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Nissan Frontier 2005+



  • wrs209wrs209 Posts: 4
    Hello, I have an 05 Crew Cab SE that I bought 3 months ago w/2900miles. I think the power sunroof is worth twice the price. It has one touch open and close as well as tilt up and down. It gives natural light in the winter with the shade open and in the summer gives open air ventalation and sun. I wouldnt do without it. As far as the towing capacity,its the same with manuel or automatic. 6300 lbs. w/V6 only engine available w/ crew cab. The mileage is also the same with either transmission. Although the brochure said 17city 21 hwy. When I picked up my truck the window sticker said 16 city and 20 hwy. Real world numbers that I get w/auto trans. is anywhere from 17 to 22. Hope this helps.

  • 2005lekc2005lekc Posts: 145
    The sun roof is worth it if you like that sort of thing. I would pay more for the deletion of it than I would to have it. You lose head room, it is one more thing that can go wrong,
    and a potential future issue of leakage.

    Those that like the sunroof swear by it and those of us who don't gripe because we have
    to take it to get some of the other things we like. I bought an LE KC instead of an LE CC over this very issue only it was because I did not want a roof rack.

    My selection guide shows the towing capacity of a CC to be 6300 pounds, if you have
    a 4X4 it is 6100 pounds. There is no differential shown for the standard versus auto-
    matic transmission.

    The same selection guide shows V-6 4X2 manual and automatic transmissions to both get 17/21 mpg. If you get a 4X4 model the manual still gets 17/21, but the automatic
    only gets 15/20.

    There is not a lot of difference in the 2 and driving style can easily wipe out that differ-
    ence between 2 different drivers. You need to get the transmission that best fits your

    Good luck with your purchase and you should be happy with either transmission.

  • I haven't been able to get a straight answer from the dealerships yet. So, does anyone know if you can get the Frontier's side airbag package with the traction package. I was able to find one 2005 CC left in my area but it was damaged on the lot and had to be repainted. The dealer didn't elaborate and I didn't ask how. When I tried building a 2006 on the Nissan web site it would not let me select both packages. The dealer has been vague and not answered the question directly. They just keep implying I can get what I want.n I'd like to know for sure before I go in.
  • I own an 05 frontier crew cab NISMO 4X4 is there a 3" lift kit yet i called calmini and they said not till next month maybe and any news on a body lift anybody have one done?
  • i think so but you cant get it with the 4x4
  • mstgshmstgsh Posts: 4
    Nissan sells the hard cover for 950, and I just saw one on the street - looks good. I want to get a hard top, but can't find one on a lot to inspect. So I don't understand how it works - where is it hinged and how does it open? Looks to be 2 pieces, with a handhold or anchor point on each half. Does it fold up against the back of the cab, accordian style?
  • Oh well. I need the 4x4 to get up my driveway when it snows in the winter. So I guess it's either 4x4 and side airbags or 4x4 and traction. I think safety wise the traction package would be better as it would help prevent accidents. The air bags will obviously help if involved in an accident but hopefully I would need them less than the traction control.

    txsfireman, could you point me to where you found that information. Thanks for the help.
  • badnessbadness Posts: 242
    question, 2, so it looking at all dose anyone know??

    whats everyone getting on MPGS
  • With the O5 Frontier, you had to get the sunroof package to get the side airbags. (I didn't care about the sunroof but didn't have a choice in it. Does provide more light in the cab and my wife likes it.) To get the traction package, I had to get the NISMO model with the heavier duty shocks. I test drove both the NISMO and the regular model and did not find the firmer shocks that much rougher. But, I've been driving 4Runners or a Mustang GT, so I'm used to a tough suspension system. (I think the Mustang is still a rougher ride than the NISMO)
    I did have trouble finding what I was looking for. Nissan apparently did not produce that many with the sunroof package which includes the side airbags. I was lucky that I found a dealer in the DC metro area that was willing to hunt for one and found it being built and scheduled for shipment to a dealer in NJ. He then worked out a trade. Whole process took about six weeks until I was able to pickup the truck.

    Remember that with the traction package, the primary useful element in snow will be the limited slip differential and of course, 4 wheel drive. Need to be very careful with the locking differential as it will disengage the anti-lock brakes, needed in snow and ice. I've never needed it and I spent a lot of time off road in the national forest. I do not find the hill descent very useful. Tried it a couple times, but just don't need it that often.
    Overall, the truck is great. Please see my other posts for details.
    81 Trekker
  • calmini has a 5" lift for the 05 frontier coming soon looks great you can see it on their web site they have a sneak peak
  • mir0mir0 Posts: 15
    Just got my fobs and gave them a try. It worked like a charm. I managed to program up all three that I have, one with the fcc id of cwtwb1u415, and two from e bay with ID KBRASTU15.
    Thanks to all that passed on advice on this subject.
  • badnessbadness Posts: 242
    sorry peeps,wasn't watching when typing,
    Is the cover locking is what I meant to say.
  • Greg at makes a very affordable (under $300) lift for the 05 Frontier. He did mine and I am very happy with it. 2.5" in the front, 2" in the rear, maintains stock suspension components, ride, and handling. 13" ground clearance now. He also has more aggressive lifts available to give even more clearance, but those require changing out major pieces and naturally cost more.
  • rogerfrogerf Posts: 8
    Hello mstgsh,

