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2013 and Earlier - Mazda3 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Thanks for the input. I appreciate how most of you wiser and more knowledgeable ppl are helping me out. This is my first car and its a new car as well. So I appreciate all the input. Alot of people have pointed towards taking the cash as well. Thanks again..
  • moxymoxy Posts: 2
    This is my first time buying a car and I would appreciate some feedback. I have been negotiating with several dealerships via email & phone for a Mazda 3s 4dr with the following options:



    ABS Pckage

    Sport Pckage

    Moonroof/CD pckage


    After some negotiating the lowest I have gotten it to is a price of $19,700 Out The Door. this price includes 7% tax, $55.39 doc fee, $143 for plates, etc.


    I also received $500 off as part of an auto show incentive. They are also going to throw in a free cargo mat per my request.


    I value your input/thoughts on this price. I have learned a lot from your past comments and opinions.


    P.S. The salesman is telling me that I am getting it for below invoice. Originally he wouldn't bring it down to the price I wanted and so after thanking him for his time I hung up. But lo and behold he called back 10 minutes later... $19,700 out the door.. I thought it was good at first but now I'm not so sure..what do you think?
  • I paid about $600 more but got leather. So about right, it pays to shop around.
  • cticti Posts: 134
    Well, I did go to the dealership and, lo and behold, I bought a Mazda3 hatchback. My very first car bought all by myself! I'm a big boy now. :)



    Just like yours, grant4 -



    Moonroof/6 CD

    ABS etc.


    Sunlight Silver



    invoice +

    $300 +

    $249 doc fee +

    $30 in other fees +

    7% sales tax


    I live in Augusta, GA and am stationed here at Fort Gordon. I searched the Mazda website and it just so happened that the car I wanted was at the closest dealership.


    I have been looking to replace my 2000 Kia Sephia bought used in 2002 since last April. The Kia was only a stopgag measure for my wife (then girlfriend) and me. She went to Hawaii and bought a New Beetle which she adores. I got the junky (but CHEAP) Kia.


    Thanks to this website and the many forum contributors I was much more knowledgable and confident than when my wife and I went to get her Beetle.


    Called the dealership up on Friday. Asked if the car I was looking at was still there. He said it was and that I could come by tomorow and look at it (don't they always...). He was cheerful in a creepy way - like a dog that is too eager to please. I said I would.


    Heeding the repeated advice, I called my credit union and secured a loan for 17,500 at 2.9% interest BEFORE I went to the dealership.


    After reading the horror stories from isellhondas and others about people making appointments and not showing up, I actually WENT on Saturday eventhough we didn't set a time. Test drove the car and tested the car out making note of the plusses and minuses that all of you have noted.


    My sales droid looked into getting financing through Mazda while he let me take the car for a solo spin. He played the "What kind of payments are you looking for?" game but stopped after my reply. He forthrightly told me that it was unlikely that he could do better. He couldn't as the best he could do was 7.9%.


    Walked into the GM's office and this is where things turned strange (in a good way). I could see, upside down, a buy order on his desk. He said that he used to work up in Norfolk, VA and dealt with lots of Navy people and he had just come down to Augusta recently. Augusta has an Army base (but I'm in the Navy...) and he had introduced a price plan for military people - $300 over invoice. Thanks to Edmund's I could see that was indeed the price on the sheet. I confirmed that the $249 I saw on the sheet was the doc fee. It took me less than 5 seconds to say yss.


    Stunningly painless.


    I mentioned to the GM what I had told the sales droid at the outset. I had secured the loan but I didn't actually have the check yet. Plus, while I had enough for the remainder, I didn't actually have it readily available. They didn't care. They said I could write two checks. One for 17,500 and one for $4400. They would swap checks when I brought in the loan check and they would deposit the other check when I had the money. They acted so much like eager to please puppies it was creepy.




    I love the car, by the way. It is exactly like the reviews and all the owners here have described it.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,042
    Maybe instead of "creepy" they are just nice, forthright salespeople. They do exist, you know!


    Congratulations on a great buying experience, and I hope you love your new car.



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  • Has anybody had any luck with any deals on the SP23 models???
  • cticti Posts: 134
    Nope. I DID talk to a very nice gentleman at Mazda who looked up on his computer and was able to look up SP23s that were in the pipeline.


    Most of them appeared to be arriving in April/May.

  • I did manage to get a SP3. I still have to give 1/2 of the payment and sign the paper but still... it has my name on it :)

    Here in Boston it was pretty HARD to find one. Saying I got a deal... well it is hardly the case but, the car looks just great. Anyhow here you go:
    Mazda 3Sp 3 hatchback
    leather burgundy interior
    security package
    MSRP $21,545 got it for $20,995
    on top of this I had to add:
    1. Sale tax $1049.75
    2. DMV place exchange $65
    3. Paper handling fee $140

    This for a grand total of $22,249.75 (ouch!)
    I got a trade in so I had to discount that but this is a pretty accurate figure.

