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Toyota RAV4 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • It still amazes me that so many dealers are weasels like this. I had an internet quote on a Highlander. Went into the dealer (Boch South) to do the deal. Four hours later, they told us that they could not do the deal- really? I had already signed half of the paperwork and they had the CC in hand for the deposit. We walked, and they lost an Avalon on the spot as well.

    We went back to the dealer where we had bought our Sienna (Copeland Toyota) and had a no hassle deal on a base RAV 4x4. 22k + tax, title and doc fees minus a fair trade in value on a 10 year old VW. I was there doing the papers for all of 2 hours, but we paid cash (didn't even do a credit app- at either dealer)

    The 09 rav that we bought was new on the lot- still wrapped. I called and asked them to PDI it so that my wife could drive it. They made it happen.

    I think that Boch might have honored our deal if I had financed at a loan shark interest rate (read- not with Toyota Credit) so that they would have made it up on the back end, but we never pursued it. Apparently this is a common tactic.

    This was our second car from Copeland, though my Sienna was a stand on your head deal- they essentially gave me a free moonroof (and a good price even if it did not have the moonroof), but I bought the car the day after it hit the lot from the plant. Negotiating that was painless as well and I bought a $35k van for under $30k. With 8 miles on the Odometer! I highly recommend them.

    All of this is South of Boston, MA where we have 6 Toyota dealers within 30 minutes of the house. Boch is by far the biggest, but I will never deal with them again. ever. My in-laws swear by them at least for service, but that's service, not sales. They were there for both experiences- Even they'll go to Copelnd for their next car.
  • normkolnormkol Posts: 135
    I understand your frustration. I bought my '08 Rav at East Coast in Feb. 2008. It was President's Day and they were quite busy. After a lot of haggling, we agreed on a deal and they hit me with the etching package also, as a mandatory option.

    I wasn't happy, but I went along with it. However, I will know if I ever go back there again they will have to include it up front so I will know exactly what I am paying.

    Your kids must be angels to have endured 6+ hours. My wife came along and left after 2 hours.
  • Unfortunately it's a tough time for buyers in this post cash for clunkers environment. Inventory is low, at least until the '10s start arriving. I see some dealers by me are getting the last of the '09s, but inventory is still way down. It seems the worst at Honda and Toyota dealers, naturally.

    I know when I bought my Sienna in Sept. '04 it was a new model. Edmunds showed hem selling for $500 under MSRP. A dealer by me advertised that they had several in stock and would sell them for $750 under MSRP. We had a great salesman, but he would not go any lower. When I complained about the $379 documentation fee, he said it was mandatory. When I hemmed and hawed a bit, he did go and get the selling price reduced an additional $379 to cover the fee. We left happy.

    Unfortunately Honda and Toyota dealers don't have to negotiate much. Their attitude can be "if you don't buy it at our price, someone else will". This seems more prevalent at Honda dealers. Less competition maybe?
  • Toyota lists the end date for the $1,000 rebate as of September 8th. It is interesting to note that while 2010's are arriving, 2009's are also arriving as well. Does anyone have any idea as to whether they will extend the $1,000 rebate?
  • I bought my RAV4 Basic from Beaver Toyota in Santa Fe NM. The salesperson was a really good guy -- he's since retired and moved to FL -- as are the financial people and the parts and service people. I did the Clunkers for Cash program: $5000 ($4500 for my '93 4-Runner + $500 dealer incentive) off the $24640 MSRP. There was a small misunderstanding about the financing, but they changed it to give me the lower rate discussed with the salesperson. There was no pressure, no "games", nothing like that from anybody. It's nice to give a positive report on a dealership, but hey, that's Santa Fe. :)
  • Where are you that the 2010s are already coming in? None in Seattle area yet that I know of. A couple weeks ago a salesperson said it would be a month or two before the 2010s arrive.
  • In NYS and around NY

    I have dealers offering me 2010s in place of the 2009s Im eQuoting for and theyre telling they are to arrive as early as a wk to Month-end of sept depending on the dealership. (ofcourse that could all be overhyping to get me to put down downpayments and making advance purchases)

