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Chevrolet Equinox Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • elisa81elisa81 Posts: 38
    It's official.. I'm the oh-so-proud owner of a 2010 Equinox, 2LT!! Cardinal Red, Jet Black Leather, Sunroof and Power Liftgate. Had 6 miles on it when I pulled out of the dealer tonight. Man.. she is so pretty! I will post pictures by the end of the weekend.

    Just had to share my good news! :) :) :D
  • aakiaaki Posts: 10
    Congrats. Enjoy...
  • Congratulations, Elisa !!! Very happy for you. Will look forward to seeing the pictures. Thanks for sharing. :)
  • Sounds great..........Enjoy !!! :D
  • elisa81elisa81 Posts: 38
    Below are a few quick pictures I took in my front yard this morning. I was up at 7am programming everything to my liking. I will take more pictures later, when my husbands truck isn't in the driveway and it's sunny outside. Yet, I couldn't wait to share a few! Enjoy!

    P.S. Sorry they are so big, I'm still new at this! If you click on a picture it'll take you to my photobucket page so you can see them at a normal size. :)

  • Congrats! Nice looking Equinox.

    Looking at the pictures, it doesn't appear you have the chrome package option.

    I thought the power liftgate option goes hand-in-hand with the chrome package option.
  • elisa81elisa81 Posts: 38
    The rear parking assist comes with the chrome package. The power lift gate is a stand alone option. The chrome would be nice, but I thought the power lift gate is more functional, and functionality is my main reason for getting an Equinox.
  • charla1charla1 Posts: 10
    Elisa, Congratulations on your new beauty...and she is that! Heard our build date was Oct. 12, so maybe by the end of the month we'll have ours...fingers crossed. Have fun, enjoy, and be safe!
    Read where Conquest Cash was extended through end of year...sure hope so. :D
  • It's just gorgeous, Elisa !!! Pics are great - thanks. Build for mine is Oct 12th, too. Ordered it in Gold Mist.
  • runoxrunox Posts: 156
    When paying cash , any dealer will pay attention. YOU have the leverage.
  • I purchased a 2010 Equinox six weeks ago..
    The list price was $27,050. I was able to get deductions for my GMCard ($4550), credit union member ($250), ca$h for Clunkers ($4500- 2000 Dodge Durango), and the dealer took off another $500 or so, total deductions from list price was approx $9800.
    I did all this a day before the clunker program ended, and with the Durango worth about $1,000 (my son modified it, raised the body, huge wheels and tires, off roaded, burnt out the electronics such as radio, defrost, etc.- generally dogged the Durango) I was very eager to finalize deal, plus only a couple Equinoxes avail in DC area by then. I guess I could have gotten a little bit better deal, but not worth the risk of losing clunker cash.. I guess I may have left a few dollars on the table, but with all the deductions I got, I was ready, willing and did the deed. I am very, very happy... if anyone wants a good dealer in DC area, Jack Winegartner Chevrolet in Fort Washington, MD did a great job for me.

    what a great vehicle..funny, dont know whether to call it a car, wagon, truck, SUV... my Equinox rides great, perfect on a long distance trip, good for around town too. I have the 3.0 engine>> wanted the 4 cyl but there was only one Equinox within 30 miles when I purchased mid August 2009.
    Moonroof, upgraded stereo system, great seats, the interior colors and design are fantastic. My MPG was approx 24 mpg on the long distance trip, mostly freeways for 600 mi, but the wife drives like a jack rabbit, kept downshifting the 6 speed tranny every time she mashes the gas peddle down (sorry honey, no finesse!!) My around town milage is 21.6 mpg. Not too bad, but I am hoping it improves (only 2k miles). (Comparable in weekly cost to my luxury import car @ 25 mpg w/high test gas). This beats the 12 mpg Dodge Durango (2000) we $-4-clunkered in.
    Anyone looking to purchase a CR-V, Ford Edge, any Chrysler product, or needing to easily transport up to 5 adults at a time, should test the Equinox.
    I am very happy with my Equinoxee. Best features for me: 1. Size is perfect. Not too big, not too small. 2. Great job on exterior and interior design. Cabin is very pleasing to my eye with color/layout. 3. Decent gas milage for vehicle this size. 4. Adjustable rear seat with tilt.. very nice. 5. Great ride. I feel very safe, I like all the air bags- hope I dont need them.
    My complaints in case GM is listening: 1. I like to drive with arm on window sill> uncomfortable for me. The curve of door is too sharp by the window. 2. Radio controls should be in steering wheel. 3. Should have fog lights standard on all trim levels. 4. I hate daytime running lights. 5. I dont like doors auto unlocking when drive placed in Park. 6. I would like master door lock/unlock button on front doors not in center of dash. Thats it. I really like the car, and I am glad I purchased the Equinox, but as with anything, there could be some positive changes.

