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VW Touareg Maintenance and Repair



  • russianrussian Posts: 3
    Dear Brundog,
    Description of problems you experienced with your new Touareg match exactly with my discoveries.
    I have learned that there is a solution to increase remote FOB distance. VW dealers are aware about the problem and know how to solve it. My V8 Touareg in the shop now for 5K service. My service advisor promised to increase FOB. However, I would like to know if you were successful to resolve breaks squeaking problem. I complained to my VW dealer and VW of America. Both gave me the same answer. Metallic break are noisy and nothing we can do about it. I cannot believe this answer. I drove less expensive cars and none had breaks as noisy as my Touareg. By the way the problem did not go away with more miles on the car. My car has 5K miles on it. Did your problem go away ? Let me know.
  • gerrrrgerrrr Posts: 6
    Just bought a pop up camper and found out I had no brake control harness to connect the brake control unit into the male connector under my dashboard of my Touareg. Spoke with a few VW dealers and actually called VW. They didn't have a clue. Camper dealer said he installed a brake control unit two weeks ago on a Touareg and they had the harness. Said it came with the car. State laws require my camper to have electric brakes, which it does, now I just have to figure out how to connect the brake control unit to the Touareg. Any suggestions???? My new camper is sitting at the the Camper dealer waiting for me to take it home.

  • bcj2bcj2 Posts: 17
    REMOTE: Spockcat, what's your email? I need info on fixing the remote range that doesn't seem to go beyone 10'

    NAV: Why won't the system take you to an exact street address? My Acura, Lexus + Lincoln nav systems let you.

    What are the single buttons behind the steering wheel controls for?

    Dealer tells me it will take "weeks" to get the part to fix the airbag fault problem. What's the deal w/ that?
  • gerrrrgerrrr Posts: 6
    Jim, does your trailer set up for your boat have electric brakes? IF so, you did you do the connection for your brake control unit in the Touareg?

  • major7major7 Posts: 31
    I have a 2004 V8 Touareg and I have figured out most things on the Nav system with the help of Navteq and they are very helpful. However, one problem we haven't figured out is how to get the "Restaurants" icon to show up on the map in my area or elsewhere. The map scale is reduced to .5 etc. and the other icons all show up on the map no problem, gas stations, hospitals, police, etc. We have several restaurants around here and in NY State but I do not see the icon for these showing up? Anyboy have the answer to this problem? Thx. Bob
  • russianrussian Posts: 3
    Touareg owners ! Does anyone experienced breaks squeaking problem. I have this problem since I bought new V8 premium package Touareg. I complained to my VW dealer and VW of America. Both gave me the same answer. Metallic break are noisy and nothing we can do about it. I cannot believe this answer. I drove less expensive cars and none had breaks as noisy as my Touareg. By the way the problem did not go away with more miles on the car. My car has 5K miles on it. Did anyone knows how to fix this problem and what causes it.
  • gerrrrgerrrr Posts: 6
    Just spoke with a Treg dealer and he said there are no such harnesses for connecting the electric brake line to a brake control unit. They recommended having a camper place splice into the wires beneath the dash and connect to the brake control unit. Then bring the vehicle into the dealer, so they can activate the electric brake line. VW did not activate this line. He also said that this would not void the warranty. VW never made a harness to connect to the male plug under the dash. Go figure......
  • panzerpanzer Posts: 125
    I've had Volvos with brakes that squeaked. Metallic brake pads common on european cars seem to do this. I prefer the performance of metallic brake pads, but they seem to wear out pretty fast. Several things can help. First, have the dealer make sure there is adequate anti-sieze compound on the pad backing. Second, wash the wheels and brake area at least weekly by hand with a strong stream of water directed at the caliper area and behind. A drive-in car wash will NOT do the trick. A jet of compressed air can also help. Squeaking is often caused by a buildup of brake dust. I have 3k on my Touareg and the brakes are quiet so far. It takes about 50 miles for a film of brake dust to form on my wheels. I hand wash weekly.
  • rower2rower2 Posts: 22
    Thanks for the info on the breaks. I have 8k on my t-reg and the squeaking just starting. I knew that was a bit too soon for the breaks to be going. I'm bringing it in on Wednesday for the tyre pressure monitor light again and will bring up the anti-seize compound to the dealer.

