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Chevy Aveo Hatchback



  • andy_handy_h Posts: 49
    Holy Cow Wave54, that is the first thing that you said that is good about the Aveo.
  • wave54wave54 Posts: 211
    It's a love/hate relationship -- some aspects of the car were well-thought out and executed, but the steering and suspension are a major source of frustration (and hard to ignore).

    The engine seems to be a little trooper, though -- starts instantly, uses no oil and runs well all the time on any brand of gas. Never a hiccup and I'm on original plugs and wires at 86K miles.

    Still waiting for someone - anyone - to come out with aftermarket shocks and struts, which would probably make a big difference in the handling. It's the 4th model year coming out now after all!
  • flaaveoflaaveo Posts: 161
    Wow! lots of miles in 1 year. BUT you should not have starting problems so fast. Yes you could have carbon deposits,but it wouldnt make it not start,it would make it run rough. Pumping a fuel injected car? Give me a break! You do have the extended waranty 5 years 50 or is it 60 thousand miles..i forgot that to. I still dont know if it is 50 or 60 thousand miles. But I'll run out of time long before miles. Check out the lemon law 'restrictions'. Being that it is only 1 year and it has been in for repair that many times for the same probably have a case for a totally new engine,or a new car! I mean a new engine out of the crate from Korea. If they cant fix this problem, they have to follow the what the lemon law says ,each state is a bit different,BUT I am sure it is 3 tries or 5 days in the shop for the same problem and you are protected under the lemon law . It is a long process,probably, but I bet you are entitled to a new engine if they can't fix it. And they obviously can't. You didnt buy a 'cheap' economy car, to put premium gas in it! And nothing else is working? Unless they replace that fuel pump next. I say, tell them to do that,and you get a loaner car for the 1-2 days it will take to replace it..and make them drive it for a few days..and make sure it doesn't stop on them! Let us know what happens.
  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,095
    A large local newspaper is looking to interview 18-25 year olds on what type of car they are looking to purchase. Please send an e-mail to no later than Thursday, August 24, 2006 by 2:30 PM PT/5:30 PM ET containing your daytime contact information.
  • rhonda10rhonda10 Posts: 21
    I was just looking over the Edmunds Aveo forum and came across your inquiry. Although I see that you are having problems, can you say overall that you have liked the car. I test drove one the other night and fell in love. I am considering either the Aveo or the Honda Fit am have been trying to read all of the user reviews on both vehicles that I can find. Because I currently own a Chevy that has been a rock solid good truck with currently 80,000 miles, I am not shy about buying another Chevy. I have also owned in the past a Toyota, Honda, Subaru [current car], Nissan, and VW. Your honest opinion would be appreciated.

    Now with respect to the Lemon law, as long as you have taken your vehicle in for a specific problem during its warranty period, you still have a claim for that problem specifically regardless of whether your warranty expires. I know because I not only work in a law firm, but am currently awaiting a decision from a vehicle manufacturer on a lemon law claim that I am pursuing. I studied the California Lemon Law extensively. Prior to submitting my demand letter, my vehicle had been in the shop on 4 separate occasions, 3 of which times the dealer claimed it was fixed. My vehicle ended up being at the dealer for a total of 28 cumulative days. I had only owned it for a little under 3 months. Per California you only have to give a dealer 4 attempts for the same problem and/or had your vehicle in the shop a total of 30 cumulative days before submitting a lemon law claim. I believe that for a serious problem that could potentially cause death, you only have to give a dealer 2 attempts to fix it. Good luck.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,081
    A tv reporter seeks to interview sub-compact (Aveo, Fit, Versa, Yaris) drivers who live or work within 25 miles of Manhattan. Please send your daytime contact info, location and vehicle make/model to [email protected] and/or [email protected] no later than Tuesday, August 29, 2006.


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  • andy_handy_h Posts: 49
    Hey, did you guys know the new Aveo has 37 mpg?
  • rhonda10rhonda10 Posts: 21
    2007 Aveo5 mpg. are: manual 27/37 vs. auto 26/34

