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Saab 9-3 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I found a new 09 9-3 SportCombi Aero AWD on a dealers lot over the weekend. The vehicles MSRP is around $46,000. What can I expect to pay and what would be a good starting point for what I should offer?

    Any advice would be appreciated! Thanks!
  • Got an unsolicited e-mail from Schumacher Saab; "$10,000 up to $13,000 off MSRP.". Gave an example of a 9-3 for $19K and change, Sounds good so I write to ask of they have any manual transmissions in stock; Answer oh yes, red, blue black white green with parchment interior; Come up and see so and so.
    OK. I take a ride to the dealer. 1st lie: Only color in stock is black. 2nd lie; Rebate is $9k. Gave me a low number for my trade. Told the salesman I wasn't interested. Tried to hold me hostage by keeping the keys to my car in the manager's office, and challanging me why a $9k rebate wasn't good enough. AVOID Schumacher in West Palm Beach, FL.
  • With the current state of Saab I think you can get an 09 for way less than invoice. I wouldn't think that you'd be paying more than $34,000 for a new one with the $46,000 MSRP before taxes. I believe the $9000 manufactures rebate is still in effect on new purchases. Let us know what the dealer says if you make an offer.
  • jchan2jchan2 Posts: 4,956
    several Cadillac-Saab dealers who are offering $15K off of MSRP on new Saabs. Would it be reasonable to expect another dealer that say, had a specific 9-3 design/color/packaging I wanted to match the $15K off MSRP offer that some Cadillac-Saab dealers are doing?
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 100,688
    I think the only chance of getting that amount would only be on a high-MSRP car ($45K+).. Also, there is a good chance that the $15K off car is a loaner or demo..

    The rebate is only $9K

    Did you get a good deal? Be sure to come back and share!

    Edmunds Moderator

  • I just bought a new base model 9-3 for $18,500. There is an $11,000 rebate on all 09 Saabs and an additional $1000 for GM loyalty. The sticker price was $33,050 and after the rebates and my GM discount (you can get the discount if you own a non-GM vehicle also, but then you would not get the extra $1000 off) I was able to get the vehicle for the 18,500. I could have bought a 9-5 for about 25,000. I have never owned a Saab nor really cared too but for a semi-luxury car for the price of a lower model chevy, I couldn't pass it up. They are moving FAST. By the time my paperwork was complete, the 6 cars that they had when I first arrived were all sold. These cars were all new (not demos) with less than 30 miles on them.
  • jchan2jchan2 Posts: 4,956
    no it wasn't a demo. I actually test drove one; it was a black 2.0T Comfort the dealer had marked down to $20,xxx and change.

    It's probably sold by now... The deals are moving...
  • I actually just purchased a 9-3 Saab Aero with an MSRP of $44,930 for essentially $15K off. If you have a GM family member and a non-GM product, you can get GMS pricing (through the end of the year) which was $41775. On top of that, there are $12K in cash incentives which brings the car just under $30K before taxes. This is my third and (unfortunately) final Saab. There are still a few of these on the dealer's lots and if I had the money, would have bought 2. I was also considering a loaded Malibu which I could have gotten 0% for 72 months on with pull-ahead but that car is not even close to the kind of car the Saab is. The Malibu would of course have been cheaper but that car is in a completely different class. The XWD is phenomenal. I spent the weekend driving over snow-covered roads in northern Michigan and it drives across the slipperiest surfaces with barely a hiccup. Additionally, the car drives like a dream..........Of course, it will still lose a couple thousand in resale when you drive it off the lot but a comparable car would probably run you at least $40K so now is a great time to buy this car!
  • Where was that $18,500 dealer? I went to 2 dealers today and they wouldn't move below $21,500K for base 9-3s with a sticker of $31,800 to $32,500. They said their max discount was $10,000.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 100,688
    My local dealer has this exact car... still on the lot.. One of only two 9-3s that they have left..

    That's a great deal.. Does the 15 mpg city rating bother you? I was surprised it was that low..

