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Nissan Frontier 2005+



  • diko617diko617 Posts: 3
    I just traded my 04 Nissan Frontier KC XE to a 05 Nissan FRONTIER CC LE. I test drive the Ridgeline, Tacoma, and Dakota. You know what guys nothing come close to a Frontier when it comes to power of the engine. I even like the quiet interior it got, im driving at 80 mph and all i here is the whistle that comes from the roof rack. I dont want to make any comment about the Tacoma & ridgeline, see it for yourselves. Believe me after you tried to the test drive the Trucks ive mentioned, you will agree with me that I MADE THE RIGHT CHOICE in choosing a NISSAN FRONTIER! :)
  • waterman1waterman1 Posts: 21
  • ricceesriccees Posts: 24
    It's up to you and what you prefer. I have no experience with the drill into the bumper type but I figure the license plate type works as good and easier to install. So far, mine is working just fine. Either one, I should be able to get you a good price.
  • tribstertribster Posts: 20
    I have been looking for a 05 Frontier LE CC 4X4 for a couple of months now. It seems non of dealers have any fresh vehicles. Most of them have 1 or 2 in black and a bunch of KCs. Does anyone know if these are being held back at the factory for some reason? Or is Nissan getting ready for the 2006 year. I am in the upper midwest. Any comments would be greatly appreciated?

    Thanks :)
  • badnessbadness Posts: 242
    that sounds cool what you did to your truck,good luck with it.
    Just wanted to know witch truck you bought .
    also dose anyone have a true MPG on their new Crew cabs and King cabs,looking at buying a auto tranny.

  • 81trekker81trekker Posts: 51
    I agree that Frontier's seem to be limited. Most I have seen are in Black, White with a few in Red or the bright Blue that I'm not crazy about. In the DC metro area, trying to find a NISMO with a crew cab and all the "bells and whistles" is difficult. (See my post above.) Today, found a large dealer that's willing to try to locate one within their region for me. Previously, the best I could hope for was to order a new 06 which I'm sure will not be at a discounted price. Nissan did build some in June as the one he tentatively located in PA is a June build. However, the inventory is a few days behind, so he has to confirm via phone that it's still available.

    Another problem is that dealers do not keep their own inventories on their web pages up to date. Some, even in close in Northern VA, will not provide their inventories on their web pages. Once you get away from the cities and burbs, the dealers don't attempt to have any inventories shown. Some still don't have web pages!!!! So, the only way for certain to locate what you want is by having a dealer make an inquiry against the official inventory. Too bad Nissan and others don't push their dealers a little harder on better web pages with more accurate inventories. - 81 Trekker
  • tribstertribster Posts: 20
    Thanks Trekker...

    Actually, I have been checking the pretty much every other day. You can build a vehical and then search your local dealer inventories for the exact match. The data I assume is kept up to date by Nissan since it is the official company website. This avoids having to look at individual dealer web sites.

    I used to have a 01 CC SE. It had a lot of problems and was in the shop every other month. It was one of the first ones of the assembly line after the redesign. I have been waiting for the new improved one and was not going to buy one from the initial batch. I am curious how good/bad the gas milage is on the new one. My old one was bad. The highest I ever got was 18 on the highway. I hope this one is better. Anyway good luck with your search ... I'll keep looking too. :)
  • hungkhungk Posts: 14
    have about 500 miles on my CC auto trans v6 now, and getting 20-21 mpg .
  • jmsd1jmsd1 Posts: 20
    is yours a LE, SE, Nismo ? 4x4? 20 mpg must be all freeway.
  • ukbballfanukbballfan Posts: 13
    I have a new LE CC auto 4x2 that now has 2000 miles on it. Around town with partial freeway travel I get 18-20. On a trip last week-end, completely on the interstate, doing an average of 75 M.P.H., I got 24...according to the trip computer. If I reset the trip computer and then drive a steady 50 M.P.H. I can get it as high as 26. This has been with the air conditioner on max all the time.
  • devo1devo1 Posts: 5
    I have a 4x4 SE, automatic, King cab with 1800 miles on it. I recently loaded 2
    motorcycles (street bikes, about 900 lbs total), lots of gear, and towed a pop-up
    camper. It was all interstate, but we did take I-70 through West Virginia which is full of hills (lots of 3rd and 4th gear downshifts). AC was on most of the time. 65-75 mph average. The truck towed the load great. Plenty of power and braking when needed. The actual MPG was 17.7. I was very happy with this.
  • procur8orprocur8or Posts: 1
    is there any way to know what the pricing and options will be on the '06 models?
  • nismo4menismo4me Posts: 15
    My kk nismo auto. has not gotten more than 17 mpg yet! It has 1500 miles and I just keep hoping it will get better soon.I have driven two tanks in a row now trying to get better mileage.I didnot go over 60 mph and most of the driving is open backroads,very little city driving.I wonder if there is something wrong with my truck. :lemon: J/K
    I also have a tonneau cover,it did not help,either.
  • jmsd1jmsd1 Posts: 20
    I think this could be a Nismo thing. Other postings with SE's & LE's seem to be getting better mileage, even with 4x4 auto's. I have 5000 miles now with a life time average city/freeway of 13.8 miles per gallon. I will get around 17 mpg if it is 100% freeway. Been to the dealer twice and they find nothing wrong. I like the truck-but the mileage sucks. :cry:
  • rdb40swrdb40sw Posts: 2
    I have a 05 Frontier Crew Cab SE with auto trans. The transmission sometimes have a delay in shifting from 3rd to 4th gear. There is also a noise when coming to a stop from under the vehicle. Sounds like something heavy is still moving forward causing the noise. This started after just a week of ownership. This problem occurred 5 times and been to the nissan dealer 3 times and they could not duplicate the problem. The Service Manager drove my truck to and from his home which is about 100 miles and still no problem. I also called the Nissan Consumer Affairs and they also said that they cannot do anything until the dealer is able to duplicate the problem.
  • badnessbadness Posts: 242
    I get that with nothing in my Chevy4.3 LT.
    I can't wait too buy Nissan again. had a 89hardbody and a93hardbody, sold it at 260.000Mi on it, dude you will never buy another truck then Nissan again,thoe I was dumb and bought a Chevy.You can't kill these's trucks!!!!!!!!!

