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Toyota RAV4 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • alex91alex91 Posts: 1
    Any advice about RAV4, prices in southwest Missouri? I tried 1600 below sticker but dealer wanted full price which I found quite funny.
  • Toyota of Carlsbad...

    I did want to let you know that I actually negotiated further down ($700 below invoice) to start with and we had an agreement at that price ($24.5k). This hit my OTD total of $22k. But both the guy I was dealing with and myself got a pleasant surprise about 1/2 way through the transaction turns out that CARS rebate was NOT taxed. This saved us $400 in taxes. Thus, I volunteered to add $200 back into the price of the car and we would split the unexpected savings. I thought this was fair because it still came $200 below my OTD cost.

    From then on, I was treated great! I didn't get pressured for any backend items.
  • evergreenevergreen Posts: 213
    I flew into Portland, OR., several months ago and could see that the docks were full of cars. I notice now my local Toyota dealer's inventory seems very low. There used to be someone one in this forum that worked for Toyota at the Portland docks and he knew a lot about what was coming in. Wonder if he is still here. If inventories really are low everywhere and with this clunker program, things might be a little tight for a couple months. I may be interested in a RAV4 soon but maybe it would be best to wait for the 2010 models in late September. The big change in the RAV4 won't be until 2012 so a 2010 model should be ok.
  • evergreenevergreen Posts: 213
    Has anyone actually used this service to buy their new RAV4? How did it work out?
  • I just bought a new car on Sat, after coming home I was reviewing the papers and realized that the dealer had not put in the 1000$ new graduate rebate/credit that was agreed upon during negotiation :(. What are the next steps, how do I go about getting it add now. I hope the dealer doesn't back off now ? Thanks for the advice.
  • What credit? The dealer does NOT have to pass on any credit to you that was not agreed upon during the negotiation phase. Have you agreed to some kind of credit that you later noticed that they didn't apply, or did you just find out about this credit after you closed on the car?

    If you closed on the car, and then you saw an available credit, you are SOL. That stands for sh*t out of luck.
  • Just go back to the dealer and let them know about the College Grad Rebate. They don't apply the college grad until they receive all the necessary paperworks. Then they send them to Toyota Corp to get approval before they credit you the $. By the way, what model RAV4 did you purchase and how much do you paid OTD before the college grad???
  • The 1000$ credit/rebate was agreed upon during negotiation but the paperwork that has the selling price, title fees, etc, doesn't mention the 1000$ new college graduate credit/rebate ?
  • Bought a RAV4 I4 Limited 4x4, car price 26800 + title + taxes + doc fee. With the 1000$ graduate credit the car price should be 25800 and it should be listed in the contract / financing paperwork, right ?
  • I am planning on getting the V6 4WD Limited Rav tomorrow as the sale ends local dealer has downpayment matching and also the 3.9% for 60months financing.
    They have the sticker price of $ thinking for offering $28100-$28300 what do you guys think?
    It comes with the QY package which is the first package with moonroof, leather, 120v, JBL speakers etc.
    Might have the carpet and mat for $199.

    Also this price I am offering should be based on the invoice including the $800 destination charge. The tax, and registration and doc fees would be added extra to the $28100? I said this price as I checked edmunds and kelly for the TMV (market value price) ppl are paying in my area.

    I was also wondering if anyone knows what incentive would come august 4th? I hate to have buyers remorse Lol. Right now its 3.9% at 60months....Did or will the Rav4 get 0% apr financing?
  • vvv0077vvv0077 Posts: 2
    I was planning to buy 2009 Rav4 Base model with Third row seating with leather seats in virginia. The best OTD I am getting is $ 24,855. Let me know if its a good deal.
  • I just got quoted the limited rav4 v6 4wd with the QY package which is the limited extra value package #1 and $199 carpet/cargo mat.
    The msrp is $30169 and he quoted me $28740.
    This dealership also is exclusive in that it offers Free Lifetime powertrain warranty.
    Is this a good price? I checked and the True market value price is $28596.
  • ted10375ted10375 Posts: 10
    I thought I would share my positive RAV4 buying story.

    On 7/28 I purchased a 2009 RAV4 Limited, 4 cylinder 4WD in Black Forest Pearl.

