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Ford Ranger Prices Paid and Buying Experiences

lee_wlee_w Posts: 239


  • I purchased a 2004 Ford Ranger Edge 4.0L, 5-spd at Varsity Ford in Bryan, TX on Aug 31. MSRP was $20,810, sales price was $19,134 (not counting factory rebates). Sales experience was the best I have had out of 8 new car purchases in the last 20 years.
  • I was pretty excited about buying a new '04 Ford Ranger XL. And with $4000 rebate signs on the truck with a sticker price of $16880 and another $1000 cash back we were looking at $11680. I offered $11,000 and it was agreed. But I had to leave that day and told them I'd be by the next day to finalize it. Well, when I went to Mel Clayton Ford in Santa Barbara the next day the salesman was 'gone on vacation' and the manager said absolutely not to the $11,000. Later I called and said what would he sell it for. He told me he was very busy and would get back later. Never heard from him again. Bottom line. Mel Clayton Ford in Santa Barbara Ford is pretty unethical and they don't keep a deal. Avoid the headaches. It's a lousy dealership.
  • ppborcebppborceb Wallingford,CTPosts: 61
    Since I did a lot of homework on the internet, I knew what I was looking for. As I walked through the lot and picked out an FX4, the salesman came out, introduced himself, and 25 minutes later we shook hands on a deal because 'Bob' was authorized to make a deal without running back-n-forth to a sales manager. MSRP was $25125 and the deal was $19999(rebates included).
    I recommend Dowling Ford of Cheshire, CT for friendly, courteous, service, and a GREAT deal.
  • rickc5rickc5 Posts: 378
    As part of a "new truck survey", I had the opportunity to drive five new 2005 small trucks:
    Chevy Colorado
    Ford Ranger
    Dodge Dakota
    Toyota Tacoma
    Nissan Frontier
    All were extra-cabs, and the Dodge, Toytota & Nissan were totally new trucks for 2005.

    The Dodge, Chevy and Ranger were big disappointments. Dodge could have done a much better job since the truck was a new design. The Chevy just felt totally sluggish. The Ranger drove like the dinosaur it is. I own a 2002 Ranger, and there is no noticable difference in three years. Too bad.

    The stars were the Tacoma (#1 on my list) and the Frontier (#2 on my list). For 2005, the Japanese have gotten it together. These are extremely nice trucks. Of course, they both cost a king's ransom compared to the Ranger.

    Bottom line: Do some test driving before you buy, but prepare to spend as much as $10,000 more for the Tacoma compared to an equally equipped Ranger. Price will still bring buyers to Ford, but Ford sure has their work cut out for them if they actually want to compete head-to-head with Toyota and Nissan. Have fun!
  • big_catbig_cat Posts: 14
    Since Mazda B-truck is similar to Ranger, I posted my deal in here. (I hope you don't mind).


    Model: 04 2x2 reg cab 4 cyl.5 spd. w/ A/C

    Invoice: $15,700 +/- (base on 05)

    3000+1000=-4000 off (finance w/ Mazda) + $89 paper work.= final $10,900 + TTL ($4,800 off invoice).


    Mazda has 4 yrs warranty.

    Even it is just a bare bone basic truck, I really like it.
  • Just purchased a 2005 Ranger XLT 4.0 extended cab with auto and air-cond for $16,900.
    MSRP was $23,600. After all the rebates and dealer discounts, I think I got a deal.
    Great sales staff and service at Kenny Ross Ford.
  • 11,500 2005 XL, 4CYL. 5SPD.MAN. A/C
    199.00 ETCHING
    731.19 TAX
    33.18 INVENT.TAX
    50.00 DOC.FEE
    5.00 DEPUTY FEE
    21.75 INSP.
    105.30 LIC.&TITLE
    1495.00 SER.AGREEMENT
    14140.42 TOTAL


  • I'm trying to decide between a Tacoma and a Ranger, 4cyl manual transmission; am original owner of '83 Toyota pickup that I'm looking to replace (runs great but is an eyesore); I've been reading both the Ranger and Tacoma Problems and Solutions boards to get a feel for reliability -- I'm attracted to the lower price of the Ranger -- handling isn't a big issue for me (its a truck and that's how I plan to use it); sounds like you're really satisfied with the Ranger -- care to comment; I would especially value any insights on reliability?
  • ... Bottom line: Do some test driving before you buy, but prepare to spend as much as $10,000 more for the Tacoma compared to an equally equipped Ranger ...