    Looking for a hard cover? Go to,total cost $608.99 for 2005 truck and it folds 3 times. Check it the site and see for yourself. I had mine two months ago and lovin it.

    rgferolino :)
  • I agree with rogerf. I have had my k-cover for about 3 months. It is very nice. Takes about an hour to put on initially. After that, it really only takes loosening two bolts and you can take it off. Weights about 25 lbs. Putting it back on, you just tighten the bolts back. It is fully lockable and it is a hard cover, so pretty safe. I would not call it water tight, but I have taken it though the car wash many times without much water leakage.
  • driver56driver56 Posts: 408
    It would only make sense for Nissan to offer a crew cab with a 6 ft. bed. Maybe for 07.
  • I felt in love with the canteen (greenish gray) on the 05 model. I've checked most of dealer around Tampa but no luck. Any sugguestion? I want an 05 CC LE.
  • I have a thunk also. I have had numerous 4x4's over the years (including an 84 Nissan, excellent truck) and this is not what I know to be "normal" I'm really curious to know if anyone else has this particular noise. When in 4x4 low, put the truck in a bind on relatively firm ground. (yes I now about "don't put it in a bind but there are those times.......) the truck will start to feel the bind and then a very distinct, loud, pop or bang, thunk, what ever happens and the bind eases up. Nothing breaks. Traction is excellent. Has happened 5 times so far. (I do a lot of hunting around Mt. St. Helens and it is a little tough sometimes) After reviewing the owners manual, I see reference to a transfer case clutch. I hate dealers working on anything but I did call 3 in my area. None of them has had any complaints on this thunk. But none of them knows about the transfer case clutch either. Anyone have ideas before I take it to the dealer for an evaluation ?
  • Do you mind sharing info about your dealer. I'm looking for an 05 the way I want but there are none in southeast region. Please give me thier contact info.

  • I have a thunk, clunk, bang, whatever in the power train when I place it in a bind, like when 4 wheeling on hard dirt up a very steep hill, or out in the grass in my yard. It starts to bind, then very distinctly lets loose a loud bang, or thunk from the power train and the bind eases up. I have had 4 x 4 's for years and never had anything other than lots of tire scooting on the ground when on harder dirt or gravel. 3 dealers have never heard of this problem. Anyone have ideas before I take it to a dealer for evaluation? (I hate to have them touch the truck!) This is an automatic, KC, no locking diff, or traction control. Also see message 1442. (I just joined and didn't where to ask this question) Nothing breaks and traction remains excellent.
  • I have a thunk in mine too. But only when I first start the vehicle and drive away. It happens everytime I hit 20km. After I come to a stop and accelerate again, it disappears. I brought it to a dealership and they tightened one of the differential bolts. Someone told me it could be an ABS sensor sticking. I know this information probably doesn't help, but I'm curious to hear what the dealer tells you.

    Good Luck
  • 13 '' at the rear axel do you have a pic of your truck if so can you post it at car domain so i can see it i might get that one and not wait on the 5'' how about a body lift heard anything???
  • Can you buy and LE without a roof rack? They look so trashy.
  • Unfortunately, no. Unless you get a king cab.

    The SE and Nismo CC's do not come with roof racks. The Nismo adds it if you get the sunroof.
  • Herb Gordon in Silver Spring MD.

    Their region goes from MD to NJ so there may be a better selection in that area.

    81 Trekker
  • I have had my Nismo 4X4 for 2 weeks and just today it started "thunking" on the first shift then not again until I restart the car. Guess it's going around.
  • badnessbadness Posts: 242
    Hey what gas MPG's are you getting ,I just turned 2300and I'm getting 23.4 on the Highway and about 19in city,I'm so happy !! :shades: since I owned a Chevy S-10 -20014WD 4.3 lt. that only got 17.35 on the Highway.

    This truck kiss Axx is all I can say,
    I have the
    Le cc- 4WD /sb,Auto, its white.
  • Just curious if anybody out there bought a 2006 yet? Did Nissan do any noticeable tweeks on it? I heard they were going to add the 6ft box option on the CC, but nothing official yet. My 03 CC with the 6ft bed is just perfect for my needs. I'm not trading it in until they offer the option.
  • I've ordered one, the dealer didn't give me an option for a 6ft bed. LE, 4x4, CC, White, sunroof, limited slip, side air bag, rockford stereo. Shipping early Dec.
  • The Nissan website doesn't offer a 6 foot bed on the crew cab.

    Regarding gas mileage, I'm getting between 17 and 18 with mixed driving and quite surprised it is this good with less than 1k miles on the vehicle.
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