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2005-2007 Toyota Avalon



  • douglas1douglas1 Posts: 130
    I've got an 05 Limited in transit from Georgetown to the Port in Portland, OR. According to the dealer the Remote Engine Starter is a Port installed option but cannot be taken off the deal even though it has not yet been delivered to the Port.

    The reason I want it deleted is because it is not legal to use it in the county where I live.

    Do you know if it can be deleted prior to installation?

  • mackabeemackabee Posts: 4,709
    Douglas, the dealer has to call the port operations with the vin# and talk to their vehicle operations department and have it deleted since the car is already in transit there. Otherwise they will install it.
  • I am not sure exactly what the reasoning is. It could probably be built into the dash near the windshield as well. I have an XM Delphi Roady II that I use in my '01 XLS and in the house. For those of you not familiar with the Roady II it is a bit of a kludge. I plug it into my lighter and shove a wired adaptor into the cassette player. You have the option to use it wireless by tuning to an empty slot on the FM frequency, except in LA there is no empty space.

    The antenna they say to mount outside the vehicle. This I have found is not necessary. On my car I have found it works fine just velcroing neatly in the middle of the dash (hopefully this is far from any airbags which I believe come out of the steering wheel or the front of the dash on the passenger side. I have driven the car under a variety of circumstances and do not believe it effects the ability for it to work. Obviously if you are traveling through narrow canyons and through tunnels it cuts out.

    In addition I have a "home adaptor" which has a separate antenna. Here they suggest the antenna, a larger one than the car be placed outside, unobstructed to the south. Once again I have the antenna inside, in a wood frame stucco house with plaster walls. The antenna is approximately three feet from the north wall window. It works fine.

    Unless you want to deal with a bunch of dangling wires the installed XM is the way to go. But I am using this more as "a proof of concept" to see if it was something I would like having on the car. If you spend any amount of time driving around give it some serious consideration.
  • I'm from Long Island. Is there anyone in the northeast area: NY, CT, NJ that knows a dealer that will discount these cars. They must have all colluded to charge MSRP.
  • That's a good thing. That means their electronic mapping of the throttle has been well done. General hesitation of the 3.3L 5-AT is the throttle being poorly done. Nothing wrong with the tranny itself.

    So, you press the pedal from a stop and it takes a bit less than a second until everything is sync (the position of pedal, tranny gear, engine output)
  • pmcb48pmcb48 Posts: 192
    Does your state do yearly vehicle safety inspections? I wondered if they might have a problem with a midline XM box partially blocking the rear window brake light. Just saw an XM antenna on a 2005 (I assume) Maxima; a black box on the posterior midline roof (so far OK) with a 3/8" wide rubberized strip running about 4" to the upper edge of the rear window (I guess covering a wire). Unsightly, to say the least. Your installation looked much better than that dealer choice.
  • "Does your state do yearly vehicle safety inspections?"


    Iowa does not have any type of annual safety, emissions, or any other type of inspection, so I should be OK with my XM antenna placement. It only sticks up about half way on the CHMSL, and only 2 inches from side to side. The CHMSL is clearly visible, day or night, with the antenna placed where it is.
  • mikes.mikes. Posts: 337
    Does the back of the console still have the 115V outlet? Also did Toyota ever bother to night light all the armrest switches?"

    Doesn't look like it, I didn't find one anyways. As to the lighted switches, I don't know that either but I'll look tomorrow and get back to you.

  • mikes.mikes. Posts: 337
    2 weeks and 3 days later, no problems or concerns to address with the dealer.

  • prigglypriggly Posts: 642
    Can someone with a new Avalon having the 12 speaker "Synthesis" audio system comment about its sound quality and Digital Signal Processing capabilities? Does it provide a multi-channel sound effect similar to the 5.1 surround sound system in the Acura TL?

    Has anyone directly compared the Synthesis system to the ELS system in the Acura TL and to the Mark Levinson system in the Lexus? Which sounds best?

  • MikeS
    Thanks for the input!!
  • agentagent Posts: 56
    Great forum everyone. I've been holding back every impulsive urge that I have and I don't know how much longer I'll continue not to be an owner of an Avalon. Oh Lord... give me the strength. :-)
    Yet another season is before us without any specials on my dream car. My hopes are to get the touring model with a moonroof, stability control, and the upgraded stereo. All for $30k. Any wagers? In a post made a while ago, someone said that they got one for $3,500 under MSRP!!! Way to go!! I'm inspired. Thanks again to all who have posted. This has been a great help.
  • Liquid Glass & Liquid Glass pre cleaner - easy on/off, however, I found the shine did not last very long.

    My opinion only, Liquid Glass Pre-cleaner followed with Maguires NXT Liquid - both applications easy on/off & shine lasts a long time. Plan to try Maguires NXT Paste Wax after I get the inside cleaned up. I also use a buffer & absolutely NO SWIRL MARKS.