    Other issues- My dealer called me and asked if I wanted to come in and have the key-fob distance fixed. The distance great now and I'm able to open my back hatch which I wasn't able to do before.

    I've been reading some posts complaining of horrible service. I recently changed dealerships and it made all of the difference in the world. The one I go to now always has a loaner. A VW, not from a rental car company. They tell me exactly what's up and how long it's going to take and the last time I had it in, they cleaned the inside and outside of the truck and even put air in the tires of my son's bike that was in the back. It's little extras like that that take some of the hassle out of having to bring it in.
  • spockcatspockcat Posts: 100
    Sorry, I don't visit this Touareg forum very often anymore. I can be reached using my user name @

    Electric Trailer Brakes:
    There is a connector under the dash. Here is info on the Tekonsha Prodigy, where the connector is located and how to wire it: uareg%20Porsche%20Cayenne.pdf

    Navteq POIs:
    This is an issue that I am hoping VW will resolve with the next version of the Navteq CDs. The resturants are all on the CDs but they just don't show up on the map. If the software is anything like the Garmin iQue3600, then there is a way to indicate how much detail you want displayed on the map. Unfortunately, this is hidden from the user by VW/Blaupunkt/Bosch. I recently received a software upgrade for the nav system from Germany but it didn't address this issue.

    Squeaking brakes:
    I haven't had this problem but I've heard from other Touareg owners who have had this problem and have had their rotors and pads replaced under warranty to solve the issue. Best is to demonstrate the problem with the service manager in your car. When the brakes squeak so loud thathe can't stand it you should get good service.
  • wakemanwakeman Posts: 1
    I have a 5900 lb, 23 Ft, Wakeboard Boat. The Touareg is suppose to have a 7700 lb towing capacity. I'm wondering if I'm going to have any problems towing with the V8. I currently have a Hummer H2. It tows it pretty well, but there is a vast difference in weights of the 2 vehicles. The Touareg is also much smaller in shear size. It will look like an ant pulling a lunchbox. Any help in making up my mind would be greatly appreciated
  • jpvwaudijpvwaudi Posts: 139
    whats the tongue weight or your boat/trailer? Remember, this thing has better brakes and a more advanced suspension/transmission than the H2. It may look like an ant and a lunchbox, but remember, ants are much stronger than you think.
  • bogeribogeri Posts: 1
    We've been reading all your comments on the Touareg and decided to tell ours. Purchased 8/03. Tire pressure problems, hatch doesn't work, handle stuck/door won't close, remote doesn't work, ignition falls into the dash on startup, dead battery, no CD player, leather torn around rear seatbelt (made worse by VW attempt at repair). This was suppose to be our new reliable out-of-town vehicle. Some items are still unrepaired by VW.
  • quemfalaquemfala Posts: 107
    I've been checking this board and others, regarding the T-reg. I will have to admit that the information here, coupled with several trips and test-drives at dealers, was enough to change my mind about purchasing one. That coupled with my daughter's sad customer service woes with her diesel Jetta was enough to disuade me from making the leap! I certainly hope that you all can have your problems rectified. This really is a terrific forum for information. This stuff has been going on for years, but there was never a simple way to communicate to others about the issues. Even after all of this, I still "like" the concept of the T-reg and what they envisioned; now V-W needs to deliver! Fix the problems and make the customers H-A-P-P-Y!
  • spockcatspockcat Posts: 100
    Sounds like you need to find a new dealer if your current one isn't fixing your problems. I heard of all of these issues (and more) from other sources. They all can be fixed by a decent dealer.