    Hope this help. Good luck!


  • Interesting how so many prices get knocked around....I bought my 3 last Feb, for $1000. under MSRP (not invoice, which is a different thing) Since the 3 was then and still is a hot car, dealers weren't getting any of the manufacturer kickbacks so common with the American cars. So if they get invoiced $20k they can't sell it to you for $19.5k without going broke.

    I built my car on the website, then did a dealer search with the max radius. Then I chose a different ZIP & built it again. Did this four times from Clevelan to Minneapolis, and found 4 cars that worked for me. Called the dealerships directly, asked "is this xxx still for sale on your lot" One was actually still on the boat from Japan, but listed as inventory with a Chicago dealer!! No middleman dealerships...just sell me the car you've got for the cheapest price. Guy in Minne offered at $1000 below MSRP, and another in Milwaukee matched it. Minneapolis was ready to sell it to me with a credit card deposit over the phone! If not for the extra distance, I would have gone there.

    Just thought I'd pass this along
  • rdyrdy Posts: 36
    Mazda3 2005 Hatchback.
    A local dealer is offering 2k off msrp.
    MSRP 17650.00 inc dest.
    Invoice 16539.00
    That puts it around $900 under invoice. So there is factory - dealer cash obviously as there doesn't appear to be customer cash anywhere I can find.....
    Am I missing something here? Where are they getting the money from and is there any more I can negotiate with?
  • z71billz71bill Posts: 2,000
    The holdback on this car is about $340 (Mazda uses 2% of BASE MSRP) This means the dealership is selling it for about $550 BELOW their true cost. I have bought a few cars for less than dealer cost (invoice - holdback) so it is possible. Sometimes dealerships need the cash - like to make payroll or pay their taxes. If this is a real deal take it - you can't do much better (although it never hurts to try)

    My best guess is when you get in there the deal will fall apart. They will offer you nothing for your trade - & or they will have some made up fees that total $900+ or they have added a bunch of dealer installed stuff on the car - paint & fabric protection that costs them $25 is listed for $1,200 - or I had one dealership (Landmark Chevy in Houston) just put something called "ADM" for $2,500 at the bottom of the sticker. ADM stands for additional dealer mark-up. It made their offer of $3,000 off every car on the lot advertising seem like of lame.

    Let us know what you find out.
  • rdyrdy Posts: 36
    I had called up prior to posting. I very specifically confirmed with the Manager, that I could buy the car for $15650 out the door?...he said yes, that is correct. I told him if I came to the store, and the deal was not as he stated, I would leave.
    He assured me I would have no need. So I called back and spoke to another rep who confirmed independently that they have at least 4 cars at that I will go and see and report back. There are no free lunches, so the dealer is being protected by factory money. How much is anyones guess.
  • z71billz71bill Posts: 2,000
    Edmunds (look under incentives) lists factory to dealer money if available. The Mazda3 shows no money available.

    BTW - just because you call the dealership and ask them if this is a real deal - and they say - yes - means nothing. What do you expect them to tell you over the phone - we are a bunch of dishonest jerks - now come buy a car from us.

    They could be demo vehicles -
    Maybe they had hail / storm damage

    OR it could be a real good deal. You will never know until you go in and see with your own eyes.

    Good luck.
  • $20 says that they'll have been sold about a half hour before you arrive. Whenever that is. ;) Remember, most ads are designed just to get you in the door to "work" on you, not to actually sell the car that they advertised.
  • minkyminky Posts: 2
    We've started shopping around for the Mazda 3GT - fully loaded w/ Leather and all. We've gotten a quote based on x-plan pricing and are concerned that this may not be any deal. Here's the quote:

    $24,984.56 (x-plan price)
    $455 (MAP)
    $590 (Armour Shield)
    =$26,029.56 + GST

    Is this reasonable?

    Your comments or suggestions are appreciated. Thanks!
  • moxymoxy Posts: 2
    Ended up getting the SP23 4dr at an Autobarn Mazda in IL.

