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Volkswagen Touareg Prices Paid



  • I am looking for the lease rate on a 2008 Touareg 2 V6 base with an MSRP of $40,000. I live in Arizona. What should the money factor and residual be for 36 months with 15k per year and how much over invoice should I be paying?
  • pmtrepmtre Posts: 55
    Got this quote today/ 15 k per year

    Volkswagen credit is now offering base model up to msrp $40,000.00

    $499/Month. 39-Month Lease
    2008 Touareg 2 V6
    $0.00 Due at Signing/
    (including destination charges)

    Anybody hearing any better deals?
  • i got lease deal today -- v6 basic
    Price:$36,798(doesnot include tax and title fee, $500 below invoice)
    Lease: $463/month, 39 months, 12k/year
    Res. Value: $21,200
    3.4% and money factor: 0.000144

    Is a deal?
  • forgot to tell -- $0 due to sign.
    $463/month, 39ms, 12k/y
  • jabberjabber Posts: 57
    Is that money factor .000144 or .00144?
  • i think is 0.00144
  • Just received this quote from a local dealer - it's a first offer so i don't know yet how much they're willing to negotiate (i'd like to know if others have seen anything so agressive yet on the 08s):

    MSRP is $49650 - dealer's selling price is $45311 (500 under invoice).

    39 months, 12K/yr - 53% residual and money factor of .00098.
    Total money due at inception = $748 out of pocket and monthly payment is
    $572 + tax (dealer said this was for A-Tier credit thru VW Credit Inc).

    When i did the math on the monthly payment using the selling price provided, the residual comes out at 55.7 which may be appropriate given 12K and options i chose though i'm suspicious given 39 months). I've asked for hard copy documentation which i have told i will receive. What sort of a 'real deal' is this...Other dealers have not come close yet.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 70,555
    I get $557/mo., using 53% as the residual... Maybe an acquisition fee figured in to get up to $572?

    I don't know if their numbers are correct, as far as the lease program, but that's a pretty good payment on a $49K MSRP vehicle, with only $748 upfront... :)



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  • delta737hdelta737h Posts: 606
    Just wrapped up the following sign and drive lease deal in NY for a friend...

    VW Touareg 3.6L 6cyl 6A


    MSRP 39,990.00
    Agreed Upon Value (Sell Price) 36,302.62


    Acquisition Fee 575.00
    Total Payment Sales Tax Liability 1,409.11
    Sales Tax on Cap Cost Reduction 8.375% x 2,000.00 = 167.50
    P = 1st Payment 486.61


    Gross Capitalized Cost 38,940.84
    Capitalized Cost Reduction (VW Loyalty Cash) 2,000.00
    Adjusted Capitalized Cost 36,940.84


    Residual Factor 52%
    Residual Value: Residual Factor x MSRP 20,794.80
    Money Factor 0.00066
    Term 36
    Monthly Lease Payment 486.61
    Sales Tax Rate 8.375%


    Initial Fees 204.56
    TOTAL DUE 204.56

    I FAXED the above proposal. At first, they were at $498; then dropped to $490. Finally, they agreed to $486.

    Incidentally, the $36,302.62 is the sell price implicit in VW's nationwide Tourareg lease Ad...

    39,990.00 = 36,302.62 (sell price) + 499.00 (1st. payment) + 2,188.38 (dealer) +
    1,000.00 (VW)

    This includes dealer contribution of 2,188.38 and $1,000 from VW. The dealer is...

    Bayside Volkswagen
    Bayside, NY 11361
  • got this quote from Jennings VW in Glenview, IL:

    MSRP of a V6 Touareg 2 w/Lux and Tech packages = $46,240

    Terms - 48 months 12K per year, $318 down (license, title, & doc fees)

    Selling price - $41,668.74
    taxes - $3,362.50
    bank acquisition fee - $575
    Total capitalized cost = $45,606.24

    Residual - $20,350 (44%)
    Money factor - .00118

    Monthy Payment - $604.00 (includes taxes rolled in)

    What do you think? The sales price seems good but how do the rest of the numbers look to you? Bear in mind we have to pay full sales tax on the purchase price in Illinois.

    Thanks in advance...
  • I have never leased in my life, I just sold my old car and I'm very interested in a new Touareg 2 V6. I have been negotiating for over a month and I'm about to close the deal with an Arizona dealership. I think that I could be getting a very good deal here, but I would appreciate some advice, comments or any suggestions. Here is what I could be getting:

    - Touareg VR6, Galapagos Color, Interior Beige
    - 19's Terra wheels on vehicle will be added as per my request
    - As per Dealership: MSRP $39,990.00 / Invoice: $37,280.00
    - 48 Month Lease
    - 20 K per year
    - $369 Dealer Doc Fee (Down payment)
    - Monthly Payment $490 plus TAX

    So is it a good deal for a 48 month lease with 20K?