    Currently have plenty of time vacationing in Florida for 2 months. Have the outside of the Avalon looking better than the day I picked ip up. Paste wax next on the list.
  • Any wager would find you paying out as stability control (VSC) is not now available on the Touring model, but keep your hopes up, there have been speculative statements by Toyota that this option might available later this model year..
  • agentagent Posts: 56
    Crap!! I just looked online and you are correct. Do you think that the stability control is needed or not? I'm a real estate agent so the car is naturally perfect for me and I don't intend on driving it like a mad man. Any thoughts?
  • dshimkat:

    Noticed that you are from Iowa. Hope I can put a deal together in Mason City. I wish I had my car already like you have. It looks great. Big Hawk fan too. Hawkeye
  • This is a good board to use as tool in buying a new 05 Avalon . I bought a new 04 Toyota truck last year for myself and got a shock at all the other item they want me to pat. Tires, battery, 550 admin fee, advertisement fee. taxex, Toyota guard ect. I think you know what I Mean. What one needs to know is what the out the door price and state tax % and all the extra so we could make better decisions
  • CanadianDriver mentioned from their roadtest that since you couldn't get TRAC/VSC on lower trims, it was VERY easy to break traction especially wet pavement. I guess that was what Mackabee said during his test drive of the Touring compared to the XLS.

    Personally, I'd go for the XLS in case of bad conditions but turn off TRAC during serene weather. Just for the heck of it. Let the 280 horses run free. :)
  • hawk1eye,

    Yes, I am in the Des Moines area. Retired here in 2001. Grew up in Fort Dodge.

    I love my Limited, which I purchased on Feb. 10 from Toyota of Des Moines. It was their first Avalon, but was exactly the color and had the options that I wanted: VSC/Traction Control/Brake Assist & Carpeted Floor & Trunk Mats. I had the dealer add XM Radio. It does not have the NAV or Laser Cruise Control. I now have almost 300 miles on the odo. It is much tighter and not as mushy to drive as my 2001 Avalon XLS, which I owned for 4 years. I loved my '01, but the '05 is incrementally better in every way. I am very happy with my purchase :)
  • just__mejust__me Posts: 508
    Jluther, thanks about the paste, I already purchased the NXT next generation wax. I will wash my car in a week or so and apply it. I like waiting a month or three weeks with a new car before waxing it. I was the first to get it at my dealer. It was probably shipped to him around 2/6 I picked it up around the 18th of Feb. AGENT. This is going to sound crazy, but once you decide and go for your purchase of the Avalon, if your like me you will be very impressed with the aluminum saddle as you open the door with the Avalon name imprinted on them. It's neat and for me something else to keep shining clean, so it will also be waxed like my chrome. It makes you feel like you really are driving a Lexus but not having every one gawking at you which I love. Make your decision and for once in your life treat yourself to something special. Thats what I did. I used to go for the XL and add the luxury package etc. I told my wife it's time we accomodate our desires after scrimping and saving all these years. I couldn't have made a better decision, I love our car. I don't have the hesitation Future speaks of with my tranny, so maybe it was the car he tested when checking them out. By the way, I love the new design. Also people keep referring to the side molding now and then. If you look at some of the newer cars, Mercedes and Jags and Porches included even a Bentley, they have no side moldings. Take a look while driving down the highway and see cars with the moldings and some still have dings. What I do which is good for my health (because I have to walk further), I always park my car far away from the store and on the end. Still no guarantee of no dings. There are ding removal shops around now that work if the paint isn't chipped. Anyway, it looks like your on the edge of your chair ready to make your move, Good Luck, you won't be sorry and we can't take it with us.
  • for me (VSC) stability control & traction control with brake assist are something I would want especially since all wheel drive is not available, I live in the Northeast. It has been mentioned here, in this forum, that the (VSC) in someway might interfere with the "sport" style of operation the Touring is intended to provide. I don't agree I think Toyota just cheaped out. You ask is it needed, that depends on you, where you live and the type of driving that is normal for you. It is a personal observation but I think you will see (VSC) on all models later this year.

    You might want to follow the suggestion made in post 1673 which is based on 1672.
  • Which colors look good on the new Avalon. I'm leaning toward the Blizzard Pearl with ivory interior but haven't seen one yet. What's best product to keep ivory leather and interior looking good?

    Does brake dust on new Avalons stick to the open wheels? I hate it when it does.

    Also I've seen this asked but didn't see an answer: what grade gas is needed?

  • just__mejust__me Posts: 508
    Buckwheat, I forget who advised me to get the VSC, probably good advice, but since I live in South Carolina close to the Savannah, GA border, I decided to save the money. I am living down here now 9 years and never had to drive on icy or snow covered roads. So the couple of times a year I may visit family in NJ I try during better weather when snow isn't anticipated, so as you say it depends on where you live etc.
  • abfischabfisch Posts: 591
    I hate to be the bad guy here, but I have been contributing for sometime now, and had time to stop into the local Toyota and Honda dealership.

    First: Whoever wrote about the reduction in headroom or rather access for people over six feet tall, I have to agree. Although, it may be bigger, and stronger, and I do like the telescoping wheel now, I gotta tell you that the roof rise is lower, and anyone who is over 6 feet will probably not appreciate banging there head everytime they get out of the car.