    I have not driven my 2005 Mercedes C230 since getting the Equinox !! I really like this ride.
  • ral2167ral2167 ohioPosts: 767
    any one know when the dealers will have more in stock? here in ohio seems there are few in stock if at all. not a good time to deal i reckon.
  • elisa81elisa81 Posts: 38
    Last Friday (October 2nd) I picked up my new NOX. 2LT, FWD, 4cyl, Cardinal Red, Jet Black Leather, Sunroof and Auto Liftgate. I have to admit, for not having a "clunker" or knowing anyone who is a GM employee, I feel as though I got a good deal. :)

    Sticker price $28,530. Our "Credit Union Discount" took us down to 27,470. $1,000.00 for conquest (husband has a ford ranger truck) and then $500.00 for signing off on the 2 month return deal (as much as I put up with to get this car, I'm not going to return it), it took us down to $25,970. Then, since my dealer screwed up my order (I wanted cloth, but the order couldn't be changed from leather, even though my dealer guaranteed it to get the deal) they gave me the leather for free, deducting an extra $932 (or around there, which is the cost of the leather at supplier discount). That left me with a final bill of $25,038.

    In Missouri you pay TTL separately at the DMV instead of through your dealer. So I am waiting on the paperwork to arrive in the mail to do that. Those costs are estimated at $1300.00. So, including everything the car will cost us $26,338.00 (approx). Coming in almost $2200 under the sticker, I'm very happy with the deal and my car. :)
  • Base model Equinox LS
    Sticker $23,265
    - $1000 Rebate
    - $500 Wave 60 day return option
    - $856 haggle
    + $129 "service fee"
    Total Before TTL = $21038

    + 5.6% sales tax = $1262.13 (the $1500 in rebates was not sales tax free)

    New Title + License Plate Transfer from old vehicle $93

    Out the door = $22393.13

    Only drove it about 25 miles so far but love it to peices.
  • Ordered a 2010 Equinox on 7-27-09. LT1 trim, Gold Mist, fully loaded except for sun roof. After a stultifyingly long wait of almost 3 months, it was delivered Friday, and I picked it up yesterday afternoon. So far so good. I am pleased with everything, and it looks beautiful. Has a very luxurious feel, and fun to drive.

    I was pleased that my dealer did not drop the value of my trade-in although I know it did go down from checking Kelley Blue Book on line. Total came to $27,430. Didn't qualify for most discounts but did get the $500 for waiving the 60 days. OTD was $24,223. Happy with that.

    At this point, I would probably write a review close to a 10, but I will wait and write a review on line in a few months to see if that holds up. Very happy right now. :)
  • elisa81elisa81 Posts: 38
    Roxanne- I am so glad everything worked out for you.. and you have your NOX!! I'm rather sad as I had a small mishap with mine, so she's in the shop. :( So sad. First 2010 NOX in the shop at my dealer. NOT FUN! Just dropped her off this morning and won't have it back for a week. OUCH! So, 3 weeks in and I'm already in a loaner, a Saturn Outlook, which is just awful compared to my NOX. Yet, whatcha gonna do right!?

    Enjoy your NOX and I look forward to hearing your thoughts and MPG's further down the road!
  • My wife and I just purchased a 2010 Equinox last Saturday. It's a LT1 with the Vehicle Interface Package (i.e. Bluetooth and USB).

    A couple of things to note: A) I live in SoCal and the Equinox is extremely difficult to find (taking into account your trim, color, and package preference). Most dealerships either have none, or 1 or 2 in stock; and, B) as a result of this supply and demand issue, the dealer where I purchased my vehicle added a "Market Value Adjustment" of $2,995 to the MSRP of $24,600. So the total sticker price was $27,595. I'll have to remember this the next time I see someone complaining about "socialism" ruining their America. Capitalism is alive and well my friends. Anyways, I don't know if anyone has experienced this yet, but it could become more common if the supply doesn't catch up.

    But because I utilized the Auto Buying Program offered through Costco, I was able to disregard the sticker price. I won't go into too much detail, but:

    The Costco price of the car was $600 over the "invoice" --> $23,973 (including $745 Dest. fee).

    Though I was able to utilize the Conquest Cash of $1,000, I got nailed with advertising fees (both national and regional) to the tune of $476. I could only "haggle" half-heartedly over this because both the dealer and I knew that (because of supply and demand), he could eventually sell the car to someone else over the weekend for a higher price than the Costco offer. The car had been unloaded off the truck the night before. If I ever see Howie Long again for the rest of my life, it will be too soon!

    I declined to take the $500 cash back offer in lieu of the 60-day return policy. The car is for my wife and I wanted to reserve the right to take it back should she want another color (she's gonna learn that black looks nice, but is impossible to keep clean) or option. The Conquest deal should still be available.

