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Nissan Frontier 2005+



  • checked with 2 different dealerships, one kept my truck all day and didn't even open the dash. Both stated that this was normal, however the first dealership refused to indicate this on the work invoice. I took plenty of pictures, then sanded and clearcoated what I could. hope I'm not being lied to by the dealer :confuse:
  • HMM? I have a Nismo 4x4 kingcab 4.0 auto trans,with a soft cover(flaps very little)and I have yet to get 18mpg according to the dash display.I have figured around the 20-22mpg range once.I might have an inaccurate guage or something .I will have to start figuring it myself and see...I hpe it is the guage ,not the real mileage,LOL.....I have 4000 miles so far,so it is broken in,I think.
  • lumbarlumbar Posts: 421
    AFAIK, break-in will continue up to about 10,000 miles. Have you taken it on a road trip with mostly or all highway miles? IMO, you should be able to get 20+ in that situation fairly easily keeping it around 2000 rpm or so. I've had problems getting 16 around town because the traffic in my area is so bad, but highway mileage has been slightly better than advertised (soft cover over bed).
    My gauge seems more accurate than others I've used although not exact.
  • That 2000 rpm mark seems to be the key. I usually get about 18 mpg on long trips, during one trip I kept it right at 2000 rpm (I think it ended up being about 70 mph) and my mileage was drastically better, about 22 mpg. In town, it really a matter of how fast you accelerate off the line. I have a LE CC 4x4
  • Thanks guys, I just bought 2 remotes on ebay for 48.00 total. I will keep you posted on the setup. On the gas milage, I just got 17.8 mpg with my 6 speed manual. At 3.00 a gallon that is 16.7 cents per mile. Damn that seems expensive, but it's worth it. for 265hp. Cheers
  • I just bought a 2005 Frontier 4X4 with manual transmission and love it. I just have a couple of questions I am hoping someone will be able to answer. the cargo lights go on every time the doors are opened. They go off automatically in about 20 seconds, but I really do not care for this feature. The switch inside is in the off position but they still operate this way. Anyone know if this is typical or if it can be changed ? The other question is about the drivetrain. I did not get an offroad package because I use my motorcycles to play in the dirt. I did get the 4 wheel drive because of snow, and sometimes precarious situations. Does anyone know if it is possible to install a locking rear differential after the fact ? Any comments are appreciated....
  • Marine116,

    I find this feature of not being able to turn off the cargo light very annoying. I want to
    do a little touch up paint work around the door panel which means the cargo light will be
    on for as long as the door is open.

    By the time the paint dries I can foresee the battery being dead. I could disconnect
    the battery, but I think then I would have to reset everything. Whoever came up with
    this feature must be brain dead as near as I can tell.

  • The cargo light will go out after 20 does that to save the battery,I think.It also does this after turning off the key,but not opening a door(accessories work for 20 mins or until a door is opened.

    How bout taking out a bulb or fuse for the light....That'll fix it! I might just do that myself,I'll check it out.

    OkieScot are you following me around the forums? Hahaha ;)
  • badnessbadness Posts: 242
    Wow you guys are making my day bigtime ,I'm still driving my Chevey s-10 4*4 and can't wait too dump it
  • Nismo4me,

    I'll follow you anywhere as long as you have the answers to my questions. I don't want
    to disconnect the light permanently, but if I can find the right fuse I can disable it long
    enough to do my touch-up on the door.

    I wonder if there is anything else tied into the fuse for the cargo light? I am thinking
    the interior light may be tied to the same fuse. I have the interior light turned off all
    of the time anyway.

  • I've been watching this forum and the ones for the Tacoma while waiting on the 06s to come out. I've read the complaints on both and although i know there are a lot more posts on the Taco site, the Taco seemed to have more problems in 05. I spoke with a Nissan sales person last week and he said one of my wishes would come true on the 06 Frontiers . . . Nissan will offer a long bed with the CC.

    My question to all those who have an 05 Frontier is this . . . would you buy one again? Also, what do like best about it?

    Thanks in advance.
  • I would buy one again in a heart beat, great power, It feels great to drive like your part of the truck. Of course I haven't taken it off road yet or driven it in the snow. But i would buy it again based on 3 months of driving. The only thing I don't like are the wheel Rims, there painted or appear to be but so far no chips and they clean up great and I do have to admit they look good but Im nervous about them getting chipped.
  • Yes, I would buy one again without a doubt. I think I like the looks of the '05 and the power the most, but there are other things I like as well. I think the thing I like least about it as how easily the paint chips, but my painter said all of the vehicles are like that
    since the government stuck their nose in it.

    I looked at the Tacoma, but I like the looks of the Frontier better and Nissan made me about a $4000 better deal which removed any doubt about my choice.

