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Nissan Titan Maintenance and Repair



  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    What is the ambient temp and what brand, type, weight oil are you using? This can all contribute to that cold-ticking.

  • Have the 04 4x4le cc w/ 56k mi ...have noticed lately the trans acts like its in neutral right when you first begin to move from a stopped position....does this only some of the time other than this the truck has been great (rotors fixed) ..anyone have this happening???
  • I have been reading these ,and i think some of the hate letters are :mad: amazing. i own a 04 and it had its share of the normal problems. i guess some of you expect the truck to be perfect. i am a mechanic ,but not for nissan, and let me tell you the problems that i see come thru are shameful.they are all quality problems in the opinion is that the titan is 1 of the best trucks built on the for all the brake problems if you get tired of dealing with nissan parts ,then put a aftermarket rotor on. that will solve the problem for good.
  • ethan8ethan8 Posts: 13
    I think many people bought a Nissan thinking it would have typically few problems like many Japanese vehicles. So yes owners expect what they have come to know is possible with Japanese cars. Almost zero problems over hundreds of thousands of miles. Many owners coming from American cars/trucks may expect some problems and may shrug them off. Owners of Japanese cars and trucks generally expect none of that.
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    That none of the full-size trucks produced by any Japanese manufacturer has anything to do with Japan right?

    They are all ground up USA, as they aren't sold anywhere but here!

  • Lucky You! I agree the design is awesome, but you can't be #1 if you have many manufacturing issues. On my 2004, I have replaced the brake rotors 4 times, the Body Control Module (BCM)3 times, the door handle broke off, steering wheel control broke off, and the over lamp compartment had to be replaced. But what has frustrated me the most is when the BCM tripped out most recently while driving and losing power to the entire instrument cluster leaving me stranded and unable to put the vehicle in part, and unable to remove the key from the ignition.... I took it to Nissan for service, and got it back "unable to replicate fault." So on Christmas day took the vehicle, it completely tripped leaving me stranded and having to deal with my lemon vehicle. I would say that these concerns are not hate letters but reflect the frustration generated by manufacturing defects, and dealing with Nissan service departments.
  • :sick: I was wondering if the latest Titan are having many issues, my 2004 Nissan Titan LE 4x4; has had the brake rotors replaced 3 times, the body control module replaced 3 times, the passenger door handle has broken off, the over head light has been replaced, and a steering wheel control switch replaced. I am currently seeking lemon buyback, and was wondering if I should seek the buyback or replacement. I like the design of the Nissan but these problems are somewhat difficult to resolve. I mean last time when my BCM tripped and left me stranded without the ability to put the vehicle in park and remove the key from the ignition; tt was taken to Nissan, and given back to me "unable to replicate fault." Then of course on Christmas day, I was stranded again ruining my travel plans, and this time the instrument cluster lost power and I was unable to get the vehicle out of park, but the engine would turn-over. Of course they had to acknowledge the problem and towed it back to Nissan to fix it. But it frustrates me with all the repairs, but equally frustrating is trying to get Nissan to fix it. My Nissan right now, has a tire pressure sensor fault, jittering at highway speed, jittering brakes, and a slipping transmission with only 22000 miles on it. I envy those listing that say they are not having problems with their Nissan; and I haven't expected a prefect vehicle but these faults exceed reasonable expectations.
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    The 2005+ models have far better fit-finish in addition to reliability. I know I'm looking forward to the 09 or 10 model to replace my 04 when the time comes. For now I'm dealing with the small minor issues on mine, and my dealer has been aces in terms of fixing stuff on it, can't complain since I bought it below invoice and got 1% financing on it.

  • I just bought the 2006 Crew Cab, at year end. It now has 1500 miles on it and is currently at Nissan getting a complete rear end replacement. It had a bad vibration between 70-80 mph, and didn't report it until my 1000 mile service. It seems that several Titans past have had rear end problems. Mine is stock, no mods. Also I noticed that my passenger floorboard was completely soaked when I got it home the first day.
    My neighbor bought an 07 Crew Cab and the only problem he has had is a slight squeaking in early morning driving for about the first 3 minutes.
    Other than the rear end, I love the truck.
    Has anyone else had similar problems I should know of early on?
  • I have 2004 Crew Cab with every option DVD, Navigation etc. The only problems I have encountered was the faded bedliner and the cruise control switch. Nissan replaced both immediately. No other problems . Currently has 25000 miles.
  • Thanks. I called the dealer today to ask them to check out the water in the passenger floorboard, and they said it must be debris in the ac duct, leaves,whatever. Hopefully that will be the last of the problems. I want my truck back. They gave me a minivan loaner that really sucks for power and interior room.
  • joesphjoesph Posts: 2
    There are a few problems that I am having with my 2004 2x4 LE but Ill
    start with the steeing wheel. It started about 5000 miles in. My volume and cruise control would only work when it wanted to. I took the truck back to the dealer and they so called fixed it. Worked for a few months went out again. Took the truck back to the dealer. They so called fixed it again. To make a long story short a few weeks ago I ended up having to drive from Phoenix to Memphis with the cruise control working less than half the time. Also now my bumper to bumper warranty has exceeded and Im having all these problems still. I'm wandering if anyone else is having these problems. Also does anyone have any suggestions. It wouldnt be fair for me to have to wear a bill for something that they cant seem to fix.
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    So long as it was fixed under warranty and it's documented, they should repair it for free out of warranty.

