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2013 and earlier Volkswagen Jetta Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Hi Guys, I am planning to buy an 08 GLI man trans with autobahn pkg that has a sticker price $27980. I would have gone for the 07 model ideally coz of the deals but I missed it and have no 07 models of my choice currently. what would be the best deal on this vehicle? Location--chicago nothwest suburbs. I read someone got 18% off of MSRP. Can I aim for the same on an 08 model?
  • crikeycrikey Posts: 1,041
    I read someone got 18% off of MSRP. Can I aim for the same on an 08 model?

    Maybe not at this time for a 2008 model. The incentives have to come from VW for the dealership to pass it on to you. It is likely that the dealership will not sell you a vehicle if they lose money on it.

    If you're in FL, I can get you in touch with the Internet Manager of the dealership that I bought from. That is, if they still have 2007 models. When I bought my GLI, they had a bunch of the Fahrenheit GLIs that were really going for a great price but the yellow color was a point of contention between my wife and I. There were a couple of White ones left but I did not see any with leather.
  • A couple of dealers offering it for $21.7 K (base model invoice + doc fees + destination + license reg and plates +
    tax - 6.75%)
    OTD. Just yesterday bought one.
  • Thanks Crikey. I am not in FL. Anyways, I dont think I can find an 07 GLI in any state with my specs. They are so few and hard to find. How do you find your GLI so far? do you recommend one?Howz it on gas?
  • crikeycrikey Posts: 1,041
    So far, I look forward to driving it every chance I can get. It's kinda hard when the Mrs. keeps stealing the switchblade keys. :( I think she's starting to assimilate herself into ownership of it.

    I had a chance to drive it this morning for a lengthy distance and between cruising and WOTs, I averaged 30.4mpg during the entire trip. The DSG is wonderful, a quick flick on the left and passing is flawless. The sport suspension is really buttoned down without being harsh going over potholes. The Xenons are awesome. The sound system is more than enough for me. So far, I can't say anything bad about it.

    If you find yourself choosing between the GLI and a regular Jetta, don't hesitate to pick the GLI.
  • just thought I'd share my experience... Today I leased a 2008 Jetta SE (black with beige leather interior) for $199 a month plus tax for 39 months. I negotiated a $21,000 purchase price - the invoice was $20,775 including the destination charge and other fees. They gave me $3,500 for my trade in, which was $500 over the blue book value. They gave me a 60% residual value of $12,885 after 39 months. So the difference between my purchase price + trade in and the residual value was only $5,755. But they charged me a money factor of .00278, which is higher than any factor i've seen on this board, and they wouldnt budge on it. It ended up adding about $3,700 to the cost. Also, the way they calculate that cost seemed completely arbitrary. What does adding the residual value to the capitalized cost and then multiplying it by the money factor have anything to do with the value of the lease? The business manager at the dealership couldn't explain it to me. I kept arguing that leasing this vehicle was equivalent to financing the depreciation ($5,755) over 39 months, and they were charging me $3,700 to borrow that amount... thats like charging a 70% interest rate. I couldnt get them to recalculate it at all. They came at me first with $251 per month plus tax... we dealt for about 2 hours before they finally gave me $199 per month plus tax ($213 total). I'm still not convinced I got the lowest price, but they were giving me extra money on my trade that i wasnt expecting and i didnt think i could get the same trade at another dealer. I had actually spent a total of 4 hours at the dealership at that point talking to 3 different people... I wanted to get it $200 including tax but I also wanted to get out of there. It wasn't quite the gold medal, but it felt like a well deserved silver.
  • Ok, just to update you guys, I bought an 08 Passat Turbo, 6 speed manual today. I wanted to go for GLI but 08's are still not out and 07's are rare. But after test driving the passat, i liked it very much. The MSRP was 24780 and invoice was 23535. I got it for 23000 ($535 under invoice). I am going for an after factory sunroof which is 1195. So final price was 24195+TTL. I believe its a fair deal. Overall, the purchasing experience was very good.
  • sandman46sandman46 Posts: 1,798
    Please reconsider this decision. Had one many years ago and it always leaked and ruined the car as far as we were concerned. The wife tried in vain to talk me out of it but I was young & stubborn. Shoulda listened. Now that I'm older & wiser...?, still think aftermarket roofs are a bad idea. At least get one from the factory or pass completely. At least with a factory installed roof, it'll be covered under warranty. Think before you do it!!!!
    Showed the wife a new Passat on the road yesterday afternoon and both agreed it's nicer than the Jetta. It's just a bit to big for the wife. Need time to convince her.

    The Sandman :)
  • Thanks Sandman, I checked with many dealers and all told me that its not uncommon and many ppl go for it. For me, I feel my car is incomplete w/o sunroof. As you said, young & stubborn :). As per the dealer, both the sunroof and installation come with warranty. I just hope that the technology has improved over time.
  • crikeycrikey Posts: 1,041
    I would have bought a Passat as well if it had DSG. Not an issue for you since you got a manual.

