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Chevy Aveo Hatchback



  • It's been o.k. so far, but driving in and around Syracuse does not include to much mountains, I'd say only little hills here and there.
    The rough grades going up the Rockies is what makes me a bit nervous about mechanical problems.
  • While I cant comment on mountain issues,being that I am in Ft.Lauderdale Fla. No mountains here,barely a hill in sight! But my Aveo Hatchback is a 2006 and only has 14K miles on it. It has been solid as a rock engine wise,no troubles at all. So I would assume the newest Aveos' engine would be as dependable if not more, it is the same engine, only very minor tweaks, to get 2 more horsepower, big deal!

    I think I have heard that at high altitudes,you should go for higher octane gas, to make up for the thinner air and the fuel/air mixture. But as others have said, all cars today are so controlled by computers, they compensate for altitude issues. But I would pack lightly, our little car is not built to haul a lot of heavy things,as I am sure you know. The lighter the car, the better and faster it will climb a hill/mountain. Have fun!
  • We purchased a 2009 in December and have now driven it about 1350 miles. The economy is running 27, 29 and 30 mpg. That's in town and open road miles. This is a 5 speed and I do not follow the shift indicators for mileage. (I believe that you need to keep your RPM's up and the motor cleaned out.) We run in the 75 mph range on the open road, and most of the time I run around 4 to 5K on the up shifts. I find it to be fast steering but stable. We live in Montana (lots of wind here) and find it as stable as any other vehicle. Those that say it can't pull a hill don't know how to shift the gears. If they down-shift as the RPM's start to drop they wont be complaining about the power. Our rating, excellent! Economy is about what you should expect at higher cruising speeds and not putting along in the wrong gears. Plenty of power and speed if you drive the vehicle the way it should be operated. You still get good economy (maybe not as EPA rated) but average around 30 mpg.
  • celliccellic Posts: 4
    Hi, I ended up on this site due to searching for some solutions to problems with my 2005 Aveo. The problem has had my mechanic scratching his head, and this forum has proved helpful in providing some possible solution to the problem. However on reading some of the comments on this car, I have been scratching my head. I can't believe the comments about it being surprisingly roomy. I have had to drive this car for close to 5 years and I have to say this is the worst car I have ever driven, and that includes my old Datsun Cherry that could only take $10 in fuel as it had a leak in the gas tank. There is no room to swing a cat. I can't even keep a small flashlight in the glove compartment. If you get more than 2 bags of groceries then you are screwed, as the cargo is miniscule. I hate it with a passion. I had to change all the light bulbs within months of having it. The alarm has been stuck on, the wheels are made of the softest metal known to man. The slightest pot hole in the road and you have to get a new wheel. The seats are the most uncomfortable I have ever known. After driving for more than an hour, it feels like someone is sticking a spear in to your spine.
    I could go on, but I would run out of space in this post. Needless to say I detest this car.
  • bowsersbowsers Posts: 14
    This is an economy car! It was made for housewives and college students. I live in NYC and have a 2004 AVEO5 LS and I never had a problem so far. The only time It has been back to the dealer was for an oil change and insepction and a recall notice. I am able to fit several grocery bags into the trunk and if you fold down the back seat you have plenty of room if you go to Costco. I get good fuel economy about 25 MPG and it is great for parking. I admit it is not a luxury car! I also drive a minivan which has room for 8. So it may be time for you to trade in for a new car.
  • yngwieyngwie Posts: 16
    I have a 07 Aveo 5 and I really like it. I went from a Crown Vic to the Aveo.Talk about a chenge! The Aveo is fine for me. No real problems so far(47,000 miles).The money i am saving on gas a month practically covers my car payment!
  • flaaveo22flaaveo22 Posts: 11
    If you hate this car so much,why have you kept it for 5 years? Is it the sedan or the hatchback? I have the hatchback,a 2006 LS,and with the seats folded down,I can load in a ton of stuff. I dont know about the sedans dimensions. I think most people are taking about how much head room there is in such a small car, people over 6ft easily fit into it and dont hit their heads on the headliner. I am only keeping this car this long, the longest I have kept ANY car/truck in my life, because I am only 13 payments away from paying it off, and only have 14K miles on it, and it looks like it just came off the showroom floor. I take VERY good care of all my vehicles.
    I dont get the amazing mileage that people talk about in here, I am lucky to get 17mpg! in the city. I got better mileage in my Ford Ranger pickup that had a V-6 in it, that I traded in on this car, at the height of the gas crisis.
    And Chevy insists that it is because I only drive like 4 miles at a time,so the cars engine doesn't get really heated up. So, I am keeping it, till I pay it off and or it breaks down in a big way. I have had no mechanical problems at all since I bought it. I have had tons of trim problems, and the hatch itself has been worked on like 15 times! For creaking, not unlocking ,rattles, wiper not working. But so far not a single mechanical problem.

