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Toyota Tundra Prices Paid



  • edwardtxedwardtx Posts: 2
    I'm looking into getting a 05 Tundra 4x2 SR5 Texas Edition with 20" wheels. The MSRP on this truck is $29,500. I've been reading alot of posts lately on how much people are paying, seems like its around $5K less than MSRP, the thing is that I'm looking at a special lease program with Money Factor of .00001 (Basicallly 0%) for 36 months. Would $5K off MSRP be too aggressive with the special lease? Plus I'm putting $6K - $8K down.
  • toyotakentoyotaken Posts: 897
    The amount off of MSRP will vary depending on the particular truck. I would suggest that you make an offer based on invoice for the truck. If it is a reputable dealership, they should not hesitate to show you the factory invoice. Keep in mind also that with the special leases from Toyota, you do not get the rebates in addition to the special lease factor.

    Hope this helps.

  • edwardtxedwardtx Posts: 2
    Thanks for the advise toyotaken. I'll see what they can do for me this evening, they told me that it would be around $28K plus TTL for this truck with MSRP of $29500. Sounds like I can make them do better than the $28K.
  • marie5marie5 Posts: 4
    I'm lucky enough to have cash at the moment, and am looking at a Tundra double cab 4x2 with a bunch of options, some of which I wanted, and some I would not pay extra for. It's white, and I'm not sure about that, but I guess it's good as any. I wonder why they chose that particular truck to show me. It's got 17" fancy wheels which I do not want, and bucket seats I would want them to trade for a bench seat. They showed me a price of $31-something. Salesman said they're the highest-volume dealer in Dallas TX.

    Trade-in - I've got a '99 Chevy Suburban that another dealer offered me $6K trade-in for (was looking at a used truck).

    I kinda want 4WD, but maybe I don't really need it (just don't like the feeling of getting stuck). This truck has the Limited Slip Differential.

    Should I try to trade-in the Suburban, or what should I offer, and then what should I expect for a final deal? I've never bought a new car before.


  • marie5marie5 Posts: 4
    I mean - how much better price might I expect since I'm paying cash, or does that make much difference to a dealer?
  • toyotakentoyotaken Posts: 897
    Paying Cash doesn't really affect the pricing for a vehicle. Actually, they lose some revenue from handling the financing.

  • jhs70jhs70 Posts: 213
    Who knows why they showed you the truck they did. Their intentions could have been honorable, and then again, maybe not. The truck they were offering may have been their first attempt to "show you" something, or it may be the truck no one wants. And since you don't know what you want, they may be thinking they could unload it on you.

    SO, my first bit of advice as a new buyer, would be to figure out what is, and what isn't, important to you in a truck. (You MUST have a truck, right?) Write down what you MUST have, and then some other things you might like to have, but could do without. All of this has to fit within your budget. NEVER LOSE SIGHT OF THAT. Do not be suckered into buying more than you want or need. NEVER NEVER NEVER.

    Ok, now that you have that list, research the heck out of the truck here on Edmunds, other "car" sites, and of course, In fact, has a place on their web page where you can actually "build" your own vehicle to get an idea of what it'll cost. Add and subtract features until you land where you want to land. At that point you can either special order it with your dealer, or try to find something similar in a dealer's inventory close to you. Again, the website can help you through that.

    You can always "build" the truck you want, then take it to that dealer to see whether he has it (or something close) in stock.

    Pricing. You will need to get a real good idea on what the invoice is for the base truck you want, plus all the features/options you've added (or found on a truck the dealer has in stock). Research Edmunds to find out what rebates are available in your area.

    OK, once you find a truck that fits YOUR needs, you're ready to make an offer. The approach you take depends on what you're comfortable with. If the market you are in seems to be pretty competitive, consider this formula: total invoice price - rebates + $300 profit. Or give them more/less profit if you like. (Invoice includes the destination charge, but does not include taxes and doc fees. Beware the doc fees. Don't pay more than a couple of hundred for those. They may like your offer or counter it. Only you can decide how much or how little you want to pay. But ALWAYS REMEMBER, you have two feet with which to walk out on if you don't fully like what you're hearing. NEVER succumb to pressure. It's YOUR money. OR you can tell them you'll take the info home, re-work the numbers and get back to them. They sure don't like to hear that, because they think you'll never return, and maybe you won't, but maybe you will. You're driving this bus, not them.