    QY – Limited Extra Value Pkg (w/o Nav)
    CF – Carpet Mat set
    MF – Mudguards

    MSRP $28,338, Edmund’s invoice $26,018, dealer invoice $26,490 (including $472 Toyota Advertising fees).

    I paid $25,670 + $279 dealer fee = $25,949 OTD (Nebraska residents pay TTL at the courthouse). My $4,500 Cash For Clunkers credit and $50 salvage value from a GMC pickup knocked my net amount down to $21,399.

    Excluding the dealer fee, my discount was $2,668 (9.4%) below MSRP and $348 below Edmunds’ invoice after the $500 cash rebate. Beat Edmunds suggested price by $170 even without considering floor mats and mudguards. I’m pretty happy with this as the Black Forest color is relatively rare and the RAV had all I wanted and nothing I didn’t.

    My negotiating consisted of about 5 e-mail exchanges and 5 minutes of phone calls. I never set foot in the dealership to haggle. I used prices to establish my baseline. I sealed this deal 11 days before Cash For Clunkers started, and the dealership was able to find the vehicle nearby and hold it for me with a Credit Card deposit. Dealer was very low-pressure on the aftermarket and extended warranty stuff.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,081
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  • canngacannga Posts: 20
    Hello, I am planning to purchase a Rav4 Limited, 4wd, V6 and would like to add the QZ Extra Value Packages.

    Could someone confirm that there is an on-going discount offer from Toyota that takes $2000 off this package?

    Edmunds lists the QZ package MSRP as 2110. Does this mean it now costs only $100?

    It seems people are getting around 2000 off MSRP in California. This discount takes into account the discount above? That is, you are NOT getting $4000 off, right?
  • evergreenevergreen Posts: 213
    I didn't know there were any 2010 models available yet. Are some dealers taking orders for them?
  • evergreenevergreen Posts: 213
    Great purchase, and price, Ted. I assume you are in Nebraska.

    Anyone else wondering if they are getting a good deal, consider Ted's 9.4% off MSRP a very good benchmark. You might not do quite that good with a Sport or Base model. Always look at to compare with, too. They are kind of a national benchmark.

    Ted....did you only e-mail to the dealer you bought from or did you e-mail 5 different dealers?
  • ted10375ted10375 Posts: 10
    Thanks for the kind words, evergreen. Yes, I live just North of Omaha.

    I only negotiated with the dealer I bought from. I had visited with the salesperson a couple months earlier, so he was aware I was tracking Cash For Clunkers. I figured if I didn't get a good deal from them I hadn't lost anything. I found the phone # and website for every dealer in a 200 mile radius, and was going to blanket all their Internet managers come July 24. I found the Black Forest RAV in a local inventory and made a move. Our next-to-last offers were $640 apart and I said I'd split the difference, take it or leave it. 5 minutes of phone calls later I had the price confirmed via e-mail. It makes the delivery process so much easier when you have the price established before you walk in.

