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Toyota Tundra Prices Paid



  • I've been doing alot of reading abount the Tundras and like any truck see there are some complaints. I have always had a Ford but came across a prety good deal. I have an older neighbor selling her Husbands 2001 Tundra with 13,068 miles on it for 12K. It has the access cab 4 door, 4.7L V8 with the tow package. Any one have any input to if this its a good price? I do tow a camper thats 5500 pounds. The truck looks brand new and has always been garaged kept.
  • dgoindgoin Posts: 1
    wow, that's a great price and what we're looking for. what state are you in, dealership name? did you ask to see the invoice/or how did you get to that price?
    thanks for the help.
  • apptunapptun Posts: 18
    When you find a truck with super low mileage ,you can pretty much toss the value book out the window. I drove a similar Tundra well over 100,000 miles. It was a good truck and I only got a newer one because I was nervous about the frame rust and wanted a larger cab. Is the truck a 4x4? I realized just over 9000 real dollars for my 02 4x4 access cab on trade last May. .Really nice lower mileage trucks are very hard to find.It will pull your camper at that weight wilth no problems. If you need to beef up the rear suspension, I suggest looking at Timbrens. I have used them on both both of my Tundras and they have worked great. Sounds like a real nice truck. Good luck
  • scsehscseh Posts: 2
    I went over to Team Toyota Mall of Georgia today [Atlanta area] strickly to look at Tundra trucks. I didn't go with the intention of purchasing.

    I went with my wife and little son. I wanted to get her take on the Tundra Double Cab seat to see if she thought that it has adequate room.

    I had performed a lot of internet research on Tundra vs Tacoma, 4.7L vs 5.7L, and Double Cab vs Crew Max.

    I originally wanted a Tundra DC, but started thinking about gas prices. About a year or more ago, our Super Gas prices had spiked to $4.50 a gallon when a hurricane had caused the gas pipeline from the Louisiana Gulf to Doraville, Georgia to be shut down as a precaution. We had gas stations that ran out of gas that was reminiscent of 1975 Oil Embargo gas shortages.

    I decided to do a sanity check to determine if Tacoma was a better choice due to its smaller engine and better gas consumption.

    I found that used Tacomas were selling close to Tundra prices. I wanted a crew style cab with a backseat so that family can ride in truck. It turns out that Tacoma 4 cyclinder did not come in crew style so 6 cylinder was the only option.

    I then wrestled with comfort of Tundra vs better MPG of Tacoma. After reading various forums, it seems like the MPG between Tacoma 6 cylinder was close to Tundra MPG.

    Once I came back to Tundra, I then had to decide between a 6 cylinder, a 4.7L 8-cylinder, and a 5.7L 8-cylinder.

    I ended up going with 5.7L due to its efficiency if good driving habits were practiced and acceleration habits are followed. I read some postings that claimed that the MPG on the 5.7L improved over time. I don't know if this is due to the driver becoming more conscious about gas consumption and having a cost conscious driving habit that matures over time or if it really is true that the 5.7L gets better gas mileage with age.

    I have Gas Cubby app for the iPhone and will record my mileage along each fuel fill up to map the performance over time.

    Once I came back to 5.7, I started to read through the DC to Crewmax debate.

    DC had less leg room in back seat but with longer bed. Crewmax had roomier backseat area with a short bed.

    This debate covered various topics such as

    1. DC rear seats did not provide enough room, which allowed backseat Kids in carseat to kick the back of front seat. This was not a problem in Crewmax due to longer distance between back seat and front seat.
    2. DC rear seats are not so comfortable for people over 6' tall
    3. DC was better for big dogs due to rear seat folding up to give dogs the ability to sit on floor. The Crewmax rear seats folded up so the dogs had to sit on the top of the seat.
    4. DC rear windows did not go down. I went on two Tundra test drives and successfully verified that the DC rear electric windows DID GO UP AND DOWN.

    I was leaning towards DC because it looks more sportier than box style crewmax, but I had to check the DC backseat with family. I had also become enamored with DC LWB Long Bed due to its 8-foot rear bed. I came close to getting one, but I was out of town and the dealer sold it while I was gone.

    I came to realize that I couldn't get a hard shell matching color Tonneau cover for the LWB 8-foot bed. You could get a camper shell, but I like the hard shell Tonneau cover, which turns the Tundra bed into a large trunk.

    I wanted a back up camera, but found that the only models that had this feature had a Navigation system. I didn't want a Tundra with Navigation because they were more expensive and the Map Updates for car Navi systems run about $600-700 dollars.

    I didn't want leather seats because a child car seat will put a dent in the leather.

    When I went with my wife and son to Toyota Mall of Georgia, the salesman showed me a few Tundras. No pressure. He was being very accommodating.