    Just got done comparing prices for base Tacomas and Rangers and the price is about the same, even after rebates (before rebates the Ranger actually costs a bit more; haven't compared loaded models).

    I'm a Toyota truck owner looking to get a new pickup, and will probably go with the Ranger as it's the only small truck that still comes with a 7' bed option nearest I can tell. (I was happy to see Ford added the 7' bed option to the XL line for 2006; was only available on the XLT line for 2005.)

    (Contrary to a post earlier this year to the Ranger Problems and Solutions board indications from research on the internet are they won't be doing a major redesign of the Ranger until 2010...)
  • (It's me again.) Did some shopping and got a few price quotes, both over the internet and in person at dealerships in SF Bay Area -- one dealer is quoting $9988 (after $3000 (CA area) rebate and before tax and license) for a new '05 base Ranger. This is a killer price!!! The other quotes are not quite this low but still are excellent deals. If anyone's considering a new Ranger, now is the time to act if you're open to the limited options on the few remaining '05s on dealer lots.

    (As for me am in the market for a longbed and apparently no '05 longbeds (in a 4cyl manual) remaining anywhere in CA -- will wait for the '06 rebates to increase later in the model year. (Anyone been tracking Ranger rebate trends?))
  • jaguilajaguila Posts: 12
    Got offered $12800 for a 05 Ranger Edge Reg Cab 3.0 Manual, with MP3/Cass/CD Player, P235 Terrain wheels + a P235 Spare. Is this a good price or should I wait? This will be my first truck.
  • Pretty good price I'd say; not calibrated specifically to the Edge price wise; you might check to see what invoice is and what the rebates are for your area; a few hundred over invoice after subtracting rebates is an excellent deal; I think for certain areas there's an additional $1000 dealer incentive if you finance through Ford.

    Don't wait! Rebates for the few remaining 05's in dealer stock are significantly more than current rebates for '06 models!

    Welcome to the elite world of truck owners -- now whenever one of your friends moves, guess who they'll call on for help! :)
  • Trying to help my college student brother get cheap, reliable transportation? Thanks
  • Just bought a '91 Ranger, 2.3L, Manual, for $1100. Added new battery, solenoid, and wax job. Not new, but looks good and gets me down the road.
  • Bought a 99 Ranger with the 4 cylinder engine and 5 speed transmission in May 2005 for $4800. It had 97000 miles on it and it wasnt long (about 1000 miles) till I had to replace the entire transmission! Not long after I had the check engine light go on, so I had to replace the O2 sensor. Also, the fuel guage isn't reading so well anymore. All in all, its a good truck once you fix it up a little. Drives fine now!
  • My son has a '99 Ranger also. His fuel gauge also quit working, had to have work done on gears 3 and 4 of his tranny and the check engine light is on. Sounds like the nature of the beast. (His has 98,500 miles.)
  • I just bought an '04 Ranger XLT Supercab with 20,300 miles. Auto trans, 3.0 V6, c.d. player, bed liner, soft tonneau cover, chrome wheels, cruise and new tires. Gave $12,500. Truck looks showroom new.
  • I bought a sharp 2001 Ford Ranger from a Sacramento Dodge dealer in October. It was a weekend price leader, and I paid $5995. It was super clean with under 67,000 miles. The interior is perfect, it has a 5-speed, and I am very happy with the purchase. I always drove Toyota pickups, but an equivalent one in that year would have been $4,000 more. It was parked behind a lineup of new Dodge trucks costing from 30 to 50 thousand, so I "done good" Ray R.
  • Wow! Ten grand is quite a hike from a Ranger to a Toyota. I drove a Toyota Pickup for many years, and really liked the way they were put together. My budget precluded a used Toyota purchase, then I got a great buy on a 2001 Ranger with low mileage for $5995. Granted that a Ranger may not be as exciting as the Japanese import, but sometimes we have to consider true value for dollar spent. Your test drives are definitely the way to go when buying new. The Dodge dealer who sold me my Ranger had a $50,000 truck on the showroom floor, next to an $80,000 Viper. I'm surprised they even let me on the lot. rdrankin
  • My '06 Ranger's on order from the factory (hard to find longbeds on dealer lots) -- $15,900 after rebate but before TTL (XLT reg cab longbed 2wd 2.4L manual). I hope to keep this truck for many years (had my Toyota for 23 years)!
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