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S-10 4 DOOR

mathuzulamathuzula Posts: 4
edited March 2014 in Chevrolet
Help - I need to use up my GM points - I have been
given several different dates for incoming C/C for
the S-10's and GMC - Some say 2001 at the earliest
- I was also told by someone out of the factory in
New Jersey summer 2000 - Anyone have any true
idea. I would like a smaller pickup with 4 doors.


  • hennehenne Posts: 407
    hey, dodge has the dakota quad cab, it has 4 real doors like a durango and you can get one of the v-8, it is still smaller that the fullsize, and larger than the compacts and it has real doors and can tow up to 6350lbs, the dakota quad has been out for a few months now and its looking great, ive had mine for aobut 2 months now and i love it, i have the new 4.7 v-8 and its peppy and strong.

    just an idea,

  • I've heard 2001, and I saw a 4wd 4 door in december, wish I had a camera with me!
  • swobigswobig Posts: 634
    Quad Cab, but am interested in this new GM version. Wonder how it compares with the Dakota - Size, etc. Heard there going to put the 4.8L V-8 in it which should really make it go...
  • Yes, the S10 four door has got me hot and bothered too. I wouldn't bet on the 4.8L V-8 going in the first model. You'll have to wait until the S10 gets redesigned in 2003, at which time they may also have the new I-4, I-5 turbo and I-6 motors available. And even then, the old style 4-door may be carried over like the full size GM truck is now. Until then I would bet the only engine choice will be the 4.3L V-6. I do hope they offer the heavier axle from the ZR2 as standard, and maybe a 4.10 ratio. While I'm dreaming, a 25+ gallon tank and a built in toolbox under a flip-up rear seat would be cool too.

    Dakota Quad-Cab is a good choice robert, but Dodge ain't taking GM card earnings.

    I would bet the S-10 4-door will go on sale this fall as a 2001 model. Can you wait that long, methuselah?

    I want to know when the aftermarket is going to start making caps for these shorter 4'-6" to 5'-0" beds (Nissan, Toy, GM). That would make these little trucks perfect for my usage. A mini-Suburban with a back you can hose out.
  • Leer had one for the Dakota Quad Cab (DQC) the day it shipped (last year). Century has one cheaper, but not quite as 'Suburban' like.

    Hey, I had some big GM card $$$ put away too (I'm a Chevy guy), but drove the DQC & the Nissan Crew (before I bought) & Ford SuperCrew / Sport-Trac (since they shipped, but AFTER I'd bought a DQC) - would buy the DQC again for my needs - no question. Nissan CC, Ford Sport-Trac way too small; SuperCrew too big (but really NICE). the S-10 'Baja' is still a little small, and a model year (at least) - off. The Tundra's great but not much of a back seat and 'high' step in height (for the 2wd). If they'd had a true 4 door...

    Anyway the S-10 'Baja' looks like a sure hit, but has anyone seen those S-10 4 doors built (here) off the So. American chassis? They were in - I believe - Truck Trends or some similar mag. back in the fall. They looked like they had some REAL back seat room - fit and finish were superb. The front end for that market is different - much better (in my eyes) than the US version. Plus, I think a stepside 4 door was shown... nice truck.
  • jwm2jwm2 Posts: 43
    I saw a four door s10 at the Chicago Auto Show. Can't tell you much though. It did have a full four doors like the Dakota. Looked like the frame was extended. I didn't get any info and it was roped off.It was a nice looking truck. But still smaller than the Dakota.
  • If anyone from the General is reading....

    1. Don't shrink the fuel tank on the minicrew vs. the std cab like you do on the full size crew vs.the std cab (34 vs. 26 gals.) The 19/20 gallon tank in the S10 is small enough. You win extra points for actually finding room for a larger tank. I hate it when my bladder outruns the gas tank on the interstates.

    2. Put a power operator on the rear sliding window. The window isn't going to do any good if you can't reach it when driving. If you can't do that, don't even offer the slider as an option.

    3. Make a commercial version! Heavy axles from ZR2. Increased suspension rating. You'll sell a ton to municipalities and utilities. Don't miss the boat (I own stock too)

    4. Have a trailer package like the Blazer 4-doors with a 7-pin connector and brake control circuit. A real factory installed 2" receiver hitch would be good too. Include an air-to-oil exchanger for both the engine oil and the tranny fluid in addition to those puny in-the-radiator "coolers" that are installed now.

