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2013 and Earlier - Audi A6 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I'm just wondering if anyone else has had these experiences? I have been working with a dealership in Tx. On an Audi A6 05 certified 20,000 miles. $36,000
    all the toys, Nav. Etc.

    I was sent the Business App. by email. Applied with a business thats 3.7 yrs old and inc.ed for 1.6 years
    D&B is great 80 paydex
    and we have well over 100K in CC and lines of credit with low ultization. They came back with wanting 2 yrs autied Finanicals which are very expensive.

    I PG'ed with Transunion 680, ex. 650, equifax 779

    I look at me Credit file today to find my credit hard pulled 5 times. I signed an app. to allow VW credit to investigate my credit. NOT
    VW credit
    VW credit inc.
    The porsche store
    porsche STR
    Porsche store anyone else have this experience?

    Why are they doing thsi when I did not give them permission to pull all these times? :mad: :surprise:
  • kgarykgary Posts: 180
    To keep people out of my financial documents, I pay cash. Its just easier. I suggest you do the same.
  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,095
    A reporter from a national newspaper is hoping to talk to consumers who have been shopping for a European vehicle (BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen, Audi or others) and have found them to be more expensive because of the Euro exchange rates. Please reply to [email protected] no later than Monday, October 1, 2007 with your daytime contact info.
  • It sounds like people are getting outstanding deals on leftover '07s, but has anyone bought an '08 yet? Reading this topic, folks received anywhere from $3.2K to $8.5K off of an '07 sticker. What can I expect to get off on a '08 A6 3.2Q?

    Getting the car for below invoice seems very unlikely to me, but my last 2 cars were Bimmers and getting one of those for $1K over invoice is doing pretty good.

    Then there's the question of Extended Warranty and Extended Maintenance. The salesman said warranty is $1300 depending on the package and maintenance is $690 which just equals BMW's included maintenance. Has anyone negotiated a better deal or bought these from an Internet dealer?
  • 2008 A6 3.2 Quattro w/ Premium, Technology, Navigation, IPod connectorMSRP: $54,815 Gross Sale Price: $52,100 Audi loyalty rebate: -$1,500 Audi Care prepaid maintenance: +$590Net Sale Price: $51,173 :shades: Invoice: $51,475 ($42,900 base + $7,300 options + $775 destination charge + $500 for Audi dealer advertising payments)
    I am not currently aware of any holdbacks or dealer support on the 2008 model year since they haven't been in showrooms for very long yet...
  • Just picked up a year end closeout on a:

    2007 A6 3.2 Quattro w/premium, convenience, navi, audi music interface, 18" wheels w/all season tires

    Sticker: $52,865
    Invoice: $48,754
    Negotiated to: $44,500

    How did I do?
  • Sounds like a mighty good deal to me...

    Congratulations, enjoy the car!
  • FYI... for anyone who is looking to purchase a new 2007 A6 model.

    I got a deal for $37.300 which is $10.5K below MSRP $47,800. I did a search on Google "2007 audi a6 discount" and it came up with a link to Craigslist. I called the dealer and got what I was looking for. I also got pre-approved by Capital One, but they beat the rate by more than .5 point. More money saving there.

    I saw a $10K off of a loaded Quadro with MSRP $51,???. But it was silver and over my budget so I got the car below instead.

    2007 A6 3.2 FWD
    Pre. Pkg
    Conv. Pkg
    Pre. Leather

    Good luck!!!
  • I am looking at a high mileage 2002 A6 quattro (it's closing in on 110,000 miles). I checked the edmunds page for it's value given the miles and its options, and it seems like the price is o.k (around $12,000). My issue is that because the car is over 100,000 miles, the dealer will give absolutely no warranty and the purchase would be completely at my own risk if something were to go wrong. I always thought that at least some sort of warranty was standard when buying a used car. When I test drove the vehicle I noticed some of the same transmission issues that I have seen other people posting on this site about their A6 (i.e. - it's hard to get a smooth acceleration from a stop going up through to second gear and on slow deceleration, such as pulling into a parking lot, it bucked). The dealer has mentioned getting the price to around $10,000 to offset my discomfort over the lack of warranty. Does anyone have any insight into this situation? Should I avoid the car like the plague or is the transmission thing a non-issue and the gamble without a warranty worth it?
  • My 2 cents: if busting out a few thousand to fix an issue is a big problem, then I'd stay away from an Audi out of warranty. I absolutely love my car but wouldn't trust it to not have some issue at that high mileage that would be costly to repair. FWIW, no one will warranty a car over 100K that I know of.

    If you do choose to buy it, 1st take it to a local independent German mechanic and have them give it a thorough once over. It will be worth the small cost to have it done.