    It is a super cheap car, so what did you expect when you bought it? I love the rock hard seats, they are to soft now, they use to feel like Mercedes seats, but 3 years of wear, has made the drivers seat to soft for my taste. If you expected great seats, tons of room, and all the luxury of a bigger car....why did you buy the Aveo? I dont mean this to sound like I am picking on you, but you did test drive it,didnt you? Didnt you feel the seat? See the room that the car has? And yet you have now had it for 5 years. Why? :confuse:

    The new Aveo is a bit nicer, and next years is going to be better, then when they stop making it and replace it with the new car they are coming out with, I think it is called 'The Bea't and another one as well. They are coming out with a hot racer version, and one that is more 'luxury'. And it is kind of like the Honda element. A lot of those plastic panels and very odd colors, a totally new design. I will probably buy one of those. They were in the last Transformers movie! Both of them. Along with the 2011-2012 Corvette,and then the 2 versions of the replacement for the Aveo. And they are finally bringing over colors from Japan and Europe. Really odd and cool colors.

    But if you detest it, sell it or trade it in. I know what you mean about soft wheels, I nearly lost a wheel in a pothole and was shocked. I bitched about it and Chevy replaced it, under warranty. Even though they said it wasnt covered. I complained for months and they finally replaced it. But I only had like 2K miles on it in 1 year! So I was ticked off, and threw a fit in front of a lot of customers, and they replaced it finally to calm me down :D If the economy wasnt so crappy and if i didnt owe so little and have such low miles on it, I would trade it in tomorrow. But my hatchback has a ton of room, tons of headroom, lots of vision out the windows, it is very big for a tiny car. But I dont know about the sedan, you must have that one.
    If you hate it so much, get rid of it.">
  • celliccellic Posts: 4
    Yes it is the Hatchback and if you read my original post, it states that I have "HAD" to drive it for nearly 5 years. It is a company car and hopefully it will be getting traded in within the next couple of months. If not then I will seriously be looking for a new place of work. Amongst the other little issues with this car, I have had to have the air conditioning compressor replaced and the heating fixed twice. I have a friend who is over 6 feet tall and he practically had his knees in his throat when he was sitting in the passenger seat. The only redeeming features of this car is the parking and the stereo. :sick:
  • flaaveo22flaaveo22 Posts: 11
    Like I said, Dont take this as an attack, I didnt read any other post by you ,so I thought this was your own car. Well all I can say is I have a 6'3" friend who can sit in the passenger seat or the back and has head room left over and he can stretch his legs out. In the front of course with the seat in the back position. He loves that he can fit into such a small car so easily. He cant even get into his full size truck as smoothly.
    But hey, it isnt your car, so you don't have to pay for the repairs, do you? So when the company gets another car, tell them your experiences with the Aveo, if they dont know, they must know, and ask if they can go bigger on the next one.
    Be glad you have a job, let alone a job with a car! Wow! I would kill to get that job! :surprise: And you must have an upgraded stereo,mine is just the base one with a cd player,and it is just must have the top of the line one, lucky again.
  • celliccellic Posts: 4
    Yeah I appreciate that I have a job and the car comes with it. The car is built in to my pay so it is not that great a deal, but I still appreciate it. That doesn't stop me from hating the car though. The stereo is just the basic but I like the sound I get from it. That and the parking is all I like about it. Oh I forgot to mention one of my other issues was the time whenever I wound down the drivers window it locked the door due to the crappy installation of the door mechanism. This car has been a comedy of errors since the word go.
  • yngwieyngwie Posts: 16
    Well they must have improved the Aveos over a couple of years. Mine is a 2007 hatchback. I really like it. I did have to take it in because the wipers would come on and stay on until I removed the fuse.I thought the dealer would treat me like crap as they were selling saabs and buicks,but they were real cool. Fixed it.Warrenty covered it. One mechanic even comented to another that those "Aveos really clean up nice.".I keep the car practicay spotless. I dropped a nice Kenwood cd player with Sirius radio and 4 speakers in it and it sounds great. Only other problem I had(so far) was the where you put the key into to open the door fell into the door and I had to take the panel off to put it back in. They just srcewed it in without a lock washer so I put one on,so hopefully no more of that problem. All in all I like the car alot.Drive 60 miles s dsy bsck and forth to work. About 80% highway and average 32 mpg!I do pop it in nuetral alot down hills!Wanted a Honda fit,but too much money so I settled for the Aveo and am happy with it.
  • laserbluelaserblue Posts: 313
    My daughter ordered a 2010 Aveo 5 and will receive it in the beginning of May.
    She doesn't do to much mileage (250 milles per month) but she wants to go to Florida for her summer vacation in mid July (3000 milles round trip).
    Should she get an oil change done on her Aveo before leaving? (it will probably have about 600 + or - milles on it).
    Do manufacturers still put Break In oil in their engines?
    Do they still have a Break In driving period?
  • bowsersbowsers Posts: 14
    She will not need to do anything before she leaves except check the tire pressure. She can get an oil change when she returns.
  • barkydogbarkydog Posts: 45
    I see no reason to change the oil with so little mileage.

