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Chevrolet Malibu Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Long time reader, first time poster (someone should trademark that phrase...). Picked up an 05 LS with side air bags, sunroof, spoiler with 16k miles on it for 12,950 (14k OTD) in Salt Lake City area in January. Car was leased in Washington DMV as a fleet car (why they want a fleet car with a spoiler and sunroof beats the heck out of me) and racked up the miles in a little over eight months.

    Anyone have any experiences on purchasing used fleet Malibus? The only thing out of the ordinary I've noticed has been a slight hesitation when going from 2nd to 3rd gear, though its infrequent. Also only getting about 22 MPG with mainly city driving... Any advice on improving that would be helpful as well.

    So far my wife has loved the car (it was for her though I try and find excuses to drive it, I drive a 96 Accord to work and school) and doesn't have any complaints other than the low MPG...
  • maxx4memaxx4me Posts: 1,340
    sadly snowpunter, I have that same "hitch" in my tranny between those gears. It is about the only thing I don't like about the car.
  • I've searched through most of the other forums about tranny problems and it didn't seem that it was a frequent problem or at least enough of one for GM to look into it... The 04s had the howl but I couldn't find much on the 05s...
  • maxx4memaxx4me Posts: 1,340
    I believe my car had the PCM software upgrade which included a "fix" for the shaking, hard start, and the 2-3 gear upshift; correct E2helper? Perhaps I need to go and have it reflashed again. I have had intermittent hard starts again, and the upshift is annoying when semis are bearing down on my Maxx and I need some get up and go.
  • e2helpere2helper Posts: 1,002
    I don't think there is any new calibration beyond what you have, maxx4me. With respect to the 2-3 upshift, I am not aware of that one.

    The calibration update you had (among other things) modified the 3-4 upshift. I think it had something to do with using cruise control going up a hill, having the vehicle downshift to 3rd to maintain speed and then when you crested the hill the vehicle wouldn't upshift back to 4th keeping you at a higher RPM.
  • yes i've heard mostly good things about the Malibu. This same dealership also has a leftover 04 MAXX with the LT package, fully loaded... I did not go thru the internet sales coordinators.. perhaps I should and save myself a lot of grief. would be great if GM would bring back 0% financing. I looked at an 06 the other day, it looks as if GM has lowered the MSRP on these new vehicles? Have you heard anything about this? BTW your $16,000 Maxx, was that an otd price or before taxes etc..
  • gdubya2gdubya2 Posts: 32
    Yes, GM lowered the MSRP on most all 2006 models shortly after the first of the year. The MSRP price on my 06 LS sedan was $16,990.00, which was a drop of about $1,000.00. I am certainly surprised to hear that any dealer has a leftover 2004 car this late into the 2006 model year.
  • csandstecsandste Posts: 1,866
    I paid $16,000+ (less than $16.1)in February 05. This was almost exactly $6K off. I used the Edmunds Internet link and all dealers quoted the same price. I got a $500 auto show discount and another friends and family discount but this only amounted to about $60 or so. This price did NOT include a GM card discount.

    Adding taxes is confusing because each state does it differently. Missouri sales tax isn't paid at time of sale but when the car is registered. License plates belong to the owner and are transferrable between cars.

    I would think a leftover 04 would be greatly discounted. Lots of GM cars suffer greatly from first year production problems and the Maxx was certainly no exception.
  • redmaxxredmaxx Posts: 627
    I would think a leftover 04 would be greatly discounted. Lots of GM cars suffer greatly from first year production problems and the Maxx was certainly no exception.

    ('04 owner shaking his head up and down vigorously)
  • carbonnicarbonni Posts: 33
    According to Edmunds, a new 2006 Maxx LT has an invoice price of $19,681. The customer cash is $750 and the March Madness promotion can add another $500 to that. Assuming that a new 06 Maxx LT can be bought at invoice, its price would be $18,431 after rebates, which is some $2,500 more than what you paid one year ago. WOW!
  • gossipgossip Posts: 1
    anybody bought the MAXX LT recently? any discount and rebates available in March or April?

    I am planning to buy a 2006 MAXX, and would like to know the price you guys paid before I go to talk to the sales guy.

    any previous purchase price(i.e. bought in 2005) is also valuable. Please share with me.

    Thanks a lot

  • csandstecsandste Posts: 1,866
    I think my price was well below what was listed on Edmunds. I did e-query three dealers on Edmunds. Two responded with identical prices. Is the 06 LT the same as an 05 LS?
  • carbonnicarbonni Posts: 33
    I think the 06 Maxx LT is essentially the same car as the 06 Maxx LS (with a few minor differences).
  • jes1955jes1955 Posts: 8
    Dealer has a leftover 2005 Malibu Maxx LS with a nice options package that lists for $23500. Its now down to $16,900 with the "March Madness" promo. Plus I could get $2000 more off with my "top off" GM card promo (down to $14,900). Its tempting.
  • csandstecsandste Posts: 1,866
    That sounds pretty good since the discount is about the same as mine (before card) since car retails at about a thou. higher. Of course you have another year of depreciation but if you run the hell out of the car, no one's going to know the difference at 150K. The car should easily go that distance and the idea of a big hatch wears enough with me that I think I'm going to be happy with this car eight years out.