    My wife like the first Tundra, a 2008 that had 12k miles on it. It looked brand new.

    I got the upgraded 7 year 100k bumper to bumper warranty. The original 3 year 36k bumper to bumper warranty was set to expire next year so I figured that this upgrade was worth it. It covers electrical, brakes, and everything else.

    This dealership offers a free lifetime warranty on the engine, tranny, and drive train. This is not transferable if I sell the truck.

    The dealership appeared to be very customer service oriented. The service department area was very comfortable for customers who were waiting for their cars to be serviced. They had PCs with Internet Access, Wifi, Internet Cafe, and a kids play area with a TV tuned to Disney Channel.

    The attitudes of the employees were very positive and they were attentive to customers to ensure that you were being taken care of.

    I didn't know what to expect before I went to this dealer, but I did read a lot of positive feedback on this dealer before. I went in with my defense shields in the lowered position.

    The truck had one posted sticker price, which didn't match the internet price. They tend to post lower prices on the internet.

    I ordered the back up camera for $600. They replace your rear view mirror with one that has an LCD screen built in. When the truck is in Park, Neutral, or in a Forward gear, the rear view mirror looks and functions normally.

    When the truck transmission is placed in Reverse, the left half of the mirror will go into LCD montor mode and display the rear camera picture. I wanted this option because this truck is huge, and we have a lot of kids in our subdivision. The camera will also assist when backing into parking spaces.

    I would recommend Team Toyota Mall of Georgia if it is within reasonable driving distance.

    One other note, I have noticed that there is a trend where a lot of dealerships are owned by a very large company and a lot of emphasis is placed on customer service.

    When checking on dealership ratings, I used Google Maps, Yelp, and Kudzu. I also checked, but this can be hit or miss. Google Maps does a good job of aggregating ratings from various websites.

    When searching for cars, I initially used, but I went to instead, which does use. It was easier going to

    I used my iPhone so they site would format for my phone. I also liked the fact that allowed you to store profiles for Search Results and to store specific car listings.

    I also took advantage of various Tundra websites like,, and

    In addition, I went to the following US Govt Website to look up fuel consumption of Tundras and Tacomas
  • Yes it is a 4x4. Access cab 4dr, Towing packing, just about everything except leather. Im picking up the truck this weekend. She took it down to the dealership to get serviced and for a recall on the brakes. The truck looks brand new so I cant turn it down I was just a little nervous about reading all the problems with the early years of the Tundra. Thanks for the reply!
  • I am thinking about purchasing a2011 crewmax 4x4 5.7L the price I got out the door is 32,735. This is the Tundra grade, has the Sr5 pacakage, cold weather kit, heated outside mirrors, carpet mats, sunroof stainless step boards, fog lamps, drls,am fm cd with xm radio, pwer seats, 18 inch Alloy wheels. Is this agood Deal
  • tom542tom542 Posts: 1
    Is 26800.00 a good price for this truck? It also has a towing package. This price does not include, tax, tags. I'm trying to compare to ford f-10 and far this apears to be the best buy, but wanted to check other opinions.

  • Help please....been a while since I have traded cars. I am looking at a 2011 Tundra 4x4 CrewMax 5.7 Limited with the memory package, sunroof, backup camera, 20" wheels, and the stainless brushed stepboard. It is stickered at 47, 185 msrp.

    I have been quoted 38935 plus ttl. Thoughts? This seems below the CR 'bottom line' price. They let me walk and compare prices at another dealership and that dealer said they would match. The truck is white with the red rock interior.

  • if you are not looking an further, can you please let me know the details of the dealership? thanks, abhay
  • 2008 Tundra Double Cab - Grade, 4.7L V8
    28,000 miles - off lease

    $20,775 including tax and title.

    I'm coming from an '05 Scion Xb and 94 Toyota Xtracab so I'm still getting used to the size, power and MPGs. Love the smooth,quite ride and height. The 4.7 is fine for my needs...just a short commute to work, tooling around the burbs, dump runs..homowner stuff.

    Tacoma would probably have been a better fit, but the Double Cab Long Bed resale and new value is just too high IMO. I also had a trade in without much leverage. Also read MPGs between the Tundra and Tacoma were not too far apart.

    First tank - 350 miles driving 95% back roads and some highway. 13.5 MPG. Cold weather starts. I babied it after reading about hard starts. I also used the odometer reading to track mileage and avoided the 20% differential on the gas gauge on E. I was doing that on my Scion which had the same issue of the gas light coming on very early. MPG should improve once the weather in the NE warms up.

    Keep on Truckin'......
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,042
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  • Thanks for this information. Are there dealerships that you would NOT work with at this time in the metro Atlanta area?
  • I am deciding on whether or not to purchase a Toyota Tundra CrewMax Limited with the upgraded options in the Atlanta area. My first inclination was to choose the Ford F-150 Lariat but I am seriously considering the Toyota Tundra CrewMax Limited.