    All in all, I paid $24,332 (before ridiculous CA sales tax, of which I will try to claim a deduction on my income taxes) for the car which is still $300 below MSRP and $3,263 below artificially-inflated dealer mark-up. It's more than what we initially wanted to pay for a car, but both my wife an I really like the new style and options. BTW...the car did, in fact, come with the USB port (as it had been reported that others with the same option package did not) and it is a great option to have. I don't know why the car came with a CD player as the USB port renders it virtually obsolete.

    Costco really saved me some time and money on this one.
  • Thanks, Elisa ! I'm very happy so far, and impressed. Right now, I feel like I will be able to write a very positive review after a while. Let's hope so. Anyway I'm really loving it - VERY smooth, silky ride. Haven't had AWD before so maybe that comes into it? But so far no tranny problems as some have reported. Quiet, too. Luxurious feel. VERY comfortable (so glad I got the 8 way power seat). Also got the Interface Pkg and the USB port is there which I didn't really expect from what some others reported. Love the backup camera, too. :)

    I am sad :cry: for you that your NOX is in the shop already due to that small mishap, but hopefully the week will pass quickly and soon you'll be back in NOX Heaven (where I am) ! :)
  • Has anyone had a problem with a dealership not willing to change the color on a Nox only 3 days after the order was placed. They told me that it will take 6 to 8 weeks to get the car. I don't understand what the problem is. It should only be a simple change before the car is built...Please advise. :confuse:
  • <img src=""

    We absolutely love our Equinox. Cyber Gray Metallic rawks!
  • Looks sharp !!! Congratulations, I have a black LS I bought back in July. I love sure to garage it tonight to keep it away from any evil goblins. :)
  • Didn't have any changes once ordered. The only thing I didn't like was the long wait (almost 3 months).

    Any reason you can't tell them that if they don't change the color that you'll cancel your order and go to another dealer ? :)
  • Ordered 2010 Nox 9-11-2009 and do not even have a build date.Dealer isn't any real help on getting any information.I'm sure everyone else has been here but what brings any response.I have a private party waiting for my trade in.
  • I need advice on using gms pricing. my grandfather retired gm, so I am going to take advantage of this option for my new purchase. Undecided on Equinox or Terrain at this time. I was told that using GMS I can not take the conquest 1,000 dollars (for owning a non gm vehicle), but can take the 500 in lieu of 60 day guarantee. why is this?? I believe it changed Oct 1st, and is not available on the Nox or Terrain now, but was in Sept? Not sure. Any word on new incentives for Nov? :confuse:
  • We placed our order 8/27/09. Build date was 10/12/09. Delivery date was 10/27/09. Your dealer should be able to find out the build date for you...ours did.
    Love the car! (LT2 Mocha steel metallic, moonroof and heated, leather seats) :)
  • Looks like your are 2 weeks ahead of me will try the dealer again this week.
    Maybe they will have a build date.
  • When we bought our 2LT Cardinal Red '10 NOX a month ago we had the supplier discount along with $500.00 for the 60 day guarantee. We also received $1,000.00 for having a credit union membership, in leiu of not being able to combine the conquest cash with the supplier discount. For the credit union discount, you need to provide a membership card to any credit union in the country. Plus, as far as I know that offer doesn't ever expire. So that is the way to get around not qualifying for the conquest money.

    Good luck to you! :)
  • terexterex Posts: 26
    You can change your power door settings (and other vehicle personalization settings). . .use the "config" button on the right hand side of the center stack and the "menu/select" knob on the right to move through the menu. The "back" button allows you to back out once you've made your choices. See page 10 of your 'Getting to Know Your 2010 Chevy Equinox' booklet or open the owners manual to the Instruments and Controls section.
  • I really like the Easy Exit feature. Having power seats that automatically move back when exiting is nice to have!
  • I've been struggling here in western pa to find the right match of specs that i wanted in the equinox..

    IE: to get bluetooth and the rear view camera, you have to go LT1.. sometimes i'd find an 1LT with bluetooth but no camera etc..(cant add camera later, unless go with a dashboard type) Finding red with this combo has been hard too (no time to order, trying to wrap up purchase in the next week or so)..

    The best price i have been able to get has been 25,298 after a $900 credit union discount and the $500 60 day deal (off msrp of 26,670).. actually, originally i think i had this quote on an msrp of 26,320 or so.. so maybe this isnt so bad..

    My current price on a vehicle i can find, which has msrp of 26,950 or so (has cargo package).. is 25,555..

    Does anyone know if this is a good price and exactly what is the supplier discount.. does this vary from dealer to dealer? so is mine $400+500 (supplier discount + 500?) + 500..

    Anyone know of any other tricks to get them to lower the price a bit more?

    Thanks for any help
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