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2013 and earlier BMW X5 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Ok Guys

    I wasn't happy with the dealers won't lower the price for 09 & 10 X5s so I bought a pre-own.

    2007 X5 3.0i with 22,000 miles on it Paid $44K


    It is very clean and runs great.

    Good luck everyone.
  • $4500 Cash to Dealer start: 09/01/2009 end: 11/02/2009 Get Dealer Pricing

    $4,500 Diesel Credit can be used in conjunction with Lease, OwnersChoice, Retail Finance or Select contracts. Please see your dealer for details.
    Comments Dealer participation may vary. Incentives and Rebates are provided subject to the terms of our Visitor
  • Put $1k down for 2010 X5d. Paid 1K over invoice for Oct delivery; however, just learned that there have been layoffs and I am on the list. Love the car but have no option to try an cancel out and wanted to ask what my options are. Is it possible to cancel the order (waiting for production no) and will I get my deposit back? Thanks in advance!
  • Look carefully at your purchase agreement.

    Mine required an initial next to the deposit for non-refundable. I did not initial it and specifically wrote in the memo section of my deposit check, "refundable deposit".

    If your agreement specifically says non-refundable, appeal to the dealer if your layoff is legit. Lastly, try to sell your place in line on craigslist or ebay for $1.....
  • Depends on where you are located, in some states, it's against the law to make the deposite non-refundable.
  • My wife and I checked out the X5 (first time BMW buyer) and got this offer, yet I don't seem to impressed with the offer - has anyone haggled down a 2010 X5 xdrive30i successfully and how much for the accessories?

    My offer so far...
    MSRP - 47,500
    Comfort Access - 1,000
    Tech Package - 2,800
    Premium Sound - 1,850
    Premium Package - 3,400
    Rear Climate Pack - 900
    Running Boards - 300
    Roof Rails - 100
    Satellite Radio - 350
    Ipod and USB adapt - 400
    Rear Seat DVDs - 3,040

    Total = 62,500

    (For this amount I may go with Porshe Cayanne instead)...Please any input. Thanks :)
  • I think you can definitely do much better. I think on your spec'd out X5 the invoice is around 56 and you should be able to get it anywhere from 500 - 1500 over invoice.
  • I am confused by your post. What is your offer exactly? MSRP? Why have a salesman or sales department with MSRP as an offer, since we could just place an order?

    Review the posts above for the going deals as the poster just before me said about 500 to 1500 over INVOICE is what to counter offer. Print out the EDMUNDS invoice price on this website to review.

    Curious why someone would buy the 3.0 petrol over the 3.0 diesel with the $4500 eco credit thru 11/2/09 making price a wash or better and the performance difference is a Tsunami?
  • Thanks for your reply. The sales person was very understanding and offered to get back to me with a cut off date by which I can cancel so the order does not go into production. Sounds like there is a back up in production due to high order volume as people take advantage of the the eco credit.
  • I live in Arizona and i would like to buy a 2010BMW diesel but I can't find a dealer willing to work with me. Options are: platinum bronze metallic,sand beige nevada leather,dark burl walnut wood trim,rear climate package,technology package,head-up display,running boards ipod adapter,all weather rubber floor mats,total msrp is 58965$. On Edmunds invoice is 54085$ minus the 4500$ diesel credit. I am willing to pay for the car 51000$ but the dealers in Arizona they don't want to work with me. Please if You know any dealer nationwide i am willing to travel even to east coast. Please help!!!!!!!!!!
  • Looking to get 2010 3.5d for $1000 over invoice (including any dealer fees). Dealer is trying to tell me allocation of diesels are lower and demand is higher so he won't take my deal..

    I think 1000 over invoice is a fair deal on this vehicle in the current climate.

    Also, anyone know where I can get a list of the advertising fees for the regions? That is another thing they are trying to get. I know it is somewhat legit though..

  • Try Athens BMW in Georgia. Email me if you want to discuss. I ordered from them at 1000 above invoice. Pickup mid October.
  • sjp09sjp09 Posts: 11
    jamesr219 - I paid about 1700 over invoice. I may have been able to work that down a bit, but went with a no haggle dealer that was very professional and honest. They did not charge me any doument costs like several dealer do (usually 3-400 dolallrs). Are you including the 4500 eco-credit in your price, I think that got extended through October?
  • Don't know how I can email you via here. Couldn't find a quick way.

    Dealer is trying to say $2000 over invoice but that includes advertising. I'm not going to go for it. I know others have done better.
  • Got the MSRP pricing on the 2010 model and was pleased to find that the Sports Package is declining from $3,700 to $2,200. The reason? The are elminating the sports suspension which, according to the salesman, will have only a modest change in the feel when rounding corners. This is great as far as I'm concerned because you still get everything else including the 19" wheels, sport steering wheel, etc. :D
  • The reason Sports Pkg is cheaper now is because they have made Adaptive Drive a stand alone option for $3000 and removed it as a part of the Sports Pkg. Adaptive Drive automatically and instantly adjusts the suspension based on the kind of pavement the X5 is driving on. If one side is riding on a rougher road surface than the other side it will minimize the bumps on that side to give a more balanced feel. It also works while cornering, so yes cornering will be less exhilarating without Adaptive Drive. If you add the two together then it works out to be much more expensive than the old Sports Pkg.