    Hey goodluck with yours,hey give a MI. up date again,thanks .
  • badnessbadness Posts: 242
    is your truck the Le or NIs. ,
  • jchokiejchokie Posts: 4
    I just filled up for the second time in my new 4x4, LE, Crew Cab. I am quite pleased with my first mileage check of 20.7 mpg. With just over 600 miles on the truck, I guess I can only expect it to get better. 90% of my driving was the 30 mile one way trip back and forth to work each day - 12 miles of 4 lanes at 55 mph, 3 miles of small town stop & go at 35 mph (in between stop lights), 15 miles of 2 lanes at 55 mph. Mornings were about 50/50 with A.C. and afternoons were 100% A.C.

    I am kind of surprised at the wide spectrum of mileage reported...

  • badnessbadness Posts: 242
  • jflashjflash Posts: 45
    The king cab 4x2 models such as mine would almost certainly get better fuel economy because of the combination of lower vehicle weight and higher final drive ratio (2.937:1). Still, the largest single variable on fuel economy seems to be driving style. I do a great deal of driving on state highways where the speed limit is 65; I regularly see 22-23 MPG on those stretches. Pushing the average speed to 70 (2,000 RPM) drops the average to 20.5, while sailing along at 75 or better will drop me under 20. Any way you look at it, that's pretty darned impressive fuel economy for a 4,000 pound vehicle has 265 HP and is shaped like a brick. My last truck was a 3.0L V-6 Ranger that was a 5-speed and absolutely slow as grunt and couldn't get 20 MPG traveling downhill with a tailwind. An added bonus? The Frontier does it all on 87-octane fuel--try that in a Tacoma.
  • hungkhungk Posts: 14
    in answer too your Q , my truck is an 05 SE CC, I dont have the locker rear
    end, or the hill holder or decent options, just the anti slip option, which came with the power package, or I should say U cant have unless equipped with the power package, whick was one of the amennities(THE POWER PACKAGE, HAVENT SLIPPED A TIRE YET !!!! .and I like that ) I wanted with my truck, and they were few - paint trans and eng, and I had to have the Crew cab, with a short bed, soooooooooo.. its Storm Gray, 5 spd auto, and the 265 hp v6,
    auto trannys get a little better than sticks, and id think the other forementioned options would pull some power, but in the Nismo , It,d be hard to tell, as the 4.0 v6 is verrry verrrrrrry strong, im on my second tank and getting 19 too 20 mpg still ,,, im likin that , as my 03 dint get much better than 22-23 mpg in the same configuration ................ I vote :its a nismo thing , not to mention some onboard drains like gps , or xm and other electrical drains . an amp,
    on a serious sound system takes power to run... riggggght !!!!
    but then what is Rockford Fosgate but a serious sound system.
    Yep. I think its a nismo thing >*<
  • hungkhungk Posts: 14
    nope not a nismo, mines a 4.0 SE 4x4 CC,
    and round town and out in the boonies kinda drivin ,
    Im impressed, as I said in another post (thought i was replying too your Q
    #1169 ) I think its a nismo thing ....
  • My 05 NISMO CC 4x4 typically gets 17-18, so it's not a NISMO thing. My highest tanks were 24 cruising Yellowstone NP at 45-50 mph. As somebody else posted, I can watch the mpg go down as my cruising speed goes up. While the engine has the power to easily cruise at 90, it gets thirsty at that speed (15-16).

