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Lincoln Town Car Maintenance & Repair



  • That is not good news. You have to have a short somewhere to make the fuse blow. It could be a bad bulb, a broken lamp socket, a wiring short that may be anywhere in the vehicle. If you did any work on the car recently look in that area. Sometimes wires are accidently damaged by screws installed for alarms etc. Check carefully around the tail lights inside the trunk. If you have a trailer light hook-up check that for damage. On my lincoln the tail lights are operated by a "black box" in the trunk area. Perhaps, if your's has such a system, the "black box" has gone bad. This is a difficult problem to find, good luck. :confuse: Let me know what you find. /\/\ark
  • im still looking,thanks for all the help but i must admit this is driving me crazy.the repair shops where i live charge top dollar so i was trying to avoid that route.thanks again.
  • papaapapaa Posts: 20
    I hope you have solved your problem by now. I will say the brake light switch is probably bad or has worked loose and needs to be retightened. It should be easy to find if you are A contortionist. I have A hard time bending and turning my body upside down when trying to look at the parts under the dashboard. It should be located at the steering column at the brake pedal spring and pivot area. As you press the pedal the switch has A plunger that moves against the pedal . That's the best I can tell you. If your like me the money cost is the biggest problem of all.
  • faz_05faz_05 Posts: 3
    whats up all... i have problem when driving, it will start smelling like gas when i roll my windows down.... anyone have an idea what it can be?
  • euphoniumeuphonium Great Northwest, West of the Cascades.Posts: 3,425
    You could be sniffing the gasoline exhaust fumes from other cars.

    Lift the hood, start engine, & sniff. While sniffing look for drips or leaks.
  • faz_05faz_05 Posts: 3
    ive stuck my head in by the gas tank and thats where the strong smell comes from...
  • euphoniumeuphonium Great Northwest, West of the Cascades.Posts: 3,425
    Don't light a match to look, but what's in the tank?? :sick:
  • Can you tell me where I would find the coil for cylinder number 8 on a 98 towncar? also how would I change the coil and spark plugs? Thanks
  • faz_05faz_05 Posts: 3
    HAHA SMART [non-permissible content removed]. :shades:
  • I have a 98 TC and I can't take another $ blood bath having the dealer maintain it. I need a great and reasonable TC mechanic near Clark and Foster (5200 N.)in Chicago. Anybody, any help?
  • yes i solved it. it was the cruise control deactivater switch, it also controls the shift lever and brake lights. the part is on recall from ford now.
  • Tell us more about the recall. I had this very same problem and fixed it myself. No one told be about any recall. :confuse: :lemon:
  • izaclown1izaclown1 Posts: 118
    There was a letter sent out to Ford/Mercury owners back either last summer or fall. There were a bunch of models recalled. The trucks, Econoline, the TC and the related models from some time in the 90's through 2000 some on certain models and 2000+ on others. I think the TC was to 2000. My 2002 TC was not mentioned in the letter.
  • Copy of letter/announcement i found on a news server :

    Ford recalls vehicles a second time

    Automaker to notify dealers, customers

    Bernadine Williams
    and Harry Stoffer
    Automotive News
    January 31, 2008 - 1:20 pm ET
    UPDATED: 1/31/08 4:19 p.m. EST

    DETROIT -- Ford Motor Co. began notifying Ford and Lincoln Mercury dealers
    this week of a safety recall covering about 225,000 vehicles that were
    previously recalled for improper wire harnesses.

    "The action we are taking does deal with a new issue related to a previous
    recall," said Ford spokeswoman Jennifer Moore.

    The newly recalled vehicles are among 10.4 million cars and trucks Ford
    previously had recalled in stages since 1999 because a cruise control switch
    was found to pose a fire hazard -- even when vehicles were parked and turned

    In some cases, homes were destroyed when vehicles burned in attached

    The original repair involved installation of a wiring harness around the
    cruise control switch.

    Ford found that the harness did not function properly in this subset of
    225,000 vehicles, now being recalled a second time, company spokesmen told
    Automotive News.

    Ford plans to notify the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration that
    wiring harnesses installed on eight models built in years varying between
    1992 and 2003 are not compatible with the current circuit polarity.

    The harnesses have an improperly placed fuse. The placement does not offer
    enough protection if there is an electrical short circuit, according to the
    dealer alert.

    In a letter sent Tuesday, Jan. 29, to dealers, Ford said it does not intend
    to notify owners of the recall until NHTSA has been informed and dealers
    receive service repair information.

    " All customers have an available interim action that eliminates any risk if
    the part is not available for their vehicle," Moore said in a statement.
    Ford expects to begin owner notification by mid-February.

    Dealers can expect to receive the service bulletin next week.

    These models make up the list of vehicles to be recalled by Ford:

    -- 1992-2003 Econoline*
    -- 1992-98 Crown Victoria/Grand Marquis
    -- 1993 Bronco
    -- 1995-97 F-series stripped chassis*
    -- 1993-95 Taurus SHO
    -- 1992-95 Town Car
    -- 1993 F series*
    *Indicates gasoline engines only
  • from what i heard on tv the replacement part for the recall is causing the same problem,so i am just leaving my cruise control disconnected for now.
  • I am waiting also. It is a pain to dive w/o cruise, but better than having a fire.
  • euphoniumeuphonium Great Northwest, West of the Cascades.Posts: 3,425
    I have a fire extingwisher and the CC is still connected.
  • Idle problem --- with my 2001 lincoln town car. Once the engine reachs normal temperature, the RPMs drop to 570 RPM when shifted to drive or reverse with or without the air conditioning running. This causes the engine to idle rough and slightly shake. In Park it runs very smoothly.

    In Park the Rpm is 800 with or without the air conditioning on. I know there is a circuit that feeds to the PCM that maintains the RPM close to the 800 level for all the above conditions.

    Any and all suggestions would be appreciated along with any schematics, parts locations, and information related to this circuit.


    J Tierce
  • tyvm, i was worried that maybe it was going out, or that it might even be the fuel pump. im also hearing a high pitched humm, and im think9ing it might be the belts cuz it usually only does it when you step on the accelerator, could you maybe confirm this
  • try to contact your local dealer, they should be able to give you a default code or something so that you may reset it
  • well the hum is more inconsistant than when i step on the gas, sometimes it just hums in idle it seems louder when i step on the gas though. and sometimes it doesnt do it at all, but i just checked the belt and it looks fairly new, not worn or anything, maybe the pulls need to be greased, the car did sit for about 8 months waiting for someone to buy it. If anyone has any input that would be great
  • Hi guys, i just recently purchased a 96 TC signature, car has 85000 miles runs great, the only problem i am haveing is when i turn the key on i can hear a vibrating noise from soem where under the car, i cant pin point it but after about 30 secs it usually stops. I then crank the car and i usually do not hear the noise again, but today it started doing it when i was driving it, any help would be greatly appreciated.

    OMFG the car has been sitting under the car port for about 45 mins and i just heard it doing it again, no key in it and all locked up. WTF is going on
  • Your 1996 TC is fine The noise you hear is the air pump that cycles on when you start the car to level out the rear air shocks. The pump remains active for up to approx 1 hr after the ignition is turned off to level the car.
  • Is there any way I can retrieve the factory codes for my keypad?

    I checked for the codes on the trunk and door jamb and the pass side computer box.
    The previous owner must have removed all the hidden tags. Any suggestions ?
  • I posted a message a couple of months ago..anyone have any ideas on the below? Thanks for any assistance!!

    I have a 1990 Town Car and the overdrive is completely gone. When it tries to shift into overdrive its like you shifted into neutral by mistake. I am getting ready to take it into a trans shop and wanted some input. Rebuild? Easy fix? Any ideas?
  • papaapapaa Posts: 20
    I had A similar problem some time ago. I was afraid the transmission was shot. The local transmission repair shop said the problem was A sensor that needed to be replaced. The cost was about $250.00. They did the work and I have not had any recurring problems so far. You need to seek out A reputible business. The dealers are outrageous in their pricing. Good Luck
  • roychroych Posts: 1
    i have a 2000 Lincoln Towncar and recently after a rain storm, we noticed the passenger side floor mats (front and rear) were soaking wet. I took it to the dealer and he said something about the drain near the windshield wiper being stopped up with leaves and straw/. He cleaned it out , but it is still doing the same thing after even just a shower. Any suggestions? Are there any filters or something that may be clogged. It is not coming in around the windows or doors and appears to be coming from underneath...
  • i dont understand how ford can keep sending out recall letters when the parts for the repairs are not even available yet ,4 months later im still waiting. I called the dealer today still no new harnesses yet what gives?
  • Had the same problem with a 99 towncar. cleaned the drain and had the same problem. Went to the dealer and the gasket was broken on the stuff that connects to the firewall inside the engine compartment. $600 later, no leaks. Best part of story is I asked to see the old part and the gasket was clearly not installed correctly. Warranty gone so I was out of luck. I could have been making carpayments with what I've spent on this car in the last few years. Alternator, brakes, seatbelt,turn signals,windows won't work, headlights full of water,doors full of water,wipers broke, cracked windshield, ignition problems, on and on and on..I will never buy another American car--ever...
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