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Volvo S40 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I found this message board helpful when I was looking for an S40 so I thought I would post my deal for the next person's reference. I just bought an '06 S40 T5 with Premium, Sport, Climate and Automatic from a dealer in Dallas. I got a good deal on my destroyed, hail damaged, dented '97 850 as a trade and I leased for 36 months. I don't know the money factor and residual I was given but I had a sales price of $28,575 and a monthly payment of $492. I probably could have haggled another $30 or $40/month out of them if I had been a bigger jerk but I am fine with this price and hope others find this helpful. :shades:
  • I just got a quote on a flint gray '05 S40 T5 AWD with Auto and stability control for 27.9k in Bakersfield, California. Needless to say, we are speaking more.
  • nim13nim13 Posts: 2
    I'm just beginning to shop around for an S40. I'm going into my last semester of college and I saw that they offer an incentive for graduates. Does anyone know what that actually is?

    thanks so much!
  • robr2robr2 BostonPosts: 8,862
    I believe it's $500 but call a dealer to confirm.
  • I have been looking at buying an S40. I was interested in a 2.4i stick with select package. The dealer has a car he refers to as an "oops." The customer purchased the car and drove it 600 mikes in 1 week. According to the salesperson, she had a hard time with the visibility and decided she needed the v50. The dealership took the car back and is now selling it. The car is a T5 with auto transmission and the Climate and Premium Packages. The MSRP is 31380 and the invoice is 29415. They have a sale sticker in the window for 29900. Today the salesperson called to offer it to me at 28700 and they would toss in floormats.

    This is more car than I was looking to purchase, but could be a good deal. It's also a white care and I was looking for Red or Blue.

    Given the situation, and the fact it's Thanksgiving week, a traditionally slow car buying week, how much would be a good offer for the oops?

  • au94au94 Posts: 171
    First, make sure the car can be titled as "new", if that's important to you.

    As for your offer, in August we purchased an 06 T5 with auto and premium pkg for 28700. So if its a 06 it probably a pretty good deal IMHO. If its an of, there is a lot more room, about 1k I'd say.
  • Thanks,

    Despite it being a good deal I couldn't see myself in a white car. I passed on the Opps, but thanks for the response and advise.

    As it turns out, they had a Red S40 2.4i with climate, select package and auto trans come in today. The MSRP is 28275 and they are offering to me at 26300 (Invoice is 26,517). Looks like it will work out well.

    I think I might be a new car owner. :D
  • Well, I had an interesting Thanksgiving Eve.

    Last night I used the site to go over the offer I had from the dealer. By all accounts it seemed like an excellent deal, I hit the button on the TMV page to get price quotes from other dealers. I received two calls today. The first one confirmed that i was getting a great deal and told me he couldn't beat it. The second call was from a another dealer owned by the same organization. They had an identical car in stock to the one I wanted (Passion Red 2.4i, Auto, Climate, Select) and would sell it under the first quote. I asked about a trade in and they had me bring the car. (This is 7:00 on thanksgiving eve.) I drove to the dealer, they dropped the price of the car again, and gave me a good deal on my 2001 Honda Civic EX Coupe (with under 28K and in excellent shape.) At 9:45 I drove off in my new Passion Red S40 a very happy camper.

    MSRP was 28,275
    Invoice was 26767
    Sales price was 25933

    :) :D ;)
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 70,667
    I always like a story with a happy ending!! Congratulations.. I've seen the S40 in RED, and it looks great..

    Be sure to check out the other Volvo S40 forums...

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  • Well...I read your post and thought that I should tell you about the price I got on my 2006 2.4i since I bought basically the same car, but for 1,600 less. Through an internet salesperson in San Antonio I bought a Passion Red 2.4i with auto, climate, select and leather seating for $24,300. The invoice on this car was $27,549 and the MSRP was $29,475. The dealer even transported it in from Dallas for me at no charge.
  • Need some input, I want to make sure I do this right :)

    06 S40 2.4i

    Sticker is $28,750...
    $350.00 below invoice is $26,575...
    I have a trade, so I just subtract my tradein from the $26,575 correct...????? Thanks for any input!!!
  • '06 Volvo S40 2.4i
    Barents Blue

    Auto Transmission
    Select Package
    Climate package

    price - $26,852.50
    TTL - $755
    OTD - $27607.50

    plus I get an extra $500 back in 8 weeks for being a corporate credit union member via Volvo.

    so my actual OTD price is $27107.50

    This look ok?? thx
  • au94au94 Posts: 171
    Hi Mark,

    We got an 06 T5, w/auto and premium pkg for about 700 more in August so I think the dealer could do better.
  • thx for the info..
    My wife decided that a Civic EX gave her what she wanted for about 8K less...thx again
  • Just bought a silver metallic S40 2.4i
    Select package
    Sport package
    Msrp: $28,823
    Invoice: $26,988

    Paid: $25,000 + tax title

    good luck all
  • Got a good price on S40 (1k below invoice) and I almost came to sign the sales contract until a colleague suggested me to give a shot on 06 passat. Here is my comparison.

    a) i was looking for a car for day-to-day commute and for family.
    b) I'm not a fan of sport car
    c) the car should fit with my age range - 30s, not 20s or 40s
    d) I want basic configration, a car with mininum options, only required option is automatic trans
    e)the car should have good value
    d)we never owned or drove both of them before


    Volvo S40 vs Passat 2.0T

    1) Final price : S40: 23.5K (invoice - 500) + tax + lis; 7 to 8% financing rate for 60 months
    2.0T: 23.8K (invoice - 300) + tax + lis; 4.9% for 60 months - this guy wins!

    2) Exterior design: give my vote to S40 but my wife likes 2.0T more - according to her, the square blue logo with a long line crossed over realy screwed the design. So 2.0T wins (... or my wife wins ...)