    Tell me when it's ready.
  • The S-10 C/C is being produced in Shrevport LA. The only place that they send this is South America though. Does this sound crazy. I am probably quite a bit older that you guy's here but GM always has been behind. I would love the Dodge. But I will not spent the money. The GM points, when there are a few thousand can not be ignored. There are some dealers that have the C/C S-10, but at a huge extra cost. They have to pass the government testing at a different scale. I hope they come out soon. I have until Sept to use the points up. As far as the engine goes. I gave up on huge V8s years ago. Powers nice, but it has its price. I am low and slow and looking for fuel economy. I wish turbo D's were cheaper also. They also have them in south America.
  • zonkzonk Posts: 208
    I saw in the reviews of the Chicago Auto show some articles and pictures of the S-10 and its sister (Sonoma?) I queried Chevy via their website about the availability. (The reviews said model year 2000.) Chevy truck division said they didn't know, but it wasn't going to be model year 2000. A dealer in Tennessee told me he had also heard of their availability in MY 2000. Don't know who to believe.
  • heard its a 2001 model.
  • dannygdannyg Posts: 131
    Has there been any discussion of putting a mid-size V6 (like the 3.1L from the Malibu) into the S-10 for 2001? There's a big jump from the base 2.2L I4 to the 4.3L V6. Ford offers a 150HP 3.0L, but the Malibu's 3.1L develops 170HP+ and gets 30MPG highway. In the S-10, this might go down to 26MPG or so (aerodynamics etc.).

    I like the 4.3L but the MPG scares me.

    Any info. would be appreciated.
  • I kinda doubt it since the S10 is getting redone in a couple years. (a completely new truck?) The S10 will have inline 4, 5, and 6's then. I have a S10 V6, a 99. I get 22 with the auto and 3.42 posi and a lead foot!! You can get better mileage I'm sure with different gears or the manual.
  • Hi Guys, No the new 4door will be out @ the end of this year. Check out @ its pictures. Looks just like what you would think it would be. If GM was faster and not trying to play catch up all the time this should have been done. So they are going to remake it again 1 year later. Why not be ready and have the new model going. Thats GM. At least the 4door will be out for some uf us with points!
  • Rumor has it that Isuzu is gonna be building the new s-10 when it gets redone soon, 2002 I believe.
  • russell11russell11 Posts: 5
    Centurion Converted about 250 99 S10 4x4 Ext cabs to a 4dr,last year and sold them at selected chevy
    dealers. The ones that will be built by GM are due to be out in late fall 2000 according to an employee an the Desert Proving Grounds. Check this months Sport Truck Magazine for pictures.
  • ryanbabryanbab Posts: 7,240
    I seen a 4 door gmc sonoma this weekend pewter 4x4. Wonder how the guy got it. I had to take a double take couldnt believe it. The S-10 is going to be a 2001 model coming out this summer end of july but you will probably start to see em in august just like when the silverados came out in aug. 98.

  • After seeing the disappointing specs I found on the GM site (, I opted for the Dodge Dakota Quadcab SLT w/ the 4.7 V-8. I've been very happy with the Dodge and would recommend it to anyone needing a good all around pickup.
    From what I could tell from GM's site, the Sonoma and S-10 crew cabs won't have a folding rear seat (otherwise they'd advertise this feature) -- aka Nissan Frontier - and will have a small gas tank (19 gal versus 24). Also, the bed will be 9 inches shorted than the Dakota at only 4 feet 6 inches. The only thing GM did right is include antilock and disc brakes on all four wheels -- of course, you don't get anything for nothing.
    It seems as though 4wd is standard -- something almost completely useless for me in Texas. And, it also seems as if the automatic is standard. No manual on a pickup??? The bedliner is also standard, aka ford explorer sport-trac (same size bed incidently). I expect a lot of GM lovers will be disappointed -- no manual, no v-8, small tank, no folding seat -- Dodge got it right this time and GM even had a year to catch up. I was disappointed and jumped ship. It seems GM designed this to be targeted at the Sport-Trac and not the Dakota -- the Dakota is in another class in my opinion -- that's why I bought one.
    To be fair to GM, we need to remember Dodge had the 6.5 inch bed previously and had the real bench seat in the Dakota Club Cab, thus converting it into a 4-door was a lot easier. Chevy/GMC started w/ a 6 foot bad and jump seats -- since something had to give, the S-10 got the tiny bed.
  • superjim2000superjim2000 Posts: 314
    Its true that the majority of the 4 door S10's will be 4wd and loaded when it is launched, 2wd versions will be available later in the model year. The manual should be available also.

    GM wont stick a V8 in the S10 for its final year before being redesigned, it would be a popular option, but for one year too cost prohibitive.

    And remember the S10 is a compact, the Dakota is midsize.
  • wxfcstrwxfcstr Posts: 18
    Go to and search in the news section under the S10. These guys claim to have a pretty close picture of what the redesigned S10 will look like for 2002. If there picture is accurate, it's a mini version of the upcoming Avalanche. The truck gets enlarged enough to compete with the Dakota. They also say it will get the 4.8L V-8.
  • jlflemmonsjlflemmons Posts: 2,242
    I believe it has been available in south America for several years. Saw an article on one in Popular Mechanics, I believe...

  • ryanbabryanbab Posts: 7,240
    Truck trend had pics a few months back of chevys crew cab in south america. They have been around for years.
    Chevy stopped making the 2 dr tahoes but in mexico they still have em (new redesigned ones) truck trend also had pics of these.

  • meredithmeredith Posts: 577
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