    The Sports Pkg still includes the sports suspension. Don't know how much different it will feel without the Adaptive Drive.
  • Thanks for the clarification. I see what you mean.
  • Dealer in NJ:

    BMW X5 2010 xDrive35d

    Premium, Technology, Rear Climate, Heated Front Seats, iPod and USB Adapter, Running Boards,

    Comparably equipped 2009 model

    MSRP $60,625
    invoice $55,755

    but there are changes to the 2010

    Edmunds claims others are paying $52,858 but dealer is offering 54,000 (after 4,500 eco-credit) claiming the diesel are orders and therefore require an allocation. The allocation is important apparently because if you don't use them, you won't receive them the following month. That however seems to indicate a greater willingness to discount unless I'm missing something?

    Does anyone know what the 2010 invoice listings are? It's very difficult to evaluate the offer otherwise. Thanks!
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 70,555
    The allocation thing is just a ruse to confuse you... If it were true, then your supposition would be correct: They would have more incentve to move the car to preserve their allocation.. (allocations aren't really determined on what you sold last month... they are longer term than that).

    When a manufacturer is putting a substantial rebate on a certain model, you can be sure that they are having trouble moving that model.. In those cases, the dealer discount should be substantial.

    I haven't seen 2010 invoice prices, except on the X5 M model, but on the '09, the spread between MSRP and invoice is about $4800 on an X5 diesel that has an MSRP north of $60K.

    If it were me, I'd want a discount of at least $3500, in addition to the $4500 rebate.. That's $8K off of MSRP.. (at a minimum) Since the 2010 models just came out, reality may not have set in, yet... If you can't get that number, I'd wait it out for a little while..



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  • always the same story from Jersey, those dealers are god awful. All they want to do is separate you from your money. Anyway, invoice pricing is out there - check bimmerfest

  • Just check post 1296 and a few before!
  • Thanks very much for the insights and help. Those were similar to my initial thoughts. I figured I should be around 52.5K +/- 500. I think I can make it happen.
  • I recently ordered a 2010 SAV diesel. Does anyone know when delivery will begin?

    I was told production would not start until 10/1.

  • 2010 X5d production begins the week of 10/4/09.
  • Hey all! I found a 2009 BMW X5 3.0 demo car from the dealer. Car has 2,671 miles on it and has premium package, tech package, and ipod integration. Dealer is asking 50,900 which I think is defly too much. What do you think a fair value for this car is? Please let me know ASAP! And thanks in advance
  • On the 2010 X-5 deisel: Offered a dealer here (NC) invoice minus $4,500 yesterday since obviously I want that money too. So my offer was $58,100 (invoice) +$875 (delivery)-$4,500 = $54,425. I was hoping they'd counter-offer at $1,000 above invoice and then hopefully we'd settle at $500 above invoice. I was told their 2010 allocation was "sold out" and that I wasn't even in the neighborhood with my offer. No counter-offer whatsoever. May have to wait this one out for some months. Perhaps they'll be more open to dealing during the holiday season. We'll see.

    I am contemplating using to make sure I get the best deal in this region. For $200 they'll get you bids from 5 separate dealers. If there are dealer incentives that are unseen by the public, hopefully that will flush them out. Again, may be better to await a more opportunistic time of year (i.e., near the end of December).
  • Hello,

    I think that this is the issue you are starting to see. The allocations of 2010s are being taken up by the $4500 incentive. The risk you run is the $4500 expires and its not such a good deal anymore..

  • anon3anon3 Posts: 147
    Manufacturers of vehicles that are eligible for federal fuel efficiency incentives (hybrids, advanced lean burn engines, etc.) are required to report their sales to the government. Those sales are posted on the IRS website. BMW's sales are posted on the IRS's "Advanced Lean Burn Technology Vehicles Quarterly Sales" page.

    It's clear why BMW offered the $4,500 incentive for the diesel X5. As of June 30 (the most recent date for which numbers were published), BMW had only sold 880 diesel X5s and 563 diesel 3 series in the US for the entire year. Those are terrible sales numbers for a manufacturer like BMW.

    Diesel sales will probably increase significantly in Q3 this year with the tax credits and incentives, but it's clear that the clean diesel option hasn't caught on in the US.

    I bought a diesel X5 and I'm very happy with it. It would be nice for more people to consider clean diesel as an option now that the price points have come down. I just took a trip in the diesel X5, and I got 28.7 mpg in highway (70 mph) and some mixed driving. The vehicle isn't even broken in yet. That's not bad for a 5,300 lb SUV. My 2007 X5 4.8i would barely get 21 mpg highway on a good day.
  • I thought it would be good to post here since these forums helped me get a great deal on my last two purchases.

    First of all, just test drove 2009 x5 35d-> great car, great torque, love it.

    Tried to get a decent offer in Washington state, essentially laughed at.

    So, going down to Calabasas, CA for my car. Best price I found in northern and southern california, totally straighforward internet sales manager, made the deal over the phone in less than 15minutes, put the deposit down on my credit card, will receive the car in november.

    This is what I ordered:
    X5 AWD 4dr 35d
    Premium package
    Cold weather package
    ipod, usb

    Invoice $53010, msrp $57,075
    Incentive $4500
    Price $49,520

    Hope this helps, good luck to everyone.
    FYI, it is not a big deal to get a car from out of state, shipping cost vary but is usually 500-$1000. I would recommend getting a car from out of state if the local dealers are not willing to deal.
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