    2006 Aveo mpg. are: manual 26/35 vs. auto 24/34.

    I would think real world mileage for both years is at least 2-3 mpg. lower for both city and highway, which is still better than the 19 I am currently getting in my Subaru Outback that is a manual transmission.
  • Well my '04 aveo just cost me 1600 dollars. The timing belt went and the values bent. Got a value job done and asked my mechanic when the maintenance on the belt was required. The owner's manual says 60,000. My car has 93,000.I did some research and California law requires timing belts to last up to 105,000 miles. It looks like GM went cheap and did not upgrade the belts. My car was checked the last time I bought it in for service and my mechanic said all my belts were fine. I am thinking about filing a class action lawsuit against GM. This could be a huge problem for aveo owners. I commute over 100 miles per day that's the reason for the high mileage.
  • muffin_manmuffin_man Posts: 865
    Unfortunately, I don't think that path is going to work for you. Every automaker with a timing belt requires 60k, I highly doubt you have a legal option on this. You didn't perform required maintenance.
  • Poor Aveo to have an owner like this. :sick: :cry: It would be a miracle if my Aveo hit 93,000 miles :) without changing the timing belt.
  • poncho167poncho167 Posts: 1,178
    50-60,000 miles belt change for all of these small cars.
  • wave54wave54 Posts: 211
    Unfortunately, many people will delay timing belt replacement thinking that 60K is a suggestion rather than a MUST DO. I probably would have let it slide too if I hadn't already had one fail early (just noise - no breakage).

    I'd like to see ALL manufacturers go back to the long-lasting timing chains instead of a $25 rubber belt that can ruin the valves well before any other engine component will fail.

    It would actually be a selling point -- owners who have a mechanic or a dealer performing their service would save $1000-$2000 over the lifetime of the vehicle @ $350-$500 per replacement.
  • got a question...
    I keep seeing in the "specs" of the aveo something called "privacy glass"..what is that? tinted windows?
    anyone knows??

    on another topic, I am trying to understand how dealerships are thinking following yesterday's experience...
    back in June, i wanted to test drive a aveo5.
    I saw one at that dealership, stop by, and bla bla bla...ask to test drive it, was told
    -" everybody is out for lunch, come back later!"

    stop by the same dealership yesterday, the same car (an icelandic blue LT unit) is STILL on the lot...

    so i thought i could try to test drive it and being that it was 4 pm, i figure no one would be out "for lunch"...
    so again all the bla bla bla for a couple of minutes and here comes the test drive question...
    this time i was told
    " THE BATTERY IS DEAD, someone left the lights on"
    and that all he said!!!
    not sorry for the inconvenience or would you like to make an appointment tomorrow i'd be glad to have you try it..NOTHING!
    I asked- "really? the lights were left on? surprising since this car has day time running lights..."
    his reply was " well it must have been the dome light then"
    so,I was left, standing there, looking like a fool for wanting to test drive that car!
    my husband, who is from the area, told me not to waste my time with this dealership that they were know in town to be [non-permissible content removed]@%&;&%, guess what? he is right!
    luckily, I have 2 other chevy dealers withing 25 miles that i can deal with!

    anyone had a similar experience? it made me so mad!!!!
  • I just purchased a 2006 Aveo LT Hatchback and my back hatch window looks slightly tinted.

    With regards to the treatment you received at that particular dealer, although it is a shame, when all is said and done it is their loss.

    The treatment I received at my dealership was very good, which is how it should be. Go somewhere else if it is indeed an Aveo that you want.

    Good luck. :)
  • Dealerships make less than $400 on a new Aveo bought by a negotiating buyer. They put their efforts into SUV's and trucks where they can get over $10K in profit. Aveo buyers aren't worth their time (which sometimes can work to your advantage). I bought mine by telling the salesman, "I know there's no profit in this car for you so, here's my cash offer..." Sold in 22 minutes. He won and I won.
  • poncho167poncho167 Posts: 1,178
    I believe all of the windows have a light tint and that's what they mean by privacy glass.

    That dealer has got some issues and I would avoid them.
  • Whatever the case, every car sold is a profit. I do agree with the fact that most Chevy dealerships are far more interested in the every day Truck/SUV buyer. That is truly where their bread and butter is. On the other hand with gas prices continously rising and the demand for the smaller subcompacts increasing, that soon will change. Either way I hope you are happy with your Aveo.
  • lol hello again rhonda!! :)
    you got my point....that dealership lot is full of trucks (tahoe at 50,000$+ and flat beds!!) and only a few cars...even if gas is now down at 2.25$ here, it will go back up and ppl are starting to look into fuel efficient cars like the aveo, that i see more and more on the road since this summer.

    I have been to another chevy dealer couple of months ago and tried a vibe, the guy was really nice and we will buy there!

    thanks guys for your comments!
  • I just realised that the LT trim is no longer available on the aveo5 2007!
    only SVM and LS...humph!

    time to get one LT before they are all gone!!! ;)
  • csandstecsandste Posts: 1,866
    Can't imagine why they took the sedan only upscale by adding a phony looking typical Chevy front and rear clip. All this does is make the customer base of their hatches disinterested because they neglected to improve the interior (and the 07 sedan DOES have a nicer interior). Hopefully this will all be corrected by the 08's.
  • I've been to the dealership 2x now. I've told them each time that in my opinion the car idles high(around 1000rpm). I'm not sure if that's a normal idle. Anybody?