    3) Interior: S40 - Cloth; out-of-date green/dark screens; less functional components; plastic feel finish; unacceptable audio system
    2.0T - Leatherette; contemporary and very detail design everywhere; well built; roomier; better sounds from audio system

    4) Performance: "T" realy makes difference, response and drive fast with 2.0T
    Engine & road noise came from 2.0T is much less than S40; 2.0T has quieter and smoother ride

    5) Safety: Volvo has better historic reputation but not sure about it at present. My understanding is newer design means safer car, the world getting better because people are learning from past and making it better for future.

    6) Other matters: 2.0T is built in Germany while the other one Belgium
    Volvo is a better brandname but it's owned by Ford anyway...
    More negative news have been coming out from Ford ...

    Conclusion: the new designed passat is worth to give a try, lots of detailed practical new features will catch you such as self-drain unbralle holder on the side of driver's door, electic park braking, hill-hold assistant and the best designed remote control, of which provide you unique way to turn on/off your car by inserting and pushing it like a button.
    Volvo does have a good exterior design but it appears they didn't pay too much attention on interior, all the componments still keep the same as my old 2001 Chevellet...
  • We have been looking for a S40 T5 and looked into leasing a 2006 but in the process found a 2005 S40 T5 AWD, Prem Pkg. 6spd manual which is exactly what my husband wanted. My question is what should we offer on a 2005 now that it is Jan 06? the MSRP is $31,250. I feel like if we could get a good enough price on an 05 it might be better to buy than to lease an 06. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!!!
  • hmmm.. i was shopping for an 05 or 06 S40T last week. dealership would not deal at all. sticker price or nothing. so guess what, i bought a 2006 mustang GT and got it for invoice. go figure. good luck to all. seems like there are deals to be had on volvos, just not where i live.
  • s40reds40red Posts: 1
    Hello everyone!
    I just got a 06' S40 2.4I automatic, with leather seating, Select Pkg. & Sport Packg. for $27,477.00 I got it at Bozzani Volvo in Covina, CA. I higly recommend this dealer. :) :) :) :)
  • A local dealer has an '05 S40 for $30,000 with these features:

    Premium package
    Dynamic trim pkg
    Climate / Bixeon pkg
    metallic paint

    Invoice = $33,676
    MSRP = $36,122
    selling at $30,000

    As this is a 2005 model, I'm trying to determine what a fair price is for the car. I offered $29,000 but the dealer said they have no room to budge. Also they have it priced below their invoice, does Volvo provide any incentives to their dealers to sell previous year cars, after the turn of the new year? We like the car, but we would probably buy one without AWD, and definetly not the Dynamic Trim package, if we bought a 2006.

    We are also looking at the Audi A3 hatchback. Its more fun to drive, better gas mileage, but to stay around $30,000 we'd have to limit our options to turbo, automatic and sunroof. The '05 S40 has more features for the same price, but I'm just not sure $30,000 is the right price.

  • I'm not sure if this question is too broad, but is there a consensus on how much off one should expect to pay for a new, 2005 car, purchased in 2006? I don't expect an exact dollar amount, but wonder how the depreciated value of a newly purchased, last year (2005) car should be calclated. Any thoughts on this?

  • I've talked my local dealer down to 18,150 before taxes on a 2005 s40 2.4i with nearly no options other than my dealer add ons. The car has 8 miles on it. What do you guys think?
  • I'm so excited. I just bought a brand new 2006 Volvo 2.4i and I got a great deal on it.

    I got the car for $20k and after tax and fees, it still came out to less than $22k.
  • gregory3gregory3 Posts: 7
    That sounds great!! Congratulations on your new car. Hey, what kind of options do you have on it? I am currenlty looking to buy this car and would like to here more info. (i.e how much off MSRP? What area did you buy it? etc...
  • donthegreekdonthegreek Posts: 127
    What was sticker, and how much did they knock off sticker?...the closest volvo dealer to me is knocking $3,000 off sticker.

  • I didn't get any options. Just the basic S40 2.4i. It is a black on black manual S40. The MSRP price for the car was $24,735.00 and the invoice for that car was $23,578.00. I bought the car from Royal Volvo in San Francisco. The car was brand new with only 29mi on it with no problems whatsoever. I don't know how the dealer was able to offer me the car for only $20k, but it is an insane deal. No other dealers could even come close to that price.
  • donthegreekdonthegreek Posts: 127
    I'd be happy with $4,700 off sticker....I think you did just fine.

  • sandman46sandman46 Posts: 1,798
    Saw some killer deals here in South Florida last year for a 240 with an auto tranny for $20.000. The wife hated the high head rests and ended up with a Mazda3, which has the exact same body underneath. I preferred the Volvo, but those darn head rests were the deal breaker. Don't get me wrong, the 3 is a fun car to drive, but I liked the looks of the Volvo much better. Maybe when it's my turn in 2008, I'll relook at the 240 again.

    The Sandman :)
  • jhs70jhs70 Posts: 213
    I'm getting $3800 to $4000 off msrp on various quotes I've received for a couple of different s40s. And these are just the first offers. I haven't even had the opportunity to counter the offers yet so I know I can get a better price. ;) I notice there is dealer cash on other models but not on the s40. They must be using this dealer cash to move the s40s as well, it's just that we are privy to that.

    Anyone else getting great deals on the S40s?? I'm in the NoVA area. Thanks.
  • gregory3gregory3 Posts: 7
    Yeah, I'm seeing about that in the NE area.
    I might go with the lease for MSRP of $28810. Lease for $249 a month with $1,000 down for 27 months. (for the 2.4i with sunroof, automatic, Select and Climate Package).

    Sound like a good deal?
    buy out at end of lease is around $18k.
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