    One thing to keep in mind (and I am not saying this applies to you); when you discuss the issues with the service people, don't take an arguementative attitude. These guys need to go to bat for you with VW. If you are decent to them, they will be more likely to work harder for you.

    Please check out the post in the Edmunds VW Touareg SUV forum section I just posted. It gives all the current (as of June 14, 2004) TSBs on the Touareg. I didn't want to repost them here and I don't know how to create a link here either (maybe the HOST can do that).
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    Here it is: VW Touareg SUV

    To post a specific link simply copy the link to the post NUMBER (e.g. #112) to your clipboard then paste it into your message.

    tidester, host
  • spockcatspockcat Posts: 100
    Technical Bulletins
    Group: 01
    Number: 04-13
    Date Published: 06/21/2004

    Volkswagen Technical Bulletin Subject: Update Programming (Flashing) Transmission Control Module (TCM) for Harsh Shifting.

    Model(s): Year(s):
    Touareg 3.2L V6 (eng. code AZZ,BAA) 2004
    Touareg 4.2L V8 (eng. code AXQ,BHX) 2004

    See your dealer if you have this problem.
  • gerrrrgerrrr Posts: 6
    Well, I finally received my Brake Control Harness thanks to "spockcat". Towed my Coleman camper up to the White Mountains of New Hampshire and the ride was just great. No problems at all pulling 2,500 pounds. Had to look in the mirror to remember I was actually towing something and slow down a little. Thanks spockcat!!
  • spockcatspockcat Posts: 100
    You're welcome.
  • Well, my follow-up to your posting is long because it's important that others be forewarned about customer service inadequacies among some VW dealerships. Perhaps that's too broad a brush, but hopefully VW will take steps to address customer service problems that may undermine the reputation of an otherwise superb SUV.
    I live in Northern Virginia. The tire sensor ordeal on our V8 TREG (less than 5K miles) started rather undramatically. My wife was driving the vehicle when a "Defective Wheel Onboard" message started flashing. This changed later to a "Flat Tire" warning.
    I eventually checked the tire pressure and everything looked fine. At first we thought the warnings could be easily fixed or overriden, but after driving around for a while the warnings came back with a vengeance. The alarm was so incessant we had to stop using the vehicle until we could take it in to the dealership (Fairfax VW/Volvo).
    Took the vehicle in on a Monday AM and had to leave it because the techs couldn't fix the problem while I waited. On top of this, the dealership declined to offer a loaner claiming it was against VW policy. [Surprising indeed given the price of this vehicle and since we get a loaner on our 1999 Audi A4 that cost 2X less]
    The dealership called me at work a few hours later saying the vehicle was fixed. But, when I picked it up the warning was still flashing, in plain view for everyone to see! My service consultant was gone for the day, but one of the asst managers (really nice fellow actually) told me I had to bring the car back the next day.
    Went back the next day, waited in the lounge for over two hours for a promised quick diagnosis that never came - the service consultant didn't even bother to update me of my car's status until I asked. I had to leave the car again and still the dealership claimed VW does not authorize loaners in these situations unless the car was not fixed in 24 hours! And guess what, they had no idea how long the diagnosis/repair would take. We called VW USA, who claimed puzzlement at the attitude of the dealership. The VW USA personnel were very professional and courteous, followed up with the dealership and recommended changing the ECU because the warning was still flashing although everything else checked out okay. VW USA also instructed the dealership to reimburse us for the loaner. [Sidebar: Most service shops treat you like crap if you didn't buy the vehicle from their dealership. Ironically, we didn't get our TReg from this dealership because of poor customer service after we went for a test drive]
    To cut this long story short, it has been eight days and the car is still in the shop. From some of the postings on this forum, it sounds we may be waiting a lot longer. As it turned out, a VW USA engineer who happened to be at the shop last week finally diagnosed a faulty tire sensor. You would think this is one of the things the techs checked first, especially since another dealership told us they have seen similar problems with other TRegs. Anyway, just called the shop for the umpteenth time and was told the part was supposed to be in today but wasn't delivered. Maybe tomorrow. You get the picture.
    Unfortunately, this experience has validated some of my initial apprehensions when my wife decided she had to get this vehicle. It's apparent that some VW dealerships are way in over their heads with these vehicles and the kind of clientele they bring. I can't imagine buying the Phaeton and enduring such shoddy customer service. What more, we've had similar crappy customer service at the hands of some Audi dealerships in the Washington area, which perhaps points to a larger problem in the VW empire.
  • mmee1mmee1 Posts: 19
    Wait a minute.