    Please advise Thanks!
  • jdsnycjdsnyc Posts: 1
    hello all,

    here is the deal i was offered (if it is a deal) from Bayside VW in Queens, NYC.. seems like a lot of $$, but it is a lot of car, and all comparables i'm finding here are for the V6. any feedback on whether i'm getting ripped off are greatly appreciated:

    2008, toureg 2
    V8 galopagos, anthracite interior
    technologie package
    12k / yr, (.25c for each mile over)

    price: $49,900
    lease: $750/mo for 36 months
    sign then drive so VW pays first payment

    "total upfront costs approx $3000". this is for taxes they say? :surprise:

    anyone have any idea if this is reasonable? thanks!!
  • Got the following offers today at VW Pasadena:
    Touareg v6 base model MSRP $39,300, Invoice $36,183, Sale Price $35,995
    Touareg v6 w/Lux Pkg MSRP $42,890, Invoice $39,434, Sale Price $37,961

    Took the second offer and got a great lease deal. Read more about it in the Touareg Leasing forum.
  • charmcocharmco Posts: 2
    Pls. help with options.
    I variant- V6 with leather seat+bixenon light+17" Canyon disk
    II variant V6 with air suspenser+18" Valley disk +macassar decor.
    All other options are same.
  • charmcocharmco Posts: 2
    Pls. help to chose better variant:

    I variant- V6 with Biege Cricket leather seat+bi-xenon light+17" "Makalu" disk +"burr walnut" decor+leather steering wheel with wood rim.

    II variant V6 with fabric Trail seat +air suspension+18" Valley disk +"Macassar "decor+leather steering wheel +Silver roof rails and roof profile strips.

    All other options are same.
  • I just purchased a 2009 Touareg 2 galapagos metallic for $32,500. That price is the car only. Out the door was about ~$36K ($3000 tax + $500 reg fee)
    This is in San Jose, the deal was very easy.

    Base MSRP: 39,300
    trailer hitch: $500
    cargo mat kit: $289
    Trailer hitch extras: $229
    Trunk cd changer: $99

    destination: $750
    Total MSRP: $41,167.00

    price paid: $32,500.00
  • djc19djc19 Posts: 1
    I now own a BMW X5 but am looking hard an a '10 TDI, which has much to like. However,I am amazed that no iPod connectivity of any kind--even simple speaker feed--is available unless you buy the $5200 package, most of which I do not want. Is the dealer correct in telling me this? Is there any good-quality conversion kit available for even simple MP3/ iPod speaker feed? I may pass on the TDI if it is $5200 or nothing. Any thoughts would be appreciated.
  • There are several out there that connect through the cd changer, at least for older models (mine is a 2004). I paid $180 and hooked it up myself--i'm sorry, I don't remember the model. I did a google search of "direct ipod adapter vw touareg" and found several.

    Mine works well. Good sound quality, and compatible with my iPhone 3GS. (Not all of them are).

    Getting the head unit out is a pain, by the way. I needed to have 4 special removal keys to unlock it. I don't know if the new ones are the same way.
  • brunybruny Posts: 7
    This might seem like an odd question but here it goes. I purchased a 2009 touareg tdi for my wife ten days ago. she absolutely hates it. Is it possible to give it back? does vw have any kind of a program for this or will i now take a beating by selling it as used? she doesnt want another vw so trading it to them for something else is not an option. your collective wisdom is appreciated. tia
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 70,555
    Nope.. no refunds..

    My advice: Convince your wife to love it...


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  • I am in the market for a 2009 Touareg 2. The base model will do the job. I was wondering what price I should be looking at? I know there is a $5000 dealer cash until 01/04. So will anything below 31k realistic?

    Thank in advance!
  • Finally purchased my 2009 Touareg.
    Sell price:$31000 plus ttl
    0 Down, 60 mo, 0% apr.
    Looks like a perfect deal for me.
  • roverguy76roverguy76 Posts: 13
    Gold Exterior/Black Interior, Lux package. MSRP is $43,239 and the selling price is $32,000. If you add on the sales tax, tags and registration the out the door price is @$34,589. Based on a A plus rating and a interest rate of 5% payment for 60 months would be around $615. per month.

    The price doesn't sound bad, the interest rate does. Regardless, what do you guys think? Can I go lower given the 2010s are sitting around, and the 2011s are on the way? Any 0% interest rates available? This is in Southern New Jersey, BTW. Thanks in advance.
  • terminusterminus Posts: 2
    I guess it's hard to compare what the dealer is offering me right now...
  • jello71jello71 Posts: 4
    Looking at a tdi now - what model were you considering and what kind of pricing did you get? they aren't budging on the tdi.
  • myteedavemyteedave Posts: 2
    Hi jello71. Curious to hear what kind of price you ended up with, and if you bought. I'm looking at the TDI myself.
  • jello71jello71 Posts: 4
    Hey, I ended up doing pretty well on trade in but they only moved about $1k on the list price of the Tdi sport. When 8 did a search on with all areas, you can see a dealer on the east cost offering the LuX models for less than the sport MSRP, have you gotten anywhere with the pricing by you?
  • myteedavemyteedave Posts: 2
    Thanks for the reply. I found *some* flexibility in the price, to the tune of somewhere between $2K on the tdi. I don't have a trade-in, just a straight up purchase (pre-approved financing + cash), so it's a simple formula. I haven't pushed very hard yet as I'm also looking at the MDX. From True it doesn't appear that there is much flexibility in either of the models. (But you CAN get a Nissan Armada at 25% off! Too bad it's a tank. :) I need to figure something out quickly though- sharing a car with my wife is getting old fast. Thanks for the tip on!
  • pnavpnav Posts: 2
    Cheapest I've seen is 2 percent under invoice from Langharne VW near Philly. I'm in Chicago and got then to about 1/2 percent under invoice. With the 3500 incentive on leases - the Treg is a good deal.
  • Hello All,
    About to purchase a 2011 TDI Lux.
    Cash for Oct was 1500.
    Any idea if this has changed for Nov 1?
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