    Bottom line, research, know what you want/need, you what you're willing to pay, and stick to your horses. Never succumb to pressure.

    Lastly, when you hit the finance office, don't buy anything you don't want or need there as well. And that includes the finance rate. You may want to get yourself approved at your bank or credit union BEFORE you go to the dealer. That way you might save yourself time and headaches. Do not ever buy rust proofing or fabric protection or paint sealant. If they offer something you think you might want, approach it as you would any other thing -- ask for time to think about it. But again, as far as many car dealers are concerned, they want to RUSH you through the process. DO NOT let them rush you into ANYTHING.

    Be respectful, and have fun. It can be fun. This has always been my approach and I've been pretty successful I must say. Above all, I am honest and respectful. If I say I'll return, I will. And I leave when I feel uncomfortable.

    I hope this helps.

    PS, As for the trade in, research what it's worth both as a "trade in" and as a "private party sale" (you should sell it yourself if you are willing and able -- you'll get much more for it). You can use Edmunds, Kelly blue book, and nada to name a few to get an idea of its value. The numbers between these sources will vary, but at least you will get an idea of what it's worth ballpark.
  • nebmedmannebmedman Posts: 3
    I "tried" to buy a tundra from riverside Toyota in tulsa in May. The lady trying to sell it, a very nice, professional, had to run back and forth visitng with the"managers " located on an elevated platform, their offer for my trade was absurd and their bargaining was nil, the so called"managers" were either ignorant, inexperienced, or ill informed,they could not do basic bargaining for me to purchase. A really sour event.
  • mreaganmreagan Posts: 2
    my husband and i got the Tundra double cab 4x4 today w/ about $1000 dollars worth of extra features. I felt really uncomfortable during the transaction but i wasnt doing the signing and before i knew it we paid 37,000 out the door.
  • Can I ask what the sticker price was? I have been looking and with the options I wanted the sticker was almost 40k and even more if I had included everything I wanted.
  • mreaganmreagan Posts: 2
    The suggested retail was $29,550. With optional equipment it came to $32,702.

    On the contract, the cash price vehicle is $30,675 and the cash price optional equipment is $1,015. I should clarify that we purchased the 6 year warranty ($2627.88) w/ gap (600). Tax and license came to $2459.46.

    We got the truck for invoice + $500. We were charged $31,690 invoice price and got a $1500 rebate. The line that sais 37,422 (which made me panic) did not include the rebate. SO without the warranty and gap what we really paid is: $32,694.46 (which includes $1,015 in accessories, tax and licensing and rebate).

    So maybe its not such a bad price. Maybe i could have done a little better but oh well. One thing that did bother me though was the way I was treated after I called and spoke with a sales manager about my concerns. I went through Maita Toyota and spoke with a sales manager about the whole thing and he said "if you think you got a bad deal then its your problem" then he hung up on me a minute later. Also the whole thing moved very quickly and I felt rushed through the process. I want to get a camry in 2006 but will definitely not go through Maita again for this purchase.
  • toyotakentoyotaken Posts: 897
    I think what is unclear is what was the $1,050 in "optional equipment"? AS for the Warranty and gap, most likely you might be able to purchase the warranty for less expense, and you can still "shop around" for other quotes as you can still cancel the one that you purchased already if you get a better quote. The cost for gap does seem a bit high, but if you didn't put a downpayment towards the loan or didn't have a trade with equity, it does give you quite a bit of protection.

    Hope this helps.

