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Nissan Armada Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • ben16ben16 Posts: 1
    This truck has the nav package, power lift gate, backup camera. Didn't get the DVD, the screen was to small, or the XM radio. $40,100.
  • teerxteerx Posts: 1
    We just bought an '04 LE loaded without the DVD for $41600 out the door in Clearwater FL. at Lokey Nissan. It was the end of May and they were pushing to get rid of the residual '04 stock. The MSRP was $46500.They gave us $3500 off and we added a little cash down to make up some negative equity in our trade, a '02 Expedition. Initially, they were handling the financing and quoted me 10.32% for 84 months. I had just ran my Beacon and found it over 700. The dealer explained that auto financing is figured differently than what the consumer sees. That is because of dealer reserve. They set financing up at 5%, tell the buyer their score is in a lower tier so the 10% plus and they pocket the 5% difference. Get approval from a bank, credit union, E-Loan, somewhere else and you'll have better buying power. I got my own financing after the deal at 5.75%, $604/month rather than $750 from Nissan. Also, with your own financing, you may be able to get a loaded unit for far less than dealer invoice. can help you find the right starting point to go up from without paying thru the nose. Enjoy!!! :D
  • lrs72lrs72 Posts: 2
    What are people paying for lease on a fully loaded 4x4 LE? I got a quote from a dealer in the Puget Sound area of WA State. I was looking for a 36 Month lease on a 4x4 LE w/ DVD, Tech Package, Mats, & F&R Splashguard. MSRP $48,090. The quote from the dealer came back as $16,000 down, 60 month term, 12K miles/year for $719 including tax! :surprise: I thought that was extremly ridiculous. As an extra "incentive" he gave me the option of paying the down payment at the end of the lease and driving it off the lot for just the first month payment. :P
  • galvanggalvang Posts: 156
    What a rip-off!!! Was the dealer wearing a blask mask and said " this is a stick up" ?? I almost fell off my chair when I saw that one.
  • I am looking to puchase my first vehicle independant of parental help, etc. I need a little guidance and advise on how to negotiate and what to expect. I am looking at an Armada LE w/ sunroof. Don't need DVD or navigation. I like the bucket seat 2nd row. I am drawn to the black, smoke, or red. Any advise on what price is reasonable to negotiate down to or other things to consider? Please help. Thanks.
  • camlamarcacamlamarca Posts: 40
    First, know exactly what you want.

    Go to the dealership website, email a purchase request to the internet/fleet manager, specify exactly what you want, and request a quick process at a price better than CarsDirect. You should get a call to make a test drive appt at your convenience, and great offer to close same day. This usually works well, without aggravation, and you probably won't get any better unless you grabbed the loss leader advertised in the paper. Just watch out when you go to the Finance dept. This you can not avoid, other than to so no no no, to all the overpriced peripheral options.
  • rotti92201rotti92201 Posts: 14
    I did it.. just purchase 2005 Armada LE white/grey interior, DVD & tech pkg, cargo mats & tray... $41,487 +TTL based on MSRP $48,130. The best thing I did was locate the car myself through Then email the dealerships that had the inventory. Going through the Internet department is the best thing. Get bottom line prices without heavy negiotation. Did get a quote through to compare (came to a couple of hundred more). Also, felt more comfortable seeing what i was buying. reps are a great source of information.

    Advice: secure your own financing before you go to the dealer and let the dealer match the interest rate or get a lower one for you.

    If your in NYC I dealt with a great dealer out on the Island if you are interested......... :shades:
  • bayareabayarea Posts: 4
    I had the dealer at 600 under invoice for a fully loaded LE but then went for 2% financing and that was a deal killer. I could have gotten 3% financing, but I walked away from the deal. I think I'm going to go with the Sequoia anyway, but wanted to post this information in case it's helpful to anyone.
  • bayareabayarea Posts: 4
    I haven't seen too much info on here re leases. I got the following today, can anyone comment:

    05 LE 4X4 Smoke Fully Loaded:

    Cap Cost 43793
    Residual 23584
    39 months; 12K miles per year

    Payment = 632 plus tax

  • bayareabayarea Posts: 4
    the above was with $0 down
  • galvanggalvang Posts: 156
    That's not bad. I would take it. The residual looked really good. The money factor I calculated to be .0029 and that is a little high. .0025 seems reasonable. But since your residual is pretty high, overall your deal looks good.
  • jorajora Posts: 1
    My husband and I are looking to purchase an Armada LE, fully loaded (either a 4 x 2, or 4 x 4) with tech and entertainment package....
    Can you pleaes give us the name of the dealership you went through? And maybe the fleet managers name?

  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,077
    Sorry - no info about individual salespeople allowed. But posting dealership name, city & state are encouraged!

