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Volkswagen Touareg Prices Paid



  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,042
    Hi grindstone - this discussion is for pricing & buying experiences, and it doesn't sound like you're there yet! To find out about these vehicles, use the search tools at the left. The make/model drop-down menus should be particularly helpful.

    We have several active discussions about these SUVs, so you should get good feedback on each. Let me know if you need help finding your way around.

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  • These two vehicles are in my list as well. I test drove the Toureg V6. It's very nice. The 4-runner is cheaper with more room, not as luxury and stylish in my point of view...
  • panzerpanzer Posts: 125
    This spring, these were on my list as well, along with the x3 and x5. The only reason I did not buy the 4runner (V8) was the seats, and the general lack of comfort for a big guy at 6"4" and 240#. Otherwise, I think it is a great truck, very well engineered, and drives like a dream, in the sport version. I wouldnt waste time with the base model or the limited without the sport suspension. XREAS makes a big difference. Also, get the V8, it's sweet.

    I spent way more on my Touareg (V6) than I would have on the 4runner, with no regets. I decided against the BMW's mainly because I do a little 4wheeling in the mountains, and sand dunes at the lake, and they are not really appropriate for off road stuff. If you are deciding between these two, I assume you need off-road too. I think you have the two best ones out there. Don't forget a Chevy Tahoe or Suburban. You get a lot of truck for not much money.
  • lee_wlee_w Posts: 239
    You might want to try Smart Shopper or Owner's club for more information on this topic. Do you have any Prices Paid or Buying Experiences? Goodluck!
  • We are trying to buy a Touareg by the end of the month. The dealers seem to be stuck with dozens of 2004s. What happens to the 2004s. Do they just start blowing them out at low low prices, or do they return them to VW?
  • I'm getting $2,500 below invoice.
  • On which model and what equipment?
  • Is there a reason you will not say what dealership you dealt with in Boston? I am also from MA and I was very enthusiastic about owning a Toureg. Test drove my brother's car, loved it, wanted a fairly loaded V-8. Then I went into both dealerships in Boston and lets just say after my experiences there I am now the proud owner of a Lexus GX 470. They saw a single woman (a blonde nonetheless) come in and the prices they were quoting me were absolutely ridiculous and an insult to my intelligence. $1500 of MSRP. Naturally I played hardball and tried to get the number I wanted w/out any success. I walked out of there and have not been back since. Are you kidding me? I grew up with four brothers and know a thing or two about automobiles and the art of "wheeling and dealing" since my dad's close friend owns numerous dealerships in the Midwest.
    I guess this only confirms my suspicions about car salesmen with ponytails. Just curious to know what dealership in Boston accomodated you so well.
  • I'm looking at a 2004 V8 demo with 8,000 miles (MSRP $45,105 - Invoice $40,870) that I can buy for $37900. Good or bad deal?
  • dogs,

    i dont think thats a great deal...i think u can get 3500 under invoice on a brand new v8...
  • Beezy 21 I gave the name of the dealership, reply message #83. It was Boston Volkswagon see the new car manager. Bostonron
  • V8, rear dif, winter package, 4 zone climate, park assist and premium plus package. All for $46,019
  • tenet1tenet1 Posts: 354
    I am looking to purchase a Touareg in the next few months and am curious as to what types of prices you all are paying in the DC area (MD/VA)?

    Any real life experiences to share? Please also provide dealer name if possible.

  • I have seen newspaper ads for "All V8 Touaregs in stock" at $7200 off MSRP. Of course if you read the leeetle print $1000 of that is VW loyalty cash which is only good if you currently own a VW.
  • You ought to be able to get the same deal on a new one, without the 8000 miles

    Good Luck
  • Does anyone know of a website that has the 2005 Touareg prices on it.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    We have MSRP prices up - no invoice prices yet.

    Steve, Host
  • Kelly Blue book has both.
  • Are the October incentives out yet?
  • None that I know of.

    Couple of questions, though.

