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Toyota RAV4 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • njrav4njrav4 Posts: 1
    Hi I am in the market for a 2011 RAV4 limited with navi v4 AWD. Could you share the name of the dealership that you purchased from?
  • helpmebuyacarhelpmebuyacar Posts: 3
    edited October 2011
    Hi I am in the market for a 2011 RAV4 limited with navi v4 AWD. Could you share the name of the dealership that you purchased from? NJ
  • Took the plunge and bought a certified 2010 Rav4 with 16,600 miles. Silver with 17" wheel package, running lights, roof rack, and tinted windows. Sale price was 17,750. I think i got a great deal considering dealers are selling this same car with 3 times the mileage for more money than this. Only thing is, I think I have that grinding noise at cold start that some people are complaining about. I know its covered under warranty, but I hate leaving a car at the dealer overnight for diagnosis. The car is a sweet ride, and I'm getting great gas mileage in the first week I've had it. I know the computer in the car is probably off, but its telling me I'm getting between 29.0 and 30.0mpg highway at around 65mph-70mph speeds. Not too shabby for an SUV!
  • rampramp Posts: 11
    I am planning to buy the same vehicle, can you pls share the invoice and dealer information.

  • roby1broby1b Posts: 1
    I own a 2005 Rav4 with a taller rear headrests. I test drove the 2011 Rav this summer and noticed the lower retriangle rear seatheads. I love it because it is better visibility. When I went to purchase the Rav4 this October and was looking at the different model (basic, sport, & LE), I noticed the change in the headreads. Only one Rav4 on the lot had the lower headread but was not the color I wanted. I point it out to the saleperson and told him that was a "DEAL BREAKER". The dealer didn't know why there was a change in the headrest, but all the Rav4s coming in are like that. The fix was to order the old headrest and swap them out. The COST under $300 but it would take 2 months to get. He asked if I was ok with swap them out if another demo come w/lower headrest. I said yes. In the end the saleperson GIVE ME THE HEADREST AT NO COST since we are swapping them out (the dealer keeping the higher rest). Note: This is the 4th car I have purchased from same saleman. I have purchased 5 cars from this dealer (Star Toyota) in the last 17 years. My suggestion is to go to another dealer. *the saleman did check to see if the change was due to safety reason and the answer was no.
  • Get the vehicle in. There is a recall on defective exhaust cams. A dealer will have a list of the VIN numbers potentially affected. Mine blew on my 2010 Rav4 4WD at about 10K and the dealer has replaced the engine head gasket, exhaust cam assembly, & oil reservoir once & exhaust cam gaskets twice (covered by TMC). BTW I was running 29 highway mpg before repairs, 30.2-30.4 after.
  • Hello again,

    Looking for input before making a purchase this weekend or next.
    Finally have a solid offer after 2+ months of shopping for a RAV4.
    OTD price in LA area is 32.5K. Break down is as followed:

    Limited RAV4 V6 FWD base listed at 27385
    Navigation value package listed at 2195
    Bluetooth listed at 299
    Integrated rearview mirror with backup camera listed at 475
    Tow prep listed at 160
    Preferred accessory package listed at 277
    Exhaust tip listed at 85
    Wheel locks listed at 81

    At 29.6K tax by DMV calculator is 2887 or 32537 to be exact.
    Before destination charge would be 29.6 - 810 = 28840.

    This looks like a good deal (at least 2 dealers offer this). Any suggestion please? Thanx.

    MSRP for this config is 3
  • Hi, ask the dealer if they will let you look at an invoice. Once they give it to you, you can try to go below the invoice price. I bought 2011 LMTD. 4WD V6 w/Nav and key less. The dealers invoice was $32,248 including destination $810. I bought it for $30,150 +tax. I hope this helps. Good luck!
  • Thank you for your input.
    Not sure why there is a difference in the MSRP calculation of this vehicle.
    The dealer print out says it's valued at 31926. I punched in the options at truecar and get 32666.
    At any rate, truecar says dealer cost is 30258 and invoice is 30805 (including destination charge).
    Subtracting tax by DMV calculator in CA (2885) from OTD price = 29615 (including destination charge).
    It looks like I'm getting ~1200 below dealer invoice. Not as great as your savings. Are you in CA? I hunted for 2+ months, and no dealer is giving any figures near these numbers except for 2 places (way out in the middle of nowhere). Thanx.
  • tobymtobym Posts: 7
    Recently bought this car with blizzard pearl color. $30,000 OTD, dealer wouldn't go below that and I don't want to spend more time negotiating more. upgrades: Premium Plus Value Package, rearview mirror, window tint, and a few dealer add-ons.