    Did you get a good deal? Be sure to come back and share!

    Edmunds Moderator

  • Guys, I am stumbled into a Saab dealer yesterday and could not believed the kind of deals that are available at this point. I noticed a 93 2.0T AWD and very interested. They are asking for $28k for the car and I am wondering what's the bottomline price I can possibly get. Thanks.
  • The gas mileage is a trade off but it stems from the powerful engine and the amount of work the XWD system does. I've averaged 21-22 mpgs with mixed driving. The gas mileage will be low if you drive aggressively but the fuel economy is reasonable if you don't do that all the time. Because of the XWD it's totally worth it as this is the car I wanted and now I have exactly what I wanted. Only thing I'd change are the wheels but that's cosmetic and an expensive change so I remain happy.
  • jxp293jxp293 Posts: 1
    The sales prices are very good on these Saabs now. I picked up a silver 93 Comfort for 22.4K; off the showroom floor.
  • Just bought the last new 2009 aero sedan available in Houston for $25.9K! Sticker is $44.9K. I've always liked Saabs but the high MSRP scared me off. I wish it would snow here!
  • We just bought a brand new 2009 for 19,900 in the Northeast. We were led to believe that this is about 1,00 below factory invoice on this car. It is black exterior with parchment interior, no other options. Sticker was about 32,000 haggled down to 28,900 then there was the 9,000 GM rebate. We are extremely happy with this deal and were completely willing to give up a car with the moonroof and heated seated for a deal like this.

    Good luck to all of you! There are quite a few more base models out there.
  • Hi tstrayer, I am also in northeast, would you please tell me which dealer do you choose? Thank you very much
  • Hi all,
    New to the board and interested in a newer Saab, looking at 3 different 9-3s. What do you think of these models and listed dealer prices? Thanks..

    1. 08' 9-3 2.0 33,470 miles listed for $18.249 w/Cold weather package
    2. 08 9-3 covertible, NAV, heated seats, 22,407 miles listed for $20,880..BALANCE OF FACTORY WARRANTY GOOD UNTIL 317/2012 OR 50,000 MILES
    3. 08 9-3 convertible, 8,797 mileage, listed for $22500, 4. 07 9-5 2.3T, 18686 miles, listed for $16,551

    All help greatly appreciated.
  • $12,500 with 30k miles. What do you think?
  • just bought a new 09 9-3 after the 9k rebate and additional 1k GM loyalty rebate, got additional 2.4k discount to get the last 9-3 wagon off the dealer lot on Jan 30. then saab/GM lowers the 9k rebate to 5k feb 1. but most new 09s are gone. love the car. thanks to all the posters.
  • robjamellrobjamell Posts: 35
    edited April 2010
    I have two 2008 9-3 aero sedans that I am looking at. It may seem like a no brainer, but I just wanted to bounce off you well informed guys.

    One has 13k miles and warranty expires 11/2012. Problem is I cannot see it before purchasing as it is 500 miles away. I can get an inspection company, but not sure I want the car carrier hassle, etc.

    The other has 30k miles and a year shorter warranty(expires 11/2011), but it has the touring package and is only 2 hours away so I can look at it and drive it before purchasing.

    I only drive about $8k/year and only need to get about 2 years out of the vehicle.

    What would you guys do. I am a bit anal about exterior and interior condition.

    Thanks at ton!
  • pas914pas914 Posts: 14
    First and foremost, what is the asking price for each car? All things being equal, obviously the lower mileage car would be preferable. From whom would you be purchasing (private seller or dealer)? If its a dealer, what sort of guarantee are they providing upon delivery (i.e. if the car is not as described can you send it back?).

    For what it costs to ship the car, you could consider scheduling a trip to pick up the one thats 500 miles away -- about an 8 hour trip? If the car isn't up to snuff, you've only wasted a weekend rather than thousands of dollars. If it is a clean car, you end up with a much lower mileage car with a longer warranty!

