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Lincoln Navigator Maintenance and Repair



  • ender09ender09 Posts: 2
    Hello, I was wondering if you ever solved the issue you had with your starter, my 2000 navi does the same thing occasionally.
  • ender09ender09 Posts: 2
    Hey all,
    I own a 2000 Navi with just over 170k on it. Chronically throughout that last 5 years of my owning the vehicle, I have noticed an odd grinding noise and vibration coming from what seems to be the front right tire while turning. The noise is infrequent but is definitely not normal. I've taken the vehicle into my local Ford dealership and they couldn't find anything wrong with the vehicle(largely due to the fact that the noise is infrequent), would anyone be able to offer some insight as to what this noise may be stemming from?
    Furthermore, I have one more issue that is again, infrequent. From time to time, my navi, when started, make a deafening whining noise and fail to start. When this occurs, I have to retry several times to get the car to start... this again has been looked into by the afore mentioned dealership with little resolve? has anyone had similar problems and would they please offer some insight?
  • Can you still help me? My OD is facing rear, i have no tweeters, but i do have 3rd row buttons by B pillar. Do you know what series mine is? Ive had nothing but issues.
  • hi every body,
    I live in belgium and i have a big probleme.
    I have a 98' lincoln navigator ,his engine won't start.
    -battery is ok
    -starter is ok
    When i turn keys, starter go and engine make "klank" as if it blocked.
    can you help me please.

    sorry for my english.
  • rjx1rjx1 Posts: 1
    i had a the same problem , apparently im findin out that its not an everyday drivable car , i guess for the first couple of years if its new and your lucky,,

    "hummin"a - your suspension and steering wheel assembly " "40 $" might have to be changed , it gives that sound and then one day just locks the steering when it fails completely ,
    "thumping" rear ac compresser is faulty and also known to fail.
    hope this helped,
  • I own a 99 Lincoln Navigator, with 248,000 miles on it. It has been in two minor wrecks. I've never spent over 300 bucks on it for anything except brake jobs or tires! Just recently it started to run rough at idle. Above 55 mph the engine runs rough. Do the ignition coils or control modules needs testing?
  • bronconvictbronconvict Posts: 12
    edited September 2011
    read this sub forum for navigator no-start questions
    start from post 18 onward.
    it is your fuseblock which needs replaced. there is a TSb from the Dealer but no recall. essentially I replaced it and problem has never occured again. there is a design issue with it and there is a replacement.
    here is the link to the info 132722_1.png
  • I get a light ticking or clicking noise when I begin to accelerate that I can hear in the cab. The truck runs fine, and when I get up to my cruising speed, the ticking goes away. Any ideas or is this standard?
  • ive got a 2003 navi it started cuttn back when on a load or going up a hill just recently the check engine light came on tried to take it to get light checked couldnt get power down to plug to check it maybe a fuse but anyome had problems such as cutting back in upgrades i luv the truck not the problems
  • Hunk of junk. Both Windows driver and passenger broke. Driver side one day then Passenger the very next. Then the rear window wiper broke. The running boards have been repaired twice an now the passnger is now broken. and now just yesterday he rear air suspension is now broken.
  • :mad: :sick: :cry: :mad:
  • driver side under dashboard behind the fusebox it will have 5 large numbers on it and that is your code
  • grantslawgrantslaw Posts: 1
    I have a 2004 Lioncoln Navigator. The engine warning lamp now comes on but the driver handbook says that is an emission problem.. This is an ex-California car. What kind of emisssions problems can I be having. Only thing I notice is that on start-up there is a bit of a hiccup.
  • dareeber55dareeber55 Posts: 2
    Hey all,
    Which brand(s) do you guys recommend for upper and lower ball joints? Brake pads? I just bought a salvaged Navigator and the suspension and brake system is completely shot amongst other issues. Any help would be great especially about the ball joints because I see that the suspension is a major issue with the Navigator.
  • dareeber55dareeber55 Posts: 2
    Sorry, forgot to mention. It's a 2004 Navigator
  • siinsiin Posts: 1
    Hello I also have a similar problem with my 2006 Lincoln navigator. When its on the road about 45 mph it hesitates and shakes a little and check engine light turns on. From what I have read, lots of people are having the same issue. Many have also said to change spark plugs and coils. What do you think?
  • denhamdenham Posts: 76
    If you have a lot of miles you exhaust converter maybe your problem and I would have a engine scan before spending money on plugs,etc.
  • My 2010 Navigator with 35K miles has stalled twice during or right after prolonged idling in the hot sun with the AC running. It has been in the shop at the dealership for 5 days. They have replicated the problem, but the computer is not showing an error message, so they do not know what to do... Does anyone have any idea what the problem might be? Thank you!
  • I am having trouble locating this piece under the car. other post say under the spare tire but nada, looked all over driver side, no luck.

    Dorman 590-001
  • start the navi in neutral it works maybe a weird problem with the ignition switch that needs to be looked at or someone on this site finding another way to fix this issue a lot of mechanical wizards lurking under the hoods of
    of our world keep we are all long, and short term test marketers of all products as consumers....
    hope i helped u..
  • aussieseanaussiesean Posts: 5
    Can someone please tell me, or show me a diagram for locating the low pressure side of of A/C so I can add refrigerant. I looked, but cannot find it
  • Check the front discs and replace them if faulty. And uneven surfacing of the disc will cause that vibration.
  • Vmootilal,

    Just a quick unrelated question... In your 2002, does the 3rd row seat come equipped with the LATCH system brackets?

    I have a '98 and would like a safer seat for my kids and I heard that the 2002 models came with it equipped.
  • newkid98newkid98 Posts: 1
    I wanted something nice with my tax check
    So I got a lincoln nav it's a 98 has 122*** miles runs good and everything works good and I really like it anyways I have some questions about maintenance that I can do myself

    the air ride Any parts that I should change also do the dryers go bad ?

    Dose the 98 windshield have that leak that drips on the fuse box ? Or was that a later yr

    I'm going to be getting tires soon and and I've read that they can sometimes mess the air ride up should I do them my self ?

    Tkx for any help
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