    My next truck will be whoever makes one that gets mid-20's or better with 300 hp using hybrid/VCM technology. Toyota and Honda are the hybrid leaders now, but Nissan might surprise us.
  • benn4benn4 Posts: 2
    Would like to ask if your Nismo is AT or 6 spd? Been looking to buy the latter because I believe the secret to mpg is to live in that 6th gear.
  • I've had the ironic good fortune of owning both the 04 CC, and the 05 NISMO within 6 months of each other. I put over 4000 miles on the 04 in 3 months of driving. I bought the 05 NISMO and put nearly 5000 miles in just under 2 months. The 04 was stolen and i replaced it with the 05. Bummer at the time, but after I got the 05, it turned out to be a blessing. The 05 NISMO really is a GREAT vehicle. But that's another post.
    I'm a biologist and I make long trips on the highways, and then put the truck through the test in very extreme off road situtations. My NISMO has the trip computer, but I also always do my own fuel calculations. They tend to be pretty much in agreement, just make sure that you reset the MPG computer after each fill up. Off road 4x4 mileage is about 10 to 12 mpg. That's normal for any 4x4 when fully engaged. Someone mentioned driving habits in an earlier post. I couldn't say more about that myself. 75 mph will yield you 18mpg, with AC on. Around town is variable-16 to 18. If you cruise the highway at 65 mph you will get anywhere from 19 to 23 MPG. A lot of rapid acceleration and passing will destroy your mileage. If you drive smoothly on the highway and just cruise, you will get 20 to 23. Thsi is the nature of managing vehicles with greater mass. The heavier an object becomes, the greater the energy it takes to get it up to cruise speed. Pilots all know this sort of stuff, and now that many of us are driving heavier vehicles, we should start thinking about driving in terms of "managing energy."
    There seems to be a thin energy band on the 05 NISMO that lies somewhere 2100 RPM and 2300 RPM (can't remember those exact numbers, but you get the concept). Go above a certain RPM and gas mileage plummets.
    Also, somebody else mentioned something about all the electrical equipment lowering gas mileage. That is false. AC lowers gas mileage because it engages another pulley attached to the engine, but the 300 watt rockford fosgate does not use gas, neither does the trip computer, etc. Hope this helps.
  • badnessbadness Posts: 242
    Pal ,you will not save much unless you keep it for more then 6yrs or more ,since it will cost so much ,do the research,its not worth it unless you keep for along time as I said.
  • As a follow-up, my NISMO has an auto. Great discussion from buffalo, matches my experience exactly. 2300 rpm is the point where the mileage will start to drop. Those of us with the earlier 05's that haven't had the TSB for the rattling intake know exactly when the power is kicking in and the mileage is dropping. I have had the TSB done and the intake is much quieter now. Those of you with the later 05's don't have to worry about that because they incorporated it on the production line.
  • benn4benn4 Posts: 2
    Good informative post with numbers that don't surprise me unless you're driving a Nismo w/Auto Trans. My guess would be that you're coaxing those impressive mpg #'s out of a man. trans. Which is it?
  • chriscochrisco Posts: 1
    I think we all know that horsepower and gearing is a big mileage factor. If you want better mileage stay with the 4 cylinder. Unfortunately there are little options on th XE.
    And whats the deal with the limited desert color interior. Its great but limited to only a few colors.
    Also the wheels. who on earth sets the standard at nismo. 4 spokes absolutely stink with no option on the LE. Nismo needs to go to school Wheels make a vehicle. The aftermarket wheel business ihas gone full scale. wake up NISMO.

    Anyone pay less than invoice?
  • Just did a 400 mile highway trip today, A/C on, mostly level terrain with some hills. Mileage on both tanks was 18.5-19.0 mpg. At 82 I'm turning 2500 rpm. Above that the mpg starts to take a dive. At 70 I'm turning 2100 rpm, mpg rises significantly, but I get bored too quickly at that speed so I can't accurately say how high the mpg would have been.

    I have a GPS in my truck and my speedometer and odometer are exactly 3.5% low, which means I'm actually getting about .6 mpg higher than shown by the vehicle's odometer and trip computer. If your truck has the same speedo/odo error, you are getting higher mileage than you think, too. My NISMO 4x4 CC Auto has the stock Goodrich Rugged Trail tires. I measure my mileage manually, and it is generally within 0.2 of what the trip computer shows. The 18.5-19.0 mpg figures I'm reporting include the correction for my odometer error.

    Most of my vehicles get 10% less than the EPA highway figure when I travel at 82 mph, so the NISMO getting just 5% less than the EPA highway figure of 20 seems quite good.
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