    In addition, the absence of the bench seat, puts that wasteful console (I know I am getting a rise now), right into the lateral aspect of my knee cap now. Sweeet. And I am not such a large specimen, 74 inches and 220 lbs.

    So...those that are that size or larger, and are expecting to get alota more room, don't let the numbers fool you, it just ain't so.

    Now, while I have your attention, whatever automotive genius thought of putting the XM antenna on the side of the truck, must really be at the top of the class. What a just poorly thought of thing to do. And all they had to do, was to copy other companies for instance, such as the Honda Accord. Midline antenna, right at the top of the roof at the back window, color color coordinated. I have an aftermarket XM on my 02 Avalon, and the instructions clearly state that on the roof is preferred, but you can put it on the trunk, albeit wait until you are stuck between two large vehicles. You are going to get poorer reception for sure.

    I hope you people are enjoying the new Avalon. Buyer beware.

  • Toyota must think that color is exceptional on the Avalon as it is the only one, I believe, that has an additional premium charge.

    just me, snow/ice are the main culprits which as you say, 9yrs. no problems but as you know rain slick driving conditions anywhere could be improved by VSC.
  • Well, now I have to get over to the dealer this week to check things out. I have sort of been avoiding it to keep hope alive that I would be comfortable in this car. Hopefully once I am inside the car I will not hit my head.

    Along with the poor option decision list is the the power tilt along with the moonroof. Gee, let's see somewhere in the design/sales/marketing/product development departments at Toyota "Maybe tall folks do not want to lose the headroom and do not want a moonroof, but need the power tilt to help dodge the little bit of room left by the console? NAH!"

    I like the idea of driving an ultra low emission vehicle, but at this rate to match performance and be able to fit I have to consider the Chrysler 300 hemi? And with the chopped look, not real great on seeing the world around you from the inside.

    Also, what is up with the $449 charge for XM radio? Does this include a one year subscription? Is this factory installed?
  • agentagent Posts: 56
    OK The lease on my current car is up in 3 months so I'm just going to wait this out. I have finally read every last post on this thread and have come to a few conclusions and thoughts. Let me start with some random statements and we'll go from there.
    I'm a 29 yr old male
    I live on the border of VA and NC so I'll have easy access to whatever incentives (tax, dealer, etc..) are in the two regions.
    I'm a real estate Agent so I plan to put a LOT of miles on this car pretty quickly.(25k/yr)
    Most of my miles are highway.

    I've lost track of my previous planned format for this post so I think I'm just going to start rambling. The touring model I test drove was reading 16 average mpg. What's up with that? As I stated earlier, I will be doing a lot of highway miles but if this thing won't average at least 25 mpg then I need to look elsewhere. Anyone??
    I do have a Delphi XM Radio and being the frugal something that I am, I would rather just install that in one of the up front consoles so I can take into my office and home whenever I want. Can that be done?
    If I were to order one, how successful is Toyota at delivering the car on time?

    Here's something that you all can do if you're looking for the best deal and a little excitement. I test drove the avalon from one dealership and pulled right up to another dealership. The look on their faces was absolutely priceless. The two dealers that I was working with were very reluctant to discuss discounts in front of each other but damn was it funny to watch. Needless to say, I think I'm going to get my $3,500 off the MSRP after all. Now I just need to pick out what I want and place the order.
    What to do, what to do.....
  • pmcb48pmcb48 Posts: 192
    If I'd been the dealer you were riding with (Dealer A), I would have left you at Dealer B and had someone drop off your car. If I'd been Dealer B, I would have gone inside and locked the door. I'm sure blindsiding them like that filled them both with lots of ideas on how to provide you with a "special" deal.
  • tunintunin Posts: 5
    Bought XlS 2005 Avalon Feb 24 I'm 6"3 and no problem with head or leg room. I even wore a hat and still no problem. I even had plenty of leg room to spare
  • alpha01alpha01 Posts: 4,747
    Abfisch, did you note the stopping distance from 60 as reported by Motor Trend? 121 feet. I should think this would allay your concern regarding braking power.

    "I gotta tell you that the roof rise is lower, and anyone who is over 6 feet will probably not appreciate banging there head everytime they get out of the car."

    I feel its worth pointing out, though, that there are several 6 ft+ new owners posting here, and I dont recall any voicing that they cant enter the vehicle without hitting their heads every time. In fact, overall vehicle height has gone UP by 1.4 inches- from 57.1 for 2004 to 58.5 for 2005.

    The lack of a bench seat seems to be an issue of significance. While it is unfortunate that Toyota no longer caters to the very small market that requires one, I dont feel that everyone is going to find the center console intrusive. I didnt, but Im far more slight than perhaps the target demographic of this vehicle. The point is well taken, and this is a customer driven industry, and consumer issues should be made known to Toyota. Hopefully they are reading this thread, among others.

    My personal feeling is that your 'Buyer Beware' comment is based on fairly minor issues more specific to your preferences than would be wider sweeping criticisms of the car. Other than the 3 issues you spoke of- your ingress, the lack of bench seat, and a possibly non-ideal XM antenna placement... of what should the buyer beware?

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