    However, I would strongly urge her to CHECK the oil level RIGHT NOW, before she leaves. My (then) new '09 Aveo was delivered to me with 20 miles on it in November - and lacked 1 quart of oil, brand new, right out of the dealer's inventory.
  • flaaveo22flaaveo22 Posts: 11
    Everyone is right. There is no such thing as 'break in oil' anymore. Make sure the oil level is full before she goes. It would be good for her to get off the highway every so often, so that she isn't driving at a constant speed for the entire trip. A new engine should be driven at different speeds, for the first 500 miles or so, to seat the pistons rings or something like that. Try to get her to understand to stay under 50-60mph for the first 500 miles to. I think that it says that in the manual as well.

    When she gets back, I would change the oil and filter, and go with synthetic oil, it lasts for a long long time and it does offer a lot of protection to the engine. She could go up to 15K miles between changes, if she uses that kind of oil. With regular oil, you should change it around every 5K miles or so. The manual says 5K or 7.5K miles I believe.

    I think of it as 'cheap insurance' to protect the most expensive part of the car. Better to change it to often and avoid sludge or engine wear, than to change it not enough and end up with problems down the road. Mine has lived on synthetic oil and I have had not one single engine problem in almost 4 years now. Let us know how much mileage she gets, and how the car performs on a trip like would be interesting to find out how the new model works,and if it gets the amazing mileage that everyone ,except me gets :) .

    If she is coming to Ft.Lauderdale, it is going to be cool/cold for the next 3 nights, then the low 70's the rest of the week...incase you wanted to know. :)
  • nyjets1nyjets1 Posts: 1
    edited April 2010
    Its funny, When it starts up there is not any noise, but when it warms up the knocking begins. it is loud and does not have a consistant pattern. Ant ideas!!??
  • MY dash light, rear light on right side and my right front runner light is out on 2005 aveo,fuses,bulbs,and switch,ok... anyone know what is causing this problem ? Ty
  • bowsersbowsers Posts: 14
    there may be another bulb out or fuse that you are not checking, best to go to the dealer and have them check with their computer
  • They have check out all the bulbs and fuses ,from all the reports I have seen on line on this site and others , no real answers. just thought ,,,just maybe someone would have an answer ..
  • flaaveo22flaaveo22 Posts: 11
    Does anyone know how to remove the adhesive that is left behind when you remove a set of EXTERIOR applied 'Vent Visors', for the windows? You know, the dark tinted plastic forms that you can apply around the windows, so you can leave them open some, and keep the rain from getting in, and to keep the car a bit cooler during the heat of the summer. I can get the vent visors off easily, but it leaves behind a lot of thick adhesive, on the painted part of the window frame.

    I have called Vent Visor and all they came up with is to use rubbing alcohol. I used nearly a full bottle on one window and it didnt take off an inch of it! I had to use more of the adhesive, that I luckily had, to put back on the one I took off. I want to apply the 'IN CHANNEL' type, I can't leave behind all this old adhesive, but I don't want to remove/damage the paint. Does anyone have any idea how to remove this stuff? Or what chemical I can TRY at least, and it won't damage the paint?
  • barkydogbarkydog Posts: 45
    Look for a product known as "Bug and Tar Remover". It's been around for decades. It is good for removing nasty stuff from your car's finish and it won't harm the paint..
  • Hello ... I have a Chevy Aveo 1.2 from 2008 ... and I have some problems.
    When I accelerate in 2nd gear i can hear some loud knocks but just in 2nd gear ... i did not get this problem in 1st or 3rd or in any else gear . The car has only 9320 miles what could cause the loud knocking ?
  • bowsersbowsers Posts: 14
    Bring it in to the dealer as you are still under warrantee
  • I still have warranty the check is free ? I checked my suspension no play it is as tight as it was when i got it . I checked my driveshaft that`s ok no play at al only if it`s yanked whit force but even than only a little movement . I checked the engine mount it is ok ... I checked the engine no problems there ... :sick:
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,251
    Hello Thespeddeerr,
    I apologize that you are expereincing a concern with your vehicle. How long has this concern been present? Can you please email me your VIN? You can get my email by clicking on gmcustsvc. Thank you,
    Mariah GM Customer Service
  • HELP! I have this exact same problem and my car is in for the 11th time...I told them to do something 'different' this time as hooking it back up just doesn't work!!! I am so frustrated. I have a 2006 Aveo are you still having this problem...did they ever permanently fix it?
  • Sorry I don`t know what is a "VIN" I`m from romania europe ... i have the problem like from last weekend i gone camping ... my car was full and when the car got empty I was going home and I wanted to catch a green light and i was in 2nd gear and doing 18 mph and i stept on the gas and heard those snapping noises got in 3rd stept on it real hard and then nothing ... today i was coming home and yet again in 2nd gear same noises ... I can`t figure out what could cause them ....
  • One guess I have what could started the problem the car was full of people i was going with 55mph and I ran in to a pothole witch I could not avoid ...but when I stopped I checked the wheel no damage and the wheel had no play ... and the noise appeared only in 2nd gear ...
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,251
    Hello Stillsmiling,
    I apologize that you are still experiencing a concern with your vehicle. Can you please email me more information about your situation including your current mileage and VIN? You can get my email by clicking on gmcustsvc. Thank you,
    Mariah GM Customer Service
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