    "we didn't get our TReg from this dealership because of poor customer service." So you buy your Touareg some place else but bring it to this place for service? And then you are shocked that they give you poor customer service?

    Three most important words for getting a great Touareg... Dealer, Dealer, Dealer.
  • spockcatspockcat Posts: 100
    Problem: VWOA has seen fit not to offer keyless start on the Touareg, even though they have keyless entry.

    Solution: Add it yourself using OEM parts. I just did that on my V10 and will write up the procedure soon. Watch this space for the link to the DIY page. Button on left of shift lever is the keyless button. It glows red when it senses the key.


  • photoguy2photoguy2 Posts: 164
    How do you have the Ipod connected? I want to do this if I get the Toureg..
  • spockcatspockcat Posts: 100
    The iPod is connected to one of the two auxiliary inputs of the nav system. The parts are available here:

    Same place you can get the keyless start kit.
  • photoguy2photoguy2 Posts: 164
    So does this mean I need to get Nav in order to hard wire (if you will) the ipod? If so how have you found the Nav? Seems a bit pricy... could get a portable unit for much less...
  • spockcatspockcat Posts: 100
    If you read half way donw on the site, you will see there is a way to connect an iPod or other audio device to the standard radio. But you lose the CD changer.

    I like the nav as it really compliments the look on the dashboard in the car. It does get you to where you want to go. But I know that you can get much less expensive aftermarket nav systems that have more features. My wife has a Garmin iQue 3600. But she doesn't leave it out and it is never ready to use like a built-in unit is.

    As the nav plays external audio and video, I think it is a nice feature in the car.
  • photoguy2photoguy2 Posts: 164
    Thank you for your kind and informative replies... Looking forward a new Treg in the fall.. Trying to decide if the 8 cyl is really necessary over the upcoming 240HP 6 cyl coming in the fall.. at least that is the expectation.
  • czerczer Posts: 7
    My two cents about my VW dealer. I purchased my T-reg at another dealer about an hour away from me, however saved 2200 dollars. I take it to the closer dealer for some warranty issues and he flat-out refuses to service my car. Spoke with him for over 45 minutes on the phone and he berates me for not purchasing the car at his dealership. It should be noted I bought my last two cars there but I guess that didn't matter. Now I have the first of probably many recalls for the t-reg to be done and am scared to death to take it to the closer dealer. I wish I read this forum before I purchased because I would have bought a Lexus instead. By the way did you see the latest results of top-rated cars and their frequency of problems - - Volkswagen down at the bottom. Hell I should have bought a KIA!!
  • i disagree-a lexus isn't the answer. if you like the t-reg, you should have bought a cayenne. i am amazed that many of you are surprised that you are receiving crumby service from your vw dealer. i bought my daughter a jetta, and the service that we receive is typical of buying an $18,000 car. they are not going to treat you better if you buy a more expensive car. the same thing happened in the past with the toyota supra-the people who purchased this expensive car were disappointed with there service from the toyota dealer. probably, if their upscale brand, lexus, had marketed the supra, the car would have been more successful. a porsche dealer would have taken better care of you-they would have handled it more professionally-almost certainly would have sent you home with a loaner. with the aggressive discounts on the cayenne, they are not much more money than a t-reg. in summary, don't be surprised when the vw dealer treats you like a vw dealer-smokes cigarettes in your face, no loaner, delays in getting it fixed, etc.
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