    You should check the Car and Driver issue for December as they share their experience with their long-term test of the VW GTI. One of the issues that came up with the GTI was the sunroof. This was a factory sunroof, not aftermarket. I'm not sure how comfortable I'd be with an aftermarket one. Less moving part, less things to break. ;)
  • warhubwarhub Posts: 13
    I live outside of NYC and I'm considering an 08' gli with manual transmission, autobahn pkg, hufeisens, ipod adapter. The dealer tells me he can get me the car I want in black without delay. What are the current money factor, residual, etc for this vehicle. Any idea what I can expect to pay on a 36-month lease with 15k miles per year on this baby in NY?
  • snilakhe - do you know which dealership you bought that from?
  • Thanks Sandman and Crikey for your inputs. I opted out of the aftermarket sunroof. It just seemed complicated and impractical. No hassles with the dealer also; they readily processed my request and adjusted my monthly payment. Anyone in Chicago suburbs, I recommend the "Autobarn of Mount Prospect" dealership.
  • What dealership did you go to? I am in CA - Los angeles area.
  • The dealership is "Fox Valley VW" near Bartlett, Illinois.
    At the intersection of Rt59 & Rt64 (SW Corner)
  • I'm in Omaha, NE. My car got delivered today and I just picked it up. I forgot to mention in my first post that I got the automatic transmission. The dealer had to ship one in from out of town because they didnt have any jetta's with tan leather on the lot. I wasnt thrilled about waiting a week to get my car, but the car looks real sharp and i'm glad i didnt settle for the grey or black interior.
  • Good work sulltikk1. You did better than I did, and with the same dealer! I got an 08 Jetta SE, bright red, beautiful. $20,750. I'm taking you with me next time. Great salesman also, no pressure: Bob Miller. New dealership, clean service area. Highly recommended.
  • Hi everyone,

    I'm considering to lease Jetta 2008 for 36 months (no options). What would be the fair price for the car?

    Thank you,
  • japsjaps Posts: 29
    dont ever lease a will be the worse financial decision you will ever make
  • What happened to the Jetta TDI 2008 in March, I have been told not till Oct 2008. Is there problems or what with getting them out.
  • We are looking to buy the 08 Jetta SE Auto (No other options although the dealers
    in this western PA area all seems to have the floor mat included). With the floor
    mat, show MSRP/INVOICE/TMV to be $21,660 / $20513 / $21397.
    (Dest charge included)

    However, the VW dealers in this area said the invoice is $20,920, $400 over Anyone know why?

    The lowest price we got was $21,020. Seeing posts by tvfahlberg and sulltikk1, we
    are wondering if we should wait for a better price. We would appreciate any

    Thanks a lot!
  • I got a quote from the internet department of a dealership here for a 2008 Jetta SE Automatic for 20,275 dollars. Is this crazy or not? This leadership is very professional and is located in the middle of the city. It has a great reputation, too.
  • Seems like a great deal. Watch out for "dealer fee" or "doc prep fee" which may make your great deal just an "OK" deal. Here in PA that amt is limited by law to $65 or so. I've seen dealers in FL charge upwards of $599 for "fees".

    Bought my 08 Jetta SE Auto yesterday at invoice from Young VW in Easton PA. This is my second purchase there. Great treatment and better deals! Finance dept got me 4.9% for 72 months through VW Credit on the 08, I just had to ask for it! Got an outstanding price on my trade in, too. Thery gave me $500-$1000 MORE than every other dealer I went to.

    PS- I agree with Dallas. Jetta SE is an incrediblecar, and a SCREAMING BARGAIN at $20-$21k
  • I've read (don't recall the source) that the delay is due to the 50 state emissions. VW won't release the CleanTDI until its emissions are certified in those last 5 states, and is having trouble doing so.

    After learning about this latest delay, I decided to just go out and get another 2.5. The TDI/DSG is a far superior drivetrain, but the 2.5 / 6 sp auto isn't a bad compromise for thousands less.

    I first looked on ebay for a used TDI. Folks are getting close to MSRP on used TDIs with 20,000 + miles. YIKES!!
  • jchagtdi, does Young VW in Easton 'brand' their vehicles?
  • If you're asking if they attach an ugly decal to the rear of their cars the answer is yes. I called my sales guy the morning of delivery and told him that I would not take delivery if there was any brandind on the body of the car.

    A license plate frame is easily removed.... a label epoxied to the paint, not so much.

    I have to say that the VW dealers I've dealt with in NJ and PA are so much nicer and more customer-focused than the hostile dealers I used when living in MA.
  • I'm glad they took the decal off for you (?). I have never seen those types of decals put on new cars in Washington state, so it was interesting to see those ugly decals on many cars on the road in the Lehigh Valley. Thanks for the heads up about Young - what a coincidence to see someone from the Lehigh Valley shopping (shopped) for a Jetta the same time I am! Congratulations!
  • Thanks sandpaper. I use Halterman's in Stroudsburg for service / oil changes because Young does not have service hours on Saturday, and I have been very pleased with the service dept at Haltermans.