  • this truck is worth every penny. And yes I would buy one again. I have had mine for 51/2 months and have around 6,000 miles on it. It is like having a sports car with a bed on it. I truly do love this truck. It is a solid off road also. Gas milage is also above 20mpg around town. I have a 05 CC SE 6sd manual trans.
  • Thanks a lot for the feedback guys.

    My son-in-law is in Iraq. When he gets back in November, I'm giving him my 97 F-150. That gives him something to drive and me the perfect excuse to buy a new truck. It's between a Frontier and a Tacoma. I can't even put my finger on why, but I'm leaning toward the Frontier. Your feedback definitely helps my decision.

    Thanks again!
  • Anyone found a service manual for less than $300 ?
  • You can turn the Cargo Light off by using the Cargo Light Switch on the Dash. This will not turn it off permanently but will allow you to force it off while you are cleaning or working on the truck and need the doors.

    First open the doors
    Now press the Cargo Light switch on the Dash to the down position.
    Now press it to the up position.
  • :cry: i love my 05 frontier but have had alot of problems i had alot of engine noise that was fixed by the tsb and a new intake manifold but the bigest problem is the fan belt and pullys i have 16K miles on my truck and have gone through 5 belts all caused by pullys failing or being misaligned and am have no luck with nissan fixing the problem they just like to put on new belts every 3K miles any body have any ideas please help :mad: :cry: :sick:
  • Jssweet,

    You are the man! I just went out and tried it on my truck and the cargo light went out.
    Now I can do the touch up on the inside of my door.

    Did I miss something in my owners' manual or are you just one of the gifted people that can figure things out.

    Thank you so much for the tip.

  • YES !
    I have been a long time Nissan truck owner. I had a 97,98,03, and now an 05 LE. The engine is awesome. and the truck is noticeably wider making it much more comfortable. The 4x4 knob is light years ahead of the old balky stalk.
    I was on the fence about the styling originally but there isn't a day that someone does stop me to say what a good looking truck it is. I have 8000 miles and not a single problem. put over 200,000 on my previous trucks combined ( about 40,000 per year) and never have had to pay for a repair. Maintainence only.
  • asaasa Posts: 359
    VERY sorry to read about your belt problem. Could the dealer be putting them on too tight? Belts should deflect a bit if you press down with your thumb at the center between pulleys.
  • I looked at both and researched both. The Tacoma requires premium gas, so given today's prices, it didn't take me long to decide on the Frontier.
    Besides, it was rated highly by Edmunds, MSN, and Consumer Reports. Have about 2200 miles on mine now. Gets 21 mpg on the Interstates at around 70 mph. Does very well off-road (see my previous posts). Only thing I'm not happy about are the mud flaps and fender flares. Neither is sufficient to prevent gravel from hitting the sides of the truck and causing nicks. You would think that when they tested it off road, they would have noticed this. Especially in the NISMO (off road model) that I have, they should have done better. Other than that, it's a tough yet comfortable mid-size truck.

    FYI - for the past 25 years, my other vehicles have been primarily 4 Runners, but
    I had to give it to Nissan this time.

    81 Trekker
  • lumbarlumbar Posts: 421
    Anybody have the AVS Bugflector II for the 05? I prefer the wraparound style to the Nissan hood shield, but am wondering if the install is as good.
  • I'm a little less happy with my 05 2wd cc 6speed 2wd, but I would still buy another one rather than the compitition. I love the power and highway cruising is sweet. But, the front suspension is way too stiff, almost like it does'nt exist. And after 2 months of driving, I still hate the "electronic throttle control" response, something the Tacoma does'nt have as far as I know. I wish Nissan would either make it adjustable or lose it all together. I'm also not real impressed with the "utili-trac system" because the cast aluminum hooks are just too bulky and poorly designed in my opinion. I would have made them more sleek and useful.
  • I was washing mine and figured that the switch was there for that reason. It was by luck that I figured out the steps.
  • Jssweet,

    You're the man, thanks for a very useful tip.

  • I've been having problems with the rubber molding that meets up with the window on the doors. The rubber is warping, I'm guessing from the sun, and is (noticeably) separating from the door frame. I took the truck and they replaced the rubber, but did not do a good job as the rubber is still bent away from the door frame. The dealership tells me that there is no problem with water leaks, but I've only had the truck for a month and I can imagine what it will look like in a year!

    Anyone else having this problem? According to the dealership, this is a common problem on all their 2005 Frontiers.

    2005 Nismo 4x4 crew cab
  • I have had mine since april and it looks as good as it did when I bought it. Sounds to me like they are giving you the run around....
  • Has anyone installed the JVC SR1 Sirius Radio Receiver in an 05 KC? This is the optional unit that connects to the Head Unit. If so where is a good place to mount it?
  • I mentioned in my first post that a Nissan sales person had told me Nissan would offer the CC with a long bed in 06. I spoke with him again this week and he said the Nissan factory rep said Nissan was talking/thinking about it (which means it won't be available in 06) and that it might never be offered on the Frontier.

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