  • I took my 05 se kingcab for service two weeks ago. Oil change tire rotation. Anyway, I noticed my gas mileage had dropped to around 12 mpg blend city/hwy and 9 mpg towing my boat. I checked the oil and found it to be very low. Took it to the dealer and they found the engine to be 3 quarts low. No leaks just whoever added the oil did not put the entire amount needed. My questions is does anyone think this could have damaged my motor. It never got hot or made any knocking sounds for the two weeks it was run like this. The dealer did not seem to concerned about this situation.
  • I got my 2006 Titan back from the dealer after an entire rear end replacement, and it is still vibrating. I took it back a week later, they checked it out and said that the angle between the drive shaft and rear differential is off. They have ordered a shim kit to "fix" it. My new Titan with 2000 miles on it has to have a shim kit to repair a factory defect. They also put in the extension hosed on the A/C condensation problem. Those of you that haven't had this done on your 06, get it in now, while winter is upon us and your carpet is still good. My truck is starting to smell 'lemony' fresh.
  • robnaorobnao Posts: 29
    I am just wondering if anyone is having this problem with their paint. I have an 05 SE CrewCab 4X4 Off Road w/tow package, red alert color. I noticed a few small (1/16"-1/8") blisters in the paint, some had already broken when I first noticed them exposing the primer. I did a good inspection of the truck before taking to the Nissan dealer so I would know where the blisters were and stopped counting at 20, most of them are already broken, all of these expose the primer. The dealer has not been very supportive, saying that Nissan will probably claim they are rock chips and door dings even though the location of many of them rule these possibilities out (even have some on the tailgate). Has anyone else noticed this problem? We might have to get together to get Nissan to fix this one, I will post more as my situation progresses.
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    Perhaps you were parked somewhere that acid or other haz. mater may have damaged the paint? I haven't heard of anyone complaining of paint issues on the Armada/Titan/Pathy/Frontier boards.