    What prices would be acceptable for this type of vehicle? Walk out price would be a good thing to know so that I can eliminate much time in my decision making.

  • dewey11dewey11 Posts: 11
    For some reason dealers give you what they want,not what you want.
    I was driving a dodge big horn hemi,which I traded a 2003 Tundra for it.I needed a bigger truck to tow a camper.I got a heck of a deal on a diesel ram,but wife would not drive it.They gave me 22K for the Toy and 10K off list.What a deal. I brought it back,and swap for the hemi.5 years later I got the title,then the trans burnt up,that was 3300 bucks.A week later the ball joints bad.Its going Iam getting a toyota,best mileage,best trade in value.
    You think its simple choice,right?I go to one dealer no 4x4 other than base,no mags.My ram was loaded 20's premium wheels,up grade stereo.
    The Tundra had bench seat ,power driver rear slide electric,tow package with brake controller installed . If it had mags I would have bought it.They were giving me 10.5 for the ram.They say get your own mags,no I want factory.They say you want the TSS,I say what's that everything you want and more.
    I go to The next dealer,and say 4x4 TRD package.They say what you were getting for your trade.I show them the paper work where they show 10.5,on the TSS package,O you want the TSS.I say if it the TRD with 20's yes.
    They get the truck,TSS is a stripped model with a fancy grill,and low rider 20's with 305's,that not 4x4 tires.No ele slide ,no brake controller,no camera,with a price of 38K.I never seen the invoice of these trucks.I take it home and Iam sick.Thes wheel are 2K ,and not for off road.I call still demanding TRD in 4x4,I don't know if they make a TRD in 4x4.They get me a DC with buckets,camera,ele slide predator step bars with 18's Michline tyres.N o off road tires.I say give my my ram back I will move on.They say pick one of the trucks you signed the contract.They are correct you don't have 5 days to bring it back.The attorney general said if you signed the paper work you got a truck. They did not give me the truck I asked for.Then they want 40 more in note,they say this truck is 1300 more than the other one.I say then why are you charging my 2400 instead of 1300.They give me some BS that since you dont
    want 0% it comes to 40 more a note.I have a caculator that does intrest ,it comes to 13.40 more not 40.I get my way,but the 2 trucks have completly different trans and oil coolers.The low rider had the one you would think,stacked in front of the radiator.Mine are located by the engine and trans and are call reculating coolers.I can't get a answer just more BS from people who dont know their job.They even told me you can go 10K between oil changes.WoW these are salesman not wrenches.I say I can put a filter that keep the oil clean forever,can I use it.They sa no.
    To top it off they call me and askd was I 100% satified coustmer.I said no not even close.
  • dbtundradbtundra Posts: 2
    Did you communicate as clearly with them as you did here? I find that you need to treat them like a 14 year old, be respectful, not trust anything, and know what you want from them.
    I had a friend that went in wired after they screwed him, and he got it on tape where they acnowledged it. Then they fixed the issue when a "call for action" reporter called.
  • dbtundradbtundra Posts: 2
    Now several months have passed... and you see many 4.6 crews in the gulf states, but still none in eastern US. I'm confident that a slight mpg savings will move the 4.6 as the consumers choice- if not the conservative contractor.
  • synystersynyster Posts: 1
    I have a quote for a 2011 Toyota Tundra CrewMax Pickup 4D 5 1/2 ft Magnetic Gray w/Rock Warrior package. I was wondering if that is good price or can I do better? Any suggestion or tips on getting a better price for this truck. What is the best OTD price I can ask for? Originally, I wanted to get the monthly price to around $300 or under w/$20000 down. Can it be done? Thanks lml

    2011 Toyota Tundra CrewMax Pickup 4D 5 1/2 ft Magnetic Gray w/Rock Warrior package
    $39161 w/o Tax/License/Fees
    APR% 1.9
    60 month payment
    $22000 down
  • jerlimjerlim Posts: 1
    I'm looking at the same truck in CA, can you let me know what you actually got yours for?
  • scsehscseh Posts: 2
    Hello Avidexplorer

    I have not been too active on this board. Been pretty busy at work.

    With that said, I apologize for not seeing your question sooner and for not replying sooner.

    I noticed that your reply to my post was dated Feb 26, which was 4 months ago.

    I am not sure if my answer will be of any value at this point, but I will post in case it stills holds value for you or any other reader with similar question on their mind.

    Are there dealerships that you would NOT work with at this time in the metro Atlanta area?

    I had visited one other dealer, World Toyota.

    The salesman was respectful. His Supervisor was half the salesperson's age. The Supervisor did push the fact that this dealer is part of a large conglomerate of 100+ dealerships owned by a single holding company.

