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Chevrolet Equinox Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • joeohiojoeohio Posts: 1
    I am in the process of buying a 2011 Equinox. The best deal I have found is $500 over the dealer invoice after reduction of the holdback. For an 1LT this is a little more than $2000. So I can buy for about $1500 below MSRP, including doc fees. Not as good of a discount as we used to get (old days = 12%), but not bad. Also will get other factory incentives and my $4000 plus $500 bonus on the GM card. For everyone's benefit the dealer invoice less the holdback is as follows. All with $745 Destination fee:
    AWD LS MSRP = $25,240 Invoice less holdback = $23,280
    AWD 1LT MSRP = $26,405 Invoice less holdback = $24,352
    AWD 2LT MSRP = $28,465 Invoice less holdback = $26,247
    AWD LTZ MSRP = $30,815 Invoice less holdback = $28,410
    I don't have data for the FWD version, but the percentages will be about the same (8% with no discount on the destination fee).
    The markup on options is 12%.
    Plenty of vehicles available in Ohio region.
    Hope this helps.
  • roger1655roger1655 Posts: 12
    I'm starting to look for a new Equinox and most FWD LTZ's seem to come with a sun roof. I don't want a sun roof so am thinking of ordering one. Has anyone ordered from the factory? Can you get a better deal if you order one?

  • pete6666pete6666 Posts: 29
    I ordered a cardinal red FWD LTZ with 6 cyl. and moonroof. My dealer did give me a better deal to order than take one out of stock. Unfortunately it was an 8 week wait. My wife loves the car and so do I.
  • incarguyincarguy Posts: 1
    We just purchased a 2011 Nox FWD 2LT, Mocha, with Two tone brown/black Leather, Roof, 18's and Power Liftgate. We paid $28,336, which was just under TMV ($28,357).

    I would rate our overall experience a 6 out of 10, however, not due to our dealer or salesman, whom we both liked and would recommend again, but due to the industry practice known as "not giving a sh*t about what the customer wants, aka - usual practice."

    We had wanted on one the Espresso Brown LTZ's, but of the dozen or so that were sitting on other dealers lots within our region, our dealer, looking to trade, was told all of them were "already sold" or "demo's." Our salesman admitted to me afterward that had I called as an off the street customer, I no doubt could have driven home in probably any one of those vehicles that day. The reason I didn't is because I wanted to remain loyal to the dealer, whom I felt was treating me fairly.

    Perhaps it's not a "Chevy" issue, or maybe it's "the way it's always been done," but that's not an excuse. In the end, we the consumers didn't get what we really wanted because we remained loyal to our local dealer, and we didn't want to wait 6 or 8 weeks while the exact vehicle we wanted got built. Not sure why we should have to, especially if there's 12 copies lying around unsold at other dealers in the region.

    We settled on the 2LT because my wife was getting tired of the process of seeing cars advertised for sale on dealer websites and, then having our dealer try to trade, and being told "sorry" it's not really for sale. Sloppy internet inventory management at best, downright lies at worst.

    Chevy obviously has no control over the dealer to compel them to "play nice in the sandbox," with other dealers, and that's frustrating. Look, it's one thing if a dealer is sitting one a new ZR1, but come on, an Equinox? Can't they put a clause in the dealer contract that says, any vehicle with an MSRP under $50k you have to trade?

    Oh, well, I think in the end we'll be happy, just as long as we can wring 26 or 28 MPG's out of it!
  • I hope this helps sombody out. I just purchased a Silver 2011 Chevy Nox, 4 cyl, LT2, Upgrades included: Chrome package, 18 inch aluminum wheels, power lift gate, and leather seats. OTD $28,230. This was hard to find with every dealer in my market having to get me a vehicle from out of state. I also got a 1 year maintenance plan which is really just 4 oil changes. Most dealers will sell the Nox at invoice or $100 dollars over invoice, due to the popularity of the vehicle and the short supply. Good Luck.
  • The vehcile is FWD.
  • fast200fast200 Posts: 3
    edited June 2011
    Hope this helps someone.

    Model: 2011 Equinox LT1 FWD 4 cyl
    Extra Options: Sunroof & Drivers Convenience package
    Paid: $24,686 plus tax, title, processing
  • mkzm7478mkzm7478 Posts: 4
    2011 FWD 4 cyl 2LT
    With Premium Black Granite Paint

    $25,197 plus tax, +578 for title, registration and tire fee.

    Financed through TD bank.
  • apat2apat2 Posts: 1
    I am deciding on buying a 2011 Checy Equinox.LTZ 4 cyl 2 WD with no added features over the base LTZ. The vehicle has 2500 Miles on it. Best drive out price including tax license and registration offered was 28500$. Do you think this is a fair price to go ahead with the purchase?
  • jonoxjonox Posts: 100
    There are over 2000 problem reports on this site from 2010/2011 Equinox owners. Most refer to serious issues with the 4 cylinder engine. Do yourself a favour, look through the reports and get an idea of what you could be into. The 6 cylinder engine seems to be a better bet.
    Good Luck
  • I went to Hendricks Auto mall in Durham, and test drove a 2012 LTZ equinox, they advertised credit union members got a 10% discount, and you get a discount for customer loyality, well they did not know what i was talking about and would only take 900.00 off the price of the vehicle, which was 28,500 including taxes and tags, I was not very happy with that price and left. I am still shopping around for the best deal. I would like the ltz with the chrome package and navigation
  • rhouser2rhouser2 Posts: 114
    wife and i are comparing a nox and a terrain. if you price a 2LT nox and a 2sle terrian the terrain is about $400 more but i can't see what extra items that $400 gets you. can anyone explain?
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
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