    I firmly believe that a dealer won't sell you a car if they're not making some money on it. If you feel you're getting a good deal, that's all that matters.
  • cls57cls57 Posts: 2
    Car man,
    Your thoughts....
    I just went to a local Toyota dealer in town this past weekend (8/1/09) and negotiated a lease on a new RAV4, 4WD, 6 cyc. Base model. I used Edmund's TMV price which came to $24,348.00 which includes the two options I wanted and the $800 destination charge.
    The person I dealth with went to her finance person and said he could do that price. (to it we added $298 for two additional options that are on a car they have coming in soon)(Total now is : $24,646)
    I have $1,000 down payment plus a $1,000 coupon the dealer advertised on their website that can be used towards new cars to increase your down pymt, getting more for your trade etc. My pymts would be $257.22 month with $2,000 down. ($285.75 mo. with $1,000 down)
    I was expecting my $1,000 & their coupon of $1,000 to be subtracted off the agreed on price of $24,646 above. My lease pymts would now be based on the remaining $22,646. (I have been approved by TMCC already)
    I have found out,however, that even though they did say they agreed on the TMV price ....they started at MSRP of $26,193, then subtracted their $1,000 coupon and another $547 because I am a previous Toyota buyer - not thru them however. That gets them down to the $24,646 I agreed on. Then....from there....they subtracted my $1,000 I have for a down pymt to get the lease amount to $ 23,646 (vs. $22,646 I was expecting) I have not signed any papers yet.
    I explained to the sales person that I thought the $2,000 would be off the Edmund's price. They are just going by their Dealer price and they say they are very close to that. ($24,406.20) However.....the breakdown of their dealer price is... it starts at $22,191 then adds the Destination (which is fine), but also has TDA of $340..(I am told this is for advertising, $10.20 for gas, $498.00 for Dealer Holdback and $249.00 for Whsl. Financial Reserve.(I don't know what that is....!)
    I feel I should not be paying these "other items!" under their dealer price- Just the $800 destination fee and that's it. Am I wrong?!
    They said that they could go down another $146 dollars to an even $24,500 but that was the best they could do. I was thinking of calling them back and saying that if they go down to $24,000 they have a deal. Then at least my Lease pymts will be based on $23,000 after my $1,000 down pymt. Does this sound like a fair compromise? I would only be $354 higher than what I was expecting to be my Leased amount financed?
  • proteasproteas Posts: 1
    Is it V6 engine?
  • vvv0077vvv0077 Posts: 2
    No its V4
  • mnguyenmnguyen Posts: 5
    I think you are paying too much. I just brought for my wife the same with (silver color) for $26,886 plus tax, title, reg. I lived in OHIO.
  • josievjosiev Posts: 4
    When I go to and put in my ZIP code, the only incentives are for the Tacoma pick-up. I'm hoping for some kind of incentive for the RAV4. Will not have a trade-in. We live in the Seattle area. Are there incentives being offered in other regions, or perhaps they just aren't all posted for August yet.

    Does anyone know when the 2010s will be out?
  • ted10375ted10375 Posts: 10
    Kansas City region still has $500 RAV4 rebate through 9/8/09. My brother in Houston is getting a $750 rebate on a V6.
  • cls57cls57 Posts: 2
    Yes, it is a V6, (2009, RAV4 Base, 4x4)
  • josievjosiev Posts: 4
    Okay, our regional August incentives page just got updated, and they're offering $1000 cash back on the RAV4 thru 9/8 in the Seattle area. I was hoping for a low APR, like the 0% APR for 60 months on the 2010 and remaining 2009 Camry.

    Still wondering when the 2010 RAV4s will be out...
  • canngacannga Posts: 20
    A large local dealer in Southern California is offering me a discount of about $2100 for a 2009 RAV4 Limited V6 4WD.
    However... included in the offer is the following statement:

    *** Please note: The offer cannot be combined with the CARS government rebate program. It will be MSRP only with the "Cash for Clunker" Rebate Program!

    Basically this dealer seems to be taking advantage of the Clash for Clunker program as well and is pocketing the discount that they would give otherwise.

    Has anyone here received a discount IN ADDITION to the money from Clash for Clunker? Thanks in advance.
  • I think thats illegal. I thought I read on the official cash for clunkers website that its a separate being the incentives from dealers and the cash for clunkers being from the gov.

    Check here:

    "Q: If dealers are offering cash incentives toward a new car purchase, would that be in addition to this credit?

    A: The CARS credit is independent from manufacturer buying incentives. For example, if a car dealer is offering $3,000 off the list price of a car and you qualified for a $4,500 CARS credit from your trade-in, then the total reduction off the MSRP would be $7,500. You should always shop for the best deals before buying a car.

  • abzabz Posts: 13
    My dealership in Danbury, CT is up to the usual Toyota arrogance thing. I inqured over the weekend as to internet prices for a Toyota RAV4 Limited with 3rd row seat. He replied back that Limited models don't come with 3rd row option (contrary to Toyota's website), but also that sales are so strong with CARS that all models are going for MSRP. I don't need a Toyota that badly. Good luck to anyone else.
  • I got the same info from several dealers in SoCal. One emailed me back with an offer for about $1500 off the base model. But when I emailed back that I would also be trading in a clunker under the CARS program, he said they will not combine them. Another local dealer told me over the phone that they also are not combining the CARS program with any discounts. I told both dealers to call me if and when they wanted to offer me a discount off the MSRP -with- the CARS rebate. I am not so impressed.
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