    Lastly, before embarking on a trip or paying for an inspection, you could hit some of the Saab websites/forums and find someone in the area who is willing to look at the car for you and give impressions (where is the car?).

    When I was looking for my car, I didnt limit myself by location. I knew I wanted a 2008 Turbo X sedan with manual trans -- not enough around to just look locally. I live in NJ and ended up negotiating with a dealer in Virginia. When we agreed on a price, I went down (about 5 hours away) with a check in my hand and ended up buying.

    Best of luck!
  • 3kitties3kitties Posts: 1
    I have been looking for a new car; a friend recommended a Saab he is going for his 4th. I drove a 2009 Saab 93 loved it! Is $25990 -- this is $9770 off sticker -- is this a fair price for the 2.0 Comfort? This one is listed on the dealers website -- the remainder of the dealers in massachusett's just list their sticker. Is it realistic to expect the same deal at the other dealers in Mass?
  • pas914pas914 Posts: 14
    Not a bad price, but strongly consider a "pre-owned" car as well! I had a 2007 9-3 Aero (6cyl 2.3) that I leased as new, and after turn in I moved on to a 2008 9-3 Turbo X. The TX I bought was a trade in vehicle with 11k miles that I paid $25.900 for in April 2009 (car originally titled in September 2008) .. it was a $46,000 car being sold for $21k off sticker b/c it was pre-owned, b/c saab was in trouble, and b/c it was on a jaguar dealership's lot ..

    Why am I bringing all of this up? Just pointing out that some "nearly new" cars can be had at incredible prices. Factor in the remainder of existing warranty along with possible CPO warranty (depending on where you buy from), and its worth looking at. If the right car doesnt turn up, the new car deals will still be there ..
  • dgeblerdgebler Posts: 19
    A local dealer has a 2007 9-3 Aero convertible for sale for $21,000 + $2000 to add CPO The car has 39,000 miles and was put into service 6/30/2007, so the warranty would be for 3 years or 61,000 miles.

    The car has been on the lot for over 3 months. I was thinking of holding firm at $20,000.

    Any thoughts?
  • avant1avant1 Posts: 1
    Looking at a 2009 9-3 demo (3k miles). Dealer has it listed for 24,900. Is a touring model. The price seems high compared to what people were paying a few months ago for no mile 09 Comforts. Think it would be possible to get this demo for below $20K? Warrantys have not started.

    Any great deals on the 2010?
  • jchan2jchan2 Posts: 4,956
    Most of the sub $20,000 deals were made when GM was offering almost $10,000 in incentives on all Saabs to get the cars off their books.

    Now, that GM incentive money is basically gone, so the prices have gone up slightly. I think the '09s still have a few thousand in incentives, and I'm sure the fact that the car has 3,000 miles will reduce the price a bit.

    I'd offer $22,500 and go no higher than $23,000. In 2 or 3 years the car's value will drop to about $17,000-$19,000 anyway.
  • samarasamara Posts: 10
    The $10K GM discount may be gone, but Saab just announced a $2K loyalty discount available to former Saab owners for Saab model year 1995 or newer. Add that to current incentives up to $5K, and you can get a 2010 Saab today for discounts between $5.5K and $7K:
  • I'm getting a price of $29,900 for a 2010 Saab 9-3 XWD (MSRP of $34,500) from two dealers in New Jersey and also from the AAA Buying Site. This was not a negotiated price but just the number I was given when I went to the showroom, looked at the car, and asked for a number. My question is how much can I expect the number to go lower? Any thoughts?

    My other question is this, I have never driven an XWD drive before or any all-wheel drive vehicle for that matter. Any comments about what to expect, adjustments to make, etc. that you can provide will be appreciated.
  • zigster38zigster38 Posts: 117
    If you are not getting at least 8k off sticker, you are getting hosed.

    Or wait till Jan and get 10k off sticker.
  • Its January and I have a local dealer offering $10K off sticker + an add'l $1k for previous Saab owners on 2010 models. They have a couple 9-5's and a dozen 9-3s. $11K off sticker sounds good.
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