    1. Are all those prices you guys talk about "Out-the-door" prices??? (including base price + options + destination, DMV, documentation fees AND TAXES)

    2. The 2005 Touareg seems to be available. I have been offered:

    VW Touareg V6 2004
    +DMV, doc, county taxes.

    $37,500. Out-the-door. Cash deal.

    This is in San Francisco Bay Area. With 8.25% County Tax.

    What do you think? Hope it is of help for others.
  • Has anyone bought a 2005 Touareg yet? What have you paid?
  • svnsvn Posts: 4
    Got this off the web: October VW specials:

    2004 Model Specials:

    0% Financing on 2004 Jettas up to 66 mos*

    0% on 2004 Passat GL 1.8T & GLS 1.8T/2.8l V6 sedans & Wagons up to 66months*

    0% on 2004 Beetle 2.0l Hardtop & 1.8T hardtops up to 66 mos*

    0.9% on 2004VW Touareg up to 36 mos*

    *To approved, qualified Credit through October 31st, 2004.

    *Excludes TDI models, subject to availabililty.


    2.9% Financing on Touareg V6 & V8 up to 66 months*
    2.9% financing on '05 VW Jettas up to 66 months*
    2.9% financing on '05 Golf, GTI, New Beetle convertibles & Hardtops up to 66 months*
    2.9% financing on '05 VW Passats up to 66 months*
    *Excludes TDI models, subject to availability

    Here's the link:
  • fxguyfxguy Posts: 132
    It was between the FX35 and the touareg but all these problems i am hearing about have scared the hell out of me. Looks like infiniti will be getting my money. Damn! It would have been nice to get a Touareg though. The wife really likes the design and i would have scored brownie points.
  • panzerpanzer Posts: 125
    If you dont need the towing or off-road capability of the VW, and you dont mind the hard ride of the fx, you are better off with the car-based SUV. You give up nothing in room or features. For VW's part, they are stepping up to the plate to fix stuff.
  • Finally got some quotes on the 2005's

    Vw Touareg 2005 V6
    Reflex Silver.
    Premium Pack. II (power seats, etc).
    Parking Assistance.

    Total $40,900+Tax+Doc.
    Out of the lot for $44,560

    Vw Touareg 2005 V6
    Offroad gray.
    Premium Pack. II (power seats, etc).
    Parking Assistance.

    Total $40,900+Tax+Doc.
    Out of the lot for $44,350

    These are "cash deals", which is not very common lately (it seems) here in Northern California.
    Comments welcomed.
  • pman1pman1 Posts: 5
    I have an offer for a 2004 V8 with the following extras itemized at invoice:
    Premium Plus
    19" Wheels
    Electronic Parking Assist
    Rear Differential Lock
    OnStar Telematics

    Total price before tax and after $3500 incentive is $45,866.

    Any thoughts?
  • nigelunigelu Posts: 6
    I have an offer from a dealer of a 2004 V8 with no major options as follows.

    Invoice $38620
    Less rebate $3500
    Plus Delivery $615
    Dealer profit $500
    Total $36235 (before taxes)

    This is in San Jose in Northern California.
    I see the rebates are on the V8's are good until end of Jan 05 and so my thinking is that would also apply to the new 2005 models.
    My goal would be to buy a 2005 and see how close I can get to the above price.
  • accc1accc1 Posts: 1
    Anyone in the Dallas and/or Houston area have price information to share? I'm particularly interested in base model V8s.

  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,042
    A midwestern newspaper would like to talk with someone who, in the past month, bought a luxury vehicle (other than a Lexus) for which minimal incentives were available. Please reply to by Friday, October 8, 2004 with your daytime contact info and a few words about your purchase decision.


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  • snooksnook Posts: 3
    2005 V6 Touareg
    Offroad Gray
    Anthracite Leather
    Bi Xenons
    Sound 1
    Premium Package
    Trailer Hitch ($866 - ouch!!)
    $38,875 (no taxes in NH)
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