    I feel like you can get the car $500-$1000 less if working harder. :surprise:
  • Congrats.
    That sounded like very aggressive pricing. What is the MSRP price and tax rate where you're at?
  • tobymtobym Posts: 7
    The stick price is 328xxx OTD. I am in TX, 6.25%
  • Thanx for the info.
    That is very good pricing indeed. You purchased for 28.1K for 30.8K MSRP - 2.7K off MSRP (8.8% off sticker price). Truecar listed in general dealer cost as 2K below MSRP. You're closed to dealer cost (not even deal invoice). Very good saving! Don't think they'll go another 500 (current incentive is 500 off or finance options).
  • Hi- Need everyone's help. I am planning to buy a RAV4. Doesnt matter if it is 2011 or 2012. I would like NEW. For a 2011 when is the best time to buy. they are trying to clear out 2011 giving way for the 2012 rav4s coming this december 20th I heard. So should I buy over the thanksgiving or christmas or Newyears. Does the endof month or endofyear quota criterion kick in to give me a good deal ?

    Also - Is there any significant difference with the 2012 Rav4 ? Can someone also confirm the date of release ? I am looking for a base v4 model. My wife would really like heated seats. What would you suggest, I am in western michigan, so any good dealerships le tme know. Can travel to chicago or detroit for a good deal too. What price do you think will be a good one.
  • drumsdrums Posts: 17
    @ naveen have you found a answer to your search for rav4. Did you purchase 2011 or 2012? I would like with 4WD or AWD and the limited package. Is there significant difference between 2011 and 2012 model. I would like some feedback. I am looking to purchase in NY, NJ or upstate new york. Please help. Looking to purchase soon.....
  • Hi All, I'm planning to buy Rav4 2011 base model with upgrade of Third row and Leather seat option.

    Rav4 2011 , 4 WD with 4 cylinders the dealer quoting after lot of bargains they are finally stick on around 26K, I would like to know that is that something good deal or do I need to still wait?

    Appreciated expert inputs, please help me out on this.
  • Have you closed your deal?
  • drumsdrums Posts: 17
    No I have not. Want the best possible deal and we want blizzard pearl and limited edition....actually

    we want blizzard pearl, 4WD, and leather seats. nothing else is mandatory. WE want OTD PRICES below 30K. We live in PA. I want to know what the lowest a dealer will gol
  • I got a Rav4 2011 Ltd Blizzard Pearl 2WD with premium value package, moonroof, leather seats, and other options like back up camera..we got it for ~25,000 OTD (+ tax and other fees) in May this year. Hope that helps
  • drumsdrums Posts: 17
    thanks for quick response. where did you buy? we have 6 percent tax rate (PA) and I need 4WD drive bc of snowy weather here. I would like to know what ball park figure we should pay inclusive of all taxes and tags. which state did you buy from?
  • The wife and I decided to go new car browsing this past weekend and the first dealership we went into was determined to sell us a car. We ended up getting a 2011 v6 4wd Rav 4 sport. It came with the upgrade stereo system (6 disc changer), sun roof, appearance package with deleted spare tire, cargo mat, cargo cover and back-up camera. The listed MSRP for this vehicle was about 32k. We were able to get it for 25,500 + tax. OTD price was 28k. This seem like a really good deal on paper but with the 2012 on the way do you think i could have gotten a bit more off?
  • I bought it in Georgia and our tax rate was 6%. After taxes we paid ~27K.
  • drumsdrums Posts: 17
    what state did you buy this rav4 from? could you share a copy of your sticker price? I am trying to get 30K OTD (with 6 percent tax rate) and dealership is not really budging.......

    Thanks for your help in advance.
  • drumsdrums Posts: 17
    what state did you buy this rav4 from? could you share a copy of your sticker price? I am trying to get 30K OTD (with 6 percent tax rate) and dealership is not really budging.......

    Thanks for your help in advance.

    what does deleted spare tire mean?
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 70,248
    Sport models come with 18" run-flat tires.... and, no spare..


    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • drumsdrums Posts: 17
    the sport models are generally more expense than limited v4 engine with spare time? right? I trying to figure out what the bottom line is for rav4 limited edition ....
  • I also bought a new RAV 4 base model with upgrade of leather seat and 3rd row option for $26,000 in GA, is that good deal?
  • I did not get the rav 4 yet. I am planning on waiting until Christmas eve - go talk to the Dealers (will be the first tiem) and then give them a week to negotiate and go back on Newyears eve to buy. Hopefully by then they should have the 2012 in the lot.

    By what I hear- there are not much differences between 2011 and 2012. I am not too sure though.

    Also - Checkout the Toyota Sharethon - they seem to be giving away 500-1000$ if tweet. just google it and you will know..more like a mail in rebate but you need to tweet. I created a dummy account.

    Let me know what you decide too. I am in michigan and plan to get it either in the west side or east side of the state.
  • ooreaverooooreaveroo Posts: 2
    edited December 2011
    I made my purchase in Arizona with 9% tax
  • I got a quote for $21800 for base Rav4, 4 cylinder with 3rd row + Toyoguard + base value package (roof rack, 17 inch steel wheel etc) + carpet mat

    Is this a good deal?
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