    If you check, 2010 values are now posted even though regional and local numbers arent yet available for my area. if you look at the invoice and dealer cost between 2009 and 2010, the new 2010s are actually CHEAPER to buy for the dealers

    Great thing is, these dealers are eQuoting me and carrying over my 2009 quote over to 2010 models if Im willing to wait for it to come in. It makes sense for them to do that since they profit more from the 2010s at the same price and it far easier to get into inventory than 2009 models. .. .. However, TMVs for 2010 are still outrageous.. (though i would ignorantly assume that will change very quuickly once 2010s are widely available, and these fatten salesmen realize the scarcity of buyers in the coming months in the aftermath of CARS)

    Im getting quotes of 26500ish OTD price for 2010s. thats inclusive of dealer fees, NYS DMV charges, and NYS 8.875% Sales Tax. Seems like a pretty sweet price to me. If we keep fighting for these prices, it may become the norm and work out for everyone in the market for these rav4s!! Let's make it a buyers market again, Im tired of salesman pushing me at 1300$ above invoice.
  • Our dealer in Bend has one 2010 in stock and I see Magic Toyota in Edmonds, Wa., has one 2010 in their inventory. Someone in Seattle probably has some 2010 models. You are just talking to an idiot.
  • as evergreen says, most of them are idiots.. they spew w/e BS they can come up with to make themselves seem knowledgable.

    either that or they blatantly lie to you to get you to focus on buying a car NOW from THEM. Iv been told so many times that RAV4s 2009s with 3rdROW seating are completely out of stock and near impossible to find.

    meanwhile I could list at least 5 dealerships that have one in stock... just not the color i want.

    Currently working over paperwork to acquire a trade-in for a rav42009 at 26400 OTD (inclusive of all dealer fees, DMV, and NYTax 8.875%)
    There are many horror stories that Trade-Ins come up empty handed... but Im crossing my fingers on this.
  • svofan2svofan2 Posts: 442
    You are a brave man...good for you....but maybe I am old and getting soft....6 hours wated is too much.....and you should consider or maybe you had alreday, if you will be able to get similar deal somewhere else otherwise you pissed away 6 hours of your life for nothing...principles are nice values, but your time should also have a price...good luck and keep us posted on how much you finally pay...and it better be lower that that deal..good luck..
  • I deposited for a 2010 base 4x4 with third row seat for $23000 + $299 document fee + tax + registration in MA. It will have extra value package. I also got a good price for my trade so i am kind of happy. Dealer has best rating on dealerrater and so i am feeling better about it. I went to buy a 2009 for same price but ended up deciding on waiting for 10 days and get 2010. He will get the color i want. I will be getting it on 24th. :)
  • Hi,
    I am in boston also. What dealer was it?
  • toyota of wellesley...
  • I thought I did all my homework before buying. I ended up purchasing a Honda CRV EX model 2 weeks ago, now has a little over 400 miles. Drove into the garage on the first day and was immediately struck with buyers remorse. The tailgate/back hood opens UP instead of swinging out which is a huge problem...not enough room to open the tailgate because of the garage door runners...I have to hold on to the hood to avoid any colliding or, unpack my groceries, etc. in the driveway and then pull the car in. Doesn't sound like a big deal except it is! It was suggested to back the car into the garage but I'm not working with a lot of room and it all feels so problematic and inconvienent.

    A Toyota RAV4 Sport FWD is available (2009). I can (maybe) sell my car privately and take a loss of about $2,000 (if I can get what I'm hoping to for it) or, use it as a trade with the Toyota dealer where I end up saving on the taxes (about $1,200) in the trade in, out the door price. They will sell me the RAV for an additional $5,400. The Honda was $23,350 out the door, plus $5,400 now for the Toyota, equal $28,750 that I will end up spending in the end ... if I get the Toyota.

    I know this is strictly a personal choice to make but I feel so over-my-head with this decision. I buy a car once every 5-7 years and originally worked the numbers to fit my budget when I first started looking. Now, I'll be in for another $5,400 which I'm having a hard time justifying.

    Opinions? :confuse: :cry:
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 70,447
    Take a deep breath and live with it for a few months... You'll either figure something out... or, decide it's not that big of a deal.. Or, decide you'll have to do something about it.