    Is the $2K available to all cardholders? I let my GM card go about nine years ago because I was having all sorts of trouble getting mailed checks into them (strangely the difficulties increased as my balance went up). Of course that was before Internet payments. I put about $4K on a 97 Cavalier (put a big down payment on a Dodge van with it) and closed the card--the days of those high discounts on new cards were soon over.
  • jes1955jes1955 Posts: 8
    I think only certain card holders got the "top off" offer. I have around $850 actually earned on my card. I received a note in the mail that GM will "top off" to $2000 until March 31. My in-laws also have the card, but did not get the offer. So, I guess it depends on your balance and maybe the last time you cashed in your earnings. I am tempted to persue this car. Just not excited about having another car payment right now. It would be replacing an aging Taurus with 100,000 miles that has been averaging $2000 a year in repair costs in recent years.
  • csandstecsandste Posts: 1,866
    Fourteen months of driving and the car has been flawless (other than one recall) and the best I've had in almost fifty years of driving. I'd go for it.
  • kistepkistep Posts: 15
    I'm considering buying a leftover (but still new) 05 Maxx from one of a couple area dealers.
    1) Not sure if this is a good deal, given depreciation as it sits on the lot, and
    2) Not certain what a good price for this would be.
    Is GM offering factory-to-dealer incentives on these right now, or is it just whatever each dealer feels like giving you just to get it off the lot?
  • Was driving home from Atlantic City with my 2004 Malibu Maxx when I noticed the Temperature Gauge was still on the "C". This was after driving 10 minutes.Normally is positioned at least 1/3 up. Was wondering if using the remote start may have caused the problem or it is something else? Has anyone else had this problem. Tried shutting off and restarting and the same thing. Guess it will have to go in to the dealership. Wondering if it may be a fuse? Any advice will be appreciated. :-)
  • e2helpere2helper Posts: 1,002
    Doubtful it is a fuse. There have been a few other posts on something similar. Contributing factor might have been a remote start (of course you shouldn't expect that too happen).

    I believe what you experienced was a temporary "rationality fault" by engine computer on coolant temperature sensor because it checks reading on start-up and it compares it to inlet air temperature. There are certain default actions taken when this occurs during an ignition cycle.

    If this occurs more often have your dealer check for codes. However this condition might have to happen a few times in a row for a code to set.
  • paopao Posts: 1,867
    if you are worried about arent an investment for resale......the Maxx has shown a significant depreciation...but I will keep ours for 6-8 years before it is traded....04 LT here with 64k on it already....great car...minor issues..but nothing big...

    not knowing the options...but since its about to be 2 model years old.....Im thinking you should be able to drive it off the lot for under 14K

    check the GM website for incentive offers by region...I would doubt you will find in for 05 dealers are preparing to unload their remaining 06 inventories about now
  • kistepkistep Posts: 15
    Been researching this tonight ...
    MSRP $23,360.
    Believe invoice (w/destination)then to be $21408.48
    Holdback and holdover allowance from GM: about $3682
    Dealer price then is: $17,776.48.

    Would this realistically be the rock-bottom price then, or am I forgetting something?

    Still trying to decide a base price to start negotiations at. Thanks!
  • alamocityalamocity Posts: 680
    I'm in the information gathering stage and would appreciate any feedback on what others have paid for a 2006 Malibu Maxx with safety curtain airbags, onstar, and rear wipers, especially those who have purchased in the San Antonio/Austin area as I am discovering that on certain models we are paying significantly more than in other parts of the country for vehicles.
  • kiltmankiltman Posts: 65
    Just picked up a '05 LT Maxx, Red. Sticker price on the car was 28485, has all the bells and whistles. Much more than I need (single, don't need a dvd player,lol). Didn't plan on buying this car till later this month when GM would put out their latest round of rebates. Sales lady asked me to make an offer, I lo-balled and they accepted. I offered $19,500, out-the-door. Makes it a sales price of 18500 or there abouts. 10000 off the sticker price. Unbelievable :shades:
  • paopao Posts: 1,867
    beleive very good deal..but also consider it was about to be a two model year old car if an 05..... and doubt you would have seen in rebates on an 05 model during the 06 model year......that 05 had been sitting on their lot at least a they needed to sell it......paying interest on it was hurting them Im sure...but congrats on a good 04 LT here.....same as yours..with 67K on it and running strong!!!!
  • lcw1lcw1 Posts: 36
    Proud owner of a used 05 with 11,000 miles. Paid $14,700 out the door. I think I got a good deal since I love driving this car.
    Go GM.
  • concertkeyconcertkey Posts: 59
    I realize that this is an older message, but what are the lowest prices for the GM extended warranties? My wife has a 2004 Malibu that I would like to cover.
  • paopao Posts: 1,867
    since the car is over two years old now the GM warranties will probably be pricey.....

    take a look here..should give you some idea
  • concertkeyconcertkey Posts: 59
    I took a look at the prices for the GM warranties and found that they are very expensive compared to the extended warranty I'm about to purchase for my '07 Camry. A 7/75,000 warranty lists for $1195.00 but is going for as little as $520.00 plus tax.
  • marioramimariorami Posts: 1

    I'm buying a Chevy Malibu 2003 with 96.000 miles and I would like to know if the conditions and price the dealer is giving me are within the average to this kind of car.

    To start, the car is in very good shape. It never has been involved on an accident or crash, even minor crash. It still keeps its original paint. The interior is clean.

    As I mentioned before, it has 96.000 miles which from my point of view are too many miles to a four years old car.

    Now, the price. The dealer is offering me a price of $6700 after 40 months financing, which means monthly payments around of $170.

    Should I buy an extended warranty?.

    With that amount of miles, will need to do mayor motor replacements?

    Can I just "don't worry" for at least one year regarding mayor mechanicals problems.

    I'll really appreciated if can I have your opinions about these matters.

    Thanks a lot.
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