    The buying experience at Young was amazing. Very upfront with pricing... none of the "monthly payment" shopping I've experienced at other dealers who try to hide the cost of the car and trade in value in a monthly payment. There was no pressure either. On my first visit, they made an offer and I said I wated to shop around. One of the Youngs came over and without any pressure, offered to match any other deal I found, and was sincere and pleasant the whole time. Amazingly, theirs was the best deal anyway!

    No pressure in the business office either. My credit uion was offering 5% for 72 months...they got me 4.9 for 72 thru VW Credit! They offered extended service and protection plans, and did not give me a hard time or make me feel guilty for declining these extras. I actually almost bought the Teflon paint protection, but didn't because it doesn't offer protection from fading (a MAJOR concern with the Salsa Red exterior).

    Overall, Young exceeded my expectations for the second time in 16 months (bought my 06 Jetta there, too).
  • So I am interested in this new sign then drive event but haven't the foggiest idea about leasing. On for the jetta lease special is it a good deal? Also in a lease can I buy it at the end? If not when I give it back caould I get trade in value towards another car or is it just like thanks and hand the keys back in? I know people talk about money factors and residuals so I am also interested in knowing are they also good for this special on If not is a lease something you can negotiate? Thank you all for your help.
  • jbeck1 - After plugging in your figures into's lease worksheet ( - scroll down for "lease worksheet"), I find that the combination of a trade-in with a lease seems to have confused you. The dealership was not charging you a 70% interest rate to finance the depreciation. Here goes:

    A money factor of .00278 x 2400 = 6.672% interest. Also, based on your example, it seems that you paid 7% sales tax. You got $3500 for your trade-in, which is a capitalized cost reduction of $3745 (including the savings on tax via your trade-in allowance).

    I assume that all fees (tag, license, registration, dealer fees, etc.) are included in your $21000 purchase price, so that would equal your "gross capitalized cost". If you leased a Jetta SE automatic with no options that would be a dealer invoice of $20,368 and $20,513 with Jetta mat kit (included in almost every car).
    The dealer invoice of $20,775 you stated includes some small "padding" for unnecessary dealer fees.
    However, in order to get $199 + tax using your numbers, your cap. cost including all fees needs to be $20,637 (an additional $363 rebate not mentioned in your example).

    The lease is calculated based on two factors:
    1) Depreciation = adjusted cap. cost - residual value
    2) Rent charge = (adjusted cap cost - residual value) * (money factor) * (lease term).

    If you analyze the lease itself without including your trade-in, you would have been charged $298.48 + tax = $319.37 per month.
    I don't know where you got a depreciation figure of $5755 from. Your base depreciation is 40% of $21,000, which is $8400. Subtract from that $3500 for your trade-in and another $363 rebate to make the numbers work. Your net depreciation is actually $4537.
    I'm not in your state (I'm in Florida), but I was offered yesterday from Gunther Volkswagen a 2008 Jetta SE (automatic transmission) with mat kit - MSRP: $21,660 and invoice of $20,513,
    $275 (+ tax) per month for 39 months / Cap Cost: $20,875 + tag title and registration of $167.60 / Money Factor: 0.00153 / Residual: 57%
    My residual is a little lower because I'm going for 15,000 miles a year. At 12,000 miles and 60% residual, I would be paying $259.90 (+ tax). All of my figures here include destination charge and other fees.
    BTW: you state that you got $500 extra over blue book value (I assume that's $500 over kbb "trade-in" price) for your trade-in. If you sold your trade-in to a private party, you would have made even more on the trade-in that what the dealership paid you (even with their "$500 extra").

    If you calculate your lease using my numbers (and with a $3500 trade-in and 60% residual for 12000 miles), you would be paying $164.80 + tax per month.

    The dealer's true profit on this deal is invoice minus holdback. VW holdback is 2% of BASE MSRP = 2% of $20835 = $416.70. Invoice on 2008 Jetta SE automatic w/ no options is $20368. So,
    $20,368 - $416.70 = $19,951.30. Add another $185 for tag, title and registration. If the dealer leased a car at their true cost and with a money factor of 0.00153 = 3.67% interest, with your $3500trade-in it would come to $163.40 a month + tax (only $1.40 less per month than my example). Clearly, they would not normally be selling a vehicle close to or at their true cost, so they inflated the value of your trade-in to get you to ignore the high interest rate they were charging. If they bought your trade-in at the $3000 KBB value, you would then pay $178.39 per month + tax.

    To simplify the example, assume that inflation = 3.67% a year and that the depreciation of 40% over 39 months is accurate. With that in mind, the dealership made a profit of ~$36 a month on you = $1400 over the length of the lease. In reality, they will make an additional profit on selling your trade-in and a 3rd profit when they re-condition and sell your leased car at the end of the lease. An appropriate ballpark profit to give a dealership is between a total of 4% to 8% above their true cost (depending on the popularity of the car). If you ballpark at 5% profit, in your case, you ought to be paying $171.60 per month.

    I think you can see that it's best to calculate a lease using a worksheet, as a trade-in complicates the picture greatly - altering capitalized cost, rent charge and monthly fees in a confusing manner.
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