  • heypeaceheypeace Posts: 3
    In 2002, I brought a Toyota Tundra 2002 SR5 access cab cloth seats for $24,500 with tax included from Toyota of New Orleans. And here in New Orleans our tax rate is 8.75% . Please don't even follow the dealer's invoice. They our overprice to make more money off of you. I've had over 90,000 miles since then with no problem and have only change brake pads, tires, timing belt, transmission fluid, and coolant only once.

    Since this truck ran so well, I also brought another one. Last year in 2004, I brought a 2004 Toyota Tundra Double Cab Limited for $30,200 Leather seats TRD package with tax included from Toyota of Lakeside in Louisiana. Wish I could have wait for the 280 hp 2005 tundra.

    I also like ford f150 but they wanted $33,000 for their trucks similar to the 2004 tundra.

    The 2002 Tundra has pull my 6,500lb boat and trailer with no problems, but I only get 10 mpg while towing. And I've delivered goods that were 1300 lbs with no problems.
  • marie5marie5 Posts: 4
    I made a deal for a new Tundra; salesman tells me I need to give them a deposit ("you can bring a check for $500", he says) for this truck that they can have here in a couple days. I read some things that said "never never give them a check for the deposit; use a credit card". I don't have a credit card, only a bank debit Mastercard. Any advice?
  • miata007miata007 Posts: 129
    It totally sounds like you didn't do your hw nor shop around. If you are the type of buyers who do not like to negotiate, you should consider using to request quotes from local dealers or using Costco purchase program. This is probably the easiest way other than walk into a place and pay msrp + acess+ ttl. As with the warranty and gap insurance, I suggest you go get it refund if it's possible. If you really need the warranty, shop and buy it else where.

    I don't mean to give you a hard time, but things like this always tick me off when a person is buying something and he/she is not involved in the details. My fiancee is like that and I have to keep an eye over her back all the time. In return, she thinks I am a controlled freak. Whatever!!! The most important thing is I have to make sure no one is taking easy money out of my wallet.

    Regarding to your next car purchase, it doesn't matter if you go to the same dealership or not. All of them are the same. They will try to make money out of you as much as they can as long as you allowing them. You are the one in control so you will have to be in control. If you are not sure or have any questions, I suggest you post the deals you got on this forum and plenty of people are willing to share their thoughts with you.

    Good luck!

  • kantuckidkantuckid Posts: 4
    Please tell me if you know a dealer within ~500K of KY that is selling new Tundras for invoice. I paid $500 over on my 2000 Tundra when they were a little scarce and payed $500 over on my 2003 Tundra as well(but got overpriced value for my trade)(2003 is for sale@ edmunds TD-IN $ with 32K-access cab TRD truck! Thanks
  • limited1limited1 Posts: 1
    I picked up a grey 2005 Tundra 4X4 Limited last week (6/29/05) from Piercey Toyota in San
    invoice price plus rebate. $34273-1500 = $32773 Cash Price. MSRP was $37632. I
    opted for warranty and maintence. OTD $38661.99, that includes Taxes (8.5%) and
    reg (~$400). I looked around for a while and nobody could beat the Costco
    membership price. Costco program was no hassle unlike the many other dealerships I went to.
    I was also considering the Tacoma but liked the Tundra better due to its size
    and options.

    The options: FE, LD, CK, EJ, HD, JC, KG, LP, CF :shades:
  • torchtorch Posts: 2
    I am beginning my search for a Reg Cab 2Dr Lb 4.0 v6 Automatic.Can anyone relate their buying experiences in the MA. / RI. area for a similar vehicle and what they were able to purchase the vehicle for?
    I am also looking for clarification on a feature, Edmunds lists as an option a VD package (vehicle stability control) said to include,vehicle stability control,traction control,limited slip differential,daytime running lights and fog lamps.Requires purchase of AC or TW(tilt wheel) also. This is not a problem since I would want the features listed but from the Toyota web site, and my discussions with dealers ,I have been told a limited slip differential is not available with the v6 automatic package.
    If anyone can clarify this I would appreciate it.(I do not want to purchase 4wd vehicle but I may have to consider v8 for option instead of v6 in order to get limited slip diff.)I'm sure fuel economy would be less with v8 pkg.
    Thanks!! Torch
  • heypeaceheypeace Posts: 3
    This message continues the discussion of the pricing of my 2 Tundras from June 26, 2005.