  • i have had the exact same problem with the "tranny slip"in 04 xe 4x4. i just figured it was stuck between gears for a split second, other then rotors no other problems whatsoever! very very happy
  • robnaorobnao Posts: 29
    These spots are spread all around the truck, high and low. I just had a paint shop take a look and they agree there is a paint problem. They look a lot like paint chips except the location of most of them does not fit that explaination and I have found unbroken blisters and some partially broken ones.
  • I own an 04 Titan Le 4x2 50k. Over the last year I have seen a sudden decrease in my miles per gallon effiency . At best I receive about 12.5 to 13 highway. I change air filters on a regular basis and use middle grade gasoline. Also I have had the fuel injector serviced on a regular basis also. Any suggestions or answers that could help me improve my situation would be greatly appreciated. Thank You.
  • 14 MPG is typical gas mileage for the Titan under optimal conditions; level terrain; moderate weather; moderate speed; well maintained truck.
  • Yes, I purchased a new 2007 titan 4x4 in oct 2006 and I have a vibration also. I brought it back 4 times 1st they rotated & road force balance four tires, 2nd time they shimed rear diff., 3rd my dealership sent it to another dealership and they found side to side play in drive shaft and replaced drive shaft. 4th time Nissan rep came down to look and fix it. Rep. said vehicle is operating normally. So now I wrote to my attorney general and BBB auto line I'm still waiting for a response.
  • Well, My truck has 2700 miles on it now and has been to service a grand total of five times. This last time they shimmed the rear differential, and I made a call to Nissan asking for a buy-back. No deal they said, contact the BBB if you're not happy. I tell you, Nissan has a real problem with customer satisfaction... they have none. I have owned this Titan for 2 and a half months, and even though it is a defective product, Nissan refuses to take it back. I also contacted the BBB and I am sending my paperwork in this week. Oh, during the conversaation with Nissan (Corporate), I asked if the rear diff goes out after the warranty, would they cover it, they said NO. Keep this in mind for your next purchase, I will.
  • Sorry to hear about your lemon vehicle. But your not alone; I will go through arbitration via BBB on Wednesday, I'll let you know how it goes. But I can't imagine not getting buy back when I have had to put my 4th set of rotors and brake pads; once every 6000 miles, and Nissan would not honor their warranty at 30 months and 24000 miles. All I have to say, if even Nissan won't back their product, why should anyone else!
  • I was wondering if anyone had heard of other reports of a problem like this.
    My '06 Titan has 5000 miles on it. The defroster has not worked since I've had it. The blower blows, but no air comes out. I've had it in for repair twice. The first time they claimed Nissan tech didn't know what the problem was, and recommended replacing the head, or something, I can't remember. I got it back, and they said it was fixed, but going down the road, I pumped the defroster up and 20 seconds later, a sucking noise, and then same problem.
    Then I took it back, they claim now that Nissan tech says this is a common problem and that the issue has been fixed as far as the way they build the part that is tearing up, for new titans anyways. The problem with that is they shipped a part to replace mine, which got damaged in shipping, and supposedly is the last one in the country. Now they have issued a "stop the presses" where they are supposed to reconfigure the machine to make the old part. I have an estimated repair time of March 15th. The truck has been in since late January.
    I just wanted to see if anyone had heard of this problem happening to anyone else.
  • Yep, sounds like Nissan. If your state has a lemon law, most states only allow up to 30 days for a repair before imposing a lemon buy back. Nissan Techs are not that well trained, frankly the ones I dealt with are ignorant. Their solution to solving my brake defect was just trade my 2004 Nissan Titan in for a new one. And when I said no, they said 'all SUV/Truck brakes make noise," so my response is what highway do you drive down that you hear all these squealing brakes." Of course, the only recourse I had was to seek buyback through BBB arbitrition.
  • robnaorobnao Posts: 29
    Did anyone else see the news story about Honda having lost a law suit that claims the odometer on several models was reading more miles than were actually being driven? It was affecting warranty coverage, get's the company out of coverage sooner. It affected over 6 million vehicles sold from 2002-2006. All of the owners will get cash or an extended warranty. Apparently, at the post trial press brief a lawyer for Honda said the Nissan Altima does the same thing, adds up the miles too quickly. Now, I am not sure this wasn't a comment to cast doubt where there was none, but it might be worth while to check our Titans to make sure the odometers are adding the miles up correctly. I saw the story on FOX News, Mon. 19 Feb.
  • rengawrengaw Posts: 22
    When I heard that Nissan was building a new full sized truck in a new factory with new workers I knew it would take a few years to get the thing right. So, I was surprised when my recent issue of Consumer's Report arrived and it showed the Nissan is still, thru 2006, the most unreliable full sized truck on the market. CR reported that over half the owners of 2004 Titans reported brake problems and that almost half of those reporting in 2005 had brake problems. My dealer claims that "the real" fix on the brakes occurred in late 2005. Well, those people who own 2006 Titans also reported enough brake problems for CR to give brakes their worst reliability rating.
    Being a person very interested in buying a Titan, this makes me really gun shy. I'm really not sure if the differential and brake problems have been fixed properly even yet. It is really a shame that such a good truck has to be plagued by these major problems that Nissan has not been able to really fix. If people are having all these problems with this truck at these low miles, what is going to happen when these trucks get over a 100,000 miles. A truck if given good service should be reliable to between 150,000 miles and 200,000. I've had several that were good and several that were trouble. These Titans sure got off on the wrong foot reliability wise. I will say this that according to the reliability charts that Nissan products are some of the most unreliable vehicles for the first 3 three years of ownership but after that they vastly improve to where only the Honda and Toyota show better reliability from the 3 to 10 year period. What is disappointing about Nissan is that haven't come out publicly at said that "this is the problems with our trucks and this is what we are going to do about it." When GM was having all kind of problems with their Duramax injectors, GM stepped up and said they would warranty the injectors for 200,000 miles. Now that is the way a company should treat it's customers. It's just good business to create good will among your customers.
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    I got about $3,000 off on my 04 Armada due to the possibility that there would be brake issues. The way I looked at it, as an absolutely worst case I could get aftermarket calipers and rotors for well under $3k and fix any issues related to the brakes. Luckily for me they fixed mine at 3k and at 38k no issues have come back yet.

  • Or just run off a cliff, and then you wouldn't have to worry about it? But you saved $3000 on a defective vehicle.
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