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Nissan Frontier 2005+



  • badnessbadness Posts: 242
    thanks for the info,coming close to buying one my self ,just had to put 1200. into my chevys-10,wanted to buy the nisssan sooner but bills came into a factor, good luck man.
  • I had a dealer locate one for me with the side impact air bags that my wife wanted me to have. (That's the reason I got the Nismo to replace a perfectly good 98-4 Runner with only 112,000 mile.) Took it to the GW National Forest this weekend and it did fine on in moderate mud, loose gravel, etc. Barely needed 4 wheel drive. Unfortunately, the Forest Service has closed most of the roads that were challenging. Will go back another time during the week when I can take it on a ATV trail that's open to trucks as that will be a better test. (That trail is too crowded on weekends.)

    My wife was reluctant to drive a pickup truck preferring a SUV. After driving it for the first time Friday, she was impressed and drove it again this am. We plan to use it for some of our trips as it's mileage is much better than the Armada. Before I had 500 miles, the MPG was 18-19 on the Interstate. After 500, it increased to 20-21 and even a saw 22 pop up a couple times.

    The dealer, Herb Gordon Nissan in Silver Spring, MD learned that the Nismo configured as I wanted was going to be shipped to a NJ dealer in mid-August. They worked out a car trade and sent a driver to NJ to pick up the truck at no extra cost to me. (Another dealer was not willing to hunt for it and wanted me to order an 06, so they lost the sale.)
    My cost was somewhat under the Edmunds price, but hard to compare due to some things I added, the way taxes are computed, etc. It has all the options except leather. Really enjoy Sirius on the Rockford-Fosgate. Have ordered a Fold-A-Cover that should be in next week. My GSD seemed to approve of the truck as he rode in the back seat with his head out the window.

    My only DISAPPOINTMENT is the MUD GUARDS. They DO NOT adequately PROTECT the sides and I have several nicks on both sides. (Never had this problem with either the 4Runner or the Armada. Could be the running boards help.) Did searches on the net this am to find after market replacements and so far, no luck. If anyone has found larger mud guards that work on the Frontier, please e-mail me.

    Thanks - 81 Trekker
  • lumbarlumbar Posts: 421
    Wait--are you me?

    New Nismo owner, vehicle obtained by dealer trade at Herb Gordon, loaded except leather (no Sat radio, though). That's quite a coincidence. I'm in No. Va.

    BTW, trying to stay on topic, what's up with closing the trails in the GW Forest?
  • I know this was mentioned in previous posts. Just purchased two key fobs off of ebay for 35CDN with shipping, they work great on my 05 Frontier (CC/SE 4X4). Went to a local dealer and asked what the price would be for replacement fobs, $120 plus $40 for programming, these guys are smoking something.
  • My 05 CC Fronty with the Rockford Fosgate package is satellite ready. What do I need to add to make it complete? I already have a subscription through Sirius.
  • dander1dander1 Posts: 7
    Is normal to hear an audible "thunk" when the gears engage, say shifting from reverse to drive? Also noticed a strip of gray foam that runs the length of the dashboard where it meets with the windshield. In some spots the foam seems to be pushed beneath the dash and in other spots it is clearly visible.

    Nismo 4x4 automatic crewcab
  • Lumbar where did you get the information on the 06 Frontier changes? I think this would be of general interest to potential buyers such as myself. I' ve got 22 months of payments left on my wife's car before I can swing a new truck for me. So I'm keen to keep up on what's going on. Last time I bought a truck it was because the one I was driving died a permanent death. It was in the sticks, so I had to buy what was available (Chevy S-10) to get to our destination. This time, should something similar occur, I would like to be able to call my shots.
  • lumbarlumbar Posts: 421
    Check where they post their press releases. It actually has some better info, including vehicle specs, than they post on their consumer site.
  • nismo4menismo4me Posts: 15
    My truck does it but not real loud or anything...seems normal to me.
    My dash is the same way,also.That is the only thing on my truck ,as far as fit and finish goes,that I am dissapponted with.
    Compared to the s-10 I had before it(also bought new) it is in a different class.The GM was put together terribly! In fact,the 3rd door handle broke on that truck before I left the lot.I'm glad to be back in another Nissan.
  • I own a 2005 Frontier KC assembled in June 05. Removed the underdash panel under the steering column to have a security system installed. Noticed that ALL welds on the metal brackets supporting dash components had rust surrounding every weld, in the area just beyond the actual weld point. I also wonder if this is a normal factory product. Going to check with my Nissan dealer.

    Have you received any other information on your rusty dash brackets?
  • badnessbadness Posts: 242
    I agree with you,I have a chevy s-10 Z-R2 pkg, worst truck I ever bought,chevy just can't bulid trucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    any truck bulit in the 90's just suck,any in the 60,70,80 just kick-AXX.

    Go Nissan!at least they will last you a life time,more then I can say for Chevy!
  • uxiuxi Posts: 1
    If all the options I want aren't offered for a model, would I be able to order a special configuration from the factory? Would that cost much much more than its worth..?

    I like the roof rack, though a lot of people say it looks tacky. But they don't seem to offer many options with an SE, which is the only model with CC/4x4/6sp
  • I have a 05 le kc 4x4 my truck has been in shop going on three times because the passenger seat rattles when empty while hitting potholes,bumps,ect.. does anyone else have this problrm or seen a tsb. the dealer has already replaced the seat back but is reluctant to replace the whole seat. I owned a toyota 4x4 it did same thing dealer didnt hesitate replaced whole seat end of problem.
  • I also had that rattle. In my case, the fastnener for the seat belt vibrated against the frame of the truck when going over bumps. As long as I tuck it between the seat and the frame with the fastener parallel to the frame and seat (nothing special, just put it where it ought to go), there generally is no rattling noise.
  • Hi everybody. I'm new to this board. Can anybody tell me if I can run 87 octane (regular) in a 05 Frontier? I know the Tacoma takes premium and that has put it off my "A" list for purchase. Thanks for your help.
  • Pschreck,

    It runs on regular just fine, that is what Nissan recommends.