    I've heard(not from the dealer) that it could be the Idle Air Controller(IAC). You all have mentioned it before but have talked about it in the sense that your car is almost stalling.

    I'd like to see if any of you are having this problem too.

    06 Aveo Hatchback, 7500 miles. Crap Mileage :mad: .
  • flaaveoflaaveo Posts: 161
    Hi. My 2006 hatchback with automatic idles at about 900 rpms with the A/C on or off. So I think 1,000 is running a tiny bit high. It is very smooth at 900. It starts off in the morning at about 1,100 for only 1 minute. Then it drops fast to 900 rpms. It should be adjustable, go to the dealer and use that warranty!. And I see in your post you also get poor mileage, I get crappy mileage as well! Seems 90% of us do. I finally am getting a 'high' of 19 mpg with all city driving with the A/C on and driving like a little old lady. I only have 1,570 miles on my car,it is going to take years to hit the 'break in mark' of 5,000 miles for me. I only drive in the city and only like 2-5 miles a day! So I get this mileage. BUT I was hoping for high 20's in this little car and tiny engine. But it is still a lot more than my Ford Ranger truck I traded in, even though gas prices are dropping like a stone here in Fla.($2.55) as of 9/06, I am sure it will never go back to $1.25 a like my little Aveo. :) But your idling is a bit high. Go get it adjusted. THAT'S what the service dept. is there for...for you to get your car repaired and they have to address your concerns.
  • That is one of the reasons that I went ahead and purchased the 2006. I did not like the thought of having to special order a sunroof. Anyway, I also read that Chevy decided to increase their drive-train warranty on all 2007 models to 100,000 miles, which I wish would have been the deal as well on the 2006. Anyway, thus far I am very happy with my car and the mph that I have been getting which is consistently 26-28 with mixed city/highway. :)
  • I am shocked at the mileage that people are not getting. Am I the only one consistently getting 26-28 city/highway mileage. Poor mileage is something I would definately address with the dealer, especially if you think you are having excessively high idling. Maybe something is indeed wrong with the vehicle. Good luck.
  • i just saw that too 2 days ago! (the increased warranty) that made me finally decide!
    i am gonna get the aveo! ;)

    i was looking at suzuki because of the longer warranty but now, no need to!
    ( i will hit the 100.000 miles before 5 or 7 yrs anyways)

    only thing is that I have to get an 2007, i was planning on getting on good deal on a "leftover" 2006... :(

    concerning the mileage:
    I know 2 ppl that own aveos and they are both getting high 30's on the highway...
    one says he almost gets 40 MPG! ( he has a 2006 LS auto tranny)
    the other one drives a 2004 LT 5spd and is also getting great MPG.
  • I own a 2004 LT with a 5-speed and getting about 40mpg on the highway on trips.....I get about 29-31 around town. But the tires that came on the car really suck.... :surprise:
  • I got into a co-workers Aveo just to check the idle and it was the same as mine. I asked someone else what the idle should be for an Aveo and they said around 700 manual and 1000 auto. Well, I'm at 900(checked today).
    As for the MPG I'm checking into getting an aftermarket exhaust system. I just tried a K&N filter and it was horrible. It took about 1/2 a tank to go 100 miles on the highway(not city). However I noticed that with the filter I didn't have response on the highway(when accelerating) and thats why I think that there was too much air going in but not enough getting out. I did have more response in the city. I'm going to try the K&N again after I finish this tank of gas. A mechanic told me that this car is meant to run hot, so if I put Premium gas then the engine doesn't run hot and therefore the gas mileage will be affected. The computer in the car needs to relearn all the changes.
  • poncho167poncho167 Posts: 1,178
    90% of the owners I have seen on this board are not getting the poor mileage that was recently mentioned. I have read all the posts and there is only a small percentage that has mentioned poor mileage. The owners review section toward the top of the forum has several mileage figures posted.

    Is the 100,000 warranty only for 2007? I thought it was retroactive for any 2006. I am probably mistaken.
  • poncho167poncho167 Posts: 1,178
    The grade of gas shouldn't effect how hot the engine runs. That car was ment to run on low octane fuel so I wouldn't change that. You may want to change the brand of gas you use. That may be the difference maker.

    I know far back in the forum there was a couple of people who had older model Aveo's that had there computer reflashed at the dealer because of poor mileage, and that seemed to help. Supposedly there was a service memo in 2004 about Aveo computer flashing for mileage issues.
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