoice. However after shipping and travel costs to me, it ended up being a bit more than VPP.


    In any event, it is NOT impossible to get a deal on the 05s. When I was first interested in the 05 Tacomas I called about 20 dealers and had some of them fighting for my business quoting up to $2000 off before even hitting lots. If everyone did their homework, called plenty of dealers, and just let dealers know that you are willing to buy, but will go elsewhere if need be, then deals are there to be had. Since the 05 Frontier is late to the game, one also has to take into account there is already built in competition.


    Anyways, Good Luck and Happy New Year!
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