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Volkswagen TDI Models Prices Paid



  • vwgregvwgreg Posts: 22
    there is $500 of dealer cash on the tdi sedan right now. nothing on the wagon. i would not expect any real incentives on the tdi anytine soon as sales are outpacing supply right now on all tdi.
  • sohna99sohna99 Posts: 50
    I'm getting for $26700 out the door w/o navigation, everything else is included, moonroof, alloy 17" wheels?

    Do you guys think it will be a good deal or it can be a better?

    I'm thinking to buy from sacramento, CA.

    Any feedback will be appreciated?
  • sohna99sohna99 Posts: 50
    What was your out the door price? Who was the dealer? Please email me their website or phone number at

  • kab2kab2 Posts: 9
    They have dealer cash going till June 30. I was quoted $25,500 for what sounds like the same vehicle. The key is knowing what promos they have going on. VW is very secretive about them! That is an automatic I am guessing? Good Luck let us know how it works out.
  • sohna99sohna99 Posts: 50
    Is $25,500 out the door? Will you please give me more details or link for your quote of $25.5k? Yes, it will be an automatic.
  • karthur1karthur1 Posts: 7

    I have a LONG commute (126 miles roundtrip per day.. reverse commute in Chicago on 355/I80/I65S from Naperville to Merrillville, IN takes an 1hr 5 mins each way per day).

    I have tried out a number of cars and while I enjoy the TDI's feel and great gas mileage will the seats be comfortable enough and will it be reliable enough to handle nearly 30,000 miles per year in Chicago?

    The Acura handled very nice, smooth acceleration.. but only gets 29 mpg and requires premium fuel. It's obviously much more expensive (about 5k difference OTD after my trade-in).

    If VW had great reliability the Jetta TDI would probably get the nod... I'm just not sure with all those miles I might pay more for the Jetta with all the maintenance costs in the long-run.

    I looked at the Civic and the seats were too uncomfortable.

    So for those who have long commutes in their TDIs... how are the seats? how is it for a long-commuter car?


    Kris Arthur
  • kab2kab2 Posts: 9
    Sorry I guess I didn't note your "out the door". The price I told you was just the base price. It didn't include tax or destination (you should not be paying for any other fees). Did your price include that? What was your MSRP price? Mine was 27,073.
  • kab2kab2 Posts: 9
    We too have an Acura now and are planning to purchase a Jetta TDI next month. Our other vehicle is a Lexus and it is impossible to beat that kind of comfort!
  • eliaselias Posts: 2,147
    King Arthur,
    I have commuted bostonorlando many times with TDI,
    and bostoncalifornia twice. Most recently with 06 jetta TDI.
    The seats are good for long commutes, but there are cars with better seats, probably all for significantly more $.
    Probably the VW/optional package-2/lumbar seats better for such, however those are optioned in the current models (the 09/010 do share much with the 06).
    I've never ridden in acura anything for long commutes, so can't compare directly
    to TSX, only to early-1990s honda civics... 06 jetta tdi seats are WAY better than the early 1990s civic-seats, probably no surprise there.
  • sohna99sohna99 Posts: 50
    $26700 is out the door, including tax title and all other misc fees.

    Is it a good deal or anyone can beat it?

    The color will be black, everthing except navigation, 17" alloy wheels & automatic.
  • kab2kab2 Posts: 9
    Actually I think that is pretty good. Maybe the dealer cash is more than I suspected!
  • mike91326mike91326 SoCalPosts: 251
    I just picked up a new Jetta TDI sedan, black on black with DSG, 17" wheels, and mat kit for $22,500 before TT&L. The price was $1,000 below invoice and I got it at Livingston VW in Los Angeles.
  • gagricegagrice San DiegoPosts: 31,179
    Way to go. And do not forget you can write off the sales tax on your Federal Income tax and of course the $1300 tax credit should be yours as well. Good to see they are dealing in So CA on these babies.
  • sohna99sohna99 Posts: 50
    congratulations!!! Is it automatic? what is your out the door price?
  • bradnjessbradnjess Posts: 3
    Hello! Long time lurker, first time poster...