    I'd have a really hard time justifying trading in my car, just because it's sort of a pain to unload groceries.. But, if you do... another month or two isn't going to make a difference. If you trade any time within the next couple of years, you will take a major hit... so, why rush into a bad decision?

    (Is it that big of an issue to let the rear door open up gently against the runners?)


    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • Just be aware that most SUVs of any size have a rear tailgate that opens UP. The RAV4 is one of the few that has a tailgate hinge on the right. How important is this for you?

    You'll lose a significant amount of money if you trade your CRV for a RAV4 -- but the RAV4 has outstanding reliability ratings, so if you plan on holding on to the car for 7 years or more it might be worth the change. Just FYI - in addition to my 2009 RAV4, I have a 1996 Camry with 167,800 miles on it. I expect to keep the Camry for at least another 75,000 miles. Toyotas are road warriors.
  • funny, it's quite the opposite living in NYC with Parallel Parking. THe swingout doors of a Rav4 might be a problem for me but I guess in preference of 3rdRow, I'm hoping unloading before parking wont turn out to be too troublesome. Perhaps sticking some bumper pads on either the runners or your car to prevent to hard bump. Or Keep magnetic bumper pads in your trunk that you could slap on your door when it's unloading time so it's not a permanent eyesore when on the road.

    Purchased from Lawrence Toyota, NJ @ 26,438 OTD (including NYS 8.875% Tax)

    $ 23.992.00 (Quoted.. TMV @ the time but still cheaper OTD compared to others)
    $ 7.70 (Online Reg Fee - I did most my paper via Phone/Fax/Email)
    $ 150.00 (NY Reg Fee -i think it should be higher, but we'll see in a month)
    $ 169.00 (Doc Fee)

    Car Specs:
    *Base 4x4 4Cyl
    *[QV] Extra Value Package
    *[TH] 3rd Row Seating ( subtract apprx 700$+/- if you dont want 3rd Row)
    *Molding on the Trunk Bumper to prevent cargo from scratching paint (i dont think it's standard but it was included with mine w/o charge)
    *Preferred Preference Package (FirstAide Kit, CargoNet etc .. came included free)

    Worked thru Internet Dept w/ Matt Bliffert. Great Guy, Frequent Followups via email and phone daily to keep you assured that they'r working on finding your car and keeping you updated on it's progress. Willing to conduct paperwork via fax and email. All around nice guy, no hard selling, just suggestions. No BS "required" options like Etching even though it's already on the car. a few more extras onthe car that he didnt even bother suggested charging me since I didnt ask for it.

    btw, 3rdRow inthe specific color I wanted was extremely hard to find. there are at least 10 toyota dealers closer to me and yet nobody was able to "find" it in the past 2 wks, yet Matt (&crew) found the car in under 24hrs after a few false positives and had it brought up to NJ 250 miles from Maryland in under the next 24hrs. with all the horror stories of relying on the dealer to "find" the car for the buyer, I was extremely nervous, but MattBliffert @ Lawrence Toyota was extremely awesome about it. I hope the rest of Lawrence is just as great and it's not just an isolated occurrence there. Natalie, the F&I person was also very patient and not pushy on options. Much of it might have to do with being somewhat educated in carbuying despite being a 1st time buyer. Do your research, read up, and sound knowledgeable and they'll probably be less likely to try tricks with you.

    East Coast Toyota, NJ however still owes me 5000$ in downpayment money.
    These guys on the other hand will tell you VIN Etching is required even after you insist they're not, and POINT OUT to them on the contract itself that it's optional.
    I hope I dont have to resort to CC CHargeback & Small Claims Court, but if it comes to that, Im definitely getting back more than what they currently owe me to pay for "punitive damages" and expenses.

    Good Luck Shopping Everyone.
  • Thanks kyfdx. I could start using the back seats instead of the cargo area in back and avoid using the tailgate at all. Bummer. And like you, I'd have a hard time and am having a hard time, justifying trading in my car because of the hit I'm going to take but, I'm ending up hating the vehicle now. It's not just the trunk. I feel like I'm sitting in a truck...the RAV is cozy, more comfortable...feels more like a car, to me.

