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Volvo S80 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • MSRP $40050

    ice white on sandstone interior

    Driveout price, including tax, title, registration, fees, max legal tint: $32459.

    How did I do? Car has 4 miles on it when we test drove it, and 11 when I bought it. Manufactured in 4/10
  • caddiguycaddiguy Posts: 4
    Great price.

    Here's my new purchase:
    S80 2010
    Climate Package + Sirius Radio
    MSRP $42,050
    $3000 Rebate + 72 month 0%
    $6000 Rebate w/o financing
    I figured with the amortization table the finance deal was worth about $4000 in interest I went with $3000 plus 72 month 0%

    I am told that the 0% is usually renewed by months end for another month but the don't advertise it.

    Good deal??
  • bbrimmerbbrimmer Posts: 32
    edited June 2010
    Is it the base FWD? Would check to compare. But you can get a base S80 before options for about $32,500 in the NYC metro area.That's most likely w/o the financing. Please let me know what you decide, but it sounds like you have been doing your homework.
  • caddiguycaddiguy Posts: 4
    This S80 car was a FWD with base paint.
    1. Climate Package
    2. Sunroof
    3. Sirius radio (the s80 is Sirius-wired but radio unit can be added by dealer)

    I checked about six dealers on the internet, both in state and out of state within 4 hours. The range I got was $3000 to $6000 off of list ( $42,488) w/o financing and $300 to $3000 w/ financing of 0% 72 months.

    I've had it for three it a lot.
    Hope that helps anyone.
  • The Volvo web site states the 0% financing comes with a $14 per month per $1000 financed. Is this correct? Is there any chance you can share the details of the finance? (no personal details of course.)
  • tmex12tmex12 Posts: 15
    Has anyone experienced this issue?

    I just purchased a 2008 S80 with 28,000 from a Volvo dealership. Drove it today after a week of travel and noticed its slow off a start - delayed response when the throttle is depressed. Mind you this is not a cold start, but getting off the block at a red light or intersection.

    Is this a mechanical or software issue. I need some information from this community before taking it in to the dealership this weekend.

    Thanks in advance
  • caddiguycaddiguy Posts: 4
    Yes that's correct. It is a 72 month amortization for the balance. No prepayment penalty either. Most dealers it was either MSRP or 0% financing however look for one that will give a few thousand off MSRP and 0% like I found. Hope that's what you were looking for.
  • atj1atj1 Posts: 1
    Just purchased an '08 S*) V8 w/sport pkg w/ 8K mi. I travelled from OH to a DC area dealer as the car was a svc loaner and appeared like-new. Upon arrival, it was as presented on AutoTrader, etc. Paid 1/2 of $54L MSRP, but options lacked inlcude the DynaAudio which I would have preferred to the stnd audio system. Has the extra-cost silver paint, sport pksg, cold weather pkg, dealer appearance pkg, etc.

    So far, I love the car and especially the deal! Not many on the road either. I was about to buy an '09 E350 Sport, but this car, in my opinion, is superior but for the future resale value.

  • Just wondering if there are many 2010's left in dealer inventory. The dealers seem to not share too much online about there stock levels. Looking locally here on LI, NY the seem to have very little of '10's or '11's if the web sites are to be believed.

    If anybody has any recent buying experience (Sept/Oct) in the NY Metro area I'd love to hear it. The '02 S60 is going to the kids and I honestly prefer the current S80 to the New S60. If not, maybe next year?

  • I am in LA, Cali. I purchased this car for $9,500 out the door. Has 76k miles. A few repair issues. Replaced front struts & brakes ($750) and timing belt service ($650). What do you guys think? The car looks nice. Has the twin turbo 268 hp xenon lights. Parking sensors. Just a little worried about Volvo reliability. I don't want any more repairs or issues!!
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