    Thanks to everyone for the time you take to post good info; this forum helped me get a good deal on my new TDI in Vancouver, WA / Portland, OR. Dealers in the area were quoting $600 to $800 below invoice. I paid $500 below invoice to buy at a dealer close to my home. The Hannah VW dealer in Vancouver would not give me a price quote, but I was able to research and come up with a solid offer that I could stick to and the whole price negotiation took 15 minutes (no trade, pre-approved at my credit union). I paid taxes and title, but no other fees of any kind. In every other way, Hannah was superb; I just wish that they would give up a no nonsense price to start with.

    My new ride is is Blue Graphite with sunroof, protection kit and premium IPOD adapter. I am REEAAALLLY enjoying it! Thanks again all!
  • gagricegagrice San DiegoPosts: 31,179
    Hannah VW was one I contacted in 2005. They quoted over MSRP for the Passat TDI Wagon and I did not pursue them. They need to learn about internet shoppers. We don't kick tires. We go for the best deal without using a drop of gas or diesel.

    I am glad you got a great deal. And hope the TDI is just what you hoped for.
  • mike91326mike91326 SoCalPosts: 251
    Now I want to take it to the local AQMD/CARB office and show those idiots just how clean it is. It's nice to see D2 at $0.25 less than RUG at my local Exxon and Shell stations.
  • ndmike88ndmike88 Posts: 155
    I wish the RUG was .25 cheaper here. Last week when I fueled up (for the first time) diesel was 4 cents a gallon MORE than RUG.
  • tdifuntdifun Posts: 10
    Over here in NM, we are about the same as RUG. If that stays the same, I’ll be very happy as the performance and mileage are huge improvements over any gas engine. Even if D2 goes over the cost of premium it would still be worth it in my opinion.
    Its so nice to get on the freeway with 4 people with the A/C on full and have no worries! I test drove a few other gas cars and they could not even come close to this performance. Now it is not sport car performance I’m talking about, but everyday driving.
  • mike91326mike91326 SoCalPosts: 251
    I've had my TDI for a week and I love the power on the freeway. Part of my drive to work is up hill and I love the kick when I blow by the Civic's, Elantra's and other smaller gasers.
  • kab2kab2 Posts: 9
    Anyone have any insight on how this car is with kids (space and safety wise)?
  • kab2kab2 Posts: 9
    Anyone know what the incentives are this month? Last month was dealer that still going on?
  • mickster2mickster2 Posts: 7
    Is there a break in period for a Jetta TDI sportwagen? I'd like to buy the car in Denver and drive it a few days later to Los Angeles.
  • ruking1ruking1 Posts: 18,558
    Yes there is. It is a minimum of 10,000 miles and from 10,000 to app 60,000 miles. Denver to Los Angeles is not that far. ;)
  • mwclaremwclare Posts: 2
    I was recently quoted a price of $25,600 for a 2009 Jetta TDI with DSG, sunroof, bluetooth, and Navigation in the Chicagoland area. According to Edmunds, it is about $100 below invoice. Does this sound like a reasonable price or should I try to negotiate further? Thanks!
  • mike91326mike91326 SoCalPosts: 251
    Is this the sedan or wagon? I just got the TDI sedan with DSG, 17" wheels and mat kit for $22,500 which was $1,000 below invoice. I bought the car at the end of June while VW was giving $500 cash to dealers on TDI sedans but I don't know if that program is still going on. BTW, I live in Los Angeles.
  • mwclaremwclare Posts: 2
    It's for the sedan in Candy White. I was thinking I could do better than $100 under invoice, but I wasn't sure since the demand seems to be picking up quite a bit lately. Thanks for the info.
  • ndmike88ndmike88 Posts: 155
    25,600 and that includes NAV. I say jump on it.
    I paid $25,000 for an '09 TDI with DSG, 17" wheels, sunroof, that worthless Ipod adaptor and rubber mats. The NAV package is a $1990 option. Sounds like a good price to me.
  • kab2kab2 Posts: 9
    Last month they had dealer cash going. Anyone know what's going on for this month? Anyone bought one in July yet?
  • donna388donna388 Posts: 69

    Don't bank on anything for the TDIs. :(

    Generally, when VW does this, they are trying to move their less desireable models.

    The TDIs are a hot item, especially the TDI Sportwagen and if you'll
    recall, those low interest loans offered earlier excluded the TDIs.

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