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  • zjso5zjso5 Posts: 1
    Just came off a real bad experience from Performance Nissan in Duarte, CA. After telling me several times that I couldn't use the rebate with my lease (whick is true if you finance through Nissan), they used the rebate without my knowledge, hiked some fees and price of the vehicle, and financed me through Wells Fargo so that they could pocket the rebate. All my belongings had been moved to the new Armada. All I had to do was sign on the dotted line. I left feriously, they called back a couple hours later telling me it was their mistake. In their words, "Someone had inputed the wrong numbers." Bunch of BS. Three days later,I ended up going to Cerritos Lexus. I had an excellent experience. Got an 05 Armada SE with towing package, microfilter, spashguards, floor mats, and cargo net for $31,000, minus $2000 rebate... $29,000.
  • bayareabayarea Posts: 4
    Here's the final lease (I had someone negotiate it on my behalf):

    gross cap cost = 44343
    adj cap cost = 44191
    residual value = 23583
    rent charge = 377
    lease payments = 39
    monthly rent including tax = 582

    This has gotta be a sweet deal because the lease is only $40 more per month than my Acura TL lease payment.
  • camlamarcacamlamarca Posts: 40
    You definitely got an excellent money factor equal to about 1% APR, probably supported by Nissan's rebate/finance program. I see you chose a loaded one. What was the MSRP? I hope there really is not a 47% depreciation rate on these over 3 years.

    I pay $646/mo on an SE $35.5 MSRP, deal @ $32.4 +TTL, 100% financed @ 2%, owned in 5 years.
  • vickies1vickies1 Posts: 6
    MSRP BASE - $36,800
    Options include-splash guards (rear) $80, Floor/Cargo Mats $210, In-cabin microfilter $50, Destination charges $670
    TOTAL MSRP $37,810 (INVOICE $34K)
    LESS $2000 Rebate and negotiation = PRICE PAID $31K :shades:
  • madramadra Posts: 4
    Hey gGrif;

    Can you say where in Texas and the dealership?


  • madramadra Posts: 4

    Can you provided dealer name and number?


  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,077
    Sorry - no contact info allowed. Dealership, city & state only.

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  • Hello,
    Live in Miami FL and don't mind driving within the state for a good deal w/no BS.

    I am looking for best pricing on a 2005 Armada LE w/navigation, dvd. Also, a good dealer experience.

    Appreciate any and all comments/guidance.

    Jon :)
  • h44646h44646 Posts: 1
    I am currently considering purchasing a '04 Armada listed at $27,900 - approx. 8,600 miles. I am not really familiar with negotiating the price of a used vehicle. Does anyone have any input regarding the general amount that dealers are willing to consider off of their list price?
  • Bought a new 05 Armada LE on Monday 9/5. Was surprised @ the deal i received.
    msrp was $48,000 & the sales manager gave a price of $39,995. $8000 off without any crap, I asked for his best price & he hands me $39,995. Wrote the check.
    I was looking to get $7000 off; the markup from invoice is $4500 + the $2500 rebate made for the $7000 I was looking for. Was surprised to have gotten the extra $1000.
    I live in south central Pa, had checked dealer inventory online of dealers within 50 miles. This dealer had the most Armada's instock. The dealer is in neighboring state, Maryland, had drove down to check some of the exterior colors I hadn't seen yet & came home with a red one.
    Dealer's name is Len Stoler Nissan in Owings Mills, MD
  • Had a good experience at Pat Peck Nissan in Gulfport, Miss. We take delivery of our white '06 LE tonight 11/10/05. MSRP was 46,215 fully loaded including tech pkg with XM, and DVD. Invoice was 41,798. Our price including the 1500 rebate was 41,800.
  • Is this a good price? ITs has everything nav, dvd etc. its msrp is 49,500. Dealer offered me invoice at 44,500 and 4%finance over 60 months or 1500 cash back. or 3% financing over 36months. Will they go below invoice?
  • The price isn't the greatest. For the exact same vehicle, I was able to negotiate $41,990 with the $1,500 incentive. Be sure to get independent financing though. Since financing promotion cannot be combined with cash back offer, you might end up paying 8% or higher if you finance through Nissan.
  • How is it?
    Dr. K
  • ;) thats a real question.. not

    I have an 05 4runner and about 6-7k neg equity. My bank will finance a new Armada for MSRP (but who wants to pay that?)I found a local dealership online that is offering me an internet special of 38,777 + $500 off when I keep my test drive appointment for an 06 LE fully loaded.

    Do you think that is the best price I can get and is it a good idea to go ahead and roll that neg. into the deal and come out with a price of $45k... basically what I am asking is like with my Toyota, will I be screwing myself in the end rolling the equity or is $45 about what an Armada is "worth" ?
    Please help my internet deal expires Friday night. :confuse:
  • kyfdxkyfdx Everywhere, USAPosts: 127,877
    If they add $7K of negative equity from your current car to your new loan... then, you'll still have a loan that is $7K more than what your car is worth... When you take into account the immediate depreciation that occurs when you drive off the lot, you'll probably be flipped by $10K-$11K, as soon as you buy the car...

    If the Armada were "worth" $45K, then that is what they would sell for.. If they sell for $39K, then that is what they are worth (or less, if you have to sell it privately).

    This is no way to get rid of negative equity... The only way to do that, is keep driving your current car... and keep making the payments...

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  • Hello, I would like to trade in my 05 pathfinder for an 05 armada, but don't know what is a good price for last years model. Where can I find this out? I'd like an SE 4x4, no leather or nav (would love Navigation system but don't think I could afford it). Any help would be appreciated Thank you.
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