  • Thank you Gerald. I appreciate your time.
  • Glad to be of help. I get a lot of help on the Frontier forums, a lot of good information here.

  • Interesting thing about the Tacoma. I have read numerous articles stating that the 05 Tacoma takes premium fuel, but in Consumer reports, it states that it uses regular fuel. So I got on the Toyota website. It also states that it uses regular fuel, but if you click on the asterisk next to it, a "legal disclaimer" pops up that states "Premium fuel is recommended for the V6 for improved performance and fuel economy" I was a bit surprised that consumer reports would mis-lead their readers by not mentioning that.
  • 99 ZR2 :lemon: ...that's what I traded in for my new Nissan,lol.Bought it new in 99,don't miss it in any way.
  • Ok, Just got a Frontier 2005 Crew Cab SE - V6- 6 speed manual trans, power package, sunroof, side airbags, and active brake limited slip. Absolutely love-it...kicks [non-permissible content removed]...but. My questions this already set up for keyless entry, it does not mention it on the has power windows, door locks, sunroof, and cruise. Plus all the spec sheets for SE crew cab do not show it as an option? I would really like to be able to get in to the passenger door. Cheers....
  • Yes it is, go to EBay and buy the number of key fobs you need they should be around $25 each. If they don't provide you with the programing instructions come back to this form there are several of us who can help you.
  • asaasa Posts: 359
    I noticed the premium fuel recommendation LEGAL DISCLAIMER tab on Toyota's website too -- not the sort of thing that says welcome. More than a few auto publications have thrown a tarp over Tacoma's specification in this matter, as it's a dark spot they wish not to recognize. Toyota salespeople tell me the premium fuel specification is baloney, but what I read is no recourse if my engine pings on 87 or 89 Octane. No thanks Toyota. I'll take an '06 Frontier thank you.
  • I was under the assumption that the "SE Power Pkg" included the "Remote Keyless Entry Locks", this is what says.
  • I just replaced my radio also at Circuit City. NEVER EVER go there!!! They screwed it up. The dash kit they used is crap and when I first got in my car and touched the dash, the whole center fell!

    I also noticed all the rusting. Is this really normal???
  • I'm not sure what you mean by "Remote keyless entry locks" however, if you have a Frontier that was produced prior to June of this year the keyless entry receiver is in the truck Nissan didn't include the remotes so the system could be used. About June or so they started encluding the remotes with the power package but are charging a couple hundred dollars more for the package.
  • Unlike most peopIe with 4x4s, I take mine off road. Today, I took my 05 Nismo 4x4 on a steep trail today and it did ok. Lots of lose rocks, some were 12" or more in size. At one point, it was spinning and I had to backup a few feet and try again with more acceleration. I forgot about using the locking differential. On the way back down the trail, I tried the hill decent but it would not slow the truck down enough. Also, it made a clunking noise that I was uneasy about. So, I rode the brakes down the hill and geared down into the low range of the automatic transmission. (This transmission does not slow down the truck as much as the one in the Armada which we also have.) Will be checking the manual to make sure I did things properly and if no answer there, will be talking with the dealer's service dept.

    At another location, I was parked and eating lunch in the truck when a Dodge 4x4 pickup came by. It went down the hill to the creek and tried to cross it and go up the next hill. It kept trying 3 or 4 times before it finally made it up the hill. I've always had to go into 4 wheel drive to go up this hill due to a slick rock which makes it difficult to get traction. Today, I tried to cross the creek and go up the hill without going to 4 wheel setting. I pulled to the left and avoided the slick rock, and made it up the hill in 2 wheel drive. None of my 4Runners had managed to do that. Maybe I just got lucky today. On the same road, I did bottom out a couple times while going over humps in the road. Good thing truck has skid plates.

    Had the Fold a Top installed last week. It seems to be reasonably waterproof except around the tailgate which leaks some at the car wash. Also, dust covered everything I had in the rear of the cargo box. I think that's more the fault of the tailgate's fit with the cargo box than the fold a top.

    Still looking for larger mud flaps as the Nissan ones do not keep gravel from flying up and hitting the side of the truck. If anyone had found some, please let me know.- 81 Trekker
  • The noise you hear from the front left is normal for hill descent control. Try it in 4-lo, first gear and you will be amazed at how slow it crawls. Sounds like you tried it in 4-hi, which will allow it to crawl at a higher speed. Most of the time when I use HDC I'm in 4-lo. Try that next time and I think you will be pleased.
  • My 2005 Frontier v6 4.0 4x4 crew cab with "auto tranny" SE gets 22-24 mpg on the highway. It got better when I put on a fold-a-cover (hard bed cover) but even before it was around 19/20 mpg highway.
  • If it has the power package, it should be pre-wired. When I bought mine, the brochure, said "Keyless remote entry (late availabilty)". I bought two remotes, they work just fine. When you first program the remotes, the lights are supposed to flash, mine didn't, just kept following the instructions. Once all the steps were followed it worked perfectly, panic alarm and all.
    Good luck.

    The remotes I bought from ebay were listed as being for a pathfinder.
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