    This dealership was pushing customer service as their main goal. They even offered to let me borrow the Tundra for a day.

    I did take a test drive, but I wasn't ready to buy yet.

    After the test drive, I exchanged info with them.

    I looked the truck over noticed things that I didn't notice before. I went home and emailed the dealer about the things I noticed.

    I didn't get a response on my email. They sold the truck the following weekend because the AutoTrader posting was pulled.

    I do get occasional emails from the dealership, but I delete them.

    Would I do business with this dealership? This would depend on if they had a very particular configuration of the Tundra at a very good price

    I recall growing up that each Car Dealership was independently owned with some small conglomerates of 10 or less dealerships owned by one person.

    I believe that nowadays, the trend is that there are numerous dealerships owned by holding or LLC companies that own 100+ dealerships. These conglomerates are pushing Customer Service.

    The best thing to do is pick a dealership, look up the dealership on Google Maps, then look at the Review section, which is an aggregation of reviews directly posted to Google, reviews from Kudzu, and reviews from all other sources rolled into one.

    Personally, I highly rate Toyota Mall of Georgia. They give lifetime warranties on Engine, Drive Train, and Transmission. This is free. I purchased an upgrade to the Bumper to Bumper Warranty. They also offer free AAA like service. Their Service Department is pretty clean and upbeat with a full time janitor. They have a coffee bar that also makes food and they have free WiFi.

    The waiting area has two TVs. One TV is on CNN and the other TV is on Fox News. They cater to both Political persuasions.

    I hope that the above info is useful.


    World Toyota Google Reviews
    Click Here for World Toyota Reviews

    Toyota Mall of Georgia Reviews
    CLICK HERE for Toyota Mall of Georgia Reviews
  • gs451gs451 Posts: 19
    Hi everyone,

    I'm looking at a 2001 Used Tundra Regular Cab for my dad at the moment. The car is Automatic and has 133,000 miles but I am not clear as to whether or not it is a Basic or SR5 model (per Edmund's TMV search). I got a TMV value of around $3K and the KBB says it is around $3900. I'm pretty confused at this point, is there a glitch somewhere?

    The car is being offered for $4300, I thought it was a phenomenal deal but now I don't know what to think. Also, similar '01s aren't listed for anything under $7K, any input would be appreciated because I'm truly clueless.

    As a side note, is it an okay idea to get a car like this from a private party as opposed to getting it from a dealer. Anything major to be on the look out for?

    Thanks in advance
  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,095
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  • kgabekgabe Posts: 25
    I'm looking at a new 12' Tundra. Dealer is including a $700 (TAD) fee. Which was explained to me as a charge by Toyota to all dealers for advertising. Say what? I know the auto entities charge dealers for advertising but most of it is returned to them in some sort of hold back set-up. Anybody else experience this BS from Toyota? There's no way I'd pay the $700
  • Looking for a 2012 CrewMax 4.6 v8 with convenience and Tow package. Anybody buy anything similar during the current Toyotathan...
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,042
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  • legimelegime Posts: 4
    edited February 2013
    I contacted no less than 3 Toyota dealerships AFTER they quoted me, via e-mail, their price on a Toyota Tundra 4Wd extended cab LTD series truck. NONE of them would send me, via e-mail, their quoted price along with the taxes and destination fees. In other words their quotes were BOGUS and they knew they were NOT going to sell me that truck at that quoted price.

    What was I suppose to do (other than walk away) threaten them with civil litigation? Why bother? I'm sure there are reputable dealers that will stand behind their quoted prices and will put it in writing but I personally found NONE with a Toyota dealer.
  • hilltop5hilltop5 Posts: 1
    edited March 2013
    I just leased a 2013 Toyota Tundra for 36 months, Double Cab, 4.6, Texas Edition, tow package, convenience package and bed liner with 15k miles/year for $379 month with $1000 down. Does this seem like a fair deal?
  • legimelegime Posts: 4
    I can't say for sure but I read where as more than 35% of today's car loans (an all time high) are 60 months or more. Average payment is less than the benchmark $500 amount.
  • bigalroobigalroo Posts: 1
    I think you did good. I just did a 36/36000 lease (didn't need the 15k/yr) on a Double Cab, 5.7 4x4 with everything you have but the Texas Edition. $2000 cash out of pocket for $334 month. At 84 month purchase loan we'd be paying close to or over $500/month and have a 7yr old truck at the end of it. Leasing depends on your particular situation and it works for me. (and you too, because we can't back out of it..LOL)
  • cleepacleepa Posts: 1
    Does anyone know if $330, 12k miles for a Toyota Tundra V8 4.6 is a good deal? Base model. Putting $0 down.

    Thank you.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
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