    It looks like I paid too much, about $24,500 OTD, for the 2002 Tundra V8 SR5 access cab with cloth seats. After discovering this board a couple of months ago, I compare what I paid then to what others have paid now and I think I should have paid only $21,500 or $22,000 at most OTD price for that truck. Oh well, being ripp off $3,000 to $6,000 from the dealer is the usual.

    And I think I also overpaid for the 2004 Tundra Double Cab Limited $30,200 OTD with tax. It came with Leather, TRD, towing. Looking at what others have paid, the price I should have probably paid should be $27,500 OTD.

    This is why I hate going to buy new vehicles at the dealers. We will never know their bottom line price.

    I guess we should keep in mind to take $7,500 off msrp instead of the usual $5,000 off msrp. They are marking up their prices like ford and hope to make some easy money.

    Good luck on buying your new Toyota truck.
  • miata007miata007 Posts: 129
    I am looking forward to purchase a Tundra Acess Cab V8 with some +/- options(very flexible) in the Dallas/Fortworth Area. Does anyone have any recommendation on good dealerships out there? The truck I am looking at has an invoice price around $23,000. I know there's a $1500 rebate going on right now. The big question is can I get this truck at below invoice($500 to $1000) and get to keep my rebate? I am looking torwards to buy at the end of this month. Any help or opinion is appreciated.

  • xsp_ownerxsp_owner Posts: 4
    Just bought a new X-SP Sport Package 2 . MRSP $31,327 Paid $28,300 OTD 7% sales tax.

    What do you guys think of this deal?
  • marie6marie6 Posts: 2
    We had the most amazing buying experience at Antioch Toyota in Antioch, California. We paid $28,116 for a fully loaded, 4x4 2005 Tundra (new). The MSRP was $32,550 and invoice was $29,301 (per Edmunds). Sue Runge was a fabulous, honest and fun salesperson. Tatiana in the finance dept., was amazing as well!

    This vehicle has the following options: AA CC LD KE JZ JC LF CK PG FE with a towing package. We were in and out within an hour!
  • miata007miata007 Posts: 129
    If you don't mind, can you post how much the truck cost before ttl. I can almost figure out how much you paid for the truck since tll is about 10% here in CA. Just curious did you have to pay for any advertisment or junk fees. What rebate is currently availabe? $2000? Thank you for posting your sales.

  • marie6marie6 Posts: 2
    We paid $28,116 after $1,500 rebate. We did not pay for any fees including advertising. This price was $2,500 lower than the next best price offered. We had four price quotes in total. The 'other' dealership in Walnut Creek still cannot understand how we were offered that price for the same vehicle. I was pleased with the entire experience. Absolutely no pressure.With the current rebates, the Tundra can be more attractive in price than the Tacoma.
  • miata007miata007 Posts: 129
    Thanks for your info. Looks like you paid about $300 over invoice before the rebate. I am currently looking for the same truck as well. Looks like I am going have to wait til end of year for some major discounts. By the way, anyone know when the complete re-design of the Tundra is going to be out? I heard rumors that is going to be full size that's all.

  • awilks23awilks23 Posts: 5
    Awesome.. Congrats!!! Just out of curiosity, was $28,300 including tax, tags, title?
    Also, what does the X-SP 2 package have differently than the X-SP 1 package?
  • miata007miata007 Posts: 129
    In general, out the door (OTD) means tax, title, and licensing are included.

  • xsp_ownerxsp_owner Posts: 4
    $28,300 includes everything. X-SP Sport Package 2 has 20 inch wheels. X-SP 1 has 18 inch. I believe that is the only difference.
  • awilks23awilks23 Posts: 5
    Awesome!!! thanks for the info. Last question... What geographical area did you buy in? Thanks....
  • xsp_ownerxsp_owner Posts: 4
    I bought in Atlanta.
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