    I take a hit now, get it over with and lose a couple of thousand or, drive a car that I regret buying and forfeit the pleasure derived from that new car feeling. What a web I've woven!
  • Does anyone know of a website that lists the dealer install options available and the pricing for these options?
  • truecar will list invoice vs msrp prices for almost all the options for the car.

    ...or change the model of the car to your preference.
    i dont know how much the dealer will actually charge for them though. My guess is it's probably also negotiable and they'll probably try to ccharge you MSRP. but Im just guessing, I didnt quite have a chance to ask for a brochure and pricing yet, but if you find out, pls let us kno.
  • Last week end we found a 2006 RAV4 with 36k miles, asking was $19k. Got dealer down to $16,800 which included a trade in for our clunker. I decided to think about it and later ran a Carfax only to discover it was rear ended 3 months earlier.

    Not sure if I missed a great deal or passed up a possible problem with a rear ended used car. Vehicle was clean, ran well. It was not a Toyota certified pre-owned.

    Would you buy a used RAV4 without a "cettification"?

    Anyone with similar situation or comments?
  • Thanks, puneecar...that is exactly what I was looking for.
  • Just because a car has been in an accident doesn't always mean it should be avoided. A couple months ago, we got rear ended in my wife's car, a 2004 Suzuki Verona. The other vehicle was an old pickup with the kind of shocks that raised it by about a foot. The truck pushed my trunk in like it was an accordian but didn't hit the bumper. The Verona ran just fine after the accident and, after the insurance company paid $4500 to get it fixed, is actually in better shape now than it was before. The body shop took out a small ding in one of the rear doors that was not related to the accident and painter the bumper which had some scratches. The old trunk lid also had some scratches that are now gone since they had to replace the trunk lid. If I were looking to buy this vehicle, I would be more interested today than before the accident as it looks a lot better.
  • As you know, looks can be deceiving. Sure it looks great, but sometimes I guess you just have to go with the "gut." Not only did the owner dump the car right after the accident but there is no CPO offerred. So I guess I'm more concerned with future mechanical problems that may have resulted than I am with cosmetics. If it were my own car it would be a different story.
  • sandra4453: I used to haave a similar problem on my SUV where when the tailgate was up it would hit the garage door. I just left a towel in the back of the SUV, and placed it on the outside when opening the SUV hatch to prevent it from getting scratched up when opening. Just open the tailgate slowly and there should be no problems.
  • Just found what looks like a reasonably nice deal for me. I can get into a 2010 RAV4 Sport (w/moonroof package) for my trade (2009 Honda CR-V EX - equivalent to this RAV, as for features, Honda now has 600 miles) for another $4,300 otd, not a penny more. It will end up costing me $24.300...I paid $20,000 cash for the Honda with my trade. I lose out on the trade this time which is what I have to forget about if I want to finally get something I'll be happy with. I traded in a 2000 Camry with low miles and probably could have done much better, privately but didn't want the headache.

  • Probably not a bad deal if you're holding long-term and were really unhappy with the CR-V. Welcome to RAV4 nation!
  • Here is a vote to go ahead and do it. $4300 is a chunk of change, but not really THAT bad to get a newer model year and, more importantly, a car you really want. I did the same thing two years ago, trading in a year-old car that I really loved but could not get comfortable in for a new Acura TL. I took a pretty small hit--maybe $2500, and felt it was the right thing for me to do. My biggest worry was that I was acting like a nut-case who couldn't make up his mind. I got over that.

    A year later, I got my 2009 RAV 4 cyl., 4WD, Limited. I love it. Oh, still have the Acura. :)
  • Got a quote from a dealer at Fort Worth, TX
    For 2009 RAV4 base FWD V6 with minimum features

    after $1000 rebate from Toyota
    base price $22900
    Drive out $24600

    Is this a good deal?

  • I'm going to look at a 2006 2wd 4cyl Rav4. The price at the Toyota dealership is $16,799. What is a reasonable asking price? This is my first time purchasing through a dealership, and I'm not sure how low I can reasonably negotiate. I have a 95 Camry that I'm fairly certain won't fetch much as a trade in. Thank you!
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