    Good luck.
  • I am considering the current deal of $549/month for Quattro A6 with Prem. Pack. for 10k. a year. I need to add 5k miles a year and was told that would increase the payment $80 month. Anybody else checked this out and if so how did your price compare? Thanks -
  • I just wanted to acknowledge the great resource this forum has been to my recent car-buying experience. I have purchased a new '06 Audi Avant 3.2 wagon with premium package for $41,000 (sticker was $51,700). After the first 1000 miles, all is well. Gas-mileage is a little under what I expected, but hopefully will improve.
    This is my second Audi (1999 A8 with 150,000 miles). I have been using 87 octane fuel (regular unleaded) in the '99 for the past 24 months without any noticeable performance issues or maintenance problems. Any thoughts/experience on using lower octane fuel in the newer models. Thanks again. Looking forward to any feedback.
  • rjlaerorjlaero Posts: 659
    Lower octane will reduce your mileage, so you're not saving anything by being cheap at the pump. Use 91 or better and you'll always get the best mileage.

    The new 3.2 with the FSI get's pretty good mileage. Even on my 06 4.2 V8, I can get over 25mpg on the hwy. The 3.2 should get you 27-28 on the hwy.
  • Thanks for the info. I have seen a little better mileage with this last fill-up about 24 mpg using 91 octane. I appreciate the feedback.
  • Also wondering if anyone has experience with adding navigation system. It wasn't availabe at the time of purchase, but might be nice to have.
    Anyone aware of a web site or store that sells some of the Audi accessories such as roof base carrier bars at discount. I haven't found a site other than Audi dealer of Thanks
  • rjlaerorjlaero Posts: 659
    Nav can be added, but it's quite expensive with parts and installation. It's probably 2200-2400 to get it done. The factory price was around $1600.
  • What are the current money factor and residual that should be expected on an S6?

  • shawn757shawn757 Posts: 179
    Does anyone know whether fulltime students can get approved by Audi financial for a A6 without a Co-Signee?
  • I was driving my 2000 Audi A6, 2.8, V8 and all of the sudden if felt like the transmission went into neutral. I stepped in the gas and it did not move a bit but not like it normally does. Is my transmission damaged? I've heard that sometimes the transmission computer acts up and you need to re-set it. I've also heard that you can not service Audi transmissions because they are sealed. Has anyone experieced this? Can you please tell me about your experience? Thanks.
  • kgarykgary Posts: 180
    Try posting your question on the Audi A6 maintenance and repair message board.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 100,294
    Good idea, kgary!

    Here is a link: Audi A6 Maintenance and Repair


    Did you get a good deal? Be sure to come back and share!

    Edmunds Moderator

  • fchin1fchin1 Posts: 4
    do you mind e-mailing me the contact at the Collection? I was interested in that car and that would help me out a lot,
  • kolaskolas Posts: 2
    Just bought a certified 2006 Audi A6 4.2L quattro, premium pkg (standard), nav system, 34K miles for $39,000. The dealer said it was "marked down that day" from 45K. How did I do? :D
  • hmbchmbc Posts: 3
    hi everyone-

    hoping to get some advice-
    this car has 17k miles with the sport and prem. packages included. The carfax is clean- no accidents.

    I am going in with financing already- do you think I could get them to 29k- no trade as I am turning in a A4 lease.

    Also any other advice is welcome!!!

  • gsjivgsjiv Posts: 18
    hello - in GA, currently have an A4 1/2 through 36 month lease w 36k miles allotted. I have 8k miles on it and near perfect condition. i would lie to upgrade to an a6 but dont want to put down any $ or pay much more per month.

    strategies/reality issues? my thinking is since my car has 1/2 the use they can make $ on it quickly and get me in a lease for 3 more years.

    is this doable? what should i ask for and expect?

  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 100,294
    Here is the link for all of the A6 discussions..

    Don't know how many modders hang out in there, though...

    Good luck!

    Did you get a good deal? Be sure to come back and share!

    Edmunds Moderator

  • Well I got my 02 Ming Blue 4.2 for $18,500. It has the sport package and 46K on the odometer. I love driving it and the triptronic shifters on the wheel are a blast. My friends 05 S4 is more fun, but I can carry two 6'3' friends in the back and carry on a conversation, so it has its advantages. I have opened up the exhaust and put a K&N filter on the intake, does anyone know where to get a CAI for the 4.2? And does anyone know of a forum for A6 mods. I bought this car to work on and I seem to be having trouble finding people who are doing the same. I am in Richmond VA, is anyone has a clue. Thanks
  • jam550jam550 Posts: 10
    Hello all,

    Great insights on this board - I am hoping to just get to the bottom line and have folks list out what I should expect to pay to lease an A6 Quattro in Charlotte, NC. I will be looking for the base car with 36 months / 12k miles per year.

    Please let me know what my target cap cost should be when I speak to the dealers. Thanks!
  • colonotecolonote Posts: 7
    I'm considering buying an A6. I saw on a post about a $3,500 factory incentive to the dealer. Is that still in effect? If so, should I be looking for a price under invoice? What are the buy and lease incentives now? Thanks in advance.
  • luvaudi19luvaudi19 Posts: 34
    The $3500 has expired. The amount is now $2500 and 1st payment on leases. There is only incentives on leases at this time.

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