    MSRP: $20,225.00
    I got if for: $19,725.00
    automatic transmission, w/o moonroof or security system
    plus wheel locks and cargo mat

    plus additional:
    doc fee: $55.39
    7% tax: $1,419.63
    flat fee tax: $15.00
    Plates: $143.00
    Grand total: $21,358.02 .. geez.

    but got free cargo net, all weather mats, 4 free oil changes, and 4 Mazda t-shirts. yahoo.
  • A local dealer has the following;

    2004 Mazda3 5-door
    Black Mica

    ABS,Side airbags
    Xenon & TPMS
    Leather Seats
    Wheel Locks

    Sticker is $20115
    Invoice calculates to $18574

    I'm in no hurry to buy, just testing the waters so to speak. If the right deal comes along, though, I'm definitely prepared to buy immediately, which is what I told the salesperson. His first offer was a "President's Day Sale" price of $21225 (!!!). As soon as I started to object, he says "we gotta try, right?". Quoting over sticker for a 2004 - I almost punched him...

    Anyway, after a few rounds of negotiating, he couldn't get me to budge from my offer of $17000 + TTL for a grand total of $18658. Again, I was just sort of feeling out how badly they wanted to ditch a leftover '04, and the salesperson didn't seem completely unreceptive to my offer. Finally, the "sales manager" came out to do his "you wanna get me fired" routine, then he takes my scrap paper that I had written my offer on, crumples it up and throws it in the garbage. I collected my jacket and walked out.

    In your opinion, how much depreciation should be factored into a car that's been sitting in the showroom for about 6 months (and is previous model year), and what do you think would be a fair deal? (I *do* feel that my offer was very low, but I wanted to feel them out). Are dealers willing to let these go at a loss rather than continue to pay further interest and depreciation?

    Looking forward to your opinions.

    Oh, I guess I should add that the dealer's lowest offer was $18300 +TTL.

    P.S. My first post here! Great forum going...!
  • The X-plan may seem like a good deal at first but in reality it is not. I was going to use the X-plan but beat the x-plan by over 200 dollars.
  • minkyminky Posts: 2
    The x-plan sounded good. I agree that you may find a better price.

    Is the overall price quoted for the Mazda 3 reasonable for Western Canadians?
  • rdyrdy Posts: 36
    I went to the store and indeed they do have 5 units at that price. We made a deal and I am picking up the car tomorrow.
    $15869 out the door.
    I told them, the check is already written so not a cent more. The salesman and I recognized each other from a ugly Ford lease negotiation several years ago which I won, so he was cool and I don't expect any surprises.
    They wanted 3% for AMEX, I offered 1.25% but they wouldn't budge so I abandoned it. After we made the deal, I asked him why they were selling the car for approx 400 under invoice after holdback when there are zero incentives. He said as a new Mazda store, they were getting the cars at reduced cost. Not likely, but the only reason that seems slightly credible is that no other Mazda store would consider a price match. It's the best deal I can currently negotiate, so I'm OK with it.
    Does anyone know if Mazda give free Roadside Assistance with purchase?
  • z71billz71bill Posts: 2,000
    Mazda has 24 hour road side (800) 866-1998. I think it only covers towing if the repair ends up being a warranty item - but I am not 100 % sure about that. I have always been a member of an auto club - because I always have at least 1 vehicle that is out of warranty. Preventing my wife or daughter from being stranded on the side of the road - even with a flat tire - is worth the $50 cost per year.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 70,320
    Figuring a fair price on a year-old model, by figuring depreciation only works on your end.. The dealer most likely won't sell it for much of a loss.. They'll just wait for someone that wants that car, plans on keeping it for a long time, and wants to save $1500 over a new '05...

    My guess.. you might have been able to buy it for $18K + TTL...

    From a re-sale standpoint, not worth it over a comparable '05...



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  • I bought the 04 B2300 5 spd truck last month. ($4000 less rebate.)
    It invoice was $15,700. I got it for $10,900 and $89 for the paperwork fee.
    I thought it was a good deal for a bare bone truck with a 4 year warrant.

    Good luck,
  • A fair offer is best negotiated with a new salesman. Trust me on this. The old guys are there because they know how to make money.
  • If anyone wants to buy a car below invoice, ask me and I'll tell you how. It's easier than you think and doesn't require you to beat your head against a wall.
  • so please tel me how, "acbeaumont"?
    Thanks in advance
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,042
    Go ahead and share your tips! Since we're a message board format, we don't support "e-mail me for more info" messages. We'd love to hear your strategy for negotiating a good deal.

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  • I haven't been able to independently verify that there is a $1000 incentive to finance through Mazda American Credit. The dealer says there is and that I would only have to make 3 payments before I could pay it off and get a better loan rate through my credit union. Anyone have any information on this?
    He also says that there probably won't be any incentives on the 2005's until mid-year...
  • Something I forgot: the dealer is asking $17420 (automatic, moonroof/cd pkg) after the $1000 rebate.
    Since it is a 2004, should I try to get it for less- about how much would be a fair difference between the 2004 and 2005?
    I will be keeping the car so I'm not really concerned about re-sale